The Dad and his dream


The furnace had gone out, so it was me, my wife, and my
15 year old daughter all stuffed into one big bed. There was
an incredible storm outside, and even though my daughter was
nearly 16, she still asked to sleep in between my wife and
As I leaned over to kiss my wife goodnight, I felt a
brief wash of warm breath on my neck. I placed my arm over
my daughter's body to brace myself and I felt soft and warm
skin press briefly against my forearm. As I leaned back over
to my side of the bed, my daughter stretched beneath me, and
I felt some raised and fleshy part of her young body brush my
bare chest. I saw her look at me with her eyelids low and
her mouth slightly apart. She had a strange, dreamy look in
her eye as she sighed goodnight and touched me briefly on my
I've always had problems getting to sleep and tonight
was no exception. Pretty soon I heard the soft sighs of my
wife from across the bed. As I lay with my eyes open to the
darkness, I could feel the bed shake, and my daughter's body
tremble and slide closer to me with every shock of thunder.
Since I wore only underwear to bed, very soon I could feel
smooth, warm, rounded parts of her body pressed up against my
shoulders and back of my thighs.
The bed began to warm up, and as I finally began to
drift off into a warm sleep, I felt a wash of cold air as my
daughter removed her warm body from the curve of my back and
sat up. I heard the sounds of silken clothes rustling, the
far off sound of something landing on another part of the
room, and then she lay back down and all movement ceased.
A moment later I started in surprise as I felt the bare
flesh of one smooth, sleek, creamy thigh slide up to touch
the length of my leg. Her leg was glassy, satiny, silky, and
tight and I felt temptation give way to guilt as instead of
disturbing her I lay feeling and listening, til finally her
warm breathing began to come in regular intervals.
Moments later, a fierce thunderbolt rattled the house,
and as it's echoes died away I heard another sound: my
daughter was whimpering in her sleep.

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   I kept my back to her
and strained to hear the sighs that began to come from her
mouth. As he spoke, the bed trembled slightly with each
word, as If she couldn't control her movement. With each wet
sigh, I could feel her squirm behind me, her leg sliding and
working up and down the back of mine in a small motion. It
seemed as if she could not help but move when she emitted the
small gasping sounds. I finally caught what she was saying:
"Oh. . . daddy. . . "
Those words came out in a wet and silky whisper, and to
my total shock I felt the sudden pressure of two large
curving softness's pressed to my back, the nerves on my back
tightening as I felt two hardened spots grow tauter in the
center of the circles of warmth pressed to my back. As I
felt my daughter's hardened nipples pressed straining into my
back, I felt her shudder, and press her smooth, tight belly
up against me. I could feel the vibrations of a deep moan
come from the depths of her firm, taut belly.
At the same time her smooth and silken leg began to
force it's way into the space between my outstretched legs,
sliding up and down and making her press her firm breasts
desperatly against me. I felt my stomach tighten and I
flushed as the area between my legs began to tingle and

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   With a spasm of guilt I turned slightly and
violently, to try and get farther away. . . pushing myself to
the edge of the bed and away from my excited and dreaming
daughter. This seemed to do it, and while she kept sighing
and making deep throaty sounds, I could feel her going into a
deeper slumber. She kept her lithe body pressed up against
me and she did throw one smooth arm out over my torso, but I
let that lay as I did not want to wake my wife on the other
side of the bed and have her realize what her daughter had
been doing.
I managed to fall asleep soon after.
Then I began to dream. I imagined a voluptuous,
sensuous nymph lying next to me on the grass. She had
perfect, erect mounds of breasts that stood out smoothly and
were crested with dark brown nipples. They were firm and
supple and bounced slightly as she breathed, straining
outward again and again. They overhung her waist which was
tapered silky smooth and small, and curved out to incredible
mouth-wateringly sensual hips and then down to the smoothest,
sexiest legs I've ever seen. Her body was lightly tanned,
and taut, as if she were about 19, and as I watched her she
suddenly opened her mouth in surprise, as if something had
happened inside her body that frightened and aroused her
terribly. I watched her tiny tongue lick one small strand of
saliva that began to form involuntarily in the corner of her
small pouting mouth. She made a small wet "oh" of surprise,
then her eyes widened with excitement as she felt her nipples
growing harder.

