Rape reversal by ladyboys


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I met this hot Filipina girl, Kylie, with a deep voice in the mall. Not deep as in MANLY deep, but it was sultry, like liquid sex that was just dripping everywhere. Every time she spoke, I felt hypnotized and couldn’t stop thinking about banging her hot body. She had shoulder-length, black hair and cute tits that were big enough to handle, yet small enough to not be overwhelming, so it was a nice B-cup that stood perky. Her ass was to absolutely die for and I kept thinking how nice my cock would feel while pounding a tight little ass like that. Whether she wanted it or not, I was planning to tap that ass in my hotel room. I figured that if I could pump my first big load in her sweet pussy and leave her mind to deal with the pregnancy scare, then I could ravage the rest of her all night and there was pretty much nothing she could do about it. She would just give up and I could use her all night. Well, that was the plan anyway.

We made small talk over dinner. I can’t remember the name of the place because that was never important to me. My mind was thinking of the hotel room I had prepared. I had gags, ropes, and securing cuffs all set and ready under the sheets.

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   I had two small cameras set up to catch all the action, especially my favorite, which was a helmet cam that I modified a bit. I could keep both hands on her and let the camera record every twitch of my cock as my balls empty themselves. I like being able to record the girl begging me not to cum in her, she’ll get pregnant, she’s scared, blah blah blah…It just adds to the excitement and my masturbation sessions afterwards. By the time she realized what was going on, she would already be locked down and unable to move while she woke to my cock furiously pumping her twat full of baby-making juice. I always hoped my bitches were fertile so I could leave that baby batter deep. My cum isn’t watery and fluid like most people. Mine is very thick and sticky, so once it goes in, no girl has ever gotten it out. I’ve heard of a few girls who ended up pregnant, but I never knew if I had a dozen or more kids out there…but back to the story…

I always have a little “roofie” on me, three to be exact. I placed a half of one in Kylie’s drink when she went to the bathroom. It would make her groggy, but still able to move. Nobody would suspect anything, including her. Once I got her into the hotel room, I could then put another drink into her with a full tablet, and then tie her up and wait for the effects to wear off. I noticed that she was talking to another cute girl on her way back from the bathroom. They looked my way and giggled a bit. The other was just as short, but with shorter hair and a nice body to match.

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   Maybe I’d catch that one some other time. Kylie kept talking about different things and I acted like I was really interested. I was waiting for her to drink my surprise, but she didn’t. I felt the need to piss, so I excused myself to the bathroom. I returned quickly to find her drink gone, so I bottomed mine quickly, paid the bill, and we went out to catch a cab back to the hotel.

The hotel was only a few minutes away, but when we were almost there, I felt a dizzying sensation and found I had to fight a bit to keep my eyes open. “Are you okay, dear?” she asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I think maybe the alcohol got to me,” I stammered. My brain was active, but my body felt sluggish. The obvious problem was not hitting me yet.

We got back to the hotel room and all thoughts had left my mind. I saw the bed and sat on it.

…and that was the last thing I remembered until I woke up. “Nice to finally have you awake, baby,” Kylie laughed.

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   “You didn’t actually think I’d fall for that roofie stuff, did you? Oh, you poor little dear. ” I tried to speak to say something, but I…. I…. the gag was in MY mouth! What in the absolute hell? I tried moving, but the ropes were holding ME, not her! “Oh, honey, my friend works in this hotel. I had him check out the room after you left and he told me about all the toys you have in here, so I planned a BIG surprise just for you. ” I was gagged, tied down, face, down, my butt in the air, legs wide open, and no way to get out of it.

She had undressed down to her light, blue panties. I saw those perfect B-cups and I wanted to get my mouth on them so badly that for just a moment, I forgot about being tied. There was a knock at the door, so she left my view. I heard it open…I heard some whispers…giggling again…A LOT of giggles! There were at least four or five different voices! At this moment, I knew that I was in trouble, but I had no idea what extent of the trouble. “Since you were so kind to want something hardcore, I thought I would let you have all the hardcore action you can handle tonight, but YOU are the one getting fucked, baby.

My mind was reeling, still under the effects of the roofie, but I knew something was out of place. Something wasn’t making sense. I was right! There were five more girls there and they were all getting undressed quickly…including the girl from the restaurant. She was there, too! They all stood close together with nothing but panties on.

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   I was rock hard, but scared.
“Okay girls…. ready? ONE!”…They all hooked their fingers into their panties…”TWO!”…They all turned around, so I could see their asses…”THREE!”…They all bent over and dropped the last bit of clothing at the same moment. I saw gorgeous flesh that I needed to sink my cock into. “Okay now, let’s show him the fun he’s going to have!” At that moment, my heart beat so hard in my chest, I actually felt pain. They all turned at once and I saw…cocks?

