I am Satish working for a manufacturing company in Chennai. I am married and have children, we live in a Apartment inAdyar ParkChennai. A Christian couple had purchased our adjacent flat a year back. The couple were Mr. & Mrs. D’souza, the husbands name was Rocky and the wife’s name was Sandra. Rocky was working with TVS as Marketing Executive and Sandra before her marriage was also working but now a housewife, she must be around 26 or 27 years with a charming face, fair, slim and her boobs are like medium size apples. She is very friendly with my wife. Her husbandused to go to different places on marketing tours for a week or 15 days and in those days, she either stays home & gives company to my wife or goes to her sister’s house nearby. My Wife & Sandra had become good friends, they used to go to shopping together and also cook together, we are vegetarians and Sandra is a Non vegetarian, in the beginning there was a barrier in between her and my wife, but that was solved after she quit eating Non veg. , my wife onceask her why she does not have a child, she would feel bad & her mood would get badOnce she had told my wife that her hubby used to make love when they got married but after that he hardly has time to give me the satisfaction which is wanted by most of the men, whenever I am in the house, she will chat with me also & talk of many interesting things, she was clever and had a good education. My wife had to go suddenly to her mothers place and would be back only after a week, & Sandra’s hubby was also on tour, so I just went to her to know what she was doing I rang the door bell and this lady Sandra opened the door wearing a violet color satin night gown and I could see the whole of her cleavage. I felt as if I was struck by thunder coz she had pretty huge breasts and they were fair as milk, and seeing those milky cleavage left me breathless for a moment, she realized I was staring and immediately covered herself using a towel she was holding in her hands and asked me what I wanted for which I asked her whether she will invite me in or should I go back,She was excited seeing me & repeatedly welcomed me like a king. I walked in elegantly I enquiredhow she spends time without her husband and my wife. She said that spending time without my wife during day time and without her husband in the night time is difficult and she smiled mischievously. I said Sandra you are a gift to Rocky, he is a lucky man to have such a damsel like you i have never seen such a beautiful women in this earth like u i started admiring her i told her your eyes are electrifying your lips are seductive like straw berry your face is glowing like a star your hips are well shaped & ur navel is like a Kashmiri apple your ass is the best part in u inviting, sh She was blushing & said Satish you are avery good admirer & u too look highly masculine & your wife is lucky well during talking she intentionally bent down moved her saree making me more eroticI could understand what she meant.

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   I too smiled. Then she narrated her experience . She said that she was married 5 years ago and. In the beginning in the first year of marriage, she enjoyed sex more and in fact her husband had only ignited her sex feelings. But from the second year of marriage, he was not showing much interest in sex and especially after coming down to Chennai, they were having sex once in a fortnight only. But she could find it difficult to control her passion and desire. She told me that on seeing me closely for some time, she thought she can have sex with me and the present situation helped her. By saying so, she came very close to me and kept her hand on my dick. I was with lungi and already my dick was erectand after hearing all these, it was still harder. I caressed her neck she started moaning & moved to her belly kissed the hips & chewed the navel tongue fucked it sucked licked like chewing grapes she was moaning all catching my head & pushing me deep while chewing her navel my strong hands were caressing her She just stood up and opened her nighty and she was standing before me full nude
With the soft hand touching and pressing, I could not control my feeling. . Her boobs were looking hard and nipples were standing straight. I could not believe when I saw her hairy pussy. It was bulgy, juicy and wet. I asked her how she had sported this much hair on her pussy.

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  But she was keeping her pussy trim in the first two years of marriage and since her husband did not show much interest, she had lost interest in trimming them & that is why the pussy hair had. It was a thick dark bush and I had to search for the clit and the entrance of her pussy in the dense. She has removed my dress and I was also nude. She was also surprised to see my 7 inches hard dick.

She told me that she has not been fucked for quite long time and she wanted me to satisfy her throughout the night. She took me to her lovely bed room. She lay on her back and I was sitting by her side and sucking her breast. I do not know how to do it gently. At times I had bitten her nipples also. She cried but told me to continue in a gentle manner. By this time, she has been stroking my penis and made it very big. I was so much excited and oh my god she took my cock in her mouth and started teasing me with her tongue i was feeling to high and trust me this was by far the best blowjob I've ever received. she was hot and was sucking me so nicely and was saying cum in my mouth and i just cum in her mouth after 10 mins and i did shot after shot i guess first time I hadcum so much in my life.

