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One day as I was leaving the doctor’s office from a regular checkup I noticed a extremely gorgeous doctor leaving also. She was young, maybe in her mid to late 20s long brown hair with a crystal clear face. Her body was amazing; she had perfect boobs and one of the finest asses I have ever seen. So I caught up to her and asked her name and it turns out it was her first month at this office and she had just graduated medical school. Although I wasn’t the best looking guy out there, I still went to the gym every day and knew I had to get some of her. In the next week I decided it was time for a new doctor and switched to her practice. Not trying to come off too strong I scheduled an appointment for in 2 weeks.

The day finally came for my appointment, for just a physical. Knowing that I would easily become aroused with her, I decided it would be best to clear my load before. After taking care of that I went to the office. Once there I walked into the room I couldn’t believe how hot she looked in her white coat with her boobs pushing the limits of the buttons. Everything started off normal, with pressure tests, then came time for the testicular exam, she asked me if I was comfortable with her just reaching down my shorts or if I wanted to have a male doctor come in. I told her I would much rather have her touching my balls than a guy, to this she smiled and proceeded to reach down my shorts.

To my pleasure she took her time and gave it a through feel. After she was done I asked her if she could take a closer look since I had some concern about my testis. She said sure and I dropped my shorts for all to see.

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   She was caught off guard by this but complimented me. As she was feeling around I told her I was also concerned for how erect my penis gets and asked if this was normal. She said she would have to see it erect and started to play with my penis. Quickly I began to get aroused and got hard pretty quick, I reached down to undo her coat when she stopped me and told me that this would have to remain between them because she didn’t want to get fired. Of course I agreed. In no time at all she was completely naked and it was quite the sight.

I couldn’t believe how good of a blow job she gave; I threw her on the table and returned the favor for her. She was doing everything in her power to refrain from moaning. At that point I proceeded to enter her vagina. The look I received was one that this was her first time but she was glad about it. She couldn’t quite contain her moan, and she let out a few loud moans.

As I was rocking her and the table together there came a knock on the door from her nurse asking if everything was alright, I pulled out and started to get my clothes on when she said that everything was fine and that she doesn’t need to worry. When I turned back around she was waiting to give me head once again, she began sucking and in a matter of moments bit down viciously on my cock, she told me that was for pulling out and told me to continue to fuck her. It hurt so good as I continued to pound her pussy. We continued to fuck for another few minutes before I finally came all over her face and chest.

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After we got the room back in order she finished my exam because she had procedures to follow. She then ordered a follow up exam to recheck my supposed testicular issues, but I’m pretty sure that is going to turn into another session like this one, I can’t wait!.

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