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   I could see her pupils widen, and her
breathing deepen, and I shook with my own fear and surprise
as I began to get harder and harder until it seemed I was
almost out of control. Her tiny brown nipples wrinkled and
grew outward and became large and thrusty, til they stood
strait out at an angle from her firm mounds. Her enlarged
and pointy nipples completely rigid, stuck out from her
breasts to almost an inch long! Her eyelids fluttered as
uncontrollably as her breathing, which was making her breasts
and nipples thrust out into the air over and over again,
straining. Her whole lithe body began to writhe and heave,
contorting in rythm to her excited and uncontrollable gasps,
causing her to involuntarily slide her small hands down in
amazement to touch her erect nipples. Her tiny, smooth hands
trembled and shook as they moved from her smooth shoulders,
to her neck where her immense and pliable breasts began to
stick out. As her hands connected to the hardened, taut,
rigid flesh of her nipples she gasped, and arched her back in
a spasm of uncontrollable pleasure. She rocked upward, and
was soon twisting in a position of submission: sitting up,
her legs bent beneath her, with her knees spread wide apart.
Her back was arched, her breasts outhrust at an amazing
angle, her head thrown back and her mouth open. She thrust
her hips backwards and her hips began to twist and wriggle as
her long, red nails squeezed frantically at her immensely
pointed nipples. Her taut stomach contracted and her whole
body coiled in pleasure she brought her knees up
involuntarily, fell helplessly, twisting and writhing to the
ground and began to shudder in great gasps with ecstasy on
the green grass. She thrust her hands down between her sleek
glossy thighs and arched her back and stuck out both her
taut, erect, pointy-crowned breasts, and undulated her
curving smooth hips in an uncontrollable thrusting motion.
Her breasts sprang back and forth wildly in rhythm to her
excited gasping contortions.
Though her eyes were rolled up almost into her head,
she froze suddenly in terror as she realized that I lay next
to her. Her head snapped foreward in horror as she realized
that I had been watching her the entire time as she had
abandoned herself to the immense and overwhelming pleasure
and rolled on the ground in extacy as she touched herself.
She looked frantically around for somewhere to hide, some way
to cover her supple, tight body, but as she moved.

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  . . her
breasts bounced once and she gasped as an uncontrollable wave
of pleasure rocked her body. She dug her nails into the
grass, but that only jostled her firm, smooth breasts more,
and though she fought to keep from moving I could see her
aching to put her hands on her straining nipples. Her wide
curving hips began to twist and tremble, and as she fought to
stop her body from taking over, a crazed look came into her
face, a look of hunger that was amplified by the fear of what
she was about to do.
    Her face flushed red and as I saw her
    eyes light with horror, a ruddy blush began to creep up her
    naked body. With a gasp she fell foreward to her hands and
    knees and crawled slowly towards me. I watched her breasts
    swing beneath her, her inch long, solid blood engorged
    nipples almost dragging the ground. She arched her back to
    let them touch the grass and her body was hit with an
    incredible shiver of pleasure. Her eyes widened with the
    unthinkable as she reached me. Suddenly, she threw her body
    feverishly up against me, writhing and straining and emiting
    small cries of desperation as she tried to get every part of
    her lush body into contact with mine. I could tell from her
    flushed and strained face that she had capitulated to her
    lust and that her body now controlled her. I felt her wide,
    curving hips pressed against me in beating thrusts, and her
    sharp nails, digging into my body, trying to turn me toward
    her in a frantic attempt to get at me.
    Finally, I had to turn to try and force her away from
    me. As I rolled over, she cried out and thrust her body
    between my arms and tried frantically to pull me atop her.

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    grabbed both her slender wrists, and forced her to the
    ground, raising my body up above hers so she could not get
    ahold of me. In trying to get her away from me I made a
    terrible mistake, her sudden bondage hit her like a hammer
    and her body began to buck and shudder of it's own accord.
    And then she saw it.
    I could not hide how incredibly excited I had become,
    and as her eyes fastened on my painfully hard penis, she gave
    and incredible shriek and arched her back to receive me.
    Her silken smooth legs came up and before I knew it, I
    could feel the incredible softness of her inner thighs
    grasping my waist. With a strength that was incredible, she
    arched her back again, and pulled me into her with her legs
    grasping me about the waist. As my whole body shocked
    against hers, I slid into her with incredible force, this
    seemed to send a great shudder through her body and she began
    to squirm and moan. I was shocked to my very core, I was
    incredibly aroused and this sex-mad creature was sliding up
    and down on me like crazy. I tried desperatly not to move,
    but her hips kept rocking my body with immense pleasure,
    making me pierce her over and over again.
    All of the sudden she tried to twist away, and while her
    pelvis thrust up and down and up and down in an increasingly
    wild frenzy, riding me as wildly as possible, she tried
    frantically to wrench her wrists from my grasp. It seemed as
    if she could no longer control her thrusting hips, but grew
    terrified of the immense pleasure she could feel beginning to
    overtake her body. The horror of what she was doing began to
    register, but she seemed not to be able to control her body.
    She was quaking with rapture and thrilled to the core that I
    had her impaled upon me.
    I suddenly saw the grass of my dream begin to fade
    around us, and the sky began to darken to a deep shade of
    wallpaper. At the same time I became aware of her small
    desperate sobbing cries, "Oh daddy Nononono!.

