Purge, The; Hollywood, Hour 06 Jennifer Love Hewitt


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I do not own The Purge or the characters from it. I do not know Jennifer Love Hewitt or have anything to do with her. Comments are always welcome and appreciated so you should feel free to share.

Story Code: M/F, Rape, Anal

The Purge: Hollywood Hour 06: Jennifer Love Hewitt
By Muhabba

"What!?" Jennifer Love Hewitt asked in disbelief as she stared in shock at the gun in the strange man's hand.

"You heard me," Kevin said politely. He knew that it was a strange situation that he'd placed the busty starlet in and when people were confused all you could do was remain patient. "I've hada busy night and am just feeling a bit worn out so I figured a good massage would set me right. "He held out a small shopping bag in his free hand and shook it slightly at the confused celebrity. "Now put this on. You'll find some lotions and oils and such in there too. "

Jennifer held her yellow silk robe closed tight at the neck, it wasn't that she was dressed provocatively underneath it or anything, just a baggy T-shirt and sweats, but she felt completely exposed with the gun pointed at her.

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  "But. . . but. . . I'm not. . . I'm not a masseuse or whatever. "

"But you played one on T. V. ," Kevin pointed out helpfully, "And for Purge Night that's close enough. "He shook the bag and waved his gun at the beautiful T. V.

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   star to emphasize his point. "You know as well as I do that the annual Purge means I get to do whatever I want without getting in trouble and right now I want a massage. So get to it. "

Jennifer looked around in confusion, not sure if what was happening was actually happening or if it was some sort of elaborate prank. Her husband had taken their child to his mother's for a visit leaving her alone for the Purge but only because they had felt completely safe after having their security system updated. She had changed for bed and had been reading when the strange man had suddenly appeared and pointed a gun at her, something that shouldn't have been possible except for his A1 Security uniform, the company that had installed her security system. "I don't. . . I don't. . . " she stammered pitifully. "What do I do?" she wondered fearfully.

"You take the bag and change," Kevin said as he forced the bag into one of Jennifer's hands, "Then you give me one of those massages like I seen you do on T.

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  V. and then you enjoy the rest of your night after I leave. Got it?"

"On. . . on T. V. ?" Jennifer stammered in confusion. "Like on 'The Client List'?That wasn't real. It was just a part I played. "

Kevin rolled his eyes in disbelief. "I know it wasn't real, I'm not crazy. That's why it's called a 'fantasy'. Now change. "

"I'll just.

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  . . just go change then," Jennifer said as she clutched the bag to her chest and started to walk away.

"Tut, tut, tut," Kevin said, wiggling his gun at Jennifer's face. "I've turned off the phones and changed all the locks on the windows and doors. There's no where you can go and no one you can call," he said as he took a few steps back from the soon to be naked star, "So change. Now. "

Jennifer's shoulders slumped in defeat as she sighed in despair before beginning to slide her robe off. There was nothing she could do. She was alone and helpless with a deranged gunman who was going to force her to do whatever he wanted but hopefully, if she was careful, she could keep him from doing anything too terrible to her.

Kevin watched as Jennifer's robe hit the floor while she turned her back to him and began taking her loose fitting T-shirt off. She was braless but with her back to him he couldn't see all of her breast, just her side-boob but luckily she had a great deal of that for him to view. He found himself entranced as her side-boob swayed back and forth while she let her T-shirt fall to the floor and he groaned at the large expanse of semi-exposed tit dangling and jiggling as she bent down and took her new top out of the bag. There wasn't much to the top and she quickly got it on before bending down and pulling the bottoms of the outfit and he could hear her cursing under her breath as it dangled from her fingertips.

Jennifer quickly yanked her sweats down, revealing her round ass with just a peek of her shaved pussy-lips below her cheeks, and began struggling to pull up the bottoms of her outfit and Kevin found himself leering at her bare ass.

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  "Wow, it looks just as good as her front," he said to himself as he stared at her thick, luscious ass. "I guess people are to busy staring at her front to notice she has quite a bit going on behind her too. " he thought. She finished struggling with her bottoms and he found himself marveling at the way her thick cheeks seemed to swallow the material of the black thong. "O. k. , turn around," he said to the now less-than-naked-a-moment-ago-but-more-naked-than-when-he-had-come-in celebrity.

Taking a deep breath to steel her nerves, the movement nearly causing her mostly exposed breasts to pop out of her top, Jennifer turned around so that the gunman could get a good look at her. Her top was barely more than some lacy material to keep her nipples covered with some small criss-crossing straps to lift her large chest up almost like a shelf of cleavage while her bottoms were just a brief thong with fishnet pantie hose and a short apron. With a bit more material added to it the outfit would have looked like a sexy French maid’s uniform.