COCKS????? They were all ladyboys??? There was no clue at all, I mean, they LOOK like women! No Adam’s apples, no thick legs, no big shoulders…none of that. Oh shit! I struggled against my bonds, but they were not moving at all. In that moment, everything became clear. They were going to be the ones to rape ME and not the other way around! In a flash, these girls looked like vampires about to eat a virgin! They were all running their hands all over me and I felt their cocks brushing against me. They were all hard. Some were five or six inches, but I saw one monster that had to have been eight or nine…Shit, it was bigger than mine!

“Okay girls, you know what to do. We talked about this. He likes ‘hardcore’, so we’re gonna give him something HARDCORE, right?” Every one of them started high-fiving each other, laughing, and lubing their cocks. I felt fingers pressing something slimy against my ass and using her fingers to push it in. I started to struggle again and try to tighten my ass so she couldn’t get her finger in there.

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   Whoever it was, she just laughed. “Baby, you’re gonna get fucked one way or the other. ” I felt a sharp pain as someone smacked my ass. Another smack…and another…and they were all taking turns smacking me pretty hard. I could tell from the burning that my skin was turning red, which sent shrieks of happiness to the group. My eyes were closed during this assault, so I felt hands gripping my head in a rush of motion. The gag was ripped out of my mouth, but as I began to yell, I felt a large, mushy object being shoved right back in. I looked up to see the girl from the restaurant. Her face was in total pleasure as she rammed my face with her hard rod. She had a look of slight evil with it. Controlling me, gagging me, and forcing me to take her deeper down my throat seemed to be heaven for her. “That’s right, you bastard, you’re gonna get all our cum tonight. ”

Wait…my mind processed…her cock in my mouth…all girls lubing up…NO CONDOMS!!!!! NO FUCKING CONDOMS! They were going to cum inside me unprotected! She could tell that the puzzle pieces finally clicked in place. As she fucked my face, she spoke one word with each thrust. “Yes…you…bitch…We’re…gonna…cum…so…much…in…you…to…night!” More cheers from the group.

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   I was fighting to keep my jaw shut as much as I could to keep that cock from going down my throat, but it was growing more and more difficult with each thrust.

I felt weight behind me. I knew what was about to happen and I tried to squirm and move, but all I managed to do was to push up or down a little. I couldn’t move my ass to the side at all. I felt something hot pressing right on my ass and pushing slightly. My natural reflexes shut my ass tighter, but the pressure stayed firm. Every moment that I relaxed even a little, I felt the pressure get harder.

“Girls, do we do this nice and slow?”

“NOOOOO!” came a unified reply. “Fuck him hard! Ram his ass! Make him into a cock-whore!” were some of the calls the other girls made. It was Kylie! She was going to… She was about to go where nobody had gone before. “Well, baby, you heard the girls,” and with that, she suddenly grabbed my hips in a death vice and lunged forward with a strength I couldn’t have imagined. I was suddenly and completely impaled on her cock. I felt like a red, hot branding iron had been shoved up my ass. At the moment she de-virginized me, I tried to scream. My jaw opened all the way and the other girl took perfect advantage of that moment to easily ram her cock fully into and down my throat.

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   I couldn’t stop it any longer. I was being spit-roasted and impaled simultaneously. Both girls were like overpowered jackhammers, viciously rocking my body. I could hear the cheers. I could hear the laughter. Tears started flowing and they laughed at that, too. The pain was so intense and I could feel every ridge on both cocks as one thrust after another continued to hurt. Oh my God, it hurt! I struggled to move. I struggled to breathe. I couldn’t move. Relentlessly they both pounded. The girl in my mouth said that she didn’t want to cum too soon, so she left my mouth. As I was heaving for air, another cock began raping my mouth. I could taste the precum on her tip. It was fucking nasty and smelled weird.

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   She didn’t care. She was just happy to be in a hole, and down my throat she went. She was a bit bigger around than the first cock, so my throat got stretched a little more.

Kylie finally lay on top of me. She kept thrusting hard. Hands were gripping my ass cheeks, pulling them apart so she could get in a little deeper. I felt her balls slapping against me. Her cock kept pounding hard, non-stop, but she would grind in a little deeper every so often, and it would hurt more. I couldn’t yell or cry out in pain from the cock in my mouth, but the sounds I was making were pure heaven for her. I felt her cock getting a little stiffer and the tip got a little bigger. I knew what was going to happen and I tried one last time to tighten up and push the invading flesh out, but my only reward was more pain as she slammed her well-lubricated fuck-stick back into me. Kylie was holding my shoulders like a lover would. “Now you’re gonna know what it feels like to have cum pumped deep inside you,” she said.
Again, the other girls started to cheer. “Fill his ass, honey!” “Yeah, own that bitch!”
Kylie started thrusting harder.

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   I could tell she was close. I pump that hard when I feel my balls about to explode. Every thrust seemed to push me deeper into the bed. She was giving me long power strokes. Every time my ass would bounce back up, she would pound down hard again. She started getting faster…and faster. The room was a bouncing mash of color. All I could see was the body in front of me.

