Purge, The; Hollywood, Hour 03 Selena Gomez


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I do not own The Purge or the characters from it. I do not know Selena Gomez or have anything to do with her. Comments are always welcome and appreciated so you should feel free to share.

Story Code: M/F, Rape, Exhib, Drugs

The Purge: Hollywood Hour 03: Selena Gomez
By Muhabba

It had taken Kevin a bit longer to repack his van after his last encounterthan he had wanted it to but luckily his next target lived pretty close to his last. He didn’t want to spend Purge Night driving around looking for celebrity houses so he planned on making a itinerary but it would be after he visited his next celeb, Selena Gomez.

Parking his A1 Security van right outside of the front door Kevin made sure he had his gun and work belt before he got out, remembered to lock the van door this time, and made his way to Miss Gomez’s door. Using the A1 Security Master code to all the houses his company worked on he walked into her house and began looking around.

After leaving Chloe Moretz’s house Kevin had decided that he had been lucky that the only other person there had been her brother since he hadn’t bothered to check out her house first before tying them up with duct tape. He hadn’t had to worry about anyone sneaking up on him while raping Scarlett Johansson since he’d been there when the Purge had started and knew that she had been alone. “Better safe than sorry,” he thought as he swallowed a generic boner pill he had picked up on his way over and finished his search of the house. He found Selena in a small Rec Room, cuddled up in a love seat with her boyfriend Justin Bieber watching some romantic comedy on a large screen T.

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  V. “That’s so sweet,” he thought as he took a few moments to watch the young couple simply sitting and enjoying each others’ company.

Letting the young couple enjoy themselves for a few more minutes Kevin pulled out his cell phone and used it to go ahead and make out a itinerary for himself, besides it gave his boner pill time to kick in. He wasn’t a young man any more and with two orgasms in the last two hours he’d be embarrassed as hell when it came time to fuck Selena and not be able to perform. Also it said on the side of the bottle that it could make him thicker and longer over time which was probably just false advertising, but heck, what was waiting a few more minutes gonna hurt.

Finishing up on his phone Kevin walked into the dimly lit room. “Howdy,” he said cheerfully. “I’m Kevin, can you please put your hands up?”

Selena shrieked in fear as Justin flew to his feet. “Who are you!?” he demanded, his hands balled into fists.

Kevin smiled warmly as he flicked on the light. “I already said. I’m Kevin, I have a gun, you’re in your pajamas, and this is Purge Night. That means you do what I say so put your hands up,” he said waving his gun at the couple.

Justin relaxed his fists and raised his hands up as Selena stood up behind him and did the same. “What.

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  . . what do you want?” she asked timidly as she tried to hide behind Justin’s slim body.

Kevin thought Selena’s question over for a moment. “Well, you originally, but seeing your boyfriend standing there I’m suddenly over come with the urge to shoot him in his face,” he said off-handedly. With Selena Gomez standing in front of him wearing only her low slung sweats, a white T-shirt and obviously bra-less, his attention was still drawn to shooting Justin.

“Nooo. . . ” Selena whined. “Don’t hurt him. ”

Kevin had to think it over for a moment as his eyes crawled over Selena’s ripe body, her dark hair and eyes, soft lips, her tits pressing against her shirt, her soft stomach and belly button peeking out from just below her shirt. “O. k. , o.

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  k. , o. k. ,” he said. “We’ll do the other thing then. ”

Justin eyed Kevin suspiciously. “What other thing?”

“For someone who nearly got popped in the face a second ago you’re awfully lippy,” Kevin said as he began shooing the couple out of the room. “Now get going. It’s the one night a year I get to do anything I want to do and I want you to go to the bedroom. Now get. ”

The small group made their way down the hall with Kevin following and keeping his gun pointed at Justin while still fighting the urge to shoot the young singer. He looked over the two celebs and said, “Hey, how come you’re both dressed in matching pajamas?”He had missed it when he had first seen the couple but in the better light of the hallway he could see that they were dressed exactly the same, Justin’s sweats even slung low like Selena’s.

“He wasn’t planning on staying,” Selena said while all the things Kevin could be planning on doing to them raced through her mind. “But then it got late so he decided to stay so I gave him some of my pajamas. ”

“And they fit?” Kevin asked.

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“Shut up, Sel,” Justin hissed under his breath.

“Don’t tell her to shut up,” Kevin said, feeling the need to defend the beautiful girl. “She’s just answering my question. ”

Selena walked reluctantly into her bedroom as Justin stopped and turned to face Kevin. “What are you planning?What do you want with us?” he demanded.

