Sex with the Pizza Delivery Girl


It was a warm, humid, muggy, dreary afternoon. My room mate left town for a week, and I had the house to myself. After playing the PS3 for a couple hours I was hungry, and decided to order pizza. As time went by I noticed the wind picking up, and the sky growing a little darker by each minute. I hoped the pizza delivery person got here soon, I didn’t want them to end up stuck out in this weather. I could hear the thunder in the distance, and even seen some lightning flash. Rain starting to fall, and starting to come down hard. A couple mins later, I see a car pull into the driveway, my pizza had arrived. I opened the door and let the delivery driver in. . and there she stood. 5’5, dark blood red hair, ponytail sticking out the back of her hat. What a beauty she was.

“Oh my God this weather is so horrible!” She laughs. “I almost was blown away, thanks for letting me in. ” She says.

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“No problem, come on in real quick. ” I say as I walk over to the kitchen table and grab some money and hand it to her. “Keep it, that’s for braving the elements. ” I chuckle.

“Well thank you very much, I appreciate it, I’ve had such a horrible week—oh wow, there’s like $30 here, that’s a $17 tip, are you sure?” She asks with amazement.

“Absolutely, you deserve all of it. ” I said.

“Once again thank you very much. ” She says, turning to leave, but a huge bolt of lightning strikes, makes her jump back. “Shit! I guess I better wait this out. . . is that okay?” she asks.

“Of course! Have a slice of pizza and watch some TV with me. “ I laugh.

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She sits down on the couch, and removes her hat, and lets her hair down, and my heart drops, what an amazing work of art sitting on my couch. She takes her jacket off, looking over at me and smiles brightly. What a smile she had.

“So, what’s your name? So I know who to deliver to again. ” She giggles

“Kevin, and you are—Marissa?” I say as I catch her employee’s nametag.

“Yep, nice to meet you Kevin, thanks again for letting me in and waiting til the storm passes. ” She says

“Once again it’s no problem. . but you won’t get in trouble with your work will you?” I ask

“Oh no, I’m assistant manager so, all I have to do is call, haha, great job security huh?” she laughs

“Seems like it yeah. . would you like a soda or something?” I ask.

“Sure, whatever you got is fine with me. ” She says ever so happily.
This is great, what a hottie I have in my house, alone, during a bad storm, what could be better? Eh, she’s probably married or got a boyfriend, things like this never work out in my favor. But I figured I’d be slick and give it a try, get to know her a little.

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   I grab a couple Mountain Dew’s and head back to her.

“Thanks! I love Mountain Dew and pizza. ” She laughs

“Me too. So Marissa, you said earlier you’ve had a horrible week?” I ask.
She scoffs.

“Yeah, unbelievable, I had 2 drivers quit, luckily I hired 1, but I’m still shorthanded, my transmission is going out in my Nissan, it’ll cost well over $3,000, my mom and I are fighting Ive r stupid shit, and to top it all off, the worst, I just found out my boyfriend of 3 years, has been cheating on me with my best friend for over 6 months, the sneaking, the lying, I just could’t take it—“ She’s cut off by her tears.
I hand her some Kleenex.

“Thanks, I’m sorry to piss and moan about my problems. ” She says

“No, it’s not a problem at all, it’s good to get all of that out. I’m sorry about your week there, seems like a string of bad luck maybe, but things get better eventually, you just gotta have faith ya know?” I say in a cheering tone.
She sniffles, and smiles a little.

“Yeah, you’re probably right. You’re such a good person, letting a complete stranger into your house, listening to my problems, I could have been a psycho killer or something. ” She laughs

“If you were, I would have let you kill me. Cause your looks are doing that already.

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  ” I say slyly.
She blushes a bright red, and laughs.

“You’re too much Kev. I appreciate that though, you really think I’m cute?” She asks

“No. You’re devastatingly gorgeous, and I’d love to be lucky to have a girl like you. ” I say.

“Aw, thank you!” She says as she wraps her arms around me. Oh my God, the smell of this girl was erotic, I shit you not, her perfume smelled like burning leaves, just like in the Type O Negative song “Black No. 1” I don’t know what she was wearing, but it was turning me on. She then puts her arm around me and lays her head on my shoulder. My heart was racing.

“So, I take it you don’t have a girlfriend? Otherwise you would’t let me do this right now. ” She says.

“No. Unfortunately, my ex cheated on my as well, but with another girl, and this wan’t for 6 months, she was with the bitch when she got with me, she just played me for a fool, for a YEAR!” I say.

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Marissa is very heartfelt by my tale of woe, and sits up.

“What a fucking bitch! If I saw her I’d beat her ass with no mercy! I’ve been here 20 minutes, and already I know you’re a great person and doesn’t deserve that shit!” She says.

“Well it’s no big deal now, but thanks for the support, I’d let you kick her and her bitches ass, haha. ” I laugh

Marissa now sits on my leg and puts her arms around my neck, I’m getting more turned on now.

“Well forget that bitch! I’m better than her! I think you deserve someone; someone like me maybe?” She asks.

“I—really? That’s. . . I’m kinda at a loss for words here, you’re insanely beautiful, and I—“ I’m cut off by her lips locking with mine, it was hot. She kisses me for about 30 seconds before pulling back. And she gets up, and stares at me with those sexy, beautiful green eyes of hers.

“Do you think my uniform is sexy?” She asks.

“Uhh, well it’s a pizza delivery standard uniform, it’s black, I kinda like it. ” I say

She unbuttons her shirt, and slides it off and throws it at me.

“What do you think now?” She asks flirtingly

“Definately more sexy now.

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  ” I say

“Yeah?” She says in such a SEXY tone.

She unbuttons her black slacks, slowly sliding them halfway down as she turns around and brandishes her wonderful round, tight ass, I had a raging hard on right then and there.