“You look soooo hot, Ms. Hewitt,” Kevin gawked as he took in all of Jennifer’s exposed, tan flesh. “Now, I know you said you ain’t a real masseuse but I’ll bet you just about anything you got one of those massage tables, don’t ya?”

Jennifer turned her head to the side, not able to look the gunman in the eyes as she mumbled, “Yes,” under her breath.

“Bet it was your husband’s idea, wasn’t it?” Kevin said with a knowing smirk.

“Yes,” Jennifer said again.

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“Big fan of ‘The Client List’, ain’t he. ”

“Yes. ”

“Bet it’s in the bedroom, ain’t it. ”

“Yes,” Jennifer growled, suddenly angry at her husband for not being there to defend her in some way and for intentionally helping this obviously deranged man live out his sick fantasy.

“Let’s go then,” Kevin said cheerfully as he poked Jennifer with his gun and grabbed the bag of oils. He let her lead the way for two reasons: 1. He didn’t know where her bedroom was and, 2. He wanted to watch her ass as she walked. The flesh of her tan ass squeezed through the gapes of the fishnets as she walked, her thick ass bunching and releasing with every step. “How could I miss an ass like that?” he found himself wondering as he licked his suddenly dry lips.

Entering Jennifer’s large bedroom Kevin said, “You get the table ready and I’ll get me ready. ”He took a moment to watch Jennifer’s ass again as she walked towards her closet before he popped one of his boner pills and began to quickly strip off his work uniform. “And before you get any funny ideas about finding any weapons in there, just remember I got you covered out here,” he said with a hint of menace. He watched her shuffling around in her closet, bending overto reach what he supposed was the table, her ass out thrust and the side of one of her large tits dangling beneath her chest, barely contained inside the cups of her top. His eyes zeroed in on her jiggling side-boob once again and he found himself thinking, “Yeah, that’s a pretty good distraction for that ass.

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Kevin watched the well endowed star grab the table and walk towards him, her wobbling tits threatening to practically jump out of her top. He groaned without realizing it as his prick started to slowly harden.

“Oh God,” Jennifer groaned inwardly as the now naked gunman’s dick started to get hard, lifting up and seeming to point straight at her. “That’s far enough,” he said, almost like he knew that she was planning on swinging the table at him and running off. “Set it up,” he finished and she immediately complied, once again angry at her husband for not being there and for talking her into buying the table in the first place.

After Jennifer set up the table, Kevin gleefully handed her a bottle of massage oil. “Here you go,” he said happily before climbing up on the table and laying flat on his stomach. “I’m warning you ‘tho, I’m ticklish. ”

Jennifer’s eyes traveled in wide-eyed confusion between the bottle in her hand and the gunman laying down on that table. “Wait. You want an actual massage?”

“Yep. I’ve had a pretty stressful night,” Kevin said like it was the most natural thing in the world. “I mean, it’s been enjoyable, I’ve eaten ice cream with Natalie Portman which was the coolest thing ever, but all this running around can make a man pretty ragged. So, if you don’t mind. .

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  . ” he finished, letting his sentence run off.

She doubted that this would be the worse that the gunman had planned for her but Jennifer prayed that it was. She drizzled the oil up and down his back, across his bare ass, down his legs and up his arms before placing her hands on his shoulders, shuddering in revulsion at what she was being forced to do. She tried to remember everything her husband liked her to do to him, a flare of anger rising again as she massaged her captor’s shoulders. He moaned appreciatively as she worked his muscles, stretching across his shoulders and working up his arms. She returned to his shoulders and began sliding her hands down, kneading the muscles in his back and side before stopping at his waist. She moved to the foot of the table and began massaging the muscles in his legs, up his calves and stopping when she reached his mid thigh.

"Don't miss a spot," Kevin said dreamily. "This is a full body massage. "

Jennifer took a deep breath to steady her nerves, her large breasts once again nearly falling out of her top, as she placed her hands tentatively on the gunman's buttocks. She had to stop herself from gagging as she started to massage his taunt muscles, not because he was physically disgusting but because she was being forced to do it and she found herself once again becoming angry at her absent husband. The gunman groaned in appreciation again as she shuddered in revulsion, not noticing as one of her nipples escaped from over the edge of her top. She tried not to make it seem like she was hurrying but the moment she finished coating his ass in oil she released her hold and said hopefully, "There, all finished and relaxed. "

Kevin purred like a content cat.

