The Hollywood Hypnosneak: Chap. 03 Jennifer Love Hewitt


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I don’t know Jennifer Love Hewitt or have anything to do with her. Comments are always welcome and appreciated and you should feel free to share.

Story Code: M/F, MC

The Hollywood Hypnosneak Ch 03 Jennifer Love Hewitt
By Muhabba

For the next week I was worse than a kid on Christmas morning waiting to open his presents. With a massive erection. I hadn't realized how much I had missed Jennifer since I had went to jail until I had the prospect of seeing her again looming before me. She had been the perfect assistant in more ways than one, mostly because I had programmed her to be. After a few hypnotic sessions she had started running my various businesses with amazing efficacy. Not to mention that my sexual programming had unlocked something deep inside her subconscious.

Jennifer had quickly become nearly as sexually ravenous as I was. Men, women, young or old, she had a deep seeded longing for all of them, a lust her conscious mind had inhibited but that I had unleashed inside of her. It was actually tragic that I had been forced to suppress her desires before I had been sent away but it had been for her own good.

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  It was actually surprising to me that I had even bothered to shield her at all from the repercussions of my down fall. Perhaps it had been a sign even then of the emotional softness that had led to my losing everything.

Lightly stroking my perpetually hard cock on the bed in my shitty room, the phone rang and brought me out of my trip down memory lane. "Hello," I answered the phone using one hand as the other continued stroking my rigid member.

Hayden's voice was soft and breathless on the other end of the line. One of my commands to her was that she would become instantly aroused every time she heard my voice or saw me. I don't really know why I did it since I’d probably never see her again but it amused me all to hell. "Master, I have the number you requested," she said.

"Give it to me!" I said with all the need of a child being presented a particularly large Christmas gift. She immediately complied and I memorized the number, refusing to write any important information down ever again lest it be used against me in the future. I had learned my lesson twenty years ago. She waited for me to give her my next command and a wicked sneer came across my face. "Hayden, are you alone?"

"Yes, Master. "

"Good. Do you own a vibrator?"

"Yes, Master.

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"Good. Fuck your ass until you cum. And from now on you can only achieve orgasm by anal sex. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master," she said eagerly.

"Then get started," I ordered before hanging up the phone. The command was weak and it would probably only last a few days before fading out of her subconscious but I positively throbbed at the idea of her becoming an anal slut over the course of the next little while. My orders of compliance were much deeper inside of her mind and could, theoretically, last forever which is what I had hoped had happened to Jennifer.

I had no idea what the time difference was between Miami and California and didn't care. All that mattered was reaching Jennifer and whatever was left of my old life. I dialed her number and she picked up after the third ring which was good since I was still sketchy on what a voice mail is. "This is Jennifer," she said merrily into my ear and my heart began to race with anticipation.

"Yes it is," I said happily into the phone. I could practically see her staring quizzically at her phone.

"I'm sorry," she said and I could hear the confusion in her voice. "Who is this?"

“Listen very closely,” I told her before whispering my command into the phone.

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  I could hear her breathing change subtly, becoming more even and shallow. My commands had placed her into a small trance and now I was about to find out how much of my programming was left in her mind. I waited for what seemed like an eternity, listening to her breathe, waiting to see how she’d answer.

“Master?” she asked with a thick tongue and a wide smile spread across my face, my heart hammering in my chest. She was still mine. I wasn’t alone any more.

“Jennifer, grab a piece of paper and write this all down. First, I’m gonna need a plane ticket. ”

The next morning I met the manager of the motel and quit. And by quit I mean I put him under and convinced him that he was actually a twelve year old girl trapped in the body of a man. I hated that little fucker. He was the embodiment of everything that was wrong with my life right now and I was glad to be done with him, his shitty motel, and everything in Miami. I was leaving behind everything I wasn’t and was practically giddy with excitement on the taxi drive to the airport. I all but skipped up to the service counter to claim my ticked and found that Jennifer had, of course, made it a first class seat with a actual meal and all the amenities. Everything I deserved.