“Right now I’m plannin’ of fighting the growing urge to pop you in the face,” Kevin said in frustration. It was kinda noble of the kid to try and defend his girlfriend but something in his voice just pissed Kevin off. “Now get in there. ”

Justin followed Selena into her bedroom and Kevin followed them. Across the room Kevin spotted a sturdy looking chair and was struck with a idea. “Miss Gomez, if you could grab that chair and bring it over here please,” he said as he waved his gun in the direction of her vanity. After she complied he pointed his gun at Justin. “Have a seat,” he ordered.

“Why?” Justin asked defiantly.

Kevin sighed in frustration.


  “’Cuz I’m twice your size, I’ve got a gun and you can fit in your girlfriend’s pajamas. Now have a seat. ”

Justin complied and Kevin tossed his role of duct tape to Selena. “Wrists and ankles please,” he said as he nodded towards Justin. As Selena bent over to tape Justin down Kevin watched her body eagerly, her ass up-thrust and her bra-less tits dangling beneath her flimsy T-shirt. She taped Justin loosely but Kevin had figured that. “Now go stand over there,” he said as he waved his gun towards the far corner of the room. With sexy singer across the room where she couldn’t do anything he taped Justin down tighter and then turned back to Selena. “Come here please,” he beckoned the beautiful girl.

“Wh. . . why?” Selena mumbled meekly as she shuffled towards Kevin.

“’Cuz I’ve got your boyfriend tied up and I want to give you something,” Kevin said holding out his hand.

Selena stopped just out of Kevin’s reach.

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  “What. . . what is it?” she asked timidly.

“Don’t take it, Sel,” Justin shouted dramatically.

Kevin glared at Justin. “Shut up, you,” he ordered as he tore off another piece of tape and sealed it over the young man’s mouth. “There. Now just stay there and shut up. ”He turned back to Selena and held his hand out to her again. “Now, these are for you,” he said as the sexy girl took the two small, purple pills out of his hand.

Selena looked at the small pills suspiciously. “What are they?” she asked.

Kevin chuckled, “Heh, just something to help things along. Now swallow.

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  ”He glared at the young actress until she took the pills, watching her slender throat work them down. “Now sit on the bed,” he said as he waved at the bed with his gun. He followed her and then sat down, pulling her down next to him. “We’ve got a few minutes until the pills kicks in so we’ll start slow,” he said before turning to Justin. “You watch and maybe you’ll learn something. ”

Selena tensed up as Kevin began nuzzling her neck. Plans for escaped rushed through her mind but she knew that in reality there was no way she could force the gun from the invader’s hand much less over power him and shoot him. Her only hope was Justin who was currently taped to her vanity chair and wearing her pajamas. She peered at Justin from over the top of Kevin’s head as he kissed her shoulders and thought, “It’s hopeless,” while the armed man licked and nibbled at her.

Kevin started slow, wanting to give Selena’s pills time to kick in. His own pill had already started to work and he felt himself grow hard as he wrapped his arms around the sexy starlet, holding her young body to his. He ran his hand up and down her sides and back as he nuzzled her neck and shoulders. He kissed up to her jaw until his lips met her’s and he slid his tongue into her mouth, caressing the inside of her warm mouth. As he kissed her deeply he ran his hands down to her hips, pulling her closer to him before beginning to caress her legs and thighs.

As Kevin continued to molest her Selena fought to keep herself from crying in despair.

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  She struggled to keep the tears from her eyes as the intruder’s hands flowed over her body and she looked over at Justin again, her boyfriend’s eyes were wide as he struggled against the tape binding him. “It’s not so bad yet,” she thought as Kevin continued kissing her. “At least he’s not pawing at my chest or between my legs yet. ”Kevin broke the kiss and began nuzzling her neck again, his hands sliding up and down her back and causing her to close her eyes and moan out slightly.

Justin cocked his eyebrow quizzically as he watched Selena's eyes fluttering while she moaned out. She licked her lips and them pursed them as the intruder kissed from one shoulder, across her collar bone and then up to her neck. "Acting. She's just acting. Right?" he wondered as his girlfriend's breathing began to pick up.

Kevin heard Selena beginning to breath faster and felt the smooth skin of her neck become flush under his lips. He ran one of his hands up her sides, pulling her T-shirt up to just below her breasts and then kissed down to just above the neckline of her flimsy top. He ran his hands over her smooth, bare stomach and used his jaw to push down the top of her sleep shirt, kissing her below her collarbone to just above the start of the swell of her breasts. He moved his head from the top of her shirt to the bottom and began licking and nuzzling her soft stomach and licked her cute, little belly button.

Selena couldn't help herself as she began moaning and groaning in desire, leaning back, holding her upper body up with her arms to further expose her abdomen to Kevin. "Wha.

