Swapping of Wives
By skyclear

Let me introduce myself to you, my name is Satish and my wife’s name is Anjali. One afternoon I was resting and the door bell rings. Anjali my wife opened the door and I see for the first time the lady staying next to us. She had come to make friendship with my wife. My mouth is left wide open as I see her. I had never seen such a beautiful lady ever before. I really felt very lucky now that she had come to stay next to our flat. To describe her, she is of around 5ft 7" height, well built, very fair with big beautiful eyes, slim nose, red cheeks, puffy lips, long black hairs and perfect tight figure. She is wearing a dark coloured sari with a matching blouse. The Pallu of her sari is folded into thin layers which is passing through her belly and from in between her two breasts. Her long and slim belly is wide open and I could see that it is very soft, white, voluptuous & a little plumper, smooth and slippery. She has a round and deep holed navel exactly in the center of her plump belly.

Her pallu covered the right breast and was revealing the whole of her left breast. The breasts are big, firm, round, tight and standing just erect facing in front. The breasts are big enough that they would not fit in one hand and so succulent to satisfy ones desire. I could make out that her nipples were pointed and were excatly in the center of her breasts.

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   In totality she was extraordinarily beautiful with all the features of a beautiful women. My wife Anjaliintroduced me to her saying this is my husband Satish, Satish this is Aruna, so I shook hands with her & felt a shock going through my body, From that day onwards I could not stop thinking about her and and just imagined to kiss her on the belly and navel and suck her enormous breasts. I was always looking for a chance to have a glimpse of her and her beautiful assets. Sometime I would go to her house to play with her children and watch her doing her household work. I loved watching her hips from her saree swaying up and down to her beautiful catwalk. Her belly, navel and breasts would shake and bulge in such a rythmic motion that they were a good feast to my eyes and desires. Whenever she made it to our house I would be there near her to feel her warmth or try to go pass by her trying to touch her bums, she had understood that I was mad for her, one day she called me and saidthat in the attic a item has been kept and for which she wanted a stool from our house, I gave it To her and also said will help her, she was wearing a silky nighty , she asked me to hold the stool and she climbed upwards, while she was climbing I could see her legs upto her knees, this made me mad & was just hoping that she should fall on me, her leg slipped and she was falling when I hold her on her legs and her nighty had gone upwards and my hands were on her panties, her boobs were resting on my chest, the whole thing was not surprising to me as it happened the way I wanted. While she was falling she had sprained her neck and back She almost cried out of pain but was able to control herself and asked me to get the pain balm from the wall shelf which I did. As a matter of courtesy, I opened up the balm and rubbed it on her neck sideways. To my astonishment she pulled down her nighty further down exhibiting her whole shoulder as if sensing my thought. I asked her whether a visit to the doctor would require, but she was reluctant. I asked her whether any more help is required but she said nodded in negative. But from her expression I could read that she want to have more caressing. So I told don't worry and took some more balm in my hands. So she just loosened her nighty so that I could apply the balm further sidewise which was not easy to do herself.

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   While doing so I just got glimpse of her breast from above within the loosened nighty t it was in shape, well mainatined than my wife'sSo I rubbed the balm further onto her shoulder. She lay with her eyes closed on the sofa and this gave me inspiration to continue the act. I was becoming selfish and asked her to loosen the button of her bra so that I can just apply the balm with ease. Sheunhookedthe bra, putting the other hand to the back which made me erotic. Now I could well caress her shoulder and while doing so I just squeezed her fleshy hands too. She lay there silent and I was just turning hot. She told it gave relief and hold my hands to walk into the drawing room. After that on some pretext or the other Aruna would ask my wife to send me to their house for help and my wife in eager to be helpful would ask me to go and assist Aruna. Aruna’s husband had gone out of town and her son’s birthday was next day and she had to go shopping, she asked my wife to go with her and they did lot of shopping, but they forgot to place order for the cake, Aruna asked me to take her to the bakery so that she could order the same, I took out my Hero Honda motorcycle. Aruna sat on the pillion and I drove the vehicle. She came closer to me and held me by my waist saying that she felt slightly unbalanced. Her fleshy and spongy boobs were being pressed on my back. It was clear to me that she deliberately did so. All through the way she put on pressure of her fleshy luxurious boobs on my back so as to get her boobs sandwiched and crushed completely between me and her. I got excited by that.

