The Babysitter came too



The babysitter came too.



“Abby has been fed; my cell number is by the phone if you need it. Don’t wait up for me Bobby. ”


“I won’t Mrs Howard; have a nice time. ”


Mrs Howard kissed his cheek, momentarily showing most of her breasts in a tight cleavage, his eyes dropped to them as he blushed from her peck. She turned in a cloud of perfume and chiffon to open the door and escape to her date for tonight.


Robert closed the door behind her, waving as she stepped into the waiting cab. Babysitting was a regular thing between him and Jean. Since her decree absolute had been granted, she had taken up some evening class or another in the local school; Robert sat for her every Friday trying to entertain her lively young daughter and keep her out of trouble. Abby, a vivacious twelve-year old, was no real trouble, they had even become friends in a kind of way; he was only four years older than she after all and could remember the antics he got upto, giving the sitter a hard time. Wasn’t that what they were for anyway?


He had seen Mrs Howard through the lowest times during the past few years. The divorce had not been amicable in the slightest. The fight over Abby had gone to court, as had the bitter war over finances. Mrs Howard, or Jean as she preferred, had hit bottom, often crying spontaneously; Robert had witnessed some of those despairing moments and, in his young inexperienced way, tried to be a friend, an ear for her to pour out her heart to.


The television was on when he came into the lounge. Abby had put a DVD in, Harry Potter, one of her favourites.

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   She was curled up on a sofa, dressed in her nightie, ready for bed promptly at nine according to mummy, but somehow, was always extended for half an hour, sometimes even a little more.


“Do you want a drink?” Robert asked her and got a shake of the head by way of answer. He sat next to her to watch the film, probably for the third time.


Some way into it, a holistic dragon leaps almost from the screen; it always makes Abby jump, even though she knows the plot inside out. It is a ploy she had used on a few occasions now, knowing that, if she feigned fright, Bobby would put his arm around her to hold her body close to him; exactly the reason for the choice of film.


Predictably, he did just that, throwing a protective arm around her shoulder; he drew her closer to him. She nestled, feeling his warmth through his tee shirt and cuddled him around his stomach, her head resting against his torso.


It was no accident that her hand strayed to his groin. Abby wanted to feel his cock, even through his jeans; her imagination had her unzipping him so that she could grasp him in her small hand, his bulbous head, purple in colour, poking through her fist. He shifted a little, sitting up a bit so that her head lay in his lap. Robert had no idea what was on Abby’s mind until her fingers so carefully and deftly found the tab of his jeans. She had managed to pull his fly open without his knowledge until her fingers quested under the denim fabric. He almost shot up to a standing position, which would have thrown her full length onto the floor, but instead, she pushed herself up, using the hand still placed on his cock to lever herself into a kneeling position beside him.


“Can I see it Bobby?” Her saucer sized eyes looked directly into his with an expression that had almost always twisted her father around her finger before daddy left for good.


“No Abby, you can’t, it’s private.

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  â€ She noticed he hadn’t lifted her hand away. She could feel his dick under the cloth of his underpants, her fingers closed around the girth of him, outlining his dick in cotton relief.


Half kneeling, she took no notice of his words, but full advantage of his momentary incapacity. In the time it took to blink, she had hooked a finger under the elasticated band of his shorts and pulled. His semi-hard cock was revealed. She grasped him, her fingers closing around him, only just meeting in a vice like ‘O’. He gasped and feebly tried to push her off of him, but the action only made her grasp tighter, concentrating all of his attention to where her hold on him was. He was in a precarious situation with his most delicate parts vulnerable in her grip.


She looked deep and directly into his eyes, he looked like a rabbit, caught in the glare of a pair of on-rushing headlamps.


“Abby…” He was gong to protest, but with the quickness of youth, she had ducked her head and planted a kiss on his cock head; the shock of what she had done, disabled his function of speech completely. Her lips parted, she took him in her mouth and suckled on him, using her tongue to trap his cock head against the ridged roof of her mouth. His traitorous cock sprang to life instantly, threatening to explode there and then.


Somehow, he managed to gather enough wits to gently lift Abby’s head so that her mouth was no longer likely to get flooded with his come. The memory of the warmth of her mouth lingered. Her hand still grasped him; he really was in desperate straights and clear thinking was something that eluded him at this precarious moment.