“How about now Kev?” She asks again, in an even sexier tone.

“You deliver my pizza like that and I’ll give you my paycheck!” I say

She giggles with delight, she walks slowly over to me, and stares in my eyes with lust, slowly, she straddles me and begins kissing my neck, all over, licking it, sucking it, nibbling it, I was more turned on than I’ve ever been in my life. She works her way over to my earlobe, biting it, nibbling on it, working her way back to my lips, locking hers with mine, we make out for a few minutes. She then leans back, and unsnaps her bra slowly, biting her bottom lip, staring at me with a lustful look, slides it off and tosses it aside. The tits on this girl were wonderful, small C-cups, beautiful pink nipples, stiffened so hard she could cut glass, she shoves my face into her chest, moaning pleasurably. I suck and lick on her nipples, biting them softly, I could feel her wetness through her underwear, she had a sexy pair of black boyshorts on, which made her ass so fucking sexy. I grabbed her ass, and spanked her a couple times, as she let out a small yelp, but was enjoying it. Then she did something that made me almost orgasm in my pants, she bites my neck like a vampire, not hard, not soft, but just the right bite, I moaned out in ecstasy, she giggles, enjoying it. Sliding my shirt off because it’s unfair she’s almost naked, she kisses my chest, and works her way down to my jeans, undoing my belt slowly, she looks up at me and smiles.

“Kev, I want to make you feel special, and I so fucking want you right now. ” She says.

“Marissa, do what you will to me, over, and over again. ” I say.

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She giggles again. She giggled a lot, but it was cute and sexy the way she did it. She slides my jeans off, and of course see’s my raging hard on. She wastes no time, pulling my cock out,and shoving it right in her mouth like it was a twinkie and she hadn’t eaten in a week. Oh my god I almost came again, it felt so fucking hot. My ex couldn’t even suck a dick like her. Probably cause all she did was eat pussy, and I had a dick. Marissa did the job well, up and down, in and out, using her hand to jerk me off, she was multi-tasking. As she gave me wonderful head, she was fingering herself through her wet underwear, bringing her hot, wet, juicy hands and rubbing it on my cock, teasing me. Oh I can’t stand that when a girl makes me beg for it, but Marissa could have it her way, and she knew it. After oral pleasure for about 5 minutes, she stood up and slid her wet underwear off, she was ready, my cock throbbed at the sight of her beautiful naked body, she had star tattoo’s on each side of her hips, totally hot. She straddles me, and slowly, slides my throbbing cock in her hot, wet pussy, she slides down slow on it, moaning all the way. She starts to ride me, gently, then getting faster. I put my hands around her waist and rock her harder, she’s moaning uncontrollably, she keeps fucking me harder and harder and faster and faster, she starts breathing faster and all of a sudden it happens, the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen a girl do, she pulls my cock out of her pussy, and squirts an amazing geyser all over me, as she moans loudly in pleasure, she convulses a little, because it felt so good, I threw her down on her back and shoved my cock back in her tight, hot, dripping wet pussy, and fucked her harder than I ever could fuck a girl. She’s now literally screaming in pleasure, I dont know if that makes sense, but she’s screaming my name, screaming oh my God, fuck me! I fucked her some more and more, and a couple minutes later, she squirted on me again, even harder than the first time, oh shit I was so fucking horny, how sexy is that? She tried to push me away but at the same time begging me to fuck her.

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   I grab her wrists and hold them above her head, she wraps her legs around me and I fuck her harder and faster again, her hair is wet now, we both are, with her love juice. I turned She once again shot her hot juice all over me, three times in like less than 10 minutes. Holy shit, I havn’t even came yet,and she’s came 3 times already. She told me keep going until I come. Believe me it wasn’t that far off. I flip her over on her back cause I wanted to look in her eyes as I fucked her. Her getting lost in my eyes, staring with lust at me as I thrusted in and out of her hard, I could feel my cock tingle a little, and I was ready to blow my load all over this hot bitch. I asked her where she wanted it. She said come inside me bitch! Holy shit that brought on the demons! I fucked her a few more thrusts and let out an enormous jet after jet of hot jizz inside her pussy. She throws her head back, raises her legs in the air, her legs convulse a litle, she’s so jumpy, and I like it. My heart was pounding like a jackhammer, I was drenched in sweat and her juice. She wraps her arms around me and I collapse to the carpet, I was so out of breath. As she layed on top of me, I’m still inside her, it was so hot and wet. She gives me a long wet kiss, shoving her tongue in. She layed her head down and whispered to me.

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“That was incredible. Oh my God, that was. . . incredible baby. ” She says

“Same here. I think I found my favorite delivery person. ” I say

Marissa laughs.

“I know it’s me right? Hehe. ” She says. “Well I’ll tell you one thing, I’d definately want to see more of you, if that’s okay? This wasn’t just a one time thing. I’m like, so attracted to you right now, I was when I came in the front door, I saw you, and was just like, wow, he looks like a great guy, and it turns out you’re not a great guy. You’re the greatest guy ever I’ve ever met, and I want to be with you. ” She says.

“I have no problem with that Marissa.

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  ” I say, as I brush her hair out of her eyes. “What do you say we get a nice shower and clean up?”

She stares right into my eyes.

“How about a nice bubble bath, and then when we wake up tomorrow morning, I’ll make you breakfast in bed?”

She snaps back.

“Deal. ” I say. “Wow you’re an incredible girl, I don’t even care at the fact my pizza is cold now. ” I laugh

“Oh shit I forgot, oh my!” She laughs.
And as the evening wrapped up with a nice hot bubble bath, I fell asleep with the most beautiful girl in my arms, and woke up the next morning with those green eyes staring at me. That was a night I’m never ever going to forget.
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