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  I told her that I was mad about her& told her that she wasnot only beautiful but also a real hot and sexy looking young woman, my dear Aruna …you look quite voluptuous I again told her that she was a very sexy looking young woman. She thanked me for the compliments in a sexy manner. We placed order for the cake and then started back to home that is when I asked her to have coffee with me for which she agreed we went to a hotel nearby which had small rooms for couples to be in private, I ordered for coffee and she for an icecream and then the coffee and icecream came together and we were sipping and eating and watching each other, there was some icecream on her chin which had to be wiped I went near her and licked it and kissed her, she also reciprocated and kissed me, she saidyou are manly and charming & yoursuch a handsome man having such good personality. Her admiration about me and calling me handsome made me more wanting herOn hearing from her like ‘handsome’ and ‘manly’ for me I also responded instantly with words of praise for her. I told her that she was a very beautiful woman and I mentioned her that my wifealso admired you a lot …. ” She just gave a sexy smile. She leaned forward in course of the conversation, and intentionally let her voluptuously attractive boobs be more visible to me through her low cut blouse. On the way back the same feelings she was pressing her self on me and I was enjoying the same, we reached home and the next day was the birthday in the evening, Aruna’s husband who was on tour had also returned and the birthday party went very well, almost all the children moms were also there in the whole lot Aruna was the best, she was dressed elegantly and was the star of the evening, many of her husbands colleagues and friends were eyeing her and were admiring her, her husband whose name was Sanjeev became friends with me and thereafter whenever we got sufficient time we used to have drinks together, we started having family get togethers. Sanjeev had started staring at my wifes boobs and was admiring her beauty, I had observed on several occasions that he had hot pants for my wife as I had for his.

Though i have the most beautiful wife Aruna as my life partner i was attracted towards Aruna, since she was no less than my wife when it comes to sexiness or beauty. In our get togethers we used to chat on sex that is when Sanjeev asked me of wife swappingSo we decided to see whether we could achieve the same. It was on the eve of new year we decided for an outing together and went to Ashoka Resort for dinning. My wife Anjaliwas looking hell gorgeous in a blue saree and her tight blouse and same was with sanjeev’s Aruna. She was wearing a Yellow colorsaree but her tight blouse was letting everyone in the restaurant measure that she has got a big 38d. Now some moron has said this “Two tigers cannot remain in the same cave”, though he said the right thing i know.

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   I could completely sense that Anjali and Aruna were comparing each other from head to toe with fake smiles and greetings flaunting on each other. Meanwhile i caught sanjeev’s eyes ogling at my wife’s big boobs. Sometimes he do look at his own wife’s also. “what are u looking at they are of equal size u moron” i swiftly said to him. He felt like loosing the ground beneath his legs but recovered soon sensing that i didn’t mind his glances. That night when i was fucking my wife, she asked me many questions about Aruna. I came clear and asked her “why are you jealous of her?”

Anjali- “jealous and me, you must be insane, i am better than her”

Me- “but she equals you when it comes to sex and beauty”

She got pissed off and slept quietly. Next day I went to Sanjeev’s office on work in the office for the first timeI discussed withsanjeev and i started discussion about wife swapping and all that. In between he told that yesterday night even Aruna showed the signs of being jealous and was bitching about Anjali. I told “let’s arrange a catfight between them” and mutually started laughing. But somehow the idea struck the chord and sanjeev reminded me of a video we show while browsing net together. It was a lesbian sexfight video where two women’s were engaged in erotic wrestling. They also battled each other with their boobs. That gave real hard on to us. We started dreaming of our sexy wives big 38d size boobs crushing each other and i was waiting for my wife to be fucked my someone roughly, that’s the only way to satisfy her.

