Scarlett’s Diary – First Kiss & So Much More


Scarlett’s Diary – First Kiss & So Much More
Millie Dynamite

Take one step forward, you have crossed over into Millie’s Vast Expanse. Meet Scarlett, age fourteenish. Occupation: Student, education, incomplete. Hobbies, boys, music, boys, TV, boys, movies, and of course, boys. A girl filled with a deep seated longing, a need to be needed, she desires to love and be love. She is a flower waiting on a bee.

Meet Jackson, Occupation, none, lives off an inheritance. A man that is a lover of the young. A seemingly permeant fixture wherever the youthful congregate. A man of perpetual, youthful looks with a rather silvery tongue slickness. A possessor of unique ability, adapted to finding those of a certain internal heat, he sniffs out the unsatisfied females in the throws of their hormonal awaking. Throughout his life, a man who love’s the youthful girls, smelling out the virginal, unrequited females as their needs burst forth. . . and therefore a most cunning predator.

What happens when these two have a chance meeting .

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  . . in the Millie’s Vast Expanse.

“I can smell your cunt. ” Miggs, Silence of the Lambs

For Scarlett

May 3rd – Dear Diary

My mom forced my sister into taking me to the concert and I know she wasn’t happy about it. Big sisters never like having their kid sister along with them. When I got to the concert, I saw this really cool guy Jackson. Everyone calls him Jack, but his name is Jackson. How cool is that, his first name is like a last name? He is older, like maybe twenty-five, maybe even older, and already out of college. Anyway, I saw him and he was with my sister’s friend Amber. I thought this Jackson was Amber’s date, but he was her older brother. He was moved to town back to live here.

Long story short – the concert was awesome and I sat by Jackson, which is what I decided to call him. He talked to me all night, it was so neat. He would whisper in my ear, making fun of our sisters, or the songs.

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   He is witty and handsome. He told me, I was mature, far more adult acting than his sister or her silly friends. Then he realized my sister was his sister’s best friend and tried to back away from the comment. But I was quick to agree with him. After the concert we all went to Micky–D’s for ice cream. I had a chocolate cone and Jackson had boysenberry. I have to try boysenberry now.

Sitting in the corner alone I watched my sister throwing herself at the quarterback of the football team. I thought how stupid of her and laughed at her, well not aloud but in my head. I figured I would have to just sit there and be bored. But, Jackson walked over he sat with me. Talking together we watched Sarah, my sister, and Amber, his sister, make fools of themselves with the boys from their school. He told me I was the most beautiful fourteen-year-old he had ever seen. Then he leaned down to me and kissed me on my cheek. Oh my, God, I may never wash my face again.

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May 10th – Dear Diary

I went to a party at Sandra’s house tonight, her older sister Judy threw the party and it was an adult party. There was alcohol and some dope there. We weren't invited to be there, but Sandra said if we didn’t get stay she would tell their parents. Judy let us come because of that and I am so glad we got to go.

Jackson was there, I think Judy invited him. When I got there and saw him, my heart stopped. It just stopped beating in my chest. I thought I would pass out when he turned and saw me. He was dressed up and looked handsome. He is so tall, he has the most perfect skin, a light tan, short blonde hair and it is always so combed. He wore a dark blue pinstriped suit. I heard him explain he had been on a job interview that day and came to straight to the party after the potential employer took him to dinner. He wore this way cool looking tie. When he saw me he walked straight over to me, can you believe it? He comes up to me this big smile on his face. He looks down at me and I like can’t even talk.

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   My heart had started beating again only now it raced.

“Well, fancy seeing you here,” I sort of nodded or something and just watched him. I tried to talk, but nothing came out of my mouth. I wore that bright blue spaghetti-strap tank top so must of my upper chest is exposed. Not that I have anything to see, but I was afraid he could see my heart beating through my skin, that is just how hard it pounded. “So, having a good time, Scarlett?” again I just bobbed my head and looked around in an awkward attempt to figure out something to say. Then I found my tongue.

“You look beautiful,” I blurted out then added. “I mean, very handsome,” then added, “and sexy. ” Oh my, God, how could I say that? He leaned against the wall and laughed.

