Riding the Moped (Part 2)


"Your assholes a lot tighter than I had expected for a big fat whore," I said in an attempt to provoke her. "Is your cunt this tight?" I asked.

"Why don't you find out?" she asked in a pleading manner.

I pulled my cock from her asshole and said, "Nah, maybe next time you call with a cheaper debt to settle," and pushed it back in with one stroke. She sucked wind and you could hear the straining.

"You're a real fucking. . . asshole. . . , I'm never. . . talking to you. .

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  . again," she said, pausing between words as I pushed my cock in.

"We'll see. . . " I responded while spreading her fat ass and bottoming out in her colon. Each time she would make a painful "Uh. . . " noise.

I reached around her and grabbed her saggy tits. I squeezed her nipples hard while I pumped her. I told her, "This is well worth a 100 bucks, your husband doesn't know what he's missing. "

"Fuck you," she said predictably.

I pumped her ass hard and said, "No, fuck you whore.

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  " She clenched down in pain while muffling her painful moans into the back of the couch. She rubbed her clit like if it was on fire to mute the pain.

I pulled my cock out of her abruptly. Her asshole was gaped wide open. I bent down and spit in the abused hole. I looked at the arm of the couch and it was absolutely soaked. Her hand glistened with her wetness. Her cunt didn't look all that great. The skin was dark and her cunt lips hung low. "You normally this wet?" I asked.

"No. . . " she said.


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  . . That's because you like being used" I said. I slid my cock back into her ass as I spread her fat ass cheeks. I started pumping her pretty quick up the shitter for a few minutes. She continued rubbing furiously as my balls slapped against her wet snatch. Randomly, I would pull my cock out all the way and push it back in.

"Don't stop. . . " she said out of nowhere.

I smiled and asked, "Why is that?"

"You feel good. . . " she admitted.

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"Oh? What feels good, whore?" I asked.

"Your cock in my ass feels good. . . It hurts, but it also feels. . . very good. . . " she admitted between groans. She then said, "I think I'm gonna cum!"

I pounded her ass as hard as I could. I felt her body start to stiffen and saw her hands dig into the couch. She then yelled, "Fuck me in the ass, hard!" I kept pumping her as her body went into a spasm. Her asshole clenched down on my cock when she came.

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   She screamed into the couch cushion. Pumping her tight asshole pushed me over the limit and I lost control. I buried my cock in her ass as I began to shoot my load into her.

I left my cock in her ass while she started to relax. After about a minute I pulled my cock from her ass. She gasped as I pulled it out. I wiped my cock off in the crack of her ass. Cum was running out of her asshole down her wet slit.

When I pushed off of her, she sat down on the couch. I figured it was her problem that cum was being pressed into the cushions.

I said, "Looks like your installation is complete. "

"I hope you're happy with the services rendered," I added.

She gave me a pissed look and said, "Get out asshole. "

I said goodbye and mentioned if she wanted to trade services again in the future, feel free to call. I figured I would never see or talk to her again due to the condition I left her in.

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A week later, she writes to me on an instant messenger. She first started bitching at me about how sore her ass was for a few days afterwards. She then admitted that it was the hardest she had ever came in her life. She asked if I thought I'd like to meet up again. This surprised the shit out of me. I agreed to meet up with her six more times over the following three months.

On my second hook up with her, I made her shower first and ate her pussy. Each session ended with me pounding her asshole though. The idea is, a moped is fun to ride, but don't let your friends see you on it. .