Sharing a room


While Ethans room is being refurbished he has do sleep with his young sister Macy in her room, which leads to some unusual incidents.
(This is my very first story, so please rate and comment. )
My name is Kyra and I am the single mother of two kids who are both in their teens. Although my daughter Macy is a few years younger than her brother Ethan, they generally got along with each other, but since they were both in a difficult age they still picked fights an argued over almost anything imaginable. Having said that, you can imagine their reaction when I told them that they would have to share a room for the next couple of nights, because our house is being refurbished and there is not enough space for everyone to have their on room. Since the refurbishing started with Ethans room it was his turn to sleep in Macys room. I know it isn't the ideal situation for kids at that age, but there really was no other option.

Later that evening Macy was sitting in her room surfing the internet on her Laptop when Ethan entered the room and said “Seems like we're sharing a room tonight!”.
“As I see it, you are intruding into my room and I am allowing you to stay in it. So be quiet and let me do my stuff. ”, Macy replied with an annoyed sounding voice.
Ethan answered “Yeah yeah, don't sweat it, I’m tired anyway, I will go to bed right now. ” while he stated to pull down his jeans throwing them in one corner of the room. After that he directly went to the only bed in Macys room.
“Wait wait, what are you doing?” Macy asked harsh.
“Going to bed?” Ethan answered sounding indifferent.

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“No way, this is my bed, the floor is good enough for you!”
Ethan knew that this was going to happen and he didn't really want to share a bed with his younger sister, but being in the mood for a fight with her sister, as he always is, he was going for it anyway.
“Come on, what are you afraid of? This bed is way big enough for both of us. ”
“No way. What if you masturbate in your sleep and leave the mess in my bed. No way!”
At first Ethan was surprised to hear the word 'masturbate' out of her sisters mouth. She was a few years younger than him, sure, and at her age it would be normal that she knows about sex and is interested in it, yet up until that very moment Ethan always looked at Macy as some kind of asexual being.
After a few seconds Ethan answered “I don't do that!”
Macy replied: “Of course not, no one ever does it. That's why there is absolutely no porn on the internet. ” She looked directly at him and as if she couldn't wait for him to answer to that.
Ethan, who in the back of his head was already comparing his little sister to a few other girls at her age he knew and realizing that she in fact is pretty hot, answered quickly: “So that means you're doing it, too?”
“No I don't do stuff like that”, she answered, “but I’m a woman, so when I say it it's true. You're a man, everyone knows you're doing it. ” Ethan tried to answer but Macy was not finished talking. “And I bet you like looking at porn while you're doing it. In fact, I think you like watching blond teens touching themselves and getting fucked by older guys. ”
Ethan was surprised, because that actually was the kind of porn he liked lately, but how could she know that? He was again searching for a good answer when Macy continued: “Ever heard of something called 'Browser-History'? A smart person would know to erase it after looking at kinky stuff.

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  ” She looked at him as if she'd just won a big fight against him and was very proud of that. Ethan, who felt like he was busted, wasn't able to respond and just kept quiet. While he was standing there he noticed something else: He was actually getting aroused listening to his sister talking about his porn. He was afraid that she could see it, after all, he was only wearing a shirt and boxer-shorts, so he tried to think of something else so that it wouldn't become visible.
Maybe that plan would have worked, but Macy was for away from letting it go. “Come here brother, let's see what you like”, she said while typing in the URL of a teen-porn site and opening a video with a young blond actress and a man that was probably twice her age. “Come here, look hat that blond chick getting a big hard cock. ” Macy was purposely teasing Ethan and he wasn't sure why she was doing that, and maybe she didn't know herself, but Ethan decided to go along with it. He stepped right next to Macy in her chair looking at the screen and saying “Yes, I really like that”. He tried to make it sound like a joke, but somehow it came out genuine.
”So do you think this girl looks better than me?”Macy asked out of nowhere. Ethan stopped looking at the screen and started looking at his sisters body in that desk chair. She was also wearing boxers, so he had a good look as her nice long legs and thighs and as his eyes wandered upward he noticed that he could see his little sisters nipples through her plain white top and also was able to look down through her breaths. Although her boops weren't that big he really liked the look of them and now he was really imagining touching his sisters boops and those glorious thighs and pulling down those boxers to see his sisters pussy.
He was totally lost in this fantasy when Macys voice ripped him out of it: “I see you really to like this”, she pointed to the bulge in his boxer-shorts with her eyes.

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“What? No! That's nothing, these shorts always look like that!” He was taking a few steps backwards as he was saying this, but again Macy wouldn't let it go and right now it doesn't seem like the was only trying to mess with him, it seemed more like she was getting aroused herself. She got out of her chair and stepped in front of Ethan, who was still walking backwards. Macy followed him until she got him cornered and that said: “Come on bro, show me what you got. Admit that you're hard and that you're just fighting the urge to stroke your cock. I told you that is what man do. ”
“No, leave me alone, it's not what you think!” He answered while simultaneously thinking about what would happen if he just showed her his big erection, that was now barely hidden under his boxer-shorts. Macy on the other hand was curious and far away from stopping. She kneed down right in front of him and with one fast motion she pulled his shorts down to his knees, freeing his cock, which was jumping up under the waistband of the shorts and was exactly pointing at Macys face.