“I wanted to tell you that, the beautiful and sex part that is, not handsome. ” He laughed and I sort of giggled. He ran his finger up and down my bare arm, oy my, God, I thought I would die. My flesh rose in all these goosepimples. “Hey, there’s a room off over here it is away from this insane group of people.

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   What do you say want to hide out there and just visit you and me?” I gave him this awkward little smile. The one where my dimple just shows and my mouth curls down not up, like most people. You can still tell it’s a smile though and he could anyway, “So you go there and I’ll be right in with a couple of drinks. Vodka okay for you, sexy?”

He returned with a small glass for me and bigger one for him. I sipped and listen to him talk about his sister and my sister, how they were flashing their massive breast around the guys for attention. He went silent for a minute and it felt uncomfortable, so I had to say something.

“Well, that is what guys like big boobies,” I blurted out in a quick rush.

“Not all of us, some of us aren’t interested in fat cow udder tits. Nor, are we all that interested in girls arching their backs to make them look even bigger. Some of us like girls that are suppler with a slimmer look. ” He stared down at my chest, “Give me, small budding breast on a picture perfect body. Me, I’m attracted to you. ” His eyes roamed over my whole body then he gazed into my eyes. Oh my, God, I couldn’t breathe and my mouth sort of parted open. Then it happened he bent his face to me and our lips met.

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Just our mouths we just touched lips together, it was the most romantic thing that ever happened to me. He pushed with every so gentle a manner, his mouth to my mine and I pressed back. I moved my head from side to side. I had practiced kissing my thumb and finger with my hand clenched in a fist. I had lived for this moment for over a year. I felt my body explode it just became alive with electricity. He put his hand on my face and ripples moved from where touched me.

Soon, far too soon, we broke apart, I looked down at my hands not knowing what to do. I had wanted this so much for even longer than a year. I wanted to kiss a boy since I first started liking them and now I had kissed a man. What do you after you break from a kiss?

“Look at me. ” He said in an authoritative voice, so I did. He asked, “Do you like me?” I nodded, “I like you too. ” I just sat there calm and relaxed while inside I jumped up and down like a silly girl. I was excited and happy.

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   I felt it down there, you know in my private parts. This wetness I had never had that happen without touching there. Still, I didn’t know what to do, so, out of desperation I spouted out a question.

“So, like do want to hug me or something?” He pulled me to him his hands roamed over my body and all that magic erupted inside me. There isn’t another word for it, magic, my tummy tightened in a thrilling way, my body had a tingling all over it and that wetness grew. “How long before you have to go?”

“Almost time,” I grew sad it would soon end. “We have to be home by eleven. My dad is real strict. ”

“That is just too damn soon I don’t want this to end,” oh my, God I could have died. He didn’t want it to end either. He felt things in his private parts as well. I could tell because I could fee it, pressing against me through his pants. This massive wiener humped up in his suit pants, I couldn’t believe I had done that to him. After all he wasn’t a boy he was a man.

“Leave your house tonight after midnight and meet on the corner by my house.

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   We will go somewhere and be alone. Sneak out and be with me. ” Just like that! He was so assertive, demanding. And I still couldn’t talk!

After a long silence, “Sure,” tumbled out of my mouth. He hugged me again and the rockets all exploded again. Then he kissed me and his tongue pushed on my lips parting them. Dancing his tongue in my mouth for a minute, he then pulled it back. It darted back inside my mouth and touched the tip of my tongue. Then back in his mouth. He kept repeating this action, instinctively my tongue followed. It was over all too soon and we broke apart and I left.

I’m going out now – it’s midnight. I’ll fill you in when I get back.

May 11th – Dear Diary

Oh my, God, I had the best time of life! I can’t stress that enough! So, when I got ready, I decided I wanted to look special. I put on my purple cardigan the waterfall one with the button between my breasts.

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   You're supposed to wear something under, a blouse or T-shirt or something, but I wore nothing, not even my training bar. I also put on those tight low-rider, hip-hugger jeans. The super low cut ones that daddy hates and won’t let me wear. I had my purple thong on as well.

I just wanted to look good for him you know – sexy. I snuck down the stairs and made my way outside and down the block. He waited for me in his car. Oh my, God, his car – it is like so sexy it is the Corvette so powerful and sexy just like him. He got out and opened the door for me to get in like a gentleman. I cold have just died!