“Abby, this is wrong, you’re only twelve, and I’m a lot older. ” Again, Abby ignored him, deigning not to answer, but instead, twisted around, straddled him and then sat down with a plop on his lap facing him. She had managed to keep hold of his cock, positioning him at the entrance of her down covered cunt until her downward momentum, forced his length into her body. Although she was tight, virginally tight, his cock wasn’t the first thing to have found its way into her little twat. Abby had had designs on Bobby for a while, since she became aware of the pleasure she could contrive from rubbing herself with a fingertip. Secretly, in the evenings after bedtime or in the shower, she had been practicing for this eventuality with her mother’s soft rubber dildo, fucking it into her, just as she had silently witnessed her mummy do in private moments when she was supposed to be in bed asleep. It had hurt at first, but the more she practiced, the easier it got. Her climaxes had hit a peak when she found the pleasures of her clit. Rubbing that hard little bead while ramming the bendy dildo into her twat; brought her off in no time flat and all the while, imagining Bobby’s cock pounding into her instead of a shocking pink coloured rubber dong.


She bounced up and down, using her knees either side of his slim waist. The feelings she received were confusing to her; the thrill of having successfully mounted the object of her desire was great, her body was responding in a much more aggressive and demanding way than when she had wormed the dildo into her, but his reaction was not what she had expected.


Instead of pounding into her as Uncle Keith had done to mummy many times, Bobby was just sitting still, dumbstruck and immobile. She stopped bouncing, sat down on him, successfully burying his shaft to the hilt and looked in earnest into his eyes. She couldn’t help tearing a little.


“Don’t you like me?” She asked, fearing the answer.

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“Yes of course I like you; it isn’t that, just that, well, what we are doing here is totally wrong. I’m supposed to be looking after you, not making out. ” He realised that his cock was still deep inside her; an involuntary twitch almost had him shooting his load. He was just as confused as Abby, at one level he was horrified at the position he was in, but at a more fundamental level, his cherry was being popped and it felt pretty damned good.


She burst into tears, her hands covering her face, wracking sobs caused her shoulders to bob, sending a tremor through her body to be transmitted straight to his dick still inside her and very much ready for unloading. He grasped her shoulders, as much to stop the feelings her movements were doing to his testicles, as to try and pacify the poor girl.


“Abby, I do like you; I like you a lot, but…”


“But, not enough. . . ” She interrupted him. “…Not enough to want to screw me anyway. ” A word she had heard her mother use on occasion while her uncle was ramming his cock into her. She went into another paroxysm of sobbing, the pressure was becoming too much for Bobby to bear; he was so close to coming that it was painful. Her words surprised him, even stung, because he did think an awful lot of this little girl. Her next words though, threw him into a complete panic.

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“I’m telling. ” She announced as she got off of his rock hard erection and cruelly slapped his dick with an open hand. Two things happened in very quick succession; Robert jumped up from the sofa as if his tail was on fire, pain galvanized him unto action and Abby ran, screaming blue murder, from the room, heading for the sanctuary of her bedroom.


It took him a few minutes to calm down sufficiently and get his throbbing cock back where it belonged, in the safety of his jeans, to be able to follow her. He was very worried now, not sure if Abby would in fact, tell her mother, but fearing she might say something on the lines of ‘Bobby touched me’ and the whole heap of pain that that would bring on. He knocked softly at her door hearing her sobs muffled. She didn’t answer so he knocked a little harder, using his knuckles.


He heard her answering, “What?” distortedly through the panelled door.


“Can I come in?” She didn’t answer. “Abby, can I come in please?” She still didn’t answer him so he tried the handle, it was not locked, the door swung open.


She had thrown herself on top of the bed, burying her head in a pink covered pillow. Her nightdress had ridden up to reveal her narrow buttocks, stark white in contrast to her sun-tanned legs. Robert tried not to look, but her position meant that this was the first thing his eyes landed on and, even in the position he was in now, male hormones are not interested in moral dilemmas.


He sat on the edge of the bed, pulling her nightdress down so that the distraction of her smooth skin didn’t sway him off track. He needed to know what she would say, if anything, to her mother and, if he could, dissuade her from telling.

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   He stroked her hair in a soothing touch. She had stopped crying, just sniffed into her pillow, staying flat on her stomach.


