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It started out when my wife and I fantasized about her fucking another guy for years. We even exchanged pictures and letters with other people but we never acted on it. Since I had a very high profile job we had to be discrete therefore we never would do anything with friends or people that we would ever come across. We did not want it known that we strayed from the beaten path. We are both good looking, well educated and well traveled.

One night in NYC I saw a guy showing hard in the subway restroom and asked him if he was interested in fucking my wife. He said he was so I gave him directions to the house. I told my wife what I had done and she didn't erupt so I had hope. We dropped the kids off at the movie and he showed up right on time. We had very few preliminaries before he and I stripped down. Much to my surprise and delight my wife pulled off her shift and wasn't wearing anything under it. He had about a 5" banana shaped prick and I sucked it while my wife took Poloroids of us. She laid down and he stuck his short very hard prick in her and fucked her. He was a lousy fuck but the olive was out of the jar. Any reservations that she might have had about my seeing her get fucked were allayed as I bought her all kind of presents and told her how much that I loved her and how much I enjoyed it.

We moved right after that so I had to get new contacts.

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I need to mention that this was in BC (before computers). I had to pick up guys in restrooms or bookstores. We put ads in Swinger magazines and ours was a good one. It read Hot Wife Needs Help and it had a great shot of her with her legs spread showing her hairy pussy. The problem was that you sent your mail to a blind PO box and they sent it back the same way so it took about a month. But whatever we were doing worked because I had the pleasure of watching her get fucked over a hundred times during that twenty year period. She also told me in great detail about others she fucked again while I was out of town. I don't know which I enjoyed the most.

We had some couples and groups and four gang bangs but our favorite was threesomes. I was obsessed with big pricks and always tried to get one larger than my skinny seven and most of the time I did. I watched her fuck guys all the way from a thick eleven inches to a laugher the size of my thumb. She fucked a lot of big ones and took all that they had but the one she liked best was a Marine Major with a steel hard very thick eight inch prick that he could really use. He would fuck her every which way in the book. He said that she was the only one that could stay with him. He would also suck my prick while he was fucking her.

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She liked to start in the middle with us sucking both of her tits and her playing with a prick in each hand. I loved to feel his hand fingering her cunt while he was sucking her tits then guide his hard thick prick in to her cunt and watched her get fucked. And she could fuck. She has a hot juicy pussy that cums like a machine gun. I loved to watch the guys balls swivel up as he shot his load in her. Then I would fuck her second after I kissed her snatch. There was no better sex for me than sticking my prick in her fresh fucked cum filled hot juicy pussy.

We were in to swinging for twenty years and she had fucked 125 strange pricks during that time. My wife isn't a slut. She is a very nice refined lady that just happens to be blessed with a very hot juicy pussy that loves to be fucked.

Then AIDS hit and we moved. We just quit and didn't do anything else for fifteen years.

My prick went limp. Mainly because I'm old, on high blood pressure medication and have had two prostrate operations and was having to rely on 15 and 20 year memories for inspiration. The Viagra knockoff didn't quite do the job I needed fresh inspiration.

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   We are a very good looking senior couple. We both have had cosmetic surgery and don't look anywhere near our age. My wife didn't want to start swinging again but she did agree to watch me suck another guy. I ran an ad on Yahoo and had fourteen replys by the next day. We went with four different guys. We both would suck them and she would play with their prick. A couple of them tried to fuck her and even though I would have enjoyed it I told them no. I didn't want to push her. I wanted her to make the decision. We were vacationing in Spain and watching a porno movie in the room talking about our recent experiences and she mentioned that she should have let John the last guy that we were with fuck her. She liked him and he had the thick 8" prick that she enjoyed and he was the only one of the four to eat her pussy and get her ready.

When we got home we went to a military reunion in a town 500 miles away. The night before we left I talked her in to going in to an Adult Book store. We got a bunch of tokens and went back to a booth. We were enjoying the movie when a hand came through the wall.

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   I told her to let him feel your pussy. She raised her skirt and he felt it through her panties. She took them off and he felt and fingered her good. Then this huge knob came through the hole. His prick wasn't over four inches long but the head was half of it. It was huge. I told her to rub her pussy on it and she did but after about six rubs that big fat nob disappeared into her pussy. I kissed her and told her that it was the first strange prick she had had in fifteen years and to fuck it good. She said "I intend to".

She was pushing her pussy so far in to that hole trying to get all his prick that I couldn't see it. What I did see was another very big long one sticking through the other side. I stoked it and sucked him awhile then told him to wait just a minute. I told my wife what was waiting for her just as the guy shot his load in her pussy and it was a big load.

She didn't waste any time in backing up and taking that nice long big prick all of the way in to her juicy, hot, fresh filled cunt. She was really doing a bump and grind.

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   We must have attracted a crowd because another hard average size dick came through the other side. I told her to lean forward and she could suck and get fucked at the same time. She said you suck him I'm not giving up an inch of this cock. Before long he finished her off and I said let's get out of here.

The guy she hadn't fucked followed us out and I thought that we might have a problem. I told him she was tired and that we would see him there the next night. We got back to the motel and had a great 69. She was on top and I told her to fuck my face like she was fucking that prick and she did. Between her juicy pussy and the two big loads of cum draining down in to my mouth I had to swallow or drown. She took my load in her mouth but let it run down my prick all over me. I was covered from head to toe with cum.

That night has become great inspiration and I can promise you that the next time John, the guy she said she should have fucked comes to town she will. And I think that in the very near future, there is a possibility that someone in one of our local glory holes will get a very good hot piece of senior pussy and I have some very improved hard ons every time I think about it. .

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