sex is mutual between dad and daughter. We both loved it and still doing sex


Hello friends.

I like to send you’re my experienceof many years.
There some I can not writedue to my or othersage.
I will try to make it easy in code words

My name is Reeti. I am 22 year old. I don’t write good.
Weare me bro and mom/dad.
We lived in Indianow are in Canada.
It is very open minded people here.
When I first went to schoolmany girls and boys
Hugged me. We became very good friend.
School was mostly white people.
We use to play together out in field.
All the girlstold me about what they do.
They were very open in talk. After few months
They started to ask me if I want to join in their club?
I said I love to join your club.

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Not knowing what the club is.
Next Saturday 2 girlscame to my home to pick me up.
We went to shopping mall. We all like to roam around
The mall. They foundfew other girls .
My English was not good (forgive me)
I wanted to go to wash room told my friend.
She took me to there she came with me and one other girls .
When I came out from the toilet both.
Those 2 girls were kissing. I just stood there and watched.

They broke the kissing and looked at me.
I said if some one comes in ?
They said what is wrong with it girl and girl kiss each other.

I said it is not done In India in the open.
Jenni came to me and and start to kiss me deep throat.

Jenny asked if I have had kiss with any one boy or girl/
I said not in the open.

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Jeeni kissed me and massage my small tits.
That felt good. Jenni liked how I kiss her.
She said Reeti will be very good in club.

I asked what do u mean I be very good in club?
Don’t worry Jenni said don’t worry it will not be bad.
We started walking in mall3 of us having arms aroundeach other.
I was thinking what if Indian person came here I be in trouble.
But no one came.
Then we 3 of us stared going to trees and bushes.
There we were three of us in that bosh
Other girls name is Jacky.
She removed her cloths got totally naked and the Jenni too.
Then Jacky came to me and got me naked. She started to suk my tits.
Jenny was behind me and put her arms around me. Jacky started putting finger
In my private part.

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I was getting horny.

For some reason I did not like that.
I told her I want to go home.

That end there.

Now I am 18.
Lived with mom dad. But My sexual was great Started doing with boys and girls.

One day My mom and dad said to methat me (mom) have to goto meet my brother
Your uncle. He is sick. You have to stay home and look after your dad.

I said no problem. I will look after dad. Mom said don’t know how long it be.
I said don’t worry I am 18 can look after dad .
Mom looked at dadwith smile.

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   I did not see that.

I have had sex with many now I thought it is time to have fun. /
Dad go to work I am not working it be fun.

But I did not know what kind of fun be with dad.

Dad is 6. 2
Good musselsMany time when I see coming out shower I seen big bulge in front of dad. Like dik standing front. No U use to think he cant show to me that way.
I started doing kitchen and bring veg to eat.

When dad came home I hade all the food all ready. I told dad to takea shower.
Then we will eat.
He hugged me bit harder then before. .
He came out wearing light cloths.

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We finishedeating. Then dad saidlets see some movie.
I said that is nice for u dad/He said U are helping me cooking and kept
All the place cleaned. . It is my duty to do that.
Dad said what else is your duty?
What every you say I will do it.
Now mom is not here I will look after your dad don’t worry I can cook just like mom
Dad said so u can do what I say?
Yes dad I am your daughter. Look home u were looking after me.
All I can say what u ask me to do I will do it.

Dad said some timewhat other ask can not be done.
Don’t worry lets watch TVu pick the movies from net.
We both went to TV room.
Dad said it may. b better in bed room it be comfy
Dad said put on comfortable clothsto enjoy Movie.

I came in my bedroom
and dad was next to me.

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I took bottle of soft drink to the room.

Dad had movie ready for watching.
I sat near dad he put his arms around.
We both were comfortable on the bed.

The movie started . Dad asked if I want another movie
Then what I put it in?.
I said I am ok if you are ok?

That mean u don’t like what I put on.
No dad it is not that I have seen that.

Dad said what he want to watchis not not suitable

He saidyour mom has gonefor few days. I want to watch.
I asked so U are lonely with out mom?

Yes He said man is man have need.
Dad said U mean porn?

I said yes that is what u wants to see? I don’t mind if u want to watch.
I asked dad if he knows which movie you like?
Ok dad I will put that on
I found one with title dad and daughter.
When it turn on his eyes were says this is good

Dad said I did not knowsthese kind of movies are out.

I said on Net there is any kind movies one can watch.

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Dad said U are much smarter then me.

It was good sexy movie I was afraid before that dad will not like these kind of movies.

In the storymom and dadgot couple for sex. When they took cloths off.
Each other started to go to guest couple licking them . One lady was on bed with legs hanging down and other man doing other lady. They exchange each othere.
They move back and forthon ladiesEach femalewas sucking other guys kok It was going back and forth.
Dad was his handon his kok. It was getting hard. I never seen his kok before.

I was starting o get wet. As I saw his big dik I gotreal wet.
Then dad said Baby I am sorry showing my kok here to
I said dad u are human . it is no problem.

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Dad got naked I di that too.
part be next time
Send something
So war we did not touch each other. But had hand on them.
I said to dad so that was the smile when mom said some thing,

Yes We been talking about u with us.
We were waiting that u become 18.

Other part next time