roadtrip part 2


i arrived in a town called benstown. it was a small place but it sure did have alot of bars there. i stop in a little diner to get something to eat and to take a brake from the road. i took out my map to see where i was goin next and i heard a voice say ' hey stranger hows it goin'. i looked to my side and saw a women about 25. she said ive never seen u around here before where u from. iam from a small town east of here i said. when the waiter gave me my food i asked if there was a motel or something around that i could stay in for the nite. the women beside me all of a sudden says 'well you could stay at my house tonite'. i told her that would be nice but i just couldnt stay at your house i dot even know your name 'its brenda now will u stay there' . when i was done with my food her and i went out into my car and drove off she took me to her house. when i got inside there was a couple sittin on the loveseat next to the tv. she told me that thaat was her parents and then we went to her room. she then showed me a room that she said was mine for the nite. after dinner and a big talk with her parents about my road trip i went to my room. brenda then knocked at the door and came in.

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   she was wearing a long shirt that went to her knees. i just looked at her then she came over grabed my hand and put it up the shirt. at that point i knew she was only wearing a shirt she threw me on the bed. pulled my pants down and put my dick in her mouth. she was good like a pro then she got done there and took her shirt off and jumped on my dick. she rode it like a cowgirl i then fliped her over and started to ram her. she had a nice little pussy and it felt so good. she started to yell and then she came there was so much juices that it made me fill her up with my cum. after we were done she said good nite and left, i went down stairs to get a drink. when i got to the dinnin room there was brendas dad face deep in her moms puss. i stood there for a few minutes and then she saw me. i went to leave but she yelled for me to come over. so i did as soon as i got over she pulled my pants down and started to suck my dick. i was hard in no time her dad then asked me if i wanted to eat some pussi didnt even say a word i threw my face down there and started to lick away. he jumped up and slamed his dick in her mouth.

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   she then had me lay on the on the flor and she started to suck my dick as her husband fucked her from behindsmacking her ass hard as he could her ass looked as red aa a cherry. he then blew his load all in her a some on her ass. i then jumped up slamed my dick into her puss and started to get her yelling she started to cum as i was blowing my load all over her nice red ass. i took a couple minute break grabed a drink and went to my room. the next morning i was up before anyone else i got ready jumped in my car and took off. as i went down the to my next city i said to myself '' so far this is one dam good road trip''.

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