Then i said "my sex goddess now its your turn to blow u off. .

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  . get ready for a titillating suck" and i started to rub her down. she was wearing a matching black lacy panties and it was sucked with her love juice which were amazing. i bend down and the moment i touched my tongue on her clitoris. . damn she had a current flowing through her body and she started to push my face deep into her pussy which was a paradise for me I kept sucking her till she exploded with a big orgasm will all juices flowing on my face which i liked so much. she just said" this is by far the best blow job I have ever received and said now i cant wait to feel my lovely cock inside her" and started shouting fuck me fuck me hard. . fuck me like a slut screw me down. . i was so much high hearing this that within no time i brought my cock her her pussy and she hold it and guided it to her love hole

She was lying on her back with legs hanging down the bed she was in the corner i moved down started kissing her feet knee slowly thighs slowly slowly inner thighs she was literally dying i enjoyed seeing her pressing the pillows & her lips the i tempted her by not going near her pussy but all around she caught hold of my hair head
I positioned in between her legs and she herself helped in opening the lips of her pussy. It is already wet and I took my penis in my right hand and pushed it in her juicy love tunnel. I found it difficult to push it full in her pussy. She told me that she has not been fucked fully by her husband, my penis is not going and after sometime my dick will go in her pussy freely. I again pushed with great force and to my surprise my full 7 inches long dick disappeared in her pussy.

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   I started pushing my dick slowly and after some time I gained speed and found my penis was going smoothly in her pussy.

While I was fucking her hard, she was moaning with a loud voice. She was moaning like this: O Satish fucks me hard,. Fuck your Sandra hard. Tear my pussy. I have never enjoyed this much thrust in my pussy. O God. , it is paining. I am dying. But do not stop me. Keep fucking hard your Sandra and make her fully satisfied. All these words made me mad and Istarted fucking her like a mad bull.

After 10 minutes of hard fuck, my body shivered and I shot my entire load of cum inside her pussy. After laying on her with my dick inside her pussy for some time, I had taken my lund out and was lying by her side. She told me that she has never experienced this kind of fucking.

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   Her husband used to lift her saree up, rub his penis on her pussy for sometime and enter his small penis and stroke few times, shed his cum and sleep. She had requested him on number of times to fuck her for the second time. But he did not. Not having fully satisfied with his fucking and that too with a small penis, she used to finger herself and satisfy her lust.

While I was lying by her side, she was keep on stroking my penis and after some time, it grew up and looked like a warrior. Sandra told me
to make love to her again that is when
I twisted her clit little bit hard. She was moaning and told: Satish I cannot control. I am dying for the fuck. Please insert your hard iron rod in my hole and fuck me. You remember how a bull fucks a cow. The bull will mount on the cow’s pussy number of times and finally it will insert its two foot dick in the cow’s pussy and fuck. Similarly, you too push your hard penis in my cunt and fuck me. All these drove me mad and I opened her pussy lips with my hand and slowly entered my penis in her pussy. With little bit difficulty, I could penetrate my hot rod in her cunt.

Now I have started fucking her madly.

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   Sandra told me: look Satishi. How easily your dick now goes in. It is because of the lubrication. My pussy has not been fucked deeply for long time and hence you found it hard to penetrate. Since you fucked me nicely, my pussy hole has expanded and if you continue to fuck me like this. , you will have no difficulty. Fill your cum inside your Sandra”s pussyand make her pregnant. I want to you have your baby within a year from now. These sexy moaning made me still hot and I was fucking her hard. Then she told me Satish please prolong for some more time. Do not drop your cum immediately. I want to get fucked in this style longer. This is the position which I have been wanting for years. If you feel like cumming, stop fucking and take rest for a while and then continue. .

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In the meantime, she has erupted like a volcano and her pussy juice was flowing and dropping in the bed. She had orgasms for two times and I was still fucking her hard and she was totally enjoying. Then I shot my full load of cum inside her pussy and I laid on her for 5 more minutes and then took out my dick. The next 6 days went like as if we were husband and wife, on 7th day her husband returned so I had to be hungry and after 2 days he again went on tour then myself and Sandra invaded each other till my wife returned from her mother’s place. It is now years we are still neighbours as and when oppurtinity we meet and have fun, Sandra is a mother of 2 kids which she says is mine, her husband and my wife are unaware of our relations which has been kept a secret.

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