“Abby, we have to talk. ” She made no move to indicate that she was listening to him.


“Abby, I think you are lovely, I mean, you are a fantastic girl, pretty, attractive and all that, but…” She spun up from the pillow into a kneeling position next to him so fast that he didn’t finish what he was going to say.


“You think I’m Lovely?” She cocked her head and looked at him askance from underneath her eyelashes. “Do you really think I’m pretty?”


“Yes Abby, I think you are very pretty. ” He wasn’t sure where this was going, but it was better than her crying.


She fluttered her eyes and asked, “Do you think I’m beautiful? Daddy called me his princess. I miss my Daddy. ” The floodgates opened again as soon as the words left her lips, he held her while her slim shoulders shook as wracking sob after sob tore through her. He was at something of a loss as to what to do, so he did nothing other than hold her and stroke her hair. Gradually, she calmed again.


As with the wind and it’s fickle intention, her direction changed. “I’ve watched mummy and Uncle Keith; I know what to do you know and I’ve been practising; wanna see?” Without waiting for his answer, she spun from his side and jumped off the bed.

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   He caught a glimpse of her hairless fanny momentarily. She ran from the room and was back in less than a few seconds. In her hand was a shocking pink dildo, obviously filched from her mother’s bedroom.


She dived, head first onto the bed and had her nightdress pulled up in less time than it takes to blink. Before Robert had time to react, she had flipped over onto her back, legs spread impossibly wide and the end of the shocking pink coloured dildo, disappearing into her tight little hairless twat.


Transfixed, he watched as she forced the thick rubber dong into her self and then began to fuck it into her body, using a good five or six inches of the foot long monster. She gripped it with one hand and rubbed her little clit with the fingertips of the other. At one and the same time, he thought that what he was seeing was the most troublesome, but the most erotic thing he had every witnessed. Pretty shortly, her back was arching as the dildo was getting rammed into her in a blur of motion, fingers furiously twiddled her pronounced clit until she cried out, collapsing in a quivering heap, the glistening dildo still inside her; fingers still as she calmed from her climax.


“See. ” She said breathlessly, “I have been practising and guess who I think about while I’m doing it?”


She sat up, bending the dildo almost double where it was half in and half out. A stray thought passed through his mind, that that had to be uncomfortable, but she didn’t seem to notice. Her nightdress was pulled over her head while she sat on the dildo, facing him.


Fascinated and worried at the same time, Robert stared at her underdeveloped breasts; only in the first flush of budding. She traced his eye line.

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“They will grow; I hope they aren’t too big when I’m grown up. ” She, matter of factly announced, as if the scenario they were currently in were an every day occurrence.


She leant forward, bending the dildo even more, and kissed Robert’s lips; smiling as she did so. Automatically, his arms went around her slim frame, pulling her into him.


“Hang on. ” She unfolded her legs and pulled the dildo from her body. He couldn’t miss the wetness of it. She laid it on top of the duvet then, turned back to Robert, grasping his hand and placing it on her reddened cunt lips. He made to pull his hand away, but she covered his fingers and forced one into her.


“Oh Bobby; how I have dreamed of this. ”  She was still kneeling, facing him, her arms now around his neck. She drew him to her and kissed his mouth, pushing her small tongue between his lips. Her body felt hot to his touch, smooth, but the heat from her little twat, now resting in the palm of his hand while a finger explored her insides, was radiating out like a small furnace.


“Put the dildo in please?” She whispered into his ear; “Fuck me with it. ”


As if having no will of his own, Robert reached out and caught hold of the dildo; it felt huge in his hand.

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   She knelt up allowing him to pass it around the back of her, into his otherwise occupied hand to enter her from under. She sat down on it, back into an upright kneeling position. Still clasping his neck, she started riding the dildo while he held it upright. Her breath rattled in his ear as the effort told on her. Suddenly, his hand holding the pink monster was covered in girl jizz as her cum flooded around its girth. Shakily, she stood up on rubbery knees leaving his slick covered hand holding the dildo behind.


In his sitting position, her hairless little twat with its perfect fold was at eye level. He could smell her sex; the aroma of her juices invaded his nose. He dropped the dildo and pushed his hand between her legs until a lone finger entered her sex. He frigged her slowly, hooking his finger so that her little clit was pushed out and forward. He pulled her towards his face and licked her as his finger worked inside. She grasped his hair at the back of his head, pushing him into her cunt.


