The Backroom Celebrity Casting Couch: Natalie Portman


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I don’t know Natalie Portman or have anything to do with her. Comments are always welcome and appreciated and you should feel free to share.

Story Code: M/f, Exhib, Anal

The Backroom Celebrity Casting Couch Starring Natalie Portman
By Muhabba
Inspired by RandyPan

The camera clicks on to a familiar office with a familiar desk and a familiar black couch. From off camera a man’s voice, the Director, says, “Casting for ‘The Professional’, VHS release, Natalie Portman, only audition. ”

There’s a knock on the door and the Director says, “Enter. ”

A young woman comes in and politely closes the door behind her before sitting demurely on the couch and giving a quick wave to the camera. The young girl’s dark hair is done in an old fashioned bob and frames her face and wide eyes perfectly. Natalie Portman is wearing a simple, white tank-top with a quilted over-shirt and short-shorts with dingy pink sneakers as she sits calmly on the couch with her back straight.

“Why don’t you introduce yourself,” the Director says from off camera.

Natalie stares straight at the camera with a professional attitude as she starts talking. “I’m Natalie Portman, I’m 14 and I played ‘Mathilda’ in ‘The Professional’.

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  I’m here to today to audition for the VHS release of the movie for some reason I don’t quite understand. ”

“It’s just the nature of the business,” the Director says as the camera jerks a little and he comes out from behind it to sit next to the young girl, his face blurred. He immediately starts stroking her smooth, slender leg, running his hand high up her inner thigh to just below her short shorts. “So, Natalie, you read the script for the ‘Professional’ before accepting the role, right?” he asks.

“Most of it, yeah,” Natalie says seriously, “Y’know, for the original audition. ”

The Director nods his head, his hand playing around the tender inside of Natalie’s thigh as she opens her coltish legs a little more. “Did you read the original script?” he asks nonchalantly.

Natalie blushes a deep scarlet and nods her head staring down at her knobby knees.

Chuckling a bit, the Director slides his thumb just inside the leg of her tight shorts. “And do you remember something in the script, something involving you and Leon?” he asks.

Natalie’s face turns even redder and she nods quickly, her hair bobbing up an down.

“And can you tell me what happens between you and Leon in the original script?” the Director asks.

Looking up at the Director sheepishly, Natalie nods her head slowly before answering. “We have sex,” she says, trying to sound as professional as she could.

The Director’s fingers slide into Natalie’s tight, short-shorts, rubbing her softly.

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  “And why did you agree to do this movie with such an adult scene in it?” he asks.

Natalie blushes a deep scarlet before shrugging her slender shoulders.

“Maybe the reason you said yes is because of the sex scene maybe?” he asks as his hand digs deeper into her shorts, obviously rubbing over her pussy.

Natalie giggles as she shrugs her shoulders again.

The Director’s hand slides out of Natalie’s shorts and began crawling up her small body to her slight chest, rubbing against her flimsy T-shirt and making her nipples poke out through the thin material. “Why don’t you come up here and sit on my lap,” he says.

Still looking down at her knees Natalie nods her head and slowly slides up on the Director’s lap, facing the camera.

One of the Director’s hands start’s rubbing across the young girl’s chest as the other hand slides down the front of her shorts and begins rubbing her tender, young pussy. “I think some little girl gets excited at the idea of having sex on camera. Am I right?” he asks again as he pinches her nipples through her T-shirt.

Natalie giggles again as she nods her head. “I guess,” she says coyly as her breathing starts to pick up.

“How about we get this top off and see how excited you are about sex,” the Director says and then helps the young actress as she eager removes her top and T-shirt. Her breasts are barely more than small bumps and her nipples are hard as pebbles. The Director slides both of his hands over her slender chest, cupping her small tits and rolling her hard nipples between his fingertips.


  “Does this feel good?Are you excited?” he asks.

“Oh yeah,” Natalie says as she reclines against the Director’s chest, her head resting below his as she moans in pleasure. She reaches down her sides and grabs the Director’s thighs, rolling her hips and grinding her narrow ass against his groin.

“So the original script turned you on?” the Director asks as he begins rocking his hips up against Natalie’s ass.

“Yeah,” Natalie says breathlessly as she continues rubbing herself against the Director, her eyes closed as she pants in pleasure.

The Director slides one hand down Natalie’s undulating body and unsnaps her shorts before sliding his hand inside. There is just a peek of her pink panties from the V of her open shorts, his fingers below the elastic and her shorts bulging out as he fingers her. “And the script made you all horny, didn’t it,” he says as she groans lustfully on his lap.

“Yeah,” Natalie pants as she rocks her hips up against the Director’s hand and groin.

“These shorts are really tight,” the Director says as he pulls his fingers out, “Let’s take them off. ”He pushes the young girl off his lap so she’s standing in front of him before turning her around, her bare back facing the camera. Natalie begins tugging her shorts down, her slender hips swaying dramatically as she works them over her plump little ass. When her shorts are around her ankles she grabs the sides of her panties and pulls them down, bending at the waist, her pale little ass pointed straight at the camera. There’s a brief little glimpse of her wet, hairless pussy-lips before she stands back up straight and climbs on the Director’s lap again.

