Planned or was it? 1.


Planned or was it coincidence!

BY niteowluk2003.

Katie and Jamie had been married for some fourteen years and although only in their late thirties; their sex life had begun to suffer. Sure gone was the first flush of your and passion but lately Jamie had been complaining he was too tired after work and likewise Katie had found herself making excuses at the weekend when Jamie had been more rested.
Katie stood almost six foot tall; long blonde hair to her shoulders; could not hide her largish breasts and almost hourglass figure; in many respects this figure seemed to make her tits seem even larger than the 38 DD they actually were. Ever since she had married Jamie she had kept her cunt shaved and was proud of their sex life up until about six months ago; for they seemed to make love four or five times a week now it had been almost four weeks since they last had sex.
Jamie was six foot two; almost athletic in build with a seven and a half inch penis, which was extra thick compared to the average cock; his black hair was in stark contrast to his wife’s blonde locks; but he too kept his cock and balls shaved and he had delighted in Katie’s kisses raining down on his sensitive cock and balls; but lately that was just a distant memory.
As they sat one evening watching some boring TV show; they began to talk and Jamie first approached the subject of their sex lives,readily Katie accepted all was not well in that department and they openly discussed ways to make it better. She suggested they try something like her work mate had suggested; the workmate had suggested sexual role play. This meant that they should pretend not to know each other and go through the process of meeting in a strange bar or pub and have Jamie try to woo Katie all over again.
Reluctant to make a fool of themselves in public they had tried it in the privacy of their own home but it had failed miserably as every time Jamie had hinted at what he would like to do with Katie she had scorned him saying things like; “We would not be in this mess if you only could manage that simple task!”
Finally it was Jamie who suggested that instead of trying to woo each other all over again, they should simply tell each other their secret fantasises; adding that each would take turns to be the story teller and the other could not pass judgement or comment until three days later, also they promised not to hold each other’s fantasises against each other for just because they dreamed it did not make it have to happen.
Katie agreed provided that Jamie went first; and so with great in trepidation he began. He began by confessing he always found his great wife to be a sexy horny lady and often wondered if other men would find her as sexy. He continued, his wildest fantasy involved him and his wife going to a nearby town where no one knew them and finding a bar; they would enter the bar separately and he would sit at a table nearby while she sat at the bar. She would be dressed simply but sexily; short skirt, blouse but no underwear and she had to agree to one or two rules. She could not refuse a man offering her a drink or refuse to dance with any man who asked her, and she had to make sure to flash her charms as often as she could but it had to appear as accidental.
Finally before they left the bar she would have to have been outside near their car and at least wanked a guy off, she could go as far as she wanted with the guy but the minimum she had to do was openly wank him off near the car knowing her husband would be there watching discretely of course.

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No sooner had Jamie finished his fantasy than Katie excused herself and went upstairs; Jamie wondered if he had gone too far and had upset his wife or shocked her too much, because for the next forty minutes he sat nervously awaiting her return. When she finally returned she was wearing a short black wrap around skirt and a white blouse, it was clear that she was not wearing a bra beneath the blouse as he could clearly see her erect nipple pressing against the blouse. He also suspected she was knickerless beneath the skirt.
Katie admitted the fantasy had shocked her; not by its content but by the way it had instantly turned her on and she suggested that Jamie retell her the fantasy but this time describing every stage of the events including the descriptions of the men who showed an interest in her.
Jamie settled back more relieved than before as he began; we arrived at the country style bar in the neighbouring town and jus before they got out the car he kissed his wife sliding his hand up between her legs and giving her shaved cunt a quick rub. He then told her to be her slutty best and make the lucky bastard earn her attentions. He then described how they got out the car and he watched her sway her hips as she walked to the entrance of the bar. Then he described finding a table close by where his sexy wife sat at the bar and how he ordered a drink from the waitress.
In Jamie’s version;Katie had not been there more than a few minutes when a tall blonde haired guy made his move sliding on to the bar stool beside her; he deliberately brushed her thigh with his hand as if by accident and apologised. This was his way of breaking the ice and inviting her to join him in a drink; she glanced around the room and managed a sly wink in Jamie’s direction before accepting.
The guy ordered her choice of drink and a straight scotch for himself; as he handed Katie the drink he managed to spill a little of it on her skirt and quickly using a hankie he brushed the area dry making sure to expose far more thigh than was previously exposed. Just then the music started and Katie swayed her head in time with the music and the guy (He said his name was Steven) took the hint and asked if she wanted to dance. Again Katie looked around and smiled in Jamie’s direction as she agreed and the pair got up and moved to the centre of the dance floor. Steven pulled Katie up close making sure he could feel her tits against his chest as he put his hands on the middle of her back.
As they swayed with the music his hands slowly and lightly moved down till he was cradling her arse cheeks; she fought the temptation to reprimand him and instead stole a glance in the direction of her grinning husband Jamie.

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   She thought to herself fuck him if he wants me to be lewd with a stranger then I will and she slid her hand down between them and rested the back of her hand against his semi hard cock. She marvelled to herself that simply dancing with a man she was having this effect upon him. He leaned forward and whispered he would love to take her large tits in his mouth and before he ploughed his cock into her hot wet cunt he would love to eat her out for half an hour until she was begging him to fuck her hard.
Out of the corner of her eye she saw her husband Jamie head out to the car park so she murmured, “oh kind sir, that would be great but not in here, why don’t we go out to the darkened rear car park where we would not be discovered?”
As she listened to her husband putting these words into her head; she could not resist and had her hand up her own skirt rubbing slowly her clit. She still listened intently to her husband as he now described the action out in the car park. Beside their car; Steven opened Katie’s blouse and began nibbling on her already erect nipples as his hand sought out her heated cunt;Jamie made sure to describe how he was literally only inches away as his wife was being so unfaithful like a common whore as she gave herself to this stranger.
He described how she was now being leaned against their car and raised her skirt until her shaven cunt was clearly visible glinting with its juices in the moonlight. Then Jamie described how Steven knelt between her legs and began sucking on her cunt making Katie moan out loud; Jamie knew exactly what Katie liked when being licked out; So he was able to really go to town by describing it in great detail but always adding comments like she screamed like a slut on heat or her cunt gushed its juices into the strangers mouth.
By now Katie had her skirt pulled up and was openly fingering her own cunt as she sat only feet from Jamie as she rammed three fingers up her steaming cunt; her head leaning back and her eyes rolled into her head as she gave way to her inner most feelings. She actually climaxed loudly when Jamie described how the stranger made her suck his cock and had her lick the underside of his cock as he forcefully fucked her mouth. A second almost instant orgasm crashed through her body as she listened to her husband describing how she was now taking another man’s cock up her cunt while he fingered her anal ring and chewed on her rubbery nipple.
Jamie finished the fantasy by describing how his horny cum slut of a wife now took full force of the spunking cock all over her face and tits. Just then Jamie slipped between his wife’s spread legs and placed his mouth over her wide open cunt and sucked hard suctioning all her juices into his mouth until he felt the need to swallow.
Shortly afterwards the couple were tucked up in bed, cuddling as Katie admitted she had found that a truly wonderful experience and promised to beat the story the next time they played this game. For the first time in months the couple fucked themselves silly as Katie playfully kept referring to Jamie as Steven.

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To be continued.