Again, she flooded; her juices ran down his hand and wrist. She gasped as if short of breath.


“Your turn!” She said as her legs buckled under her.

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   She pulled at his zipper and yanked his jeans down with his help. His cock, although still sheathed in his boxer shorts, was prominent in its hardness. His jeans hit the floor, discarded, and then his shorts joined them along with his shirt.


She pushed him back gently and sat astride his body. The heat from her sex was like a small furnace on his stomach. Abby ran her hands over his chest as if she was giving him a massage; tracing circles while her twat rubbed against his body. She knelt up and shuffled down and then grasped his twitching cock. He supported his head on a couple of pillows so that he could watch her; all thoughts of stopping this had gone with his clothes, he was completely taken up with the run of events.


Slowly, she bent her body to bring her mouth into position; her tongue flicked out, licking the very end of his throbbing dick; a thin string of pre-cum connected them between cock head and her bottom lip.


He saw her smile, a curl of her lips as she lowered her face once more to take him between her lips and into her hot little mouth. She sucked hard, drawing even more blood into his bell-end, then, released the pressure of vacuum to begin stroking his length with her hand while holding him in her mouth.


He couldn’t take very much more of what her mouth and hand was doing. “Abby, stop please, otherwise it will be over too quickly. ”


She said nothing, but spun around so that her back faced him, then she shuffled back and sat on his face, her knees spread wide. He tasted her cum from earlier as his tongue darted into her slit.


   It was as if she had been electrified, as soon as his tongue found her hard little clit, she began to rock and rub herself on him in a rapid pelvic rock, his nose getting forced into her little twat while his tongue concentrated on her nub. Suddenly, she stiffened and then spurted her girl cream into his mouth and nose while she whimpered and whined in a high-pitched voice he didn’t recognise as hers.


Bonelessly, she collapsed on top of him to regain her senses. After a few minutes, the quivering lessened to something manageable. She climbed off of him, only to turn around and stand with her feet either side of his body. Abby transfixed his eyes with an intensity of her own eyes, then, once she had his full attention, she slowly began to bend her knees, lowering her self until she had his cock at the entrance of her cunt. She poised for an agonising second or two, then, continued her downward progression, sinking him into her until her whole weight was centred on his cock.


Robert grasped her slim buttocks and lifted her easily, only to let her down again. He fucked into her as carefully and gently as he could, but the pressure and need to come was becoming extremely urgent. Gradually he increased the pace, Abby helped, placing her palms on his chest and lifting in time with Robert.


He felt his balls clench, the pressure had built to a point where he could no longer hold on. His come shot from him, splashing over her insides, filling her young cunt with his seed. Pulse after pulse left him, he cried out in release; Abby cried out in the same release and the realisation of her dream. At last, Bobby had fucked her, filling her belly with his milk. It might have only lasted for a few minutes, but was no less delicious in its intensity.

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Her hand passed under her. She hooked a couple of fingers, feeling his cock inside of her tight cunt. Then she pulled them back out, covered in his and her come. Mischievously, she licked her fingers one at a time while she smiled her gratitude.


After staying inside her until his dick softened, Robert got up from the bed to go to the toilet. By the time he had washed him self off and returned, Abby was curled up under the duvet, fast asleep. He dressed and made sure she was covered properly.


His next couple of hours were spent in front of the television. It played to its self while he thought about what had happened. He knew it was all wrong and he was in deep trouble, but Abby had had him at a disadvantage; if she cried rape to her mother, he would be sunk, possibly goaled, but whatever, in a whole heap of trouble. His thoughts were interrupted when Mrs Howard quietly opened the front door. She was back from her night out much earlier than expected.


Immediately, he knew that she had been crying; her make-up had run in black lines down her face, her clothes were dishevelled and a mess.


“Oh Bobby,” She broke down in floods of tears as the door clicked shut behind her. She ran across the hall and threw herself into his arms.

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   She sobbed, deep-wracking sobs of utter desolation, soaking his shoulder as her tears collected in his tee shirt, staining it beyond redemption. He held her close, his arms around her slim waist, then stroking her hair to try to soothe her. Gradually, her sobbing subsided.