When he got in he started the car then leaned over to me and kissed me. I giggled then just asked the dumbest thing, “Do you like the way I’m dressed?” I felt stupid right after I said it. He nodded licking his lips.

“Oh, God, yes. You look so fucking hot in those pants. ” I was so happy it was marvelous, just amazing, like floating on a cloud.

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   He kissed me again and my nipples stiffened. The feeling of his hand on the back of head pulling me to him. He was aggressive, so in control and I could tell he loved me and wanted me. For me, it’s the greatest feeling ever – being loved, not by a stupid boy but by a man.

“I have a place we can go and be alone. It’s private and we can get to know each other. What time to do have to be back?” I told him by six thirty as my dad was awake by seven every morning. “No, problem,” he said we were away to our hideout. The car zipped through the streets veering around corners then we were on a shabby part of town. He parked in the drive of a rundown house.

“Whose house is this I asked him.

“I have a place we can go and be alone. It’s private and we can get to know each other. What time to do have to be back?” I told him by six thirty as my dad was awake by seven every morning. “No, problem,” he said we were away to our hideout.


   The car zipped through the streets veering around corners then we were in a shabby part of town. He parked in the drive of a rundown house.

“Whose house is this?” I asked him as we walked up to the door.

“It was my parents but it's mine now,” he told me as he unlocked the place and we went inside the house.

“I thought you were Amber’s brother?” He touched my face and I felt that rippling of electricity shooting through my body from his powerful fingertips. I had a hard time breathing running my hands over his muscled body all I could think of was how I wanted to touch his hot, hard flesh.

“No, we tell people that,” lowering his head our lips met and talked while kissed and his hands held me to him. “We dated back when she was just kids. It didn’t last she, well she doesn’t like me that way now. Besides you see how big her top is, that’s gross she is like a milk cow, not sexy like you. ” Kissing me deeper we just clung together kissing, our arms around each other. I was so excited and astonished. He patted my ass and squeezed it.

“Oh,” I breathed the word into his mouth. “I didn’t know that,” my heart raced felt flush heat radiated out of me, you know, down there.

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   He kissed my check again and then just held me there against him. I trembled in his arms. The he said it, those words that every girl wants to hear, no, needs to hear.

“I love you, Scarlett,” his breath moved across my ear as he talked, moist warm, sexy breath. “I love your name. It is so sexy. Just like you,” His hands moved over me the fire burst inside me. “These clothes are so hot just so perfect for your flawless, scrumptious body. ” He threw off his coat, pulled his tie off, and then removed his shirt. Leaning to me his hand went to the button on my top. He paused – gazed deeply into my eyes, “Do you want me to go on?”

Do I want him to go on? How can need to ask that I don’t just want him to I need him like I need air like my heart needs to beat. I just nodded then I put his hand on the button. Biting my lips, I stared at him. He undid the button put his hands on my shoulders and bent down to my ear.

“I’m a lot older than you, sweetheart.

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  ” Kissing his ear, I wrapped my hands around his bare waist.

“Twenty-five isn’t that old,” I said in a breathy voice.

“I’m not twenty-five precious, I’m thirty-six and I can get into all kinds of trouble if you tell anyone about me. But I will never leave you. When you turn eighteen, we can marry. Until then we can be together as often as possible. I couldn’t think and I didn’t care at that point. I just wanted him to love.

“Do you really love me?

“Of course, I love you – with all my heart,” he whispered in my ear then picked me up. He carried me to another room. Darkness covered the room he stood me in the middle of the floor. His hands pushed my top off my shoulders and it floated to the carpet.

I didn’t say anything I just stood there trembling. Then he looked at me with those dark brown eyes. And then he moved his face toward mine so slow with this deliberate urgency.

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   He kissed me again deeper, harder with an even fiercer hunger. It wasn’t some love peck, but a burning, sensual, kiss. My stopped working and an animalist instinct took control.