Cupping Natalie's tight little ass-cheeks the Director begins sucking noisily at her small chest.

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  The camera switches to a side view of the couple with Natalie’s slender arms wrapped around the Director’s head to hold him at her chest. He squeezes her little ass hard, his fingers dipping between her cheeks and teasing her puckered little asshole and wet pussy. She groans above him with her head thrown back, grinding against him as he humps up between her slender thighs while she continues to dry hump him.

The Director’s hands slide around Natalie’s slender body, reaching between them as he begins unfastening his pants. The young star releases his head and reaches between their bodies, helping the Director and yanking his pants down his thighs. The camera switches to a close-up of Natalie’s pink pussy from behind, the Director’s throbbing cock-head slipping between her wet labia as she slides slowly down his pole. Her juices slide down his shaft and coat his balls and her small, young body starts rocking up and down, her pussy-lips stretched tight around his girth as they both moan above the camera.

The camera switches again, zooming down the front of Natalie’s slender body as she leans back to the give the camera room. Her breasts are too small to jiggle as she rides the Director’s cock, her soft stomach fluttering as her groin swallows his prick over and over again. The camera pulls back to another side view to show Natalie pistoning up and down faster and harder, her hair whipping around her as she throws her head back in pleasure with her eyes closed. Suddenly her small body seizes as she cums and she holds herself still before the camera switches back down between her thighs, her juices gushing out of her pussy, coating the Director’s balls before soaking into the couch.

The camera flickers and now Natalie is on her back on the couch, her coltish legs spread wide, her feet dangling above the floor and her wet, pink pussy clearly visible. The Director moves between her legs and throws one of them over his shoulder as the camera moves in to a close up of the young girl's dripping cunt. Using his fingers, the Director parts her dewy labia with one hand while sliding the first finger of his other hand into the gasping star's pussy. He begins fingering her tight, little hole until she's writhing in the couch before bending forward and licking her from her tightly puckered asshole to her erect clit.

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Natalie winds the Director's hair in her fists, rocking her slender hips up to hump his face as his tongue darts in and out of her gooey pussy like a small cock. The camera pulls back to show her entire naked body undulating up and down as her eyes lock on the camera. "Yes, yes, yes. . . " the young girl moans as she slides one of her hands up and starts playing with one of her small breasts as the Director slides his face firmly between her thighs. He nuzzles against the burning juncture of her slender legs until she cums, her juices dripping down his chin.

Pulling back, the camera shows the Director moving Natalie's gleaming body around until her slight chest is pressed down against the couch and her tight ass is pointing up in the air. The camera zooms in from above the girl's heart-shaped ass as the Director positions the tip of his cock at the entrance to her puckered asshole. Gripping the star's slender hips he pushes forward, Natalie groaning as he penetrates her tightest hole. As the Director rocks himself deeper and deeper into the small girl's body, the camera pulls back to a side view, Natalie's small tits hanging below her chest, her dark hair plastered to her face as shoves herself back against the Director until his cock is buried balls deep inside of her.

The camera switches to a close up of Natalie's sweet face, her eyes closed tightly as she struggles to breath as, over her shoulder, the Director fucks her ass. The pale flesh of her ass ripples with every thrust as her young body is rocked back and forth, sweat dripping off of her face as she gasps in a mixture of pleasure and pressure from the cock buried inside of her small, ripe body. The camera flashes to a underside view between Natalie's spread thighs, her hairless pussy dripping wet and the ring of her ass stretched tightly around the girth of the Director's thrusting prick.

From off camera, Natalie begins moaning and groaning louder and louder, her young body trembling.

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  The camera pulls out to show her from the side, thrusting herself back to get as much of The Director's cock inside of her up-thrust rear-end as possible. Suddenly she screams in ecstasy as she cums, her slender body trembling as the Directory holds her tightly to his hips.

As Natalie begins to calm down, the Directory moves her body around. Once again she is sitting back on the couch, her feet dangling above the floor as the Director moves in front of her. The camera moves to over the Director's shoulder looking down at Natalie. The Director has a hold on the sides of the young girl's head, fucking her mouth as she stares up at the camera with her wide, dark eyes. She has her hands braced on the Director's hips as he fucks her beautiful face, his balls slapping wetly against her chin while she never breaks eye contact with the camera.

Suddenly the Director pulls his cock out of the young girl's mouth and begin fisting his throbbing prick. With a sloppy grin, Natalie opens her mouth wide and sticks out her moist, pink tongue just as the Director cums. He shoots his sperm over the girl's beautiful face leaving his last two shots for her gaping mouth as he groans from off camera.

As the Director shuffles off to the side out of the frame, the camera moves back to show the completely naked Natalie with cum dripping off of her face and onto her slim chest. She closes her mouth and makes an exaggerated swallowing motion before opening her mouth again to show that she swallowed the entire thick load. She looks up at the camera and winks. "Don't suppose I can have a cigarette?" she asks with a knowing smirk.

From off camera the Director chuckles and a hand appears from off camera to give Natalie a lit cigarette.

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  The young girl takes a drag off of the cigarette before looking at the camera and exhaling the smoke. As the smoke starts to clear she gives the camera a pleasant wave and says, "Bye. "

The End. .

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