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If my wife knew she'd de-ball me; Even worse,she'd want the money. . . So this is what occured.

I had a need of dosh (Money) I'd run out of cred' so looking for alternatives I hit on the idea of using my wife as a form of credit so to speak. I realised it would need to be very much on the quiet - That is, not selling her to any Tom-Dick-Or Harry - so I came up with this plan.

Over a while I'd watched as my wife and stepdad appeared to have a certain affinity with each other. They both dreaded my mother for instance. Her dictatorial attitude was the main cause,but her frumpiness also contributed. Being a second marriage,I saw it as a marriage of convenience more than anything and had realised for some years my stepfather was starved of sex.

At the same time my wife most certainly wasn't,but as she had a tendancy to enjoy a flirtatious point of view,that was not lost on me when they were around each other,I appertained,it could be useful in my cause. MONEY! Okay its cheap I know,but if I was happy to supply a service and my wife equally enjoyed - unknowingly - giving it,everyone would gain. While my mother not knowing - What you don't know,can't hurt you! - would be none the wiser.

All this while my stepdad took every opportunity to view my wife's cleavage and thigh areas. It wasn't lost on me either that a certain amount of touching took place which my wife never veered back from,but invariably glanced in my direction to see if I'd spotted them. The most pertinent moment was when at a party,with my wife passing sideways thro' a doorway.

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   - ass towards him - As she cleared,I noted a bulge in his trousers could only mean a hardon had pressed at her ass as she went thro' - very good I thought - He wants her and I'll hire her for a fee! But how?

I took the moment. "I bet you'd give her a right lusty moment,given the chance" I said laughingly. Guiltily the response was, - "Man to man - I would if she wasn't your wife mate!" - I chuckled - "It would be her own fault,the way she prick teases,anyway,being my wife isn't necessarily that big a problem" - He looked surprised but with the booze in us it continued - "Get on with you,its a wind up you're giving me. Anyway,your mother would kill that off,she'd twig in no time" - "Not if she wasn't around,she gets out quite a bit leaving you to hold the fort" - "You serious,she's your wife man!" - "Pretty desperate money wise dad, 'course keep that to yourself,Heather doesn't even know" - "Blimey,that serious eh!" - "Yeah, 20 a week would save the situation,but I've nowt to offer" Silence! - "That is except. . . well you know" - I nudged him knowingly - "Fuck,that is serious stuff,she'd never go for it,I'm thirty odd years older than she is" - "I don't know,she goes for all your titilating flirting,in factshe causes most of it herself"

"Yeah,but for money,she'd think she's whoring" - "Not if we kept it to ourselves" - "Fuck! You mean it. . . What would be being offered?" - "That's up to you,I could arrange the time but you'd have to arrange what she'd offer you" - "Meaning going the whole hog if I could get her too?" - "Yeah,if you're smart enough to get her too,fuck her till your hearts content. For twenty a week,you can hit on her until she secums to your advances,mind mercenarily,the monies up front while I'll give you a clear playing field and keep an eye open for anyone including mum coming in on you. Heather need not know I'm around your house while you take your chances" - My suggesting to act as lookout seemed to bother him, - "Mind,I'll just fuck off out the way if you'd be happier with that arrangement"

"NO! NO! Safer if you're about as cover and if Heather got suspicious,you could always say,finding her still not at home,you came back round to see if she was still with us" Our conspirital smiles sealed the deal as he offered me my first fee. "When do we get the show on the road then?" - Boy he was eager. - "You name it dad,I'll make it happen" - "Don't want Heather smelling a rat,of course, after the first time,she'll probably be trying to justify her reasons for being here to you,that is if she's up for it - I hope" - "I'm relying on it" - I crumpled the twenty in my hand.

Thinking aloud, "You know,the best time would be when I drop mum round to her old fogy mates" - "Blimey,that's tomorrow!" - "What about Heather,she generally goes off with you at the same time?" - "Leave it to me,I'll think of something" - I already had,with the flirty stuff I'd observed I fully intended to play a sympathy card for stepdad.

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  . . Being alone later with Heather,I casually - While sitting cuddling - made the observation, "This is the life,poor old dad never gets any of this cuddle stuff you know,not even years ago when they were younger" - "Yeah,he's quite cuddly I reckon,just lacks some tlc. unlike you"

"Yeah, 'spose you're right,pity that,seems cruel when like tomorrow we all just push off and leave him all by himself" - Thoughtful moments - "I could stay back and you could come back round later to pick me up,but wouldn't your mother get suspicious?" - "What? When she's off to see her crocky old mates - to self centred to even notice,I know she's my mum but blimey she aint half selfish" - "I know,I try liking her but she's so hurtful" - "No tlc. there" - "No" - "I could just give him a chance to chat and you know have a nice cup of tea made for him" - Bemused, I was tempted to add -"Yeah and progress your flirting to a higher level" but stayed stum.