Then he kissed me on the lips a couple times it exhilarated me. I loved the feel of his lips against mine, and feeling his warm, wet breath on my full lips. While he kissed me, he squeezed my ass right through my low-riders. It seemed delightful and erotic. His hand went up to my waist and descended again. Sliding his strong hand under the waistband of my thong, further down inside the low riders. He cupped my left cheek and squeezed it. It was incredible, I knew what sex was, but at fourteen my inexperience was perceptible. What he did to me excited more than anything ever. I felt on fire all over, especially down in my crotch.

His other hand roamed over my small breast, squeezing them, pinching, but not hard, so very, gently and there was more fire. I felt I would burst into flame.

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   Roaming up back now his other hand touched me and shocks ran through me. He picked me by my shoulders so we looked at each other face to face. He pulled my small breast to his face licking and tasting my tits. Holding my like I was some feather my small body trembled on his powerful one.

With one hand, he held me as his other undid my pants. Pushing them from my hips they dropped to my ankles. He carried me to the bed and laid me on it. Working my pants off he tossed them to the floor, removing my shoes he did the same. Then he turned on the light and undid his belt, unbuttoned his pants, and slid down the zipper. The pants dropped from sight and this enormous wiener sprang toward me. He head was this giant round mushroom looking object. Underneath that the shaft was smallish but as it went down toward his body it got fatter, even thicker than that massive head. I know he could see the fear on my face, there was no way I could hide it.

    My hands covered my private area and I pushed my small biceps over my breast. I felt my face scrunch up and my brow furrow.

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       Biting my lips, I let out a long, low hiss. It curved upward, in a drastic manner. I stood high on his body well above his belly button.

    “This is your last chance to back out, Scarlett. I won’t lie to you, it will hurt the first few times, and even though it does – you will like it. ” He stroked it a few times then stepped toward me. I said nothing, I didn’t have any idea what to say. My mind went back to my nightly playtime when I lay under my teddy bear Boo-Boo wrapped my legs around him and pretend he humped me. I flashed to that image of Boo-Boo the giant teddy bear over me and me pushing him against my button as my hips bucked into him. Well, Teddy had no wiener but Jackson has a monster of a cock, you can’t call that hulking thing a wiener.

    He knelt on the bed and tapped it against my mouth. “Kiss it,” he said in soft demanding voice. I compiled a soft, gentle kiss right on his its big head. He lay down on top of with his head down at my crotch. He pushed my hands away then he parted my legs using some force.

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       He was so powerful, so strong and there was this, attractive, demanding way he did things that made me burn for him.

    His tongue darted out and touched my little button, oh my, God, what that did to me. I can’t tell you how that made me feel. Fireworks went off inside me. His tongue explored around down there. Tracing around all the little folds and running in out of my hole. He kept on thumping my mouth with the head of his dork. Just kept hitting me with it. I didn’t know what he wanted, but he rose up and took my head in one hand and is pricky in the other and shoved it into my mouth. Pressing in deeper and deeper I started gagging.

    “Just relax and let down your throat,” he stabbed it deeper until it was way down in there. Clutching my hair he yanked me up and down on it, “Like that come on, sweetheart just learn what the fuck you’re doing. ” I guess I got good at it because he went back to what doing that beautiful thing to me.

    After a few minutes, I had the wildest thing happen, better than anything I had done to myself. Massive waves passed over me like laying on a beach and the water crashing over me.

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       From my head to my toes it exploded in the most orgasmic thing ever. At the same time, his cock started spitting inside my throat and the thick hot waves of cum rolled down into my belly.

    He stopped and withdrew it thick, nasty looking spit covered it and I guess he stuff too. It's laced with spider webs of cum and spit dripping on the sheets, and me as he got between my legs. He put my legs around him and smiled at me as he rubbed his thingy over me down there. I was slicked up from my won stuff down there. He rubbed around and keep those waves of delight moving over me.

    “Sorry,” he said as it ripped in me. My hands clutched the sheets as tore me apart. My body jerked and tried to get away, “Oh, yes, baby that’s how I like it. ” He jabbed in further and I felt my cherry bust. Thrusting forward he embedded it deeper inside me. I screamed out in a gut-wrenching agony. His hand rested beside shoulders on the bed, his head seemed to float above me. Spittle flew from his mouth as he talked landing on my face, neck and chest.

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       “I love your budding tits baby,” deeper still, “I love how it hurts you, I’m sorry but fuck that is so sexy. ” Now the thicker area punches into me. Jackson bucks into me harder than before it breaks me open more.