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  . . what's wrong. . . wrong with me?" she wondered as she panted erotically as she felt her fear draining away and quickly being replaced with desire. As Kevin slid off the bed, his lips and tongue never losing contact with her stomach, she opened her legs to him without even thinking about it. "What did you do to me?" she gasped as he began to kiss down to just above the tops of her sweats.

Kevin looked up at Selena with a guileless smile while she looked down at him in wonder. "Like I said, just something to help things along. "He kissed around the top of her sweats starting low on her stomach and then working to the side and licked her hip bone, causing her to moan out again. Smiling to himself in pride he kissed and licked across her stomach again until he reached her other hip. By now he had her panting like a dog, her breath coming in ragged hiccups, her chest heaving and her now erect nipples pressing against her shirt.

Looking over at Justin Kevin smiled gleefully and winked before sitting up straighter and gripping the hem of Selena's sweats. She was staring wildly at him in a mix of fear and lust that made his dick throb as he quickly yanked down her pants to just past her golden thighs before she locked her knees together.

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  He slid his hands up and down the tops her silky thighs as he whispered, "You know you want me to. "

Selena knew it was the pills. Her entire body was throbbing in need because of the pills Kevin had given her and forced her to take. She knew it wasn’t her fault. And as she looked over at Justin she mouthed, “I’m sorry,” as a single tear trailed down her face and she opened her knees in surrender.

Justin stared at Selena in disbelief as she opened her legs to the intruder. He knew it wasn’t her fault, that it was the pills she had taken, but he still couldn’t believe his eyes as she gave herself to the gunman.

Kevin pulled Selena’s sweats down to her ankles and then placed his hands on her knees. He licked his lips hungrily as he slowly pried her legs apart to reveal her glistening pussy to him,a deep pink color, shaved bald with a landing strip of dark pubic hair shaved above her wet labia. He looked up the length of her body at her and saw the same look of fear and lust on her face before locking eyes and diving between her legs, her scream of shock was muffled as she clamped her thighs around his head and gripped him by his hair. He attacked her tender pussy, shoving his tongue into her wet hole and began shaking his head in a effort to rub his nose against her hard clit. He grunted with effort as he viciously tongue fucked her, making her scream shrilly as she yanked on his hair painfully.

“What’s he doing to her?” Justin wondered as a light sheen of perspiration broke out across his face and his prick hardened and tented his pants. Selena and Kevin were sideways to him so that Selena’s golden thighs were blocking his view of what Kevin was doing between her legs. He struggled against his bonds, unsure if it was to try and rescue Selena or to get a better view.


  Even though she was pant-less he couldn’t see anything except her naked waist and leg and he couldn’t see her jiggling tits because she was still wearing her night shirt. Her head was thrown back as she continued screaming in desire and he was amazed at how hot she looked with the gunman eating her out.

Kevin continued his assault on Selena’s tender pussy, enjoying the squeals and screams she was making. He ran his hands up her body, underneath her T-shirt and cupped her firm, medium sized tits, pinching her hard nipples between his fingertips, twisting them like radio dials back and forth and causing her to shriek out louder and louder in lust. “Good thing she’s got her legs wrapped around my head else I’d go deaf,” he thought. “Wonder how Justin’s enjoying the soundtrack?”He didn’t know what it was about the young man that set him off, after all here he was licking out one of the hottest girls in Hollywood and he still couldn’t get over the way the young man just pissed him off for some reason.

Shoving his tongue as deep into Selena’s wet cunt as he could Kevin squeezed her nipples to the point of pain, causing her to cry out again and he knew she was about to cum. “Not ready for that yet. She ain’t earned it,” he thought as he released her silky tits and began fighting to pull his head out from between her thighs. “Let go,” he murmured into her slick pussy as he struggled to pull her legs apart. He finally managed to spread the young girls slim thighs apart and stood up between her spread knees.

“Wh. . . Why.

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  . . why’d you. . . why’d you stop?” Selena panted as she sat up on her elbows, her leg spread obscenely wide.

Kevin smirked mischievously. “You wanna cum?” he asked as he began stripping naked.

Selena looked to the side in shame, embarrassed that she had responded so eagerly to Kevin and his magic pills and then accidentally locked eyes with Justin. “Yes,” she answered meekly.

Kevin pushed his pants down around his ankles and stepped out of them before standing up and presenting his erect penis to Selena. “Then you know what to do,” he said, wagging his prick at the young girl.

Selena looked at the hard prick bobbing in front of her and licked her lips, her mouth watering. This was it. Her moment.

