Quickie At The Carwash


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The car ahead of Frank and Tina finally cleared the car wash and the red light went off and the green light blinked on. Frank put the car in gear and Tina began to giggle in excitement. The car bounced over the first retainer bar and rolled forward until it came to rest against the second and the green light blinked off. A second later the red light came on and the brushes lowered in back of them.
This was the signal and Tina was quick to respond. She pulled at her little tight little sundress and threw it over her head in a second. Totally nude she was grabbing at Frank's shorts as he pulled off his shirt. He raised his hips and she tugged them down until his cock popped free. They were both laughing as she stopped tugging and took his half-hard cock in her mouth and began to suck it as it grew. Fighting the impulse to just sit back and enjoy Frank pulled his shorts and threw them off as well.
He reached down and began to play with her pussy as she sucked his cock fully hard. She was so wet already his fingers slipped into her with ease and he began to finger bang her like there was no tomorrow. She responded by moaning and sucking his cock harder and faster, her head bobbing up and down and wet slurping sounds filling the air over the thunderous whir and splash of the car wash. The brushes spun and hit the back of the car; the water jets were half way over the vehicle.
Tina sat up and leaned back in her seat against the door.


   She pulled her legs up and apart so that her pussy was as wide as the car would allow as an invitation to Frank. Frank didn't waste any time and straddled the stick shift and pressed his hard cock against Tina's pussy and pushed into her. It was like heaven as his cock was sucked into her hot, wet pussy up to the balls.
The brushes dropped over the front of the car and the jets of water began to do the first rinse.
Frank was fucking her as hard as he could. His cock ramming in and out of her with such force the car rocked with each thrust. She was moaning load and rubbing her clit. Frank watched his cock slide in and out of her and Tina's hand working her clit, he loved to watch them fuck.
The water turned off and the brushes whirred again and began to pass back over the car.
Good baby fuck me. She loudly, assured that the brushes would mask her cries. Fuck me baby!
Frank was sweating as he rocked the car, his cock hammering in and out of her. She pulled her hand up from her clit and began to loudly suck her cum off of it. He loved to watch and hear that, she was doing everything she could to get him off.
The brushes were half way over the car now, the sound of them swishing against the window barely masking her cries of pleasure.

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Baby yes! Baby yes! She was thrashing her head around and pulling her legs back allowing him to fuck her deep. Yes baby! Make me cum baby! She cried out as she felt her body begin to tremble.
Frank was panting and his legs buckling as he felt his balls get ready to empty.
    Cumming. . . was all he managed to croak out as he felt the cum start to flow.
    The brushes finished and the final rinse began.
    Frank pulled up and grabbed her legs and spread her as wide as he could. He slammed his cock in again and again, feeling his cock shooting jets of hot cum into her and filling her pussy up. Tina screamed too loud but didn't care as the feel of his cum shooting into her intensified her own orgasm. Both couldn't stop . . . not now.

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       They fucked like demons, they had to finish. His cum was squishing out with each thrust and running down the crack of her ass. She pulled on her own nipple rings and screamed again as her orgasm intensified even further and she felt her body shake in pleasure.
    Frank pulled back and squeezed the last drops of his cum onto her belly and tried to catch his breath. He looked up and saw the water jets reaching the front of the car.
    Fuck!He cried out, realizing they were behind schedule. Tina looked and squealed and they both dove for their clothing in a manic rush. She grabbed her dress and tried to pull it over her sweat and cum covered body. He was trying to pull his shorts up and not loose his balance. They weren't going to make it. They were running too late.
    The station attendant wondered why the car sat still when the green light came on. Normally people are in a rush to get out. He leaned around the corner to peak and saw the car start to roll forward. He sat back and relaxed.

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       He looked up as the car passed by and noticed the strange smile on the woman's face and her hair looking wet. He wondered if they had left a window open a crack and was about to look back down to his magazine when he saw her lift several fingers to her mouth covered in a thick whitish liquid and lick them clean.
    Was that soap suds? He thought. People are so damn strange, and then he went back to reading his magazine, wishing his job wasn't so boring. .
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