    “Please, stop it hurts,” I said as he jerks the monster out, no wait it is crashed back inside me.

    “No,” he hisses as spit sprays me. Thrust in, drubbing it inside deeper, and pull out, stab it back in even harder. In and out in a relentless hammering. Eventually, true to his word there was some measure of pleasure mixed with the pain. The massive head rips me tearing me apart … the muscles fall back grasping to the smaller shaft.

    “Fucking shit oh hell,” I scream out as he drives in more of it. The shaft fattens up again, breaking me apart. “God, it hurts so much,” I scream out – but – I scream out again, “it feels so good. ” I feel it spitting in me thick, hot sticky fluid mixing with my own and the blood. Even so, he keeps drives into forever. It explodes again and again he just keeps hammering me.

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       Eventually, he sucks my tits and nipples. He keeps plastering my pussy with his unyielding fucking. My tears stimulate him and he pounds harder still. His curly pubic hair rubs my clit as he thumps his cock inside me harder than before, it hurts so good. Once again he has a shattering orgasm and without warning my body joins in as I climax in the euphoric wave of ecstasy.

    We lay in each others arms until forced to part. He tells me how much he loves me all the way back. I lay in bed all day still hurting, feeling his hammer inside me ripping me apart. Even so it was so wonderful. This morning was the greatest experience of my life. I have a soulmate we will always have each other.

    November 21st – Dear Diary
    I told Jackson today about having periods, it didn’t go so well.

    “What do you mean you’re having your period?” He snapped at me.

    “Not today but last week,” I told him.

    “When you wouldn’t come see me? How fucking long you been having a goddamn period?” He paced around the room pounding his fist into his hand.

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    “Since July,” I said then he exploded.

    “July – fucking July and you didn’t tell me. Why the fuck didn’t you tell me?”

    “I don’t know …” he broke me off backhanding me I sprawled across the floor.

    “deceitful little whore – you didn’t tell me because you knew I don’t give a shit about a girl after she bleeds. I can’t stand that monthly shit and your drive to have fucking rug rats. If you loved me, you would have never started having periods. ” He seized my hair and drug me out of the bedroom. Opening the door, he drug onto the lawn standing over he yelled at me to get away from him and never come back.

    February 27th – Dear Diary

    I have been trying to find Jackson, but he’s just gone. I must love him the periods stopped, I didn’t have one in December, January, or February. I can’t find him though I asked Amber about him she asked why I wanted to know. I couldn’t tell her.

    She said, “Oh you were the one. He found someone younger and flatter sweetie give it up, get with your life. Count yourself lucky to be free of him.


      ” She had her younger sister with her, she looked just like her and was about six years old. The odd thing was she treated her like my mom treated me when I was that age.

    I’m having trouble with my clothes are all too tight.

    July 15th – Dear Diary

    My water broke at six this morning and Daddy rushed me to the hospital. I’m comfortable, but the contractions are closer together. I’m dilated at a four so a long way to go. It is noon now and they brought me some Jell-O. Daddy has been wonderful through this whole thing. He told me a while I ate the Jell-O, when he finds Jackson he’s going to kill him. God, I hope he never finds him.

    Ouch, that is a big one, maybe I’ll write more after awhile.

    July 15th – Dear Diary

    My daughter’s fourteenth birthday is today. We had a lovely party and gave her many wonderful gifts. Lacey told me about a strange man who follows her around, and talks to her.

    “Mommy he is a creepy old man and dirty to.

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       He wants me to sneak out and meet him tonight. ” Lacey told me after her friends had left.

    “Where does he want to you too meet you?”

    There he was sitting in the Mercedes. I came from the opposite direction so he was shocked when I opened the door. His eyes nearly popped out of his head. There was a slow recognition then.

    “Look at your fat cow tits now, so Lacey is your girl,” he laughed.

    “Our daughter,” I told him as I squeezed the trigger. The silencer made just a belch as the bullet leaped from the barrel into his brain. It was shame to get all that blood in such a fantastic car. Daddy helped me, I don’t think anyone will ever find Jackson at the bottom of the Harpers Lake. Even if they did who would give a shit!
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