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  Her decision. Everything up to this point had been done to her: her house had been invaded, she had been taken hostage, she had been threatened to swallow drugs, she had been forced to make out with a obviously crazy man, she had been forced to accept oral sex, but what came next was her decision. She could refuse and he’d probably do it any way, but this. . . but she was just so horny. In defeat Selena raised up and grasped the base of the strange cock, first wrapping her fingers around the hard shaft and then wrapping her lips around the soft tip.

“Does she have to be so enthusiastic about this?” Justin wondered as he watched his girlfriend beginning to eagerly suck their captive’s prick. It was one thing when Kevin had been mostly forcing her to do what he wanted but now she was sucking his dick all on her own. “And why’s it so hot watching her?”

“You are just so enthusiastic,” Kevin said in amusement, unknowingly echoing Justin’s thoughts as he watched Selena’s lips stretching around his cock and her head bobbing back and forth. The tip of his prick hit the back of her throat with everyone of her quick thrusts, her tongue wiggling along his big vein like a live wire. He just stood there enjoying the wet, sucking sounds she was making as she noisily slurped on his shaft. He looked over at Justin again and grasped the back of Selena’s bobbing head with one hand and gave Justin a thumbs up with the other. He began rocking his hips, fucking the young girl’s talented mouth while smiling childishly at her boyfriend.

Kevin felt his balls beginning to pull up tight and knew he was about to cum but it was to soon for that, he still had to show Justin how a real man could make his girlfriend cum.

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  He returned his attention back to Selena, still in the grip of the purple pills, and held her head steady with his cock buried in her throat and his balls resting on her drool covered chin. “You ready for a real man to make you cum?” he asked loud enough for Justin to hear.

Selena nodded her head quickly with Kevin’s cock still buried in her throat, completely forgetting about Justin or the fear she had felt before taking first the pills and then the intruder’s cock into her mouth. All she cared about was that she had never felt this horny in her entire life and needed to fuck. She let Kevin’s cock slid out of her mouth, her chin sticky with drool as she yanked her T-shirt off, barring her medium sized breasts, and laid down. She spread her legs as far out as she could and stroked the insides of her slender thighs, teasing herself as she got ready to be fucked.

“Wow, she’s really bendy,” Kevin thought as he climbed on top of Selena and marveled at how far she could spread her legs. Her hard nipples were a pink color similar to her pussy lips which kinda surprised him. “I kinda figured they’d be brown,” he thought to himself as he gave a quick lick to the hard nubs before lining his hard cock at the entrance to the starlet’s hot cunt. “And what do you want, little girl?” he asked her childishly as he stared over at Justin.

“Fuck me,” Selena whispered breathlessly.

“A bit louder please,” Kevin said wanting to make sure Justin heard her as he squeezed the sensitive tip of his cock into the entrance to Selena’s tight cunt.

“Fuck me!Please fuck me!” Selena screamed out in lust. “Fuck me now!”

With a smirk Kevin lunged forward and buried his cock to the hilt in Selena’s hot, tight, wet pussy, causing her to scream out. She wrapped her slender thighs around his waist and immediately started humping up against him, mewling in need.

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  “It’s just like college,” he thought as he reveled in the feeling of having Selena’s tight pussy wrapped tightly around his shaft. “If one pill is good than two must be better. ”

Kevin took a moment to brace himself and then began pounding into Selena’s wet cunt. Her firm tits jiggled wildly around on her chest with each thrust as she screamed and yelled with each stroke. Their sweat slick bodies made wet, slapping sounds that echoed through the room as they grunted and moaned in unison. He peered down at her face writhing in pure lust while he fucked her sexy body as fast and as hard as he could, enjoying the way her beautiful face looked as he pounded into her.

Justin groaned as he watched Kevin fuck his girlfriend. They were still sideways to him so all he could see was the side of Selena’s head, one of her tits flopping around, her slim thigh raised up around Kevin’s waist, and quick glimpses of the intruder’s cock disappearing into her willing body. His eyes were wide as he stared at the couples sweating bodies and his dick was so hard that it ached.

Selena began grunting like a wild animal as she rocked her hips up and down trying to fill her hungry pussy with as much of Kevin’s meat as she could. She squeezed him with her legs, clamping down on Kevin’s prick as hard as she could and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling his head down so she could kiss him hard, thrusting her pink tongue into his mouth. She broke the kiss and chewed on his bottom lip for a moment before sliding her lips down his neck and then his shoulder, filling her mouth with his flesh and biting down.

“Owww!” Kevin yelled out in pain as Selena bit down on his shoulder. He yanked his upper body up and stared down at her as she writhed and mewled underneath him.



