Swimming pool adventure 1


Our usual/unusual trip to the pool.

From a young age,dad,my uncle and myself went every Sunday morning, [before breakfast] to the local swimming pool. [Nothing unusual in that] - Now passing puberty I'd taken to admiring [silently of course] both my uncle and dad's apendage. Up until now this had been when we were ushered into the clubroom to get changed. I couldn't help to notice that my uncle seemed to get a bit stiff as we undressed and never thought much about it, as in private my own cock seemed rarely to be soft.

I further noticed that my dad's own cock was quite a bit longer and fatter as it hung there. Quite frankly, I was envious of my dad's more than my uncle's, because under the skin it was clear he had a very pronounced knob end, [Probably three times bigger than my own then] Nonetheless, the fact that my uncle's always stiffened a bit facinated me in my mind. I'd concluded, it was probably like myself,the thought of all the females romping around in the water,excited him as it did me!

I took no notice one day as uncle quipped, - "I bet that plump young ass there is as tight as a drum!" - My dad responded, - "To get this beast up it,you'd need to give it an introductory poke!" - I just took this stuff in my stride as they both seemed to except that I was growing up,so had no trouble talking robustly about this sort of thing in front of me. [In our pool privacy or while doing car stuff] But as I passed this round in my mind,it occurred to me, the person in question, wasn't who I thought they'd meant. - Partly because of dad's follow up comment. - [I've got the other model available at home]

I smirked to myself at the time because I realised he was refering to mum,as I thought [implying 'the other model' as like in the case of cars,dad meant an older one] but I admit, my trunks reacted,or more so, what was inside to the thought of that huge knob end up my mum's asshole. - It was only on leaving the pool to change that I got the full implications of their conversation.

Dad said as my uncle dropped his trunks down to reveal an even more stiff penis than earlier. "He'd have got a surprise if that had suddenly hit his asshole in the pool" - My uncle eased his front round towards the wall as a couple of other people came in from the pool. - I heard uncle whisper now, - "Trunks to your knees, prepare for boarding. [Both were ex naval ratings] Dad now.

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   - "Open up,officer approaching" - dad wiggled his own cock and they both chuckled with mirth.

A nudge by dad on uncle, - "Eh Up!" - the door swung again and who should come thro' it but the kid I realised by the conversation, they were refering too. Accompanied by his dad, who had no qualms about changing, but the kid clearly felt shy, because he was trying to keep his dad between him and me. I thought this may be because,being of a similar age he felt awkward showing his cock alongside full grown men. [I just excepted this of course, I had more to grow as far as I was concerned] As he bent to wipe his legs my uncle couldn't resist a cunning jab at my dad's side and an eye motion indicating the lads ass on display.

It captured my imagination as well, [All this stuff] as my uncle now had difficulty in hiding a fully hard cock] his towel saved the day as with me finished wiping he grabbed my towel to unobtrusively finish wiping while hiding his own sexual reaction. - a hot drink then off we headed for home. - Walking along behind them, I heard the subject mentioned again. - Uncle - "Back there. You ever?" - "Yeah!" - "What's it like? - & When?" - I heard dad suck in breath - "All the time you dope!" - he added quietly - "Your sister!" - he was refering to mum.

They walked some more. Uncle again, - "I'd like too!" - "She's out of bounds!" - "No! I meant, you know. Back there!" - "MMM! - Now there's a thought!" - my dad said. The talking ended as we approached our gate. - All was forgotten, the week came and went, with one exception, I listened intently when they were a bed,to see if I could hear mum taking dad up her ass! Also an opportunity never seemed to arise for me instead of wanking off [my usual pastime] at each opportunity, I wanted to try to put something in my sphincter,but what? So it never happened.



We went as usual the following Sunday and was surprised to find it somewhat deserted. - "Bit quiet Bert!"[the attendant] - "Yeah thank fuck! - Its because a lot of 'em are set for the Gala, I expect they thought we'd be closed this morning!" - There were a number tho' and it meant, we got a couple of cubicles. Me and dad in one and uncle in another. - "Go on in his Sid' he's skinnier,more elbow room for us. - Without a further thought, I moved to the next one, as I went to open the canvas curtain to enter, a deep voice said, "Next 'un kid,this is taken" - "Sorry!" - "No problem!" - [A glimpse had shown me a cock dangling the size of a donkey] - "Uncle?" - "Yeah,in here Sid' - the curtain moved - here!"

