Sally Came Calling 2


When tom got to her house an hour later he found there was a car in her drive, thinking it must be her friends car he went and knocked the door. It didn’t take long for the door to open, standing there was sally dressed in just a robe pulled tight against her body. “ your on time I see, come in my friend carnt wait to meet you. ” after closing the door he followed sally to the lounge where he met her friend, she was dressed in a low cut top, short skirt and wearing make up but it was her bust that caught his eyes. The top she wore didn’t hide much, but as he sat beside her he saw she was braless her nipples just poking out. “ this is tom I told you about sara. ” “ mm pleased to meet you, sally told me lots about you and what you like. ” her eyes drifted from his eyes to his groin then back. “ think ill leave you to it sara, got few things to get on with. ” before anyone could say anything sally was gone. “ well its just you and me know, me with the nice big tits, and you with a nice big cock that seams to be growing. ” sara placed her hand fully on his erection, as soon as she felt how big it was she let out a moan. “ mm I can see im going to love this, that’s if you don’t mind showing a 49 year old lady it. ” because sara was bold enough to grip his cock, tom got to his feet and dropped his trousers and pushed his cock towards her. Seeing it sara let out a moan and licked her lips, and moving closer she wrapped her fingers round it and jerked him a few times. Precum was starting to leak out already over her hand, not wasting it she moved closer and licked the head then took him deep.

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   All tom could do was enjoy what she was doing to him, his hands fell to her head and he started to fuck her mouth like a pussy. He went to deep a few times and caused her to gag, but she soon got used to his thickness and lenth before slipping him out. Letting go of his shaft still leaking cum, she pulled her top off then pushed him onto the sofa and got between his legs. “ mm your going to love this tom. ” placing her breasts round his cock she began to move up and down. “ oh god this feels so good, im gonna cum on your tits. ” wanking his cock with her tits felt good, but there was no way he was going to cum just yet as sara had other ideas for him. She carried on a bit longer making sure his cock was bigger, but as she pushed her tits together tighter he let out a moan and pushed upwards. Spurt after spurt of cum shot from his cock, coating her neck and chest sara also moaned when some hit her lips. Never to miss out on cum she licked her lips, but when she saw cum on her tits she released his cock and smeared his cum all over both breasts. Now with her tits coated in sticky cum, sara sat back and looked at his still hard cock and smiled at him. “ iv got a surprise for you big boy, close your eyes. ” doing as she asked sara got to her feet, making sure he wasn’t looking she pulled her skirt up to her waist and eased her knickers aside. Before lowering herself onto his cock, she placed a hand to her pussy and wiped her juices and licked it clean. Taking hold of his cock she guided it to her opening, after rubbing the head up and down her slit she plunged down on taking him deep inside her pussy.


   Tom knew right away what she was doing, and opening his eyes he gripped her by the waist and began pushing upwards to meet her coming down. Moans of pleasure were coming from both of them, but he could beleve how tight she was as he pushed in and out her pussy. After a few rides on his cock sara began moaning more, her juices were starting to flow and tom knew she wouldn’t last long so pounded into her more. He stopped pumping for a few moments to get his breath, but even then she was still moaning and moving on his cock. “ oh god yes don’t stop, make me cum. ” there was something making her moan, he tried to look but when he did sara blocked his view so he carried on fucking her. There was no way he was going to last any longer, his cock was at bursting point. “ oh god sara, im gonna cum im almost there. ” hearing this she jumped from his cock, and it was then he saw sally totally naked she was the one who was making her moan. Both sat infront of him waiting with there mouths open, with a few jerks on his cock he lowered his tool and shot his load. Hitting sara with his first blast of cum, he carried on jerking shooting loads more cum onto her face. As the last and final load left him, tom moved back and watched as both women kissed swapping his cum from each other mouths till they stopped. Getting to there feet sara pulled on her clothes, while sally slipped back into her robe. “ youd best get dressed tom, don’t want you getting a cold. ” After I was dressed we sat about talking, then me and sara went our own ways leaving sally alone.

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