“I’m gonna fill your ass, bitch!” Kylie hissed in my ear. “You are gonna be our fucktoy all night. ”

The girl in front jumped away from my face, being replaced by yet a third cock. She held the cock from my mouth and asked, “Do you want her to cum in your ass, whore?”

“Please stop! It hurts! Pleeeeeease stooooop!” I could only yell.
She slapped my face and grabbed me. “I asked you a question. Do you want her to cum in your ass?” Meanwhile, Kylie kept pounding.

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   Her cock had inflated to its biggest size.

“NO!. . . PLEASE, NO!. . .

“TOO LATE! I’m gonna cum…” Kylie cried out. “ I’m…. gonna…. AH…. . AH……Oh…. God…. OH GOD….


  OOOOH…. . ”


As I begged, Kylie couldn’t hold her pleasure any longer. My begging sent her over the edge and she rammed one last time, holding herself as deeply as she could. She tried pushing in deeper with her legs and tried to crawl deeper inside me. “I’M CUUMMMMIIIIINNNNNG! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!” Her orgasm took her breath as her balls contracted, sending thick ropes of rape-juice clear into the deepest parts of my ass.

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   I felt every jerk and twitch every spasm. I felt each blast of nasty sperm that claimed my no longer virgin hole. It was burning hot, sticky, nasty, and wet. I felt the warmth spreading. That bitch just raped me and bred me. Her aftershocks lasted quite a bit. I could feel smaller twitching and tremors from her cock. It was still pouring cum in me. She laid down on top of me to catch her breath, her cock softening slightly, but still locked tightly inside me. My ass had not stretched much, so every damn drop of her slimy fuck-juice was kept inside for the next girl to shove in deeper.

“I got it on video!” one girl happily cried out. “I got your cock pumping him full of cum!”

“I got his face on my phone, hahahahahaha,” another girl laughed. She started mocking my pain with “NOOOOOO, DON’T CUM IN MEEEEEE…hahahahahahaha. ” Cheers erupted from the entire group as they celebrated their conquest of an anal virgin complete with him…ME…being filled with my rapist’s sticky seed. It was only the first load of many that my ass would be forced to swallow that night.

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My legs began shaking from the sheer force of the fucking my ass had just endured. As a cock was shoved in my mouth again, I felt another cock mercilessly plunge into my freshly ravaged ass. It was a little bigger, and it shoved Kylie’s cum in deeper. I was too tired to fight. My ass opened easier for that cock, but it still burned. It still hurt so bad. Something began to tingle inside my ass during this new assault. It felt kind of good. As a result, my ass muscles finally relaxed a bit.

“The bitch is starting to like it!” the girl yelled. “Yeah, his ass is opening up. ”
“Fine,” Kylie called, “but I tore his bitch ass open first. The tightness was all mine, hahahaha. ” She walked over to my face and leaned in close to where a cock was choking me. “I came in you first.

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   You’re my whore. ” She spat in my face. “…and you’re going to be my whore forever, baby!”, and she brought her hand down on my ass harder than anyone had done before. As soon as I tightened from that slap, I heard it again…“Oh…. gonna fill your ass up some more…mmmmm……oh…oh…. . oh…” I had no fight left. I just laid there with my ass wide open and filled with thickening cock. I heard her moans of pleasure as she emptied herself into me. She kept doing tiny, but deep thrusts to milk the cum from her balls. I felt the fresh deposit of sperm, but it didn’t burn as much as Kylie’s did. Since my ass was tipped up, the cum couldn’t escape. It just crawled deeper into me. Girls kept rotating all night from my mouth. They got hard, fucked me, deposited cum in my ass, and moved off.

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   Another girl took her turn. Over and over this happened all night. I lost track of how many times they used me. I heard them talking on the phone to friends. I heard the door knock a few times. To this day, I wonder if more girls showed up to the rape party I stupidly made for myself. I can’t lie though. By the end of the night, I was enjoying the feeling of cock. I wanted it in my ass. I wanted to eat it. I wanted to feel that warm gush of sperm entering my body again and again. Kylie made me cum during one of her very many turns that night and I think that was the point where I accepted my fate.

Kylie was right. I became her cock-whore. We make love sometimes since she and I are now together in a relationship, but she regularly has me service all of her ladyboy friends whenever they want.

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   Every time they come to our apartment, she tells me to strip and get on my knees. Every girl she has over just uses me until they are finished. Sometimes it is just a blow job. Sometimes it is me being fucked. Sometimes it is every day or many times a day. Every time they use me, they rape me as hard as they can for as long as they can. I don’t even care anymore because I like the feeling of being controlled, held down, and raped over and over. I used to like the idea of pumping my cum into a woman, but now I only want cum pumped into me unless I get to empty my balls into Kylie. The more I get, the happier I am.

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