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      . stop. . PLEA. . . .
    . OH. . what. . are. . you!?.

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      . . MY GOD!!!. . . STOP OH DADDY!"
    And I breathed right into the astonished and flushed
    face of my young daughter.
    As she fought fiercely to try to get out from under me
    and remove myself from her, my hands tightened fiercly, my
    mind racing, thinking the only way my wife would not know is
    if we were quiet. She was panting, dripping wet inside, and
    completely aroused. She shook with sobs that made her
    wriggle up and down my length. She flung her legs out wide,
    which only served to force me to penetrate deeper into
    her. . . and she let out a low moan. She began to struggle more
    and more, and as she struggled, she slid up and down
    underneath me faster and faster. As I began to feel her
    still tight breasts sliding against my chest, I made a quick
    attempt to to roll off her.

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    Suddenly, she gave a cry and threw her arms around my
    neck. Her legs and arms clamped me to her and as she began
    to pump faster and faster and I realized she didn't want to
    stop fucking. I could tell by her lust filled eyes and the
    hungry look in her face that she had abandoned herself to the
    act, and would not stop til it was finished. She began to
    chant in a wet, frantic voice,
    "nonono. don't. . . UNH!. . . ah. . . st. .

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      . Don't stop. . . . FUCKing
    I tried not to move, but her pliable, supple body was
    grasping me inside and working so hard, her impaled body
    sliding up and down, her face all scrunched up with
    uncontrollable pleasure. Her mouth was open in one prolonged
    gasp and her tongue worked in spasms inside her mouth. She
    began to make sounds. . . sighing and moaning. I could tell she
    was trying desperately to keep quiet and not wake my wife,
    but it soon became too much and as she arched her back in a
    spasm of orgasmic pleasure, she let out an incredible shriek.
    "OH MY GOD!"
    I felt my wife jump awake, and my daughter began to
    froth at the mouth and shout over and over again, "FUCK ME
    HARDER!!OH. Ooooooh. .

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      MY. . . unh. . . GOD DADDY! FUCK. . AHH. . . ME!
    IM. . . BE.


      . . ING. . ah. . FUCK. . AH. . FUCKED. . BYMY. . DADDDD!!!!"
    My wife shot from the bed and stood next to it
    transfixed, her eyes incredulous.

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       Just as the realization
    hit her that I was fucking my own daughter, my daughter began
    to orgasm.
    I had tried deperately not to give into the incredible
    creature beneath me that had been my daughter. But now as
    she drove up and down on my wet length, my vision began to
    cloud. I had never fucked anyone like this, and I was nearly
    out of control from being so incredibly aroused. Finally I
    felt my grip on reality loosen, and I abandoned all hope of
    stopping what I was about to do. I relenquished my hold on
    what was right and cried out in abandonment as I began to
    fuck my daughter.
    Both my daughter and I had lost all control. My
    horrified wife tried to reach out and pull me off her, but we
    were locked together in a hot, plunging embrace and going at
    it in a wild and uncontrollable animalistic frenzy. I forced
    my daughters smooth, and wildly contorting body deep into the
    bed with every thrust and penetration. My body slammed into
    hers as I pulled out and shoved deep into her grasping, tight
    wettnedss over and over again. As I lost control and my body
    began to thrust deeply into my daughter beneath me of it's
    own accord, probing faster and faster, my daughter lost all
    control and arched her back and threw open her legs to get me
    as far into her as she could. She daughter sobbed
    uncontrollably, her sweat and tears flying all over as she
    whipped her head about to try and control the pleasure. Her
    nails gripped my back, drawing blood, frantically trying to
    hold on.
    A low moan began to shake the wildly heaving bed and as
    my wife began screaming and beating me on the back I could
    not even look at her as my orgasm began. My wife was
    forgotten as my daughter let lust take over her body and went
    into orgasm beneath me.

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       Her low pitched cry rose and rose up
    a halting octave as she pumped faster and faster, her raised
    nipples scraping my chest as her enormous breasts heaved with
    the thrusting motions of her grasping silky hips. I grabbed
    hold of her hips, clutching to her sweaty smooth haunches,
    and thrust in one violent deep and penetrating time, burying
    myself between her legs and impaling her as far down to the
    hilt as I could, and her low moan reached a scream which
    shook the walls and gave her such an immense orgasm that she
    shuddered in sweat and passed out. . . her last words before she
    went unconscious from her incredible orgasm was, "Oh God
    Daddy. Please. . . . fuck. . . me. . .

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      . again!".

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