Somehow, and he didn’t really have a clear recollection of exactly how it happened; they were naked in her bed.



Chapter 2


Mrs Howard’s evening out had been a disaster. As so often happens when work colleagues go out, away from their normal environment, a different side of their personality often becomes prominent. David, who was fairly high in accounts, had turned from an essentially nice guy in his office persona, to a sexual predator when the shackles of office politics were removed.


Dinner had been okay. The Italian restaurant had been a little overpriced, but the food and service had made up for the cost. Initially, David had been the perfect companion, holding the door open for her and seating her at their table as a gentleman would. He had even consulted her on the choice of wine to accompany their food and chatted about general topics while they ate. But, afterwards, after the bill was paid and they had left the restaurant and walked for a while along the embankment of the city’s river, under the festoon lighting, his manner changed. As if a switch were turned on, his sexual predation swung into action.


They had sat on one of the many benches that lined the path and continued to chat about themselves, illuminated by the moon and the lighting. Suddenly, his words dried up, his mouth sought hers while his hands pulled at her clothing, mauling at her breasts and trying to part her knees.


   Did he expect that she would engage in a coupling here and now, in full view of the other couples that traversed the path? Was the man mad?


Her gentle refusal to allow his fumbling hands access to her body produced a violent reaction. Suddenly, his mood changed yet again, to anger, even to rage. He viciously hissed at her, reminding her that he had paid for dinner. Her retort, “Do you see that as payment for sex,” earned a sharp, backhanded slap to her face. He then, spun on his heel and left her there without looking back, miles from anywhere in the darkness of the park. He left her, almost running to be away from a failed encounter. Her revenge needed to be planned, but revenge she would have when she returned to her part-time job.


Eventually, she found her way out of the riverside park and hailed a cab. Robert, standing at the foot of the stairs, just inside her street door, was the first friendly face she had seen since, wordlessly, she had taken his hand and led him upstairs to her bed. She needed the comfort of a warm body next to her; she needed desperately to be held and soothed, but more, she needed to have a man inside of her to release the pent up fury, loneliness and frustration that threatened to overcome her completely. Her actions were unthinking, raw emotion commanded and demanded that she obtain a release, like any animal, living on nerves and instinct, Robert was the valve to allow her to vent her hurt and bruised self esteem.


She didn’t remove her make up, but left it smeared and streaked across her face, her clothes, usually carefully folded and put away, hit the floor in a desperate, untidy heap. Her panties and hose fell around her ankles just a second before she grabbed the bemused boy by his upper arm and pulled him to her on the bed.


She attacked him using her lips, mouth arms and legs. Her teeth nipped at his skin while she raked his flesh, leaving red welts in parallel lines over his chest.

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   Then she had his cock in her mouth, sucking him with a wild abandon, her fist wrapped around his root, squeezing and coaxing him to erection. Frenetically, she forced him to the back of her throat until a gag reaction stopped her going any further, then, just as frenetically, she sucked him and fucked his hardening cock between her lips as if she couldn’t wait for him to give her his seed to swallow.


Robert didn’t quite know what to do. He lay on his back, smarting from the wheals she had raised on his chest, but also not knowing what was expected of him. At first, he lay stiff, with his arms beside him, knees straight while she abused his dick with her insistent mouth. His nerves and confusion about what was happening prevented him from really engaging in the act. But, then blood and nervous synapse took control of his responses, his knees came up, effectively parting his legs and giving her full access to his groin, his hands, as if of their own volition, ran through her auburn tresses, massaging her scalp and urging her on to take him to completion.


His earlier exploits meant that he was able to hold on to the moment of orgasm, but her wild ministrations were getting him rapidly to the point of shooting his load, his thighs clamped and thrust, while his buttocks squeezed together, forcing his hips up. She must have realised at some fundamental level, that he was getting close because she suddenly stopped sucking him and grasped his root firmly while she scooted up and sat astride him, guiding his throbbing phallus into her warm and wanting cunt.


She sunk down on him, burying his cock deep inside of her body. Then, she began a pelvic rock that rubbed her clit between his pubic bone and her own, creating a delicious friction that soon had her gasping.