In I went to find uncle Joe already partly changed, well he had his shirt and trousers off, but his boxers were already tented. - Without thinking I just looked at his boxers. - Grinning, he promply dragged them down and low-and-behold his knob was solid. Six inches of solid flesh protruded forward from his loins. - "Ah! your dad said you'd be better in with me!" - The cubicle wasn't very spacious, but with uncle's hardon, it tended to butt against me as I undressed. By the time I'd got down to my naked body, his cock had bounced several times against various parts of my side and belly.

Nievely I wondered what had given him such a stiffy. - I stood trunkless as he fumbled at his trouser pocket. Only half taking in what he was at. I re-focused as he seemed to be unscrewing a cap. Without further ado, his finger came away from the pocket with some clear liquid along it. 

   Giving this my full attention,I watched as he slid this finger of liquid on to his penis and made it shine in the limited light. - "That to sort of hide the way it is from the women seeing you?" - Grinning. - "Yeah, I 'spose you could say that, hey! don't forget your socks. I on looking down put a foot up on the bench seatt to start taking one of them off.

The sock removed, I stopped dead as a finger covered in the stuff from uncle's pocket slipped into my ass crack and moved along and back over the very sensitive ring of my asshole finishing with the finger going just inside my sphincter. - Now I knew what the hardon was all about! - My uncle wanted what he'd talked of last week! - the finger slipped out - "Sid, your other sock!" - I stood back down and rather than lifting my other foot up, I bent completely over purposely to let him see what he was after. My excitement was monumental, here was exactly what I wanted to feel, the sensation of something going up my asshole!

At first it was disappointment, his slippery cock just slid between my legs hitting against my bollocks. Excitedly I felt my uncle hold it higher and slowly push again. Although it was right on target, the spongy end seemed to attempt to enter, then spring and slip harmlessly up my crack in the other direction. - "Oh Fuck" came an excited exclamation from my uncle - "Nearly that time!- Sid, you're to low, kneel into the bench part!"

By now, I wanted it as much as my uncle. A drool of precum dangled from my own cock as I unbelievably put the second leg up to pull my sock off. Uncontrollably my uncle tried again, "I didn't mean like that I meant for you to kneel and lean over" - "I know" - The curtain moved but didn't open, - "I'm in the pool!" - It was dad, my heart pounded. Did he know what was happening, why had he said go in with uncle? - Uncle who was still excitedly rubbing at my sphincter with his slippery dick.

I knelt as he stood away to allow me too. Now with my head in the corner and my torso on an angle towards uncle's dick.

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   He again came back on to me. The sensation was magical. The spongy part of his penis pressed right at my opening, now more controlled, he just pressed at my entrance and almost imperceptibly my ring adjusted to his pressure until I felt it give enough to the hardness against it and panting heavily my uncle increased the pressure from his cock. Dry voiced, - "Fuck, what a feeling!" - I just nodded, it was, my ass was reluctantly opening regardless that I wanted that cock in and fully in. Then as if a lockgate had released itself,the sensation of tightness and pain I was feeling suddenly became a total pleasure as I felt the fullness of six inches of my uncle's penis slide effortlessly up into my rectum.

The drool of my precum became a web like trail right to the floor as uncle, now panting heavily pulled out some [Giving me the most tortuous but fantastic feeling in my ass] I gasped, and gasped now each time he pulled his cock back from me. Until I had to hump my hips erratically. I just could not not do it. - WOW! His balls were dangling and slapping against my own until with a hell of a pumping action as he gripped my hips so tightly, I felt the surge of spunk shoot right up my rectum, followed by several other squirts.

He gradually slowed and was giving just short thrusts as he panted so heavily. Stopped now I felt his hairy pube bush hard against my still very sensitive ring and cheeks. It had seemed like ages we'd been doing it, but now relieved of cock inside me I pulled on my swimming shorts as uncle dragged his up from where they'd been while he bummed me [Halfway up his thighs] With the feeling of his cock still up my ass, I shot out of the cubicle straight into the water nearly hitting a woman on the head as I dived above her. - "Fucking asshole,why don't you look before you dive in!" - "Sorry, I did see you!" - It had been just over fifteen minutes!

Little was she to know. The cold water had taken the pleasurable feeling clean away from my fucking rectum. - Now content with just swimming about and generally doing what one does in a swimming pool, I didn't fail to notice a wink and nod from uncle to my dad and a little later, a more animated conversation out of earshot from myself.

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   I sensing a plot swam unnoticed underwater up to them and realised although my fathers cock wasn't hard, his bulge was at least twice the size of my uncles. Of couse, I knew he was hung better than my uncle, but because I had just experienced my ability to take my uncle's cock. I wondered about dad's. 'course it wasn't going to happen, but no reason why I shouldn't wonder!

enough for now. . .
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