The day awakened and progressed as we'd decided,I didn't hurry back after dropping mum off,well perhaps I did slightly,but entered without either knowing,but stepdad had made sure I could get silent entry to become his lookout. I admit I was tempted to spy on them but resisted,I was sure he would tell me of any progress he made for his twenty. . . Well my intentions were good,that was until I heard my wife's giggling accompanied by, - "No,that's not cuddling,what if we were seen,Charley might come in and see you" - "Alright,but you can't blame me for trying can you,don't move away,I promise I'll not do it again,honest,its just you're so warm sat in close like this,say we'll do it somemore" - "Okay,but only if you don't do that again" - "I won't, I promise" - "Okay,i'll stay as we are then,now behave"

By this time I'd got to where I could watch what was happening and found that they were sat much as I had been sat with her the night before. I wondered what she had objected to and if my next 20 was disappearing over the hill. It equally was not lost on me that dad's hand was round her and resting on her ass as she lay against him with her hip up to the side,knees bent double across his lap slightly and back under her ass. At first I assumed he'd tried it on,that is tried to tit her,but on studying more closely I realised his hand farthest away was in fact resting on her tit outside her top. Settled back comfortably it was not long before he was smoothing her ass cheek which she seemed to have no problem with. "No,not inside,we might be seen" - That was it,he'd tried getting her tits! So this went on for some time including his fingers sliding up and down her ass crack,until she pulled away from him even though he tried clinging on to her.

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"No,it must be getting near to Charley coming back for me,we don't want him getting ideas,do we? or it couldn't happen anymore,could it?" - Smiling,I admired her cunning,the indication being she intended coming back for more of the same,or who know's even more. This was prick teasing at a higher plain. Stepdad stood up with a somewhat dissapointed look. - A flip of my wife's hand said it all, - "You dirty old man,did I make it do that,we've only sat by each other,I'll have to watch out for you,you've been thinking all dirty" Grinning now,I noticed she was doing up two buttons on her top. - Could he have actually had her tits out without me seeing? - "You'll need to hide that before Charley see's it,go and have a pee,that should help. Blatantly he let his hardon press at his trousers as he neared her. - "Don't think I didn't feel that the other night,that's why I'm round here alone with you you dirty horny old man. Another flip that missed as had the first one.

I now made my presence felt as he'd gone for a piss. Over obviously she shouted, - obviously in warning - "Char's here already,time flies don't you reckon?" Re-appearing, - "Blimey,you weren't long!" - Over an hour had elapsed,half of which had been with me there! We hovered for a while,then we went on our way leaving a crockity old mate to drop mum home, - as she always insisted, - "Don't want you pushing us for time when we're enjoying our moment's"

Much later with my wife cuddling into me,I studied what was available to dad this afore afternoon. The buttons were facing the wrong way - as she was too my left,as with him - for him to peek at her flesh,hence the buttons had been opened. her knees were visible,but no more than three or four inches of flesh above the knee. - So what had he been at I wondered? - I gently popped the same buttons,she excepted this approach while my hand fondled her ass like it was putty. Purring now, - "You men! Do you know what! Your stepdad got me to cuddle him a bit today and guess what? He tried it on with me,the randy old sod" - "Shows he's human,I 'spose" - "Yeah,he's human alright,I stopped him of course!" - "Of course!" - "Know what he done?" - "How could I?" - "You're not going to get your hair off and go round and cause a scene if I tell you?" - "Course not,it was all about feeling sorry for him remember?" - "Yeah,I remember,he trapped me mind,got me to sit alongside him with my cuppa,then when it was drunk he stayed there and it was gentle mind,but he gently pulled me against him like we are now"

"Well, that all?" - "Course not,I wouldn't have said anything about that would I? No,we sat close for a bit,then he asked me if I liked it,I didn't really say anything,but sensed he was asking for a reason. He was! He put a hand on my tit,I pushed it off but he popped my buttons and tried putting his hand inside, - god it made me go all panicky - that's why I'm telling you in case you found out - Guess what?" - "He,I suppose encouraged,tried it on" - "What tried to get inside again?" - "No, of course not,no,he tried to you know? Put his hand here.

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   - She took my hand and pressed it up her leg, - put it up there" - "You stop him?" - "Yeah, of course I did,but not before he'd felt my pants tho' god he's your dad - step dad I interceded - yeah,don't be petty, - What if he was found out,she'd do her nut" - I wasn't sure how to play this,because I didn't know if she liked his game or if she'd go ape if I conceded she was covered as far as being caught out.

"Want me to whisper a warning to him about your apprehensions?" - "No,I just don't want him to get caught. . . we can't not go round,that would let it out, no,i'll deal with it with him,you don't know okay? - giggling a bit, - now you know,I'm not sure if I aught to put a stop to it or let him have his bit of fun" - I knew where she was coming from,we'd played a similar game before but with no money involved and it was with a bloke more our own age. - "Up to you really,I know where you're at and that was quite fun don't you reckon?" - She smiled devilishly, - "Not sure he'd go that far" - I in turn smiled. "that's as far as it can go isn't it?" - "N-O-O" - I went a bit hot at her reaction. . . the twenty next week was safe!!!