Sex with an Angel


This event happened a few years back. I was working for a large company, but in a specialized department of 15 people. We all got to know each other rather well through different office parties. There were four different women in the department that I found very sexy and occasionally would jerk off too. The hottest of which was a 20-year-old Latina named Angela, but she went by Angel. Angela was 5’-1” and very thin, but in a sexy way. She had curves in all the right spots, piercing big brown eyes, perky little breasts, and long curly hair down to her butt. Angela would often wear sexy little skirts and tight clothes that showed off her body. One day Angela took a job with another company and I figured I would never see her again. About two months later, I received an email from her (that she addressed to our entire department). She was just updating everyone about her new address and the goings on in her life. I didn’t know Angela that well, but I decided to write back any way. We made small talk back and forth through email for the next hour or so. Then she asked me how my marriage was doing. I had been married for about a year and half. I told her that it was doing great.

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   She then mentioned that in a couple weeks, she and a few other friends were going to go to a hot springs. I told her that sounded like fun. She replied that I should come too. She said it would a lot of fun, and they would be drinking a lot and hanging out. “Besides, when I drink I tend to take my clothes off. If you were to come you could make sure I didn’t do that. ”

“I could make sure you don’t,” I replied. I was thinking I would help her out in that way, but seeing her naked would be a great treat.

“That was a trap. You are married. Should you be around another naked woman?”

“I suppose not,” I replied.

“Besides, I would have a hard time keeping my hands off you. ”


“Yes, you are very sexy. Some of the other girls and I, talk about you sometimes. It is a shame you are married,” replied Angela.

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“Yeah no kidding,” I said.

“Did I make you horny?” I was shocked to see that last email. She had made my dick rock hard. At this point, I was not thinking of my wife and only wanted to fuck Angela.

I replied, “Yeah a little bit. ”

“Oh I am sorry, I didn’t mean to turn you on. ” Then she changed the subject. We made small talk again for a while, and then she wrote “Hey.

I am not feeling too great and think I am going to ditch the rest of the day and go home. ”

I said, “I am sorry to hear that. Are you OK?”

“Yeah just my tummy is a little upset. Just need to go lay down for a bit. Too bad I don’t have any one to hold me. Anyway, I am going to get back online when I get home. Want me to email you later?” she said.

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“Sure. I hope you feel better. ” About an hour past, and all I could think about was her sexy little body. Suddenly, I got an email from her. I asked her how she was feeling.

“I am OK. Just wish someone would hold me and make me feel better. Sucks not having a boyfriend,” she said. I decided to make a bold move.

“Want me to come hold you?”

“Yes, but you shouldn’t. You are married. Do you think your wife would be OK with you holding me?”

“No, but it is just holding you,” I replied. We went back and forth for a little while, and then she said that I could come over if I like. Turns out that her house was only a couple of miles from my work. I left work and headed to see Angela.

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   I was extremely nervous. I had never cheated before and deep down felt like this was happening. I pulled into her driveway and walked up to her door. Angela answered the door and was wearing a tight pair of jogging pants and a white tank top. It had been two months since I had seen her, but she was as sexy as ever.

“I can’t believe you are here,” she said. “You have got some balls. ” I just smiled and gave her a hug. We walked into her living room and sat down. She kept telling me that she couldn’t believe I was here and what would my wife say.

After I while, I just said, “I don’t really care right now. ” I smiled at her and said, “Do you still want me to hold you?”

“Yeah I think I do. ” We walked over to her couch and laid down. She was in front of me with her back facing me. I put my arms around her and held her close.

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   After a couple minutes she started pushing her ass up against my crotch. I started to get hard. She began running her arms down my side and pushing firmer against my cock. Angela looked over at me and we shared our first kiss. It was very sensual (mostly our tongues dancing). I slid my arm up her side on to her chest. Her nipples were so hard through the fabric of her skirt. She let out a long moan and ran her hand down to my dick. She started rubbing it over my pants.

“You have made me so wet at work before that I have gone home and fingered my pussy,” she said.

“I have fantasized about you many times too.

” She undoes my pants and slides them off. She begins stroking my cock and cupping my balls. Oh shit… she has me so hard. I take off her top and kiss my way down to her nipples.


   They are perfect and so hard. I suck on them for a while and slid my hand down to her pussy. She lets out a moan and starts jerking my cock harder and harder as I touch her pussy. Her breathing is so hot and loud. We kiss some more and she removes my shirt.

“I want to feel that dick in my mouth,” she moans. She kisses her way down to my cock and holds it. Angela has such an amazing look of lust in her eyes as she starts licking the length of my shaft while she massages my balls. Then she takes the head of my cock into her mouth and slurps it. Fuck… her mouth is so warm. I pull her near and start finger fucking her pussy, as her blowjob gets more and more intense.

“Come here… I want to taste your sweet pussy. ” I remove her pants and her thong, and begin licking her pussy. She is dripping wet and her clit is so hard already.

Angela moans… “Oh yeah.

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   Lick my pussy. Oooohhhh… does it taste good?”

“It tastes perfect. You are so wet. ”

“Oh shit… I’m going to cum… Oooohhhh Fuck, oh yeah, oh fuck… Yeah, yeah, yeah… Oooohhhhh… I am cumming,” Angela moans. “I want you to fuck me. ” I pick her up and lay her beneath me. “Fuck me please,” she moans again. She reaches down and takes my cock in her hand and guides it into her waiting pussy.

“You feel so good… your pussy is so tight. Better than I dreamed it would feel. ”

“Yeah fuck me like you dream it would. Fuck me like you fuck you wife when you are fantasizing about me,” she moans. I turn her around and start fucking her doggie style. She has an amazing body from behind. I do everything I can from cumming right there.

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   I pull out and start licking her pussy some more as she moans. I put myself back in her and start pounding her pussy some more. I reach forward and cup her breasts and then pull her hair a little. This gets a huge moan out of her.

“You like that?” I say.

“Oh yeah. Pull my hair and fuck that pussy. ”

“You are going to make me cum,” I say. “Oh yeah… I want your cum. Give it to me. Cum in my mouth when you are ready,” she says. This pushes me over the edge. I pull out and stand beside the couch. Her mouth is gaped open as she takes all of my cum in her mouth.

We both dress each other while talking, kissing, and laughing.

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   It is now close to the time I normally leave work, so I head home. I end up fucking Angela several more times before we call it quits. Man she sure has the pussy of an Angel.

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