Prison Sentence


This story is strictly fictional, if you are violating any laws by reading this, i do not accept responsibility, it you are under the age of 18, you have no business reading this. I will keep this an ongoing story if you guys are interested, send feedback and maybe even some suggestions to gbw_dl12@yahoo. com
As I stepped off of the bus i was immediately hit with extreme heat, like i walked into a smoldering oven and i was the turkey. The sheriff was there to greet all of us, He stood there with a pump action shotgun held in his right hand as it leaned against his right shoulder, i could see the reflection of myself in his darkly tinted glasses. "Form a single file line, and march in right through that door, and dont think about making a dumb choice, cause i will fuckin shoot ya. Got it?" I didnt say a word but i could hear grumbles from the rest of the prisoners not appreciating having to listen to this new authority figure. I entered through this doorway and i was immediately frisked once again, and then sent to processing where they took my information down. I was then issued 7 pairs of orange pants, 7 orange button up shirts and 7 pairs of underwear, and finally i was issued a number. My name was no longer Steve, my new name was RH24153876. I changed into my new attire was then told where my cell would be. My new home was Cell 253 Block C. I was then escorted by a police guard to my new home. As we walked by the cafeteria i could feel everyone looking at me, starring at me, i immediately was fearful of these people, here i was caught selling weed, and now i have to associate with killers and rapist and robbers. Thank god i thought as i left eye sight of the cafeteria. Block C was a huge corridor with the cells three stories high on the left and the right. i was led up two flights of stairs and then i was on the 3rd story of this colony.

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   I counted the number above each cell, as we made our way down the hall 249, 250, 251, 252. . . 253 of Cell block C. The door was already opened and the guard ushered me in. The guard said,"your cell mate is in the cafeteria right now and he will be back in 45 minutes, go ahead and set up shop. " The guard turned and walked away, the door was still left open. I turned and looked at the cell, there was a bunk bed and i could tell that the top bunk was inhabited by my still mysterious cellmate. There were 2 dressers and a tv sitting on top of one of the dressers, all complete with a toilet and a sink. I looked in the first dresser and saw that it had my roommates belongings, so i went to the other dresser and sure enough it was empty, i immediately opened up my dresser and unloaded my belongings into my space. I set up camp on my bed and i drifted into a snooze. I woke to the sound of feet shuffling outside of the cell, dinner time is over i recon. I lay there as I watch people moving outside my cell, a few people glanced in at me as they went walkign by, and i got a couple of taunting looks from the people walking by. Finally i saw a man enter my cell, he was a huge black man, and he just stopped dead in his tracks when he noticed me lying on my bed. A huge smile erupted on his face.

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   My heart skipped a beat at this sight. He said "Hey, you must be my new cell mate, whats your name?" i just sat there shocked at the site of my cell mate, i would never consider myself a racist, but i never was partial to black people. "I said what is your name bitch!" he shouted. Taken by surprise i timidly answered, "Steve" as i looked downwards. "Well steve, i know out there the white man runs things, but in here its us brothers who take car of business, you got it?" he said. "Yes" i answered timidly again. My cell mate sat on my bed next to me and said,"Let me tell you something so there is no confusion, when i tell you to do something, you do it. Got it?". "Yes" i replied. "Good, now take my shoes off bitch. " I hesitated for a second when i realized that i better do this otherwise this guy could kick my ass in a heartbeat. I got off of the bed and kneel at his feet and took his shoes off and set the, next to the bed. "What do i call you?" i asked. SLAP!! I gassped. "Did i speak to you? Did i ask you a fuckin question bitch? You speak when spoken to got it? And by the way you call me Daddy.

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   Understand?". I was in shock and i could feel my cheek throb from where i had just got smacked. "Yes. . . . . . . Daddy" i said with such defeat. "Unzip my pants and pull my cock out". I did as i was told, because i didnt want another slap across the face like that again. I unzipped his pants slowly, knowing my fate i was terrified. I look up at my new boss and he is just smiling ear to ear. I quickly look away and continue to unzip his pants.