Robert looked up at her, noticing that she had her eyes closed and her head thrown slightly back, exposing her throat with veins pronounced under the stretched skin. A brown mole between her tits that had been a beacon in his adolescent years drew his notice, which then, took in her swaying breasts. Her nipples, hard and effused, pointed at him, silently begging him to touch and fondle them. He obliged, taking both at the same time between thumb and forefinger and gently pulling on them.

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   The effect was immediate, she stopped the pelvic rocking and started to fuck him properly, lifting and then plunging down to take him to her very soul inside of her.


The pace quickened, becoming more urgent as her climax approached. She supported herself with one hand braced on his chest; the other slid between her parted legs and viciously pulled and pinched at her clit, desperately bringing the onrush of climax.


Robert’s cock was rigid with blood, pulsing with need and getting ever closer to exploding inside the object of his young wet dreams. She was now getting very close as well, the combination of her fucking him, her fingers tormenting her most sensitive nub and his fingers pinching and pulling at her nipples, was taking her to that most special place of total orgasm, when the nerves jangle, bodies lose fluid in a violent reaction to the sensory overload and coherent thought is impossible.


Her teeth gritted in a primal grin, her breath escaping between parted lips and then she came, throwing her head back as wave over wave of pleasure overcame her. Her sweet orgasm flooded and soaking his groin as the last throws of her movement allowed her essence to escape around his cock. Sated, she sat astride him, feeling his twitching deep inside, nudging her womb entrance. Then, Robert involuntarily thrust upwards, driving him deeper still. His hot come spurted, then spurted again as his cock pulsed. She felt every throb as he emptied into her chamber and delighted as he emptied his spend.


She disengaged and climbed off of him to lie alongside his prone body and nestled against his cheek, whispering, “thank you. ” Her head rested on his chest and in a few seconds was breathing deeply, asleep, contented and sated in his arms.


Unseen and silent, a figure moved away from the slightly open door to return to her bedroom, a secret smile playing over her mouth.


Robert waited until she had rolled away into a foetal position, her back to him, before he slid out of bed, found his clothes and quietly left the house to the sanctuary of his own bed, a few houses away.

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The next morning, after he slept like a dead man, his mother roughly woke him telling him he had a call. Bleary eyed, he stumbled down the stairs and picked up the receiver off the wall.


“Hello. ”


“Robert? It’s Mrs Howard, we need to talk, come over in an hour. Abby will be at school. ” She hung up without waiting for an answer.


The time passed with him pacing the floor of his room. Had Abby told her mother what had happened? How much trouble was he in? He fretted and watched the clock as an hour trickled away at the pace of what seemed like minute long seconds.


He watched the school bus drive away from the vantage of his bedroom window, then, almost tore the back door off its hinges as he rushed out to confront her.


She was waiting for him, the door open and a look that that might strip wallpaper on her face. His heart sunk as his bottom lip began to be bitten in his habitual way when he was anxious. She stepped aside to let him in, then, closed the door with a click. Her house-coat swishing as she spun around to confront him.


Without preamble, she launched straight into what she had to say, not even taking him into the sitting room, but rather letting fly at the foot of the stairs in the hall.


“What happened yesterday was all wrong; totally wrong Robert.

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Robert hung his head and mumbled that he was sorry.


“What did you say?” She had her arms akimbo, staring him down.


“I said I’m sorry. ” He kept his eyes down. “I know it shouldn’t have happened, I’m responsible and I am sorry. ”


“What have you got to be sorry about you silly bugger?” Her manner was aggressive, borne out of a defensive position. She walked into the sitting room, not looking to see if he was following. “It’s me who should be saying sorry so keep quiet while I get this off my chest; Sit. ” She pointed to the settee.


Robert was confused, he thought that she had found out about what he and Abby had been up to, but instead, she was making the all the wrong noises for someone who was about to chew him out for fucking her daughter and the expected fury that that would prompt. He slumped into the settee nervously; waiting for her to say whatever it was she had to say.


“What happened last night was a mistake Robert and cannot happen again. I took advantage of you and I am sorry. ” She sat on the edge of an opposing settee, clasping her hands together between closely shut knees. Her eyes carried a forlorn message of hopelessness, “I was upset when I got back.

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  . . . ” Her tone softened; “…and I needed… something; a hug… someone to hold… I don’t know, but what I did to you was unforgivable. You have been a real friend to Abby, and me; I trust you and betrayed that trust in a moment of weakness. Please forgive me?” She looked at him, imploring his understanding silently now that the first rush of words was out.