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   “the feeling is very mutual here” said sanjeev. So we thought of a plan first to swap our wives than to pursue them for the ultimate war. That night we both called our respective wives and lied them that we have some important work and won’t be coming that night. Then i went to sanjeev’s house and he to mine with false excuses of some important documents. Anjali opened the door and welcomed sanjeev, asked him to sit down. Now i was aware of the fact that my wife is a bitch and she would try to seduce sanjeev. She was busy watching a porn movie when sanjeev intruded. While she entered the drawing room she got shocked to see that sanjeev has switched on the tv and was watching porn. Realizing his mistake he said sorry to my wife. “there’s nothing to be sorry dear, i guess your wife is not being able to satisfy you at night” she said flaunting a wicked and seductive smile. Sanjeev- “yeh!! She is damn hot like you but somewhere she can’t satisfy me. . don’t no why. . ???”

Anjali- “really, that bitch is like me or you have a poor eye sight.

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  . ” Saying this my wife removed her blouse and bra, sanjeev got horny seeing those melons but he wasn’t that surprise because he is used to suck such big sizes(remember his wife with 38d). He jumped on my wife and started caressing her boobs while sucking them. He started pinching, biting, and playing with them like a baby would do with those artificial nipples provided for bottle milk. He clenched Anjali and started kissing her upper body part wildly and passionately. Anjali too started getting horny and retaliated with some wild kisses and biting on sanjeev’s lips. She stated moaning producing some erotic sounds. Anjalipulled down her petticoat and sanjeev’s pant and asked him to put his 7” inch long cock inside her thirsty pussy. Sanjeev firt started kissing her pussy softly then put his tongue through it. He was licking my wife and she was moaning “you do it better than my husband, keep sucking it my unsatisfied lover” Anjali said. Then sanjeev put his cock inside her pussy and began to fuck her wildly. Anjali didn’t made noise this time she was experienced by mine 8” inch long cock. Soon sanjeev came and then Anjali put his cock in her hot wet mouth. Her soft hand wrapped around the base of it and her head began to move. He stood there in shock then put his hands in her soft blonde hair, pulling her face deeper on his throbbing dick as she inhaled it.

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   His knees shook and he felt weak, but she sucked him so tenderly all he could do was pump his hips towards her sweet face.

"oh god Anjali, don't stop, please don't stop sucking it. I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum!" her mouth moved faster and deeper as she continued her oral assault on him, and he felt the first shot hit the back of her throat. He heard her gulping as another shot then another hit her deep in her hot wet mouth. His knees shook as he held her face tight against his cock. His thick cum now dripping out the sides of her sensuous mouth, as she tried to get it all. Her hand squeezing his throbbing dick from the base, forcing all of his cum into her mouth. And she moved up to him her hot wet cum soaked lips kissing his lips, he wanted her right then more than anything he had ever wanted in his life. He wrapped his arms around her, forgetting where they were and why . He only had one thing on his mind, fucking Anjali’s beautiful hot body. She stood up showing a cute pink high cut type. She held them to his nose and he grabbed them, inhaling the wonderful fragrance of the wet crotch. He stuck them in his mouth and sucked them; the taste of my wife’s love juice drove him insane. Then after a hardcore fucking session they laid on the bed embracing each other while exchanging lip kisses, meanwhile sanjeev revealed to anjali that her husband Satish is busy fucking his wife Aruna.

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   She almost freaked at first but then sanjeev consoled her saying that it’s not like she wasn’t able to satisfy me sexually that i went to another women. He said that we got attracted to each others wife like normal and how Aruna was bitching about her. He even mentioned about our fantasy of watching them wrestle each other. Women’s will be women’s as it is said. Anjali agreed instantly and said “i am waiting to teach that bitch a lesson to prove who is better”. Sanjeev was taking my wife’s side. I went to Aruna and told her what my wife Anjali had said about her that is when Aruna got wiled and saidopen your clothes your dear Aruna is all out waiting for you to give her all the fun which she had waited for so many days, she also said that she was waiting for such a moment for so long and she did not want to waste the time, she even said that I have been watching you and wanted you on several occasions but something or the other came in the wayWith that she kept on giving sexy and inviting gestures. She especially showed her breasts, crotch, thighs, hips, etc. in open and explicit manner. She showed me the opulence and bulge of her breasts from different angles and sides. Now I was looking at her nude body in lust. She started to remove my pants,She unhooked and unbuttoned it, pulled down the zip fastener and let my pant slid down. I was feeling some sort of strange pleasure. Her nearness in her nudity made me terribly stirred and enthused. But I couldn’t do anything except for holding her hands.