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During the flight I couldn’t help but think about everything Jennifer and I had accomplished together. Before her I was simply using my abilities to get laid and make a few bucks to accommodate my lifestyle of hanging around the fringes of the rich and powerful. It had been Jennifer that had unleashed the beast inside of me.

I had run into her purely by chance and had been immediately taken by her. She had a charming Girl Next Door appeal to her face and an amazing figure with large, full breasts and the start of what I was sure would be a well-rounded ass. I had hypnotized her for just a run of the mill sexual encounter, riding her luscious body to several mutual orgasms though the course of the night. As the morning came I gave her the commands I usually do in a new conquest, to answer my beck and call should we ever meet again, and then left. It wasn’t until several months later that I saw a puff piece about her on some annoying celebrity gossip show.

Since our night together, Jennifer had become a serial dater, leaving behind a string of lovers in her wake. I was intrigued. When I had met her she was somewhat conservative with her affections and her body but then she had become something of a “love them and leave them type”. I was afraid that my intrusion into her mind had unsettled something and that if investigated t0o thoroughly, might lead back to me.

I surprised Jennifer at an MTV award show and gave her the command to slip back under my control and to my surprise she responded extremely aggressively. She grabbed me by the wrist and all but yanked me to some secluded back stage dressing room and threw me against the wall before falling to her knees. She practically inhaled my cock, sucking me with feverish need until I exploded into her mouth after only a few moments.

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  She then looked up at me with my cum spread across her lips and smiled sweetly up at me before saying, “Hello, Master, I missed you.

After the ceremony we went back to her place and did something I seldom did with a woman, we talked. My subconscious romp inside of her head had unlocked all of her inhibitions somehow and with her contacts we fucked our way across Hollywood, amassing a small fortune. Our cover was a simple talent agency that for some reason, at least on paper, never seemed to hook the big name clients but was always on the invite list for the hottest parties in California and beyond. I had been happy just sleeping with the Hollywood elite but Jennifer wanted to rule them. And for a few, happy years we did just that. Until I was arrested and forced my Jennifer to become the inhibited woman that she had been when I first met her.

But now, now was the time of a new beginning.

The taxi ride from the airport to Jennifer’s house was the worst leg of the journey. I’m fairly certain that the driver was purposefully traveling five miles under the speed limit simply because he some how knew I was feeling frantic. He kept distracting my thoughts about something called and Uber but I kept pushing him out of my mind.

During mine and Jennifer’s fling through Hollywood we eventually discovered that I wasn’t the only hypnotist running around. There was actually an entire cabal of them working behind the scenes of the world’s power systems, all with their own agendas, all very private. Being a younger man I of course would have noting to do with a group that would have me as a member and they were fine with that, at first, but Jennifer and I eventually became to well known publicly and they orchestrated my downfall. So not only did they make sure I went to jail, lost all my money, all my power, and all my influence, they made sure that there would be no early parole so I had to sit though my entire 20 year sentence.

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After a 30 minute drive the driver interrupted my trip down memory lane one last time. We were at Jennifer’s house. I flung my money at the cabbie as I leaped out of the back seat with my single bag, all that I owned in the world, and nearly ran up to the front door. I raised by hand and right before I could knock the door opened to reveal Jennifer Love Hewitt, my Jennifer, completely naked. She wore nothing but her own skin, her brown hair draped down past her shoulders, just enough make-up to look like she wasn’t wearing any, her large tits proud and up-thrust and barely sagging an inch even after 20 years. Her shoulders were pressed back slightly to better emphasize her amazing chest, her back arched gracefully drawing the lines of her body down to her small waist and flat stomach. Her hips flared out enticingly, her legs crossed at her ankles, her pussy completely bald with just a small tuft of shaved, dark hair above her slit.

A wide smile broke out across Jennifer’s face before she called out my name. “Master!” she screamed with joy as she grabbed my shirt with both fists and yanked me into her large house. The door slammed shut behind me as she spun me around and shoved me further into her house, my feet twisting and sending me down flat onto my back in her foyer. In an instant her naked body was on top of mine, her large tits pressed against my chest as she started ripping at my shirt. She kissed me quickly and deep before sliding her tongue out of my mouth and licking down my jaw.

