The Dream Gets Hotter


The Dream Gets Hotterby willingwhiteslut@yahoo. com
 Before I write here, I just have to thank the dozens of wonderful people who have already made contact with me after my first attempt at a story the other day.   The response was really overwhelming. My yahoo was overloaded a couple times and I think I lost a lot of add requests. . . if i didn't respond to your's please try again.   I do hope to be able to talk to everyone eventually, but I am mostly looking for one true Ultimate Black Stud that I can give myself to totally.
 Now, as for that happening. . . my dreams are getting hotter now that I am talking to a few guys who are trying to get me to give in.   Maybe I have found the right guy already, or maybe he is still out there.   I would love to share with everyone one of my very favorite dreams so that people can know exactly what I am hoping to do.
 I do think I will need to be 'forced' into this.   I am like a moth searching the flame, so I will come closer and closer.

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  . . but ultimately I fear to be burnt.   I dream I will find a man who will force me to be stupid.   A sane mother of two and 'loyal' married wife doesn't go onto the Internet and agree to webcam for strange men.   I want to be made to do it.   I want a Black man to tell me that I 'owe' it to Him.   For white guilt.   For the shameful ways that Niggers were treated as slaves.   It is my turn to make amends.   I have excited my stud now, and I have to make him happy.
 I won't do anything illegal or harmful to my kids. . . but I will take risks.

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   The danger of getting caught excites me.   I think I actually want to get caught in most of my fantasies.   A couple of years ago I was playing with a white guy online in another situation.   He ordered me to undress in front of an opened window while some of the neighbor college boys were in their backyard having drinks.   I obeyed and it turned me on so much to know that they all unquestionably saw me as a slut.   I don't know how close I was to getting fucked that night, but I want to be pushed to the limits.   I want to be corrupted and I don't think there is a place I can't imagine going.
 Dreams are so amazing.   Anything can happen.   I could hear the phone ring at any moment.   Maybe my husband will answer it. . . or maybe someone else in my family will?  It could be my new lover calling.   "Put Leta on the phone" He will command.

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    Or maybe he will order 'the slut' to be put on the phone.   It is such a danger to me. . . but I dream of it.
 I really want more.   I want it real. . . not just in a dream.
 I want cock.   Black cock.   I want cum,  I want a Big, Black, Nigger Cock to cum in my very unprotected pussy.   Honestly, if I am told to do it. .

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  . I will take fertility treatment to ensure that I will be ready to conceive for my Black Master when we get together the first time.
 My husband will positively be devastated.   Sometimes he does watch some Interracial themed movies with me, but he is definitely not into them like I am.   michael is racist. . . and in a bad way.   he thinks he is better than any minority.   For my perfect dream, I think I definitely want michael to be reeducated in some very serious ways.   I will let my Nigger Master decide what is best for michael, but my own fantasies go crazy and again I don't think I have a limit what I can dream of.   michael could be made to go gay.   he could be forbidden from ever touching me again.   he could be just beaten or much, much worst.   I can imagine it all, and it all excites me.

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    I guess, I would love to hear some ideas about this from my potential Masters if they have any,
 I definitely have my own ideas what can be done to me.   I think anything can probably be done.   I start with dreaming of becoming black pregnant immediately.   If I could be inseminated today, I would do it. . . I swear on my children's life.   If I had a Black Man right here. . . right now. . . who knew about my lust.   If he ordered me to lay down this very moment.

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    I do swear I would take it happy.
 Of course, that said. . . I don't actually go out and just do it.   I think I will need to be 'forced' into things somehow.   I hope someone can figure out how to do this to me.
 Once I am a Nigger's slut. . . I dream of the most humiliation use and abuse.   I want to be spit on or pissed on.   I want my hair pulled and my face bitch slapped just because the Nigger can do it.   I want to know I am just His.   He owns me.

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    I serve only His pleasure.
 If I am given to friends then I will fuck them all knowing I still serve my Master.   I represent Him, and I will bring honor to His glory by being the very best white slut I can be for everyone else.   If my Master wanted to tattoo me as property of any Black. . . I do imagine a mark right on my face.   Something that I could not hide from the public or from my family.   Something that anyone would see and know that I am an owned and loyal Nigger's fuck slut now.
 Of course, a Black Baby would be a good sign.   I want to have one with the darkest skin.   I want to take Him or Her out in public and 'act' like I have 'no choice' but to breast feed.   I guess it might be wrong to involve children in these ideas. . .

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   but I guess too that I am not a right girl at this moment.
 The Black Lust overpowers me.   I think I am ready for everything.   I was so grateful for all the encouragement I got from my last story.   It was amazing.   I wish as a proper thank you I could line up for every Black Stud that wrote me. . . get on my back. . . and just spread for a gang-breeding lottery to see who could be the one?
 A lot of white boys wrote me too, and for all of them I think they are so sweet.   In time I hope to be able to answer everyone.   In my fantasy, maybe they all could be lined up next to my Nigger Lords and after each fuck, one of the white boy's could lick the excess from my freshly fucked pussy?  The sperm inside would have to be left to do the most good though.
 I would like to write a real story here for people to read.

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    Something that would be more of an adventure.   If anyone wanted to help me, I would love suggestions of what would be the hottest ideas to put in a story.   Should I be a willing cuckolding slut or should I be a fighting rape victim?  Should I have just one Dominant Master, or should a gang of studs take me?  Should my Black Lovers be older than I am or younger?  Upper Class or homeless bums?  Gang Bangers or a school's football team?
 I dream of all of it.   I think other than ever imagining myself dismembered, there is nothing I haven't gotten off to for fantasy.   I can even fear getting snuffed for all this crazy risk I am doing now.
 I do want to be Black Fucked though. . . so badly. . . so good.   I want some stud to order me to send Him a plane ticket.   Invite him to come and stay for as long as He wants.   I want to figure a way to obey.

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    It could take some serious planning, but I bet it could happen.   I want to be fucked in  my own marital bed.   If my husband is tied up and made to watch that would be cool, but maybe he is just drugged so that he can't interfere.   I want a Nigger Master who will make me betray every promise I used to be prisoner too.   I now know my husband doesn't appreciate me the way I need it.   he doesn't excite me the way I need it.
 Unless I get the sex thrill I need, maybe I will have to leave him.   I think a Nigger would be doing my husband a favor my taking me as His slave.   If michael will handle being a cuckold I am sure I could stay his wife at least in name.   And I would be so happy being everything else for my Black Stud.
 I home school my children and it is hard to find too much time to just sit and write.   I had hoped to write more here.   I hope this is hot for people to read too.   I felt I wanted to give something to all the fantastic people who messaged me yesterday.
 If anyone else wants to contact me, my yahoo is still willingwhiteslut@yahoo.


 I think I am almost too busy as it is now. . . but I will try to answer all I can, any chance I get to sneak away from michael for even a few minutes.   I love this now.   Thanks
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