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   Now her soft hands were caressing my thing from over my underwear. She said sexily "…. . dear. why are you hiding your asset from me wow it has become harder and longer longer then Sanjeev’s it will be pleasure taking it in my pussy I have become very hot……" She kept on caressing my shaft to make it more and more long and stiff. She took half of my cock into her mouth. The mushroom head is already hitting her tonsils. She glided her mouth up and down. That hardness and that lips-stretching thickness stimulated me and my saliva ran down. Aruna give me your cunt to eat, Ipleaded. She turned and brought her lower part near my mouth so that I could eat and suck her lovely pussy. She knelt on my knees and elbows and took back my cock into her mouth. Ilicked up her cunt uto her clit. She sucked only mycock-head, now running the tip of her tongue around the neck and now jabbing at the small opening of the head. While she was sucking me my body was vibrating and I called Anjaliplease stop Anjali please stop at which Aruna immediatelystopped me and asked me how she was and whether I was beautiful or Anjali, to please Aruna I told her that she was the most sexy and beautiful lady & Anjali was also very nice but she had put on extra fat after giving birth to lovely kids since she had cesarean operation.

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  I told her we will discuss her later let us continue I inserted my long tongue in her cunt and now started tongue-fucking her. I licked her whole pubic area and again put my tongue inside her swollen cunt. I took her hard clit between my teeth and bit lightly on it. She screamed and released a stream of warm cunt juice in my mouth. Without a pause I continued to eat her pussy. She raised her legs and held them aloft, exposing her gaping cunt hole. As I licked her offering, she yelled, "I can't stand it anymore!" Ignoring her pleas I started to tongue-fuck her.

I squeezed her breasts hard in my excitement, then slid my hand to her crotch and fondled her clitoris she shuddered and moaned. I grabbed her hips, jerking her body up and down on my cock. I took her bare boobs in my palms and pressed them gently. Wow, they were really firm and tight. I mouthed her boobs. She was looking restless and sighing. I went further down to her smooth silky thighs and crotch and kissed them frantically. I cant wait any more please lay me and crush me bad under your bodycome on fuck me show me yourdesire and your strength pierce your prick into my hot vagina….


  it has become wet now…I had pierced my fingers inside her pussy and was playing and she was getting more and more aroused. I came over her. She parted her thighs, took my manhood in her hand and guided it to her love zone. I dived right in side her hot valley. As there was already much fluid inside her wet vagina I did not have any difficulty in pushing my cock in. my cock got all the lubrication inside her pussy & then with full force my piston started working on herInitially I was fucking her gently. I gradually increased my speed. She was just sighing and moaning in ecstasy and pleasure. As I increased my speed she encircled her thighs and legs around my waist. I pushed a little more. Then coming up to my knees I held her soft sexy fleshy hips and lifted a little more.

I was finding it easier to push my cock into her. Now I was able to push my cock fully into her. The more I fucked her the more my cock was getting harder and longer. She was feeling too much of excitement out of it.

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   She sighed and moaned heavilyMy piston was working well in her bore and as if our engine were creating too much of compression. After some time I ejaculated inside her valley. But while fucking Aruna asked me a cheeky question to answer. She asked me who is better my wife or her. I told her that instead of me answering that question she can prove it. And also informed her that her husband Sanjeev is presently screwing my wife Anjali, she was taken by surprise & then she said you both planned it very well and now you want us to fight so that you can have foursome. Well planned And in this way i too persuade her to wrestle my wife. I told her that i want to see her fucking my wife till she starts crying. She promised to do that. It was quite strange that we were supporting each others wife. But we really mean it. So friends this was one ofmystory in the next story i am going to tell you how our wives’ got into a hardcore, erotic, and vicious battle (that too naked) to prove who was the best
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