  . . ” Selena whined as Kevin peered down at her, stopping his thrusts. “Don’t stop yet. ”

Kevin smirked. “You are just about the most enthusiastic little fuck ever,” he chuckled. “Roll over. ”

Selena eagerly complied after Kevin pulled his prick out of her. She barely even cared that she was now facing Justin as she got on her hands and knees and wiggled her ass at Kevin. She looked over her shoulder expectantly and waited for Kevin to begin fucking her again, it had only been a few seconds without him inside her but with the chemical need coursing through her it felt like a eternity without him.

Kevin positioned himself behind Selena, sliding the tip of his cock into the entrance of her burning cunt. He grasped her slim waist with one hand, looked over at Justin again and gave him another thumbs up wit his other hand as he smilded wildly and slammed his cock into Selena, making her scream out in animalistic lust.

"Would he stop fucking doing that!" Justin thought angerly as he watched Kevin giving him another thumbs up while banging his girlfriend. He struggled against the tape in frustration, his mind a jumbled mix of emothion: anger at Kevin fucking Selena in front if him, dissapointment at Selena for succumbing to the drugs, and confusion that he couldn't help but stare in lust and desire at the fucking couple. Even though she was facing him Selena wasn't looking at him, her wide, dark eyes were glazed and seemed to just slide over him while she grunted happily with each thrust.

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  Even with their change of position he still couldn't see much, just Selena's moaning face, her hair wild and mussed, her dangling tits as they wobbled with each push of Kevin's cock, and small peeks of her up-thrust, heart shaped ass when her hair would part just right. And with all of his confused feelings he felt like his frustration at not being able to see more was the strongest of them all.

Kevin slid his hands under Selena's body, gripping and squeezing her jiggling tits and once again pinching and twisting her hard nipples, enjoying the screams of pleasure her was pulling out of her. He ran his hands over her abdomen and between her legs, sliding his fingers along the sides of her clit and causing her to start bucking against him. "Yee haw!It's just like a rideo!" he yelled in joy as he held the sexy star's wildly shaking ass to him, letting her hump up against him.

Feeling his balls beginning to tighten up again Kevin knew he was about to cum. He wrapped his arms around Selena's waist and pulled her up as he leaned backwards, his back now against the headboard of the bed as he sat on his ass, his legs stretched out. His new position put the horny star on his lap in a reverse cowgirl position, her tan, glistening, ripe body now fully exposed to the bound as she pistioned herself up and down on his cock. He looked around the sexy starlet's bucking body at Justin, smiled wildly at him and gave him another thumbs up.

"Arghhh!" Justin yelled out in frustration from around the tape covering his moth at the sight of another thumbs up. He now had what he wanted, a unobstructed view of his girlfriend's thrusting body taking another man's cock. Her head was rocking back and forth, her hair thrashing around like a dark halo, her eyes closed in concentration at the sensations coursing through her body, her chest heaving as she gasped for breath, her legs spread wide as her tiny pussy stretched around Kevin's prick while she fucked herself up and down in his thick tool. Her entire body glistened with sweat, tiny drops flying from her golden body as she fucked herself up and down.

"Oh God," Kevin grunted. He quickly wrapped his arms back around Selena's sexy body, one arm going down between her thighs to strum her clit with one hand while his other hand reached up to grip her tit and squeeze and pinch the hard nipple.

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  She screamed out as she came, her tight cunt gripping and rippling around his cock as she thrashed around on his lap, triggering his own orgasm and he began filling her hot pussy with his thick cum. He tried to hold her against him but she was moving around to much and slid out of his grip, falling to her side on the bed, freeing his cock from her pussy as he shot the last of his load onto the cum soaked sheets.

Kevin took a few minutes to catch his breath as he stared at Selena's well fucked body. "Well, that was certainly something," he said contentedly as he playfully slapped Selena's firm ass. He slid out of bed and began getting dressed as he looked at the mess on the bed they had made. "I'm afraid you're gonna need some new sheets, Miss Gomez. "

"ssso. k. " Selena said dreamily as tremors of pleasure continued to shoot through her sated body, causing the occasional twitch.

Kevin cleaned himself up the best he could as he finished getting dressed before gathering up his scattered supplies. He glanced over at Justin and was struck by a idea. He walked behind the struggling singer and tipped his chair back, dragging him out of the room with him.

Selena blinked her bleary eyes and watched Kevin drag Justin away. "Mmmmwhere're you taking my boyfriend?" she asked in a daze as she tried to work up the energy to be concerned that her boyfriend was being kidnapped.

"Downtown L.

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  A. ," Kevin said matter of factly. "I shouldn't be the only one to live out their dreams on Purge night. "

To be continued. . . .
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