Sleeping with my enemy


Hi everyone, my name is Georgia and I live in Germany but my parents migrated from Greece a few years back. I never had any problems as an immigrant here and I love Germany so much I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.
I despise Nazis and Nationalists a lot even though I went to bed with one of them. His name was Dieter and he was 2 years older than me when I willingly gave myself to him. I had a crash on him for years and that didn’t stop even when I learned that he spoke against immigrants and even people like me who were born in Germany.
Normally I am shy with guys but when I met him in club things took off immediately. It wasn’t planed, I was there with a girlfriend and he was with two of his friends. We made eye contact and he smiled at me and I smiled back. When my girlfriend hooked up with her boy and Dieters friends left he came to me and we start chatting. I hadn’t told him my real name and because I don’t have an accent he didn’t suspected anything.
He was making progress very fast with me and he was very excited. Of course he didn’t know that I want him for a long time and I offered no resistance. Very soon we were in a corner kissing and when he asked me to follow him in the men’s room I didn’t hesitated. We locked ourselves in a booth and started having sex. I pooled his pants down and I took his cock in my mouth. He grew pretty big in my mouth and I was thinking that I was doing the right thing.

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   And it was going to get better; I placed a condom on him and sucked him again. His cock was now hard like a wood and he wanted to fuck me like there was no tomorrow. He pinned me up against the wall and started fucking. My pants were on my knees and his dick was deep inside my pussy. He had on hand under my blouse and the other on my clit rubbing hard.
After that he took me out of the toilets discreetly and exchanged our mobile numbers. I told him that it was the best fuck I had in my life and that I wanted to see him again.
When I left with my friend who had seen what went down she asked me if I knew who he was and what he was. She was German and didn’t like his affiliations and insisted not to see him anymore or at least to be only for fucking.
The next day I arranged to go to Dieters home. He was living with his dad but basically he was living alone because his dad was a trucker and he was gone for days. I went to his room to undress and I saw that he had two big banners with neo-Nazi symbols on the walls. When he came in the room he saw me in his bed naked, playing with my pussy and jumped on top off me. We didn’t need foreplay he just stacked his cock inside me and he fucked me hard.
I was lying next to him when I told him the truth about me.

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   I told him everything, my real name; my parent’s nationality and that I had a crush on him.
I don’t know why I told him the truth; I think I was looking for trouble all along.
He was shocked but he tried not to saw it. He told me he didn’t have a problem seeing me because he liked fucking me.
Before I go he told me to massage his cock and when he was hard again and he pushed my head down. I took his cock and sucked him until he finished in my mouth.
It turned out that Dieter always had time to see me. But the second time was close to be our last. He was too violent while fucking with a lot of slapping around and I didn’t enjoy it. I called him the next day and told him to go easy on the violence next time or else I would split.
Apparently he didn’t want me to go because he stopped the excess violence which I think he didn’t enjoyed that much anyway. After that his behavior was not so violent but continually and intentionally degrading.
I don’t know if he believed the thing he said and done or if it was sexual. He didn’t just treated me like a sex object and as a servant but he always reminded me why it had to be like that.
His cock was my master and I was to strip naked the moment I entered his house, kiss his cock to show my submission and do any house work he wanted with my body naked or half naked.

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   Sex happened at any time and in any way he wanted. When I wanted sex I had to come on my knee and beg him for it and he would make me kiss the swastika on his chest and only then we would fuck.
Many times while having sex he would make me admit that I was a prostitute and things I really wasn’t. Personally I didn’t have a problem with all this because I took them as sexual play.
The only time I got scared was at the beginning of our relationship on the second or third month. I was at his place and he told me wanted to try something new. He tied me face down to his bed wearing only my panties and wrote vile and provocative words on my body. Then he told me that he would ejaculate on me and then he would take pictures and send them to my parents so they could see what I really was. He continued playing with me despite my pleads and he pretend of calling his friends and acted out a conversation telling them what whore I was. Finally he started to do anal sex to me and I was almost grateful that he would only do that. When he untied me we had a huge fight and I didn’t visit him again for three weeks.
That wasn’t the end of us. I continued to see him for another 15 months and we ended very civilized which is another I really didn’t expect from him.
I think I grew into him, because I had priority when it came to girls.
I have to admit it, sometimes I miss him.

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