Robert remained quiet for a moment, trying to organise his thoughts and not say the first thing that came into his head. This was one of those rare moments when emotions and truth all come together, a moment when nerves are raw an open to the slightest dent or wound, a moment when the wrong word could ruin everything forever. He wanted to tell her how much he had dreamed of exactly what happened last night; he wanted to tell her that it had been the culmination of wishes, so long in the making. It was also a moment for soul bearing, but he thought to keep his experience with Abby a secret, knowing that Jean would not understand or accept it in any way.


“I wanted it to happen…” he began; “…I have wanted for us to be together for so long, ever since Mr Howard left. I have dreamed of a night like last night and it came true at last, so you have nothing to be sorry for. You needed a friend and I was able and more than willing to be that friend; I will be happy to keep on being that friend, for as long as you want me. ” He looked at her, staring at the top of her bowed head, willing her to look up into his eyes so that she could see the truth of what he was saying and how much he really wanted it to be. Her shoulders gently shook, her silent crying became obvious to him after a few seconds; Robert thought his heart would break.

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   Without thinking, he jumped up from the settee to sit beside her and threw his arm around her heaving shoulders. His selfless action opened the floodgates; she sobbed like a child, tears streaming down her cheeks unchecked; she buried her face in the crook of his neck as he gently rocked her and patted her back in a futile attempt to stem the flow of tears.


When, after a little while, her sobs lessened, he cupped her cheek in the palm of his hand, turning her to face him. He kissed her lips lightly, then, kissed her eyelids, tasting the salt of her tears. He wiped at her cheeks as she sat, still in the embrace of his arm as if she were the younger one of the two. Then, he kissed her again, feeling the warmth of her lips and the sweetness of her breath. For him, it was a moment of pure love, his heart aching at her obvious pain and wanting to take it all away if he could. Her lips parted in response to his kiss; what had been a chaste touch of lips, was now, becoming something else entirely.


She swivelled on the edge of the settee, knocking her knee against his and turned her body toward him. Her arms encircled his neck, drawing him into her, pulling him close so that her breasts squashed against his chest. He clasped her, feeling each breath as it was drawn into her lungs; her heart as it hammered against her ribs as if to break out. Her tongue snaked out, between his teeth in an exploratory search, he responded in kind, tasting the sugar of her morning coffee on her tongue.


“I have been so lonely. ” She whispered into his mouth. “Take me to bed?”


Robert broke the embrace and kiss to stand up.

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   He offered his hand, pulling her up when she took it. Silently, he led her up the staircase with its white balusters and stained handrail and then into her bedroom. The bed was unmade the sheets in an untidy mess, the duvet scrunched up to one side and the pillows bunched into crescent shapes where her head had been.


Wordlessly, he turned her around to face him guiding her by the shoulders, then, gently pushing her backwards so that she sat on the edge of the bed. He untied the ribbon bows of her housecoat one at a time, starting at the nearest to her throat and working downwards to reveal her lilac silky chemise underneath. He slipped the robe off of her shoulders and kissed each of them as she sat there immobile, her arms hanging at her sides. Then, he slipped the thin straps of the silky garment off of her shoulders; it was loose enough to pass over her breasts with a little help from him. They bounced slightly as the fabric passed over her nipples. She continued to sit, transfixed, her breasts bare to his gaze, the chemise bunched around her hips and her housecoat a crumpled heap behind her.


Robert thought that he had never seen a sight like it before.


He knelt, cupping one breast and mouthing the other, drawing her nipple between his teeth. She shivered slightly as the electrical touch evinced a reaction. She shook her arms out of the thin loops of her chemise and held his tousled head, enjoying the feel of his warm mouth as it suckled on her teat. A familiar fire began in her belly, spreading out to engulf her. It had been so long since a man had stoked that particular flame, it was a familiar tension deep inside her belly, but had almost been extinguished since her husband had left.


   The few occasions she had taken her brother-in-law to bed had never pricked the insular wall she had built around her loneliness or inner self. Her juices flowed unnoticed, lubricating and preparing her sex for his entry, it was a delicious feeling, and she gave herself to the abandon of sex.