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  "Not yet. Use your breasts. "

"What?" Jennifer asked blank faced.

"You heard me," Kevin replied languidly. "I said it's a full body massage, your's and mine. Now use your breasts. "

"I. . . I. . . I. . .

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  " stammered until she just threw her hands up in surrender and muttered, "Fine," with a bit of defiance. "Hopefully this is the worse that it gets," she thought but deep down she knew that it wasn't. She undid her top, her large tits swelling out as she dropped the flimsy material to the floor and grabbed the bottle of oil, drizzling the oil onto her tan breasts. She squeezed and massaged the oil into her pliant flesh until her golden orbs gleamed in the light of her bedroom, the anger she felt towards her husband growing as she bent down and placed her shimmering breasts on the gunman's back. She ran her chest back and forth across his back, trying to get the distasteful deed over as soon as possible.

"Not so fast, Ms. Hewitt," Kevin said in a relaxed, husky voice, "Go slower and really press those puppies down. "

Jennifer rolled her eyes at the request before compiling and pressing her impressive chest down more firmly, working herself back and forth across his shoulders before moving up one of his arms. When she reached his hand she expected him to grope at her tits but he surprised her when he didn't, instead he simply lay contented as she worked back down his arm and up the other and once again he did nothing to grab onto her breasts and she found herself wondering why for a moment before just being thankful that he hadn't. She repeated with her overly endowed breasts everything she had done with her hands, sliding her firm globes up and down his back, across his sides and to his waist while the simple friction of their skin rubbing together turned her dark nipples rock hard as they scraped across his slick skin. She worked her tits up each of his legs until she reached his ass, smothering his rear-end with her gleaming breasts, once again shuddering in revulsion at the deed and the small bit of unwanted pleasure her stimulated nipples were causing her.

"Mmm. . . that's great," Kevin moaned.


  "Time to switch sides," he announced before carefully rolling himself over, his throbbing prick pointing straight at the ceiling. "Oh wow," he gasped in astonishment at his first sight of Jennifer's tan, oiled breasts. They were a uniform brown, meaning she tanned topless, and capped with hard, brown nipples shimmering with oil that seemed to glow in the light like a dream. The years had been very kind to her amazing breasts, the large orbs barely sagging and maintaining a nearly perfect teardrop shape. "I, ah. . . I think. . . I think we can skip the. . . the hands this time," he stammered in awe.

"Figures," Jennifer said in disgust under her breath as she drizzled more oil over the gunman's naked body, now just as upset at her breasts as she was at her husband.

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  "Damn all three of you," she thought to herself as she bent over and unceremoniously smashed her tits against the gunman's chest. She half-assed repeated with the front what she had done with the back already knowing where this was leading as she slid her greased breasts across his upper chest and then worked her way up one of his arms. When she reached his hand this time he took the opportunity to grope her oily orbs, trying to squeeze her firm breasts but the oil caused them to slid out of his palm before he had a chance to pinch her nipples. He groaned in pleasure as he tried to molest her chest, seeming to enjoy the challenge of holding onto her tits before she slid her chest back down his arm and up the other one where the game continued. She slid back down to his chest and abdomen, catching site of his prick twitching out of the corner of her eye and topped with a gleaming drop of pre-cum at the tip. She stopped at his waist before working at his legs going up and down one and then the other, stopping at his mid-thigh before looking up the length of him, his throbbing cock halfway between them as they locked eyes.

"All over," Kevin grinned in satisfaction. "Stretch up here and rub them everywhere. "He bent up and reached down, wiggling his fingers at Jennifer to tell her to move closer, grinning like a happy child the whole time. She did as she was beckoned, her dangling tits rising up until the covered his up-thrust prick and he immediately latched on with his hands, smashing her wonderful breasts around his achingly hard cock.

"If this is the worst it gets I can live with that," Jennifer thought as the gunman began fucking her tits, trying to squeeze her massive mounds in his hands, his gun pressing coldly against the side of one breast, but the voice in the back of her mind that was blaming her husband and her own endowments reminded her that it could always get worse.

"Oh God, fuck yes," Kevin moaned as he fucked Jennifer Love Hewitt's tits. Like most guys his age he'd always had a crush on her and her bust, not as big of a crush as he had on Natalie Portman and her ass but he had always felt practically in love with Jennifer's always jiggling cleavage. He ran through every movie or T. V.

