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Laura sighed, everyone was supposed to go to the cinema today now, only James was going with her. . . had he planned this? Laura and James had always had a 'thing', unexpected kisses and sexual contact though they had never gone all the way she knew that they both wanted too, especially since they both hadn't had sex in so long.

They arrived at the cinema and picked their seats at the back as the group always did. There weren't too many people in the cinema but, the film had been showing for a while. On the journey to the cinema they had flirted alot and both knew what was coming, the signs were there. . .

Twenty minutes into the film Laura remarked: "Wow, this films pretty bad!" James hearing this whispered back right into her ear "I'm sure I can help liven it up". Laura had seen this coming but was still taken a back especially when James's hand slid up her leg. She shivered with pleasure and turned to him. They kissed passionately as his other hand slipped up and under her shirt and bra. She moaned at the feel of his warm hand on her perfectly round tits.

James suggested they go home and she eagerly agreed. On the bus ride (again sitting at the back) James became more adventurous unbuttoning Laura's jeans and sliding his hand into her underwear too play with her slit.

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   His fingers moved in circles around her now wet opening and finally, he slipped a full finger up her, she moaned with pleasure as he smirked, he knew her too well and he knew what to do next. His finger still in her he massaged her G- Spot until she couldn't take it any more and quivered with pleasure until she came. Next she reached over to his pants and opened them to reveal his swelling member. The familiar 7" cock revealed itself in its full glory and she couldn't resist putting it in her mouth, sucking the end. James' blow job was cut short as they had to disembark the bus.

Before they knew what was happening Laura was on James' bed stark naked waiting for him to finish pulling his clothes off this time they both knew what was going to happen. His rock hard dick stood above his balls proudly she took it in her hand as he lay next to her fondling her breasts. She worked the cock up and down in her hand making him moan, she then finished the work she had already started on the bus by moving down to take his balls in her mouth and continuing to suck and lick his cock until he was on the verge of cumming, this is where she stopped and announced it was her turn. James moved him self to lick her out, his tongue tantalised her labia as he flicked his tongue around her vagina. James then took his penis to her G- spot and rubbed it up and down and around the out side her opening until he finally appeased her. He thrust inside her surprising her, they both moaned with pleasure as he settled in the missionary position, all 7 inches of him moving in and out pushing her g- spot again and again. He felt one wave of pleasure move through her tightening on his dick, he had a way to go yet. They kissed as the tangled themselves further into each other. As it came to and end Laura felt like she was cumming again James told her to wait and moved her legs to his shoulders, Laura clung on to her orgasm as James was able to move deeper into her. Finally she felt him tense forward so far deep into her that she couldn't hold it any more, she exploded in euphoria.

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   James had reached his peak too and thrust into her as far as possible as he deposited his hot, salty cum into her vagina. They sighed and collapsed into a heap tangled in each other. they kissed each other all over and both noticed that today had been so good that James was still hard. . . . . but. . . . that's another story ;)


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