Strip poker with my mom

It was my 18th birthday back I invited my girlfriend to a dinner with me but she dumps me for another guy. So the whole day was ruin for me so I went home sad and depressed as I went to my room my Mom saw me and asks what happened.
First of all I want to tell you about my Mom she is in her mid-forties and widowed 10 years ago, my father died in a car accident since then she took all the responsibility of taking care of me but she still looks beautiful and sexy for her age. Then about me I look like my father not much of a looker but I keep my body in good shape and I play football in my school.
"What’s with the sad face?" she asked as she led me to the couch for some motherly talk. I told her everything about how my girl dumps me for another guy and how I cursed this day for the things that happen. So to cheer me up she asked me if I would like to play cards with her. My Mom likes to play cards she always has time to play cards with her friends every Friday night at our house and I heard she’ good at it. “Why don’t we play poker perhaps?” she asked as she pick a deck card from the table and start shuffling it. “How about strip poker?” I asked with a grinned on my face. ” Well looks like my boy has balls now to ask her mama to play strip poker with him. Well since it’s your birthday today why not it’s my present to you. ” she replied. I never expect her to say such thing. I never expect her to agree to play strip poker with me her own son.
She dealt the first hand and asked what I have.

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   “ A pair of seven. ” I answered. “Well to bad I have a pair of Ten. ” she answered. Her eyes where laughing and exited as I bend down to untie and remove my shoes and so does my socks. I looked at her and just smiled looking confident that I will win the next hand.
Well the next hand didn’t go so well than I expected never thought my three jacks will lose and it did as she has four queens. “Take it off! Take it off!” my Mom exclaimed. As I started to remove my shirt exposing my well tone body especially my abs.
The next hand was easily won, as she had nothing good. “Well looks like it’s time for me to win hey Mom. ” I said as she removes her slippers. “You haven’t won yet so don’t be too confident or you’ll be left naked soon enough. ” Mom replied.
But my luck didn’t change as I won again Mom was forced to remove the robe she’s wearing leaving her in black bra and panty.

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   “Well looks who down to underwear now. ” I teased Mom as she return back to shuffle the cards and without a trace of embarrassment of being almost nude with her son.
Mom was serious now. She asked me what I have as for me I have nothing but crap. Mom was relaxed a little as she won the hand. I remove my jeans leaving me with only my boxer left and with a huge boner. I thought Mom never noticed as quickly sat back to place but she immediately remark, “Well your really not a boy anymore I see. ” she giggles as I turn red with embarrassment but my cock just got bigger and created a more visible tent on my boxer, I wanted to lose immediately and get some relief quickly before I burst, but my will is not broken yet I will not lose that easily.
As she dealt the next hand I thought it would be my last but three consecutive aces appear before my eyes making me confident that this hand is already won and so it was. Mom is in trouble now for she’ll be naked top or bottom in front of her only child. “Mom listen, we don't have to go any further. ” I said but she insisted that we’re going to finish what we have started. She turn around and begun unhooking her bra and for the first time after so many years here I am looking again at my Mom’s breast. I was dumbfounded staring a the set of tits in front of me I wanted to reach for them, squeeze them, and suck them as I did in my younger years. My Mom saw me and said, “You can look but you can’t touch unless you won.

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I was more inspired to win after hearing that, but lady luck didn’t let me for a pair of two is no winning hand and I was right for Mom has a pair of eights and a pair of threes to count so it’s over I said to myself. Slowly I reached down to remove my boxers and revealing my huge cock.
“It’s over now isn’t it?” I asked Mom standing there with my throbbing cock and precum.
“Well we can still continue if you want and it’s your birthday today but your going to play for penalties now. And I’m just starting to enjoy this” she smiled handing me the next hand.
And that hand was the equalizer for Mom has to remove her last article as well. Mom panties comes off, almost being plucked out of her lips, like she's been turned on the entire time we have been playing. Mom looks like she’s enjoying herself very much as she was already ready dealing for the next hand.
I was dumbfounded, here I am playing poker with my Mom and we were both naked. I never expected that it will come to this and Mom lost once more. I don’t know what had come into her as she begun to massage her breast, squeezing it together, then she held her left breast with one of her hands and bowed her head down and licked her own nipple. She did the same with the other. I wanted to stroke my cock at the sight but Mom stop me as we still have more games to play.
Lucky me I lost so as penalty I begun stroking my cock. Mom cheered me up as I stroke my throbbing cock.

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   I increased my stroke till I reached the limit but Mom suddenly lie down before me ask me to cum all over her and so I did and spurt my cum all over her, on her beautiful face, her tits, tummy, pussy and her legs. She then rubbed it all over her body. She massages her tits some more and her hand began to travel lower to her pussy where she started to rub her clit and her outer lips she was moaning now one hand playing with her breast while the other down her clit. She was in heaven and so was I.
She suddenly stopped, stood up and looks at me straight in the eyes. “Well why don’t you join me sweetie it’s my present for your birthday. ” as she kissed me on the lips and her hands stroking my cock till it was hard again. She took me back to the couch and had me sat there while she knelt down in-between my legs. She began sucking my cock. She aroused me harder and faster head movements, coating my cock with warm saliva mixed with my own precum juices. I had been turned-on since midway through the card game and knew I couldn't hold out much longer. I then grabbed her head and announced I was cumming. Mom eagerly drank my cum down her throat, milking me from till the last drop.
It’s now time for me to repay the favor so switch places. I kneel down in-between her legs and began fingering her snatch.

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       I put my index finger in first and then my middle finger; Mom was moaning now telling me how good it felt. First two fingers, then three, then four, “Oh my God!” she exclaimed, “What are you doing?” “Giving it all to you” I replied. I began fisting her with my hand and couldn't believe how tight she was. I'd forgotten that I was born caesarian section. Mom was too far-gone, moaning, crying, and talking to God about how good it felt as her nectar flowed vigorously from her honey pot.
    I stood up for a while giving her time to relax but seeing how hard my cock was again, Mom spread her legs wider, spreading her pussy with a really slutty look on her face. She was ready to be fucked by her own son.
    “You want it?” I asked.
    “Yes, I want it. ” she replied.
    “What do you want. ” I said looking her in the eye. “I want you to put it in me! I want your cock in me! Fuck me!” she replied.
    Not disappointing her put my cock in her pussy. My cock went in easily and hers was so warm and wet.

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       I grabbed her legs and she flung them around my waist. I fucked her slowly at first but quickly gaining rhythm. I began to lose myself with eyes glazed over, loving the feeling of being inside her. I felt mom's hands holding my arms, gripping tightly as her moans of pleasure excite me more. It was great to hear her moan letting me know that she was cumming so I quicken my thrust.
    Mom asked me to blow my load over her body once more so I quickly withdraw form her, seeing her tremble from orgasm I stroke my cock some more and blow my load over her once more.
    I smiled at her and asked “Do you like it?”
    “Oooh, yeah. ” she hissed as she positions herself on all fours getting ready for the next round.
    I grabbed her ass and ram my cock into her pussy like mad and she was enjoying it. I let my hands explore one reach her tits while the other her clit. I took time in massaging her tits and pinching her nipples which make Mom moan some more, but what really drive her wild was that I was playing with her clit. I pinch it, pull it, and play with it. She came twice before I blow my load once more this time inside her. Mom did not object for she was already legated Mom was so exhausted after the ordeal that she pass out. The feeling was great being inside her once again and so I left my softening cock inside her and join in her sleep for today has been really a Happy birthday for me.

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