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   show he'd ever watched just because of her tits as he fucked himself in and out of her slick, silky cleavage muttered, "Your tits feel almost as good as Natalie's ass," but suddenly thought, "Almost. "

"At least I'm not the only one," Jennifer thought angrily despite herself.

Kevin squeezed Jennifer's tits together around his prick as hard as he could, not hearing her gasp in pain as he muttered, "This is almost everything I thought it would be," before once again thinking, "Almost. "There was one thing wrong that took him a few minutes to place as he desperately thrust himself between Jennifer's boobs, the oil. For as hard as he squeezed her tan tits together he realized that the oil was making his tit-fucking nearly frictionless, he could have been fucking air for all his aching dick knew. And then as he came to his realization he noticed that with her bent over him on the table he could she the heart shaped top of her up-thrust, thick, round ass and was struck with inspiration.

Kevin released Jennifer's tits and said, "Back up," frantically as he tried to push the busty star back while his hand slid ineffectively across her chest. He stood up and shoved the startled celebrity forward onto her bed, her unencumbered breasts pressed against the mattress and her knees on the floor, her ass swaying in the air.

"What. . . what are you doing?" Jennifer asked frighteningly from over her shoulder, fully aware of how vulnerable she was right now. "It can always get worse," the voice in the back of her head reminded her snidely. "Fuck you, Brian," she thought at her husband. "And fuck that stupid show!"

Kevin kneeled down reverently behind Jennifer's up-thrust rear-end.

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  "Where have you been all my life?" he asked her ass as he ran his hands over the warm, fishnet criss-crossed flesh. He could hear the frightened, big breasted star whimpering as he slowly pulled the thong and fishnet hose down, enjoying the white patchwork marks they had left in her skin. "Just relax, the oil will help things go easier," he said soothingly as he aimed his slick cock-head at the puckered rosebud entrance to her ass. "Heck, I have a friend that used this to get three cars into a two car garage. "When he got no response from the soon to be sodomized star he shrugged his shoulders. "Maybe I'm just not funny," he thought as he lunged forward, his lubricated dick easily penetrating Jennifer's tight ass.

"Oh God noooo. . . " Jennifer shrieked with tears streaming down her beautiful girl-next-door face as the gunman violated her. She began struggling, thrashing around the bed as he filled her completely, forgetting about the gun, but he was just to strong for her to escape as he held possessively to her hips and began thrusting in and out of her. He held her tightly despite the oil they were covered in but she felt mostly pinned down by his pistoning prick but thanks to the oil there wasn't much pain, just a deep, throbbing discomfort as he slid easily in and out of her. The oil was making it easy for him to fuck her, her tight ass parting around his cock as he kept up the steady pace, his cum filled balls slapping against her pussy. "Please God, stop!Stop pleeeese," she sobbed.

"Don't worry," Kevin gasped out between thrusts, basking in the feel of having Jennifer's ass wrapped tightly around his cock.

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  "With as good as that massage was this shouldn't take to long. "He slid his hands from her wide hips along her sides, underneath her pinned body and gripped her large, spongy tits, using them as hand holds to pull her back towards him and himself forward into her. He wanted to take his time and thoroughly enjoy her ass and tits, time table be damned, but as he worked himself harder, faster, and deeper inside of her he began to lose control, slamming into her roughly, her thick cheeks rippling with each thrust. Originally he had wanted to spend his hour with her just slowly and lovingly caressing and massaging her impressive tits, just really make love to them, and then he had seen her ass and had changed his mind to spending time with her servicing him with her chest and rear but now he simply wanted to keep slamming himself into her amazing ass as he mauled her tantalizing tits.

Jennifer bit down on her comforter, mewling pitifully as she was raped while her ass felt like it was on fire and her breasts felt like they were being squeezed in twin vices. "Please stop," she cried through the material clenched in her teeth as she was violated again and again.

"Oh God, oh God, oh God," Kevin chanted, his balls boiling as they slapped against Jennifer's pussy while he thrust into her ass again and again, his orgasm about to crest. "I'm gonna. . . I'm gonna. . . " he stammered as he pulled his prick out of the star's thoroughly fucked rear and stood up, fisting his shaft in indecision. He couldn't decide where to aim his load, over her up-thrust and violated ass or across her world renowned chest but then it was suddenly to late and he exploded, erupting his seed across her back, in her dark hair and onto her comforter.

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"I guess I shoulda thought that out more," Kevin mumbled as he held his limp cock in his hand and watched Jennifer try to cover her exposed body weeping. "Guess I'll have to plan better next time. Oh well, live and learn. "

To be continued. . . .

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