Jean lay back over the discarded clothing on the bed, drawing her breast away from him, but exposing her whole body to his gaze. Although she was almost twice his age, she had remained trim, having regained her figure after Abby’s birth. Her tits were slightly on the small size, a reasonable B cup, but adequate she thought. Her stomach had flattened with the exercises she had religiously done to tone up; her legs, she thought to be her best feature, were long and toned with the remnants of summer sun still remaining as a light tan to her skin.


He remained kneeling between her legs that dangled over the edge of the bed. Slowly, his hands covered her knees then, slowly travelling up in parallel lines, over her thighs, meeting at her mons, then, over her stomach in a delicate touch that had her tingling in anticipation. They continued up until at last, grasping her breasts with his thumbs rubbing her already hardened nipples. The whole movement was languid and sensual, almost like a gentle massage. Her desire rose as the heat in her belly increased in intensity.


Then, she sighed as his lips found her moistened cleft. His tongue darted out, parting her lips to find her clit. Her pubic hair, kept short, but still giving a full cover, tickled his nose; he ignored it as her taste and smell overtook his sinuses. The first touch of her clit on his tongue brought forth a squeal and a yip of electric tension from her.

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   Jean’s legs drew up and spread to allow him full access to her most sensitive nerve centre.


The tip of his nose replaced his tongue, rubbing against her excited clit as he pushed the organ into her cunt to get the whole of her taste over his waiting buds. He tongue fucked her slowly, squashing his nose against her pubic bone, trapping her clit and causing a friction, delicious in the heat until she moaned and shuddered through a mini orgasm. Her essence trickled in a slick stream; he loved her taste and wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of his life doing just this, knowing that it brought her pleasure and delighting in his ability to please her so. Pretty soon though, the friction became uncomfortable for both of them, it was time for him to make love to her, to enter into her golden box and savour the delights of passion, so often dreamt of.


He stood and grasped her bent knees, pulling her closer to the edge of the bed. His rigid cock quested for her sex, but slid over her clit at his first attempt to enter her body. Jean gently grasped his manhood and guided him to her waiting cunt. Robert shuffled forward, feeling the bottom of the bed rest against the bridges of his feet, then, with a pelvic thrust; his cock entered her warmth until the whole length was buried inside of her. She raised her legs and brought them closer to rest on his shoulders but allowing her enough space between to be able to rub her clit as his insistent thrusting brought her to another, more fulfilling climax. She came in a gush, soaking the bedclothes and the floor at his feet.


Robert’s cock ached for his release; the pressure had built to an intolerable level, holding on was not going to be an option for very much longer. His groin tightened while his balls produced seminal fluids and spermatozoa that would soon be flooding into her warm and willing womb. Then, his climax rushed upwards, amalgamating in confusion of orgasm. He sprayed his come against the walls of her cunt, spurt after spurt ejected from him as his thrusts became suddenly jerky and uncoordinated and his knees looked to be on the point of collapse.

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He disengaged from her to lie alongside, facing her still heaving body where her breath was being drawn in ragged gasps. He threw an arm over her, cupping the opposing breast and would have fallen into a deep sated sleep were it not for her need to say something.


“Robert… that was… Oh! Never mind. ” Apart from breathing, she seemed to be having a problem with what it was she wanted to say.


“What Jean? What was it?” He urged her.


“You have no idea how I needed that,” She said at last, “but it was so wrong. ”


“Did it feel wrong?” He asked, knowing what her body had told him.


“It felt wonderful. ” She snuggled against his sweat soaked skin. “It felt wonderful and exciting and I am so fucked. ” She scooted across the bed so her legs were no longer dangling over the side. Robert shifted with her then held her as she curled into a foetal ball with her ass pointing towards him.


“How was it wrong?” He persisted. “Do you mean the age thing? Or is that you see me as something less than a man?”


“No not that… well perhaps because you are almost half my age, but you have been coming here baby-sitting for a few years now, I have watched you grow from a gawky kid into a fine young man. You should be out with a nice young girl your own age, not fucking some old desperate divorcee who should know better.


  â€ There, she had said what she meant to say a few minutes ago, but it didn’t make her feel any better about what was happening. She did like the feel of his arms around her and the warmth from his stomach where her ass was pressed into it.


“I told you, I have dreamt of this for so long now I can’t remember when it began. Laying here with you, is truly a dream come true for me, I can’t believe it has happened and I canâ?.

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