Up until that point Macy was smiling but when she saw that big cock right in front of her eyes her face changed from smiling to being shocked. She jumped up, sat back down on her desk chair and kept her eyes fixed on the keyboard.
“What's wrong?” Ethan asked while he was stepping out of his shorts.
“This is wrong!”, Macy answered, “I'm sorry, I never should have done that, please just got to sleep. ” She closed the porn site, that was still open on her Laptop and opened some random other web pages she knew just to distract herself. But now it was Ethan who didn't want to stop. He stepped right to the same position he had when Macy showed him that porn movie.

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   Without his shorts, his hard cock was standing right next to his little sister pointing hat the screen.
“Don't you like my penis?” He asked smiling.
“No, I don't like it!” She said sounding angry, but at the same time she couldn't get her eyes of his dick.
“It doesn't seem like it. . . Don't you want to touch it? Aren't you curious?” Ethan replied.
“Come on, it's not gonna bite you.
    Believe me, it'll feel good. ”
    “Well. . . ” Macy said as she raised her hand to touch her older brothers dick. At first she just used one finger and poked it a little, as if she just wanted to see it bounce, but soon she just more fingers and than she wrapped her hand around it and started stroking it slowly and sensitively.
    “It really does feel good” She said while looking at her brothers face.

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    “Is this the first time you feel a cock?” Ethan asked.
    “No, I’ve had sex before, but none of them where as big”. Macy answered as she was stroking her older brothers dick faster and faster.
    “I guess if I make you cum now I wouldn't have to be afraid that you masturbate in my bed any more. . . ” She continued with a kinky smile.
    “Wait, don't make me cum here, I would shoot my load all over your desk. ”
    Macy looked down at his cock again but didn't stop jerking it. Her hand was already wet from his juices and she was trying to determine how long it would take him to blast his cum. “So where do you want your sperm to go?” She asked.
    “On you, …, in you” He said as he was starting to take her top off with one hand.
    “Wait, that wasn't the plan!” Macy said. But Ethan didn't listen, he took a step back, freeing his cock of his sisters grip, pulled Macy out of her chair and undressed her as she was standing in front of him.
    The two siblings were standing right in front of each other, Macy was completely naked and Ethan had just his shirt on.

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       While Macy was looking hat Ethans face, Ethan had only eyes for his little sisters pussy. It didn't have any hair on it, he didn't know if it was shaved or if she just didn't grow hair yet, but he didn't care. All he cared about right now was that he wants his dick inside this pretty and tight looking pussy.
    “You want to get in there, right?” Macy noticed his fixed look on her pussy and not only was she OK with it, she wanted him inside her. She wanted it so much, her pussy was dripping wet and she had absolutely no patience to wait for her older brother to take action. She went to her bed, lay down on her back, spread her legs and said: “Come in, fuck me!”
    Ethan couldn't resist this command and climbed on top of his little sister inserting his cock right into her wet pussy. He began fucking her slow at first, and he tried taking his time and enjoying what he's doing, but he couldn't help it and went faster and faster and started moaning. Macy enjoyed that he was going fast and rough, the boys she knew always were to soft to her and now that she has her brothers cock inside her she really felt like she's getting fucked.
    “Yeah brother, do me, do me harder!” She moaned.
    “Oh yeah Macy, I’m gonna cum soon. ”
    “Yeah, cum inside me, cum inside your little sister!”
    Macys pussy felt tight and wet and the fact that he was fucking his little sister made Ethan even hotter. He rammed his cock inside his sisters pussy faster and faster and was a loud moan he blew his load right into her pussy.
    “Oh yes, I’m cumming, yes!” He moaned.
    “Yeah right brother, give me your load, right inside of me, Yeah!!” Macy moaned.

    After finishing his blast Ethan turned over and lay down on the back right next to Macy.

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       He was totally out of air and was breathing loud and hard. While he was breathing he looked at Macys naked body, he could see that she was breathing just as hard as him, her tits were going up and down with the rhythm of her breathing. He also could see her now a little red pussy and a stain of his sperm on the sheets as they were dripping out of his sisters pussy. He was so out of air that almost immediately fell asleep wondering how the relationship between him and his sibling would go on after that night. Macy was also very tired and although she didn't cum that evening, she was happy about what they have done. Her brother was much better than the boys she knew and with his big cock he would really be able to get her off soon enough. “Next time less foreplay, more fucking” she said to herself as she fell asleep next to her brother.

    What Ethan and Macy didn't know is that right outside the bedroom door I was sitting looking through the keyhole and observing every move my two children were doing. I wanted to come in a while ago to check on them, when I heard the moaning of the porn movie and stopped before opening the door. As I saw what they were up to I at first wanted to go in and stop them, but than I found myself enjoying looking at my two kids having fun with each other.
    Maybe this is the beginning of something special. .
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