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   I finally had his pants unzipped all of the way, i took a breath and reached into his underwear. I was frightened by what i had felt. I then fished his cock out of his underwear. There it was flopping to the left, not even hard and it was about the size of a red bull can. "Play with it till it gets hard bitch!" he demanded. "Yes Daddy" i said. I started to stroke this massive cock, meanwhile "Daddy" just laid his head back in relief and i could tell that i was doing a good job. After about 4 minutes of beating this massive cock, it was now fully erect and by that i mean 13 inches long and thick as hell. Daddy pushed my hands away and said firmly "put you little bitch lips around my big fat dick!" i had never sucked a dick before and i was worried, i had no choice, what could i do, if i refuse i will get my ass beat and i will still have to be this guys bitch, maybe if i play along and pretend to like it he will go a little easier on me, its going to happen either way, right? "what are you waiting for? suck my big black cock you little bitch!". i slowly moved down to his cock, eventually i was face to face with this beast. I put the head of the cock to my lips, i heard daddy sigh with relief when i did this. Slowly i slid my mouth down the shaft, and then i felt daddys massive hands on my head and while i was bobbing up and down on his cock he was gently thrusting in my mouth. He started to push more and more and eventually i had a hard time breathing. While i was sucking i could clearly hear myself slurping on his cock. how degrading, i havent been in this prison for more than a day, and i am already being forced to suck cock to a guy who is making me call him daddy.

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   All of the sudden daddy pushed me off of his dick. I sat there on my knees knelt in front of him with precum on my upper lip starring at him. "Get Naked, now!". Oh no. . . . . . i knew what was coming. I undid my pants and removed them, i unbuttoned my shirt and gently laid it on the floor, all i had left was my underwear. "Lose the panties bitch. " said daddy. I grabbed the waist of my underwear and slowly pulled them down to the floor. Naked i stood there, at that time the Intercom came on and a message was blurted over the intercom, 5 seconds after that happened the doors to the cell closed.

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   No escape, no matter what. I am locked in here with this man and there is no one here to save me. "Assume the position" daddy said. I walked over to the bed and laid with my belly on the bed and my legs hanging off the back, doggy style, im getting ready to get fucked like a dog. . . "Bitch i said assume the position" said daddy. im confused, "turn around and lay on your back, im going to make you watch me as i fuck you. See, when i put my dick in your ass you are going my little bitch. Got it?". . . . "Yes. .

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  . . . . . . Daddy" i replied. I rolled over and laid on my back. My daddy went into the bathroom and came back with some lube. He opened the lube and rubbed it into his right hand. I felt a finger at the entrance of my hole, and then it slowly pushed in. I winced in pain a little bit. Daddy fingered me for about 45 seconds, and then he pulled his finger out and said,"dont want to feel you out too much, i want this to be as tight as possible. " Daddy then lubed up his cock and got it all slippery. Daddy lifted both of my legs into the air and put them on his shoulders.

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   I felt the head of his cock on my asshole. "Here we go baby, im going to fuck you for as long as you are in here" said daddy. I slowly felt my asshole open wider and wider by the second, pain came with every moment. He finally worked the head in and was still slowly pushing into me. I whimpered in pain. "Shut up motherfucker, you are going to be begging me to fuck you like this one of these days. " After about a minute i felt his balls against my butt cheeks. He was all of the way in, Daddy slowly started to pull back out and i grabbed the sheets and squeezed them with all of my might. Now i could feel the head of his cock at my hole again. suddenly daddy thrust with massive force into my asshole, burrying his cock all of the way into my asshole, "AWWWWWWWHHHHHH" i gasped and daddy pulled back out and then thrust back into my asshole again. "AHHHMMMMM" i exclaimed as daddy repeated this process, and then he was fucking me at full steam, just fulling my asshole and then filling it again. "Look at me while i fuck your little white pussy!" Next thing you know pain suddenly turned into pleasure and i was actually enjoying this. My god, i am a whore now, i have a big black dick in me and i want more! "AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH" i exclaimed in pleasure. and daddy said, "Thats right bitch you want it dont you?". .

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  . "Fuck my little pussy, fill it all the way to the top!" I was now breathing really heavy and Daddy was picking up speed next thing you know i scream with pleasure and cum all over my own belly. Daddy was smiling when he saw this. "Cum in my asshole daddy, make me your little white bitch!" I was looking daddy in the eyes as he was fucking me like a wild animal. I felt secure, like no one will hurt me while im here as long as i do what daddy says, he will take care of me. Daddys pace was starting to get a little unstable and thats when he yelled"OHHHHH!!!! Im GONNA CUMMM!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhHhhh!" He shot his warm steamy cum up my ass and i could feel it deep in my bowels. Daddy collapsed on top of me, with his dick still in me. I hugged him as he laid on my chest and i gently whispered, "Thank you daddy". He said nothing and got up, he had my cum all over his chest and then he said, "Lick it off bitch".


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