Jennifer licked down my neck to my collar bone, biting at my soft throat as she violently ripped my shirt open. I tried to shake off the shoulder strap of my bag before giving up and sliding my hands down her back to her thick ass. I squeezed her cheeks hard, kneading her pliant flesh as I ran my fingertips over her puckered asshole, feeling the warm wetness of her pussy as she kissed down my chest.

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  She sat up on my groin, grinding against my erection while tugging at my belt and yanking my pants open, her large tits wobbling like jello on her chest. I released her ass and gripped her tits, amazed at how firm they still were after all these years, her hard nipples digging into my palms as I squeezed them like dough.

Yanking my pants down to my thighs, Jennifer freed my erection and gripped the base of it possessively, squeezing my shaft as hard as I was squeezing her tits. She didn’t even look at me, just my cock, staring at it hungrily as she licked her lips and her eyes lit up. She chuckled from deep in her chest, practically growling as she lifted herself up and aimed my cock up between her thighs. She rubbed the tip of my cock against her hungry hole for a moment before sliding me just inside of her before bracing her hands against my chest. She rolled her hips a little, playing with the bit of me inside her, teasing us both for a moment. But just for a moment.

Suddenly Jennifer thrust herself down, enveloping my cock in an instant, her wet cunt like a moist, velvet vise gripping me so hard that I thought my cock my pop off inside of her. She groaned out like a hungry wolf, her eyes finally meeting mine as her pussy convulsed around my shaft, her cunt attempting to milk my prick. Her amazing chest heaved as she took a deep, shuddering breath, reading herself before rolling her hips up slightly, pulling her pussy up my length slightly before slamming herself back down.

As far as Jennifer was concerned I was practically not even there, just my cock as she bounced herself up and down. She began squealing like a small rabbit as she bounced up and down on my prick, my hands never leaving her breasts, never not squeezing them over and over as her warm flesh oozed out from between my fingers. She grabbed my wrists, holding my hands to her chest as she continued pumping herself up and down on my dick, are bodies making wet slapping sounds with each thrust, her warm juices splattering out and covering our conjoined groins. Her pussy felt hot enough to boil my cock inside of her as sweat flowed down her body, her hair plastered to her forehead as she rode me like a wild animal.

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The first thing Jennifer had said to me was “Master,” the second thing she said was, “I’m going to cum!”She thrust herself down on me one last time as I thrust up into her, both of us burying me as deeply as we could inside of her as we both came, her juices gushing out around me as I filled her constricting cunt with my cum. It was short, simple, rough sex and we both panted in lust as we came together, growling in need and desire until both of our bodies went limp.

We laid next to each other, not touching, letting the sweat cool on our bodies. I looked over at her panting, her impressive chest rising and falling as she caught her breath, her hair plastered to her face. She looked over at me and smirked, “You’re wearing to many clothes. Get them off and lets go somewhere more comfortable than my floor. ”

I hurriedly stripped off what remained of my clothes and stood up and offered Jennifer a helping hand up. She grabbed my hand and stood up with a satisfied smile on her beautiful face as she stared into my eyes. She leaned into me, pressing her body against mine, her large breasts pressed tightly to my chest, my still hard cock pressed against her stomach. We reached around our bodies and kissed, her tongue sliding quickly into my mouth as she rubbed her sweat slick body against mine. We rocked against each other, shuffling our feet, trying to move towards her bedroom I assumed but we didn’t make it.

On our way towards the bedroom our feet got tangled together and we fell into her large living room onto her plush couch. I twisted our bodies around, falling back onto my ass with her straddling my thighs, her tits jiggling wildly as we flopped down together. Her mouth never left mine as we landed, her arms holding my possessively as her tongue explored my mouth, groaning into me as she continued rubbing against me. She reached down between us with one hand, gripping the base of my cock as she shifted around, aiming my prick up at her hot, wet cunt again.

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  She quickly enveloped my dick, cooing in pleasure as she took me inside of her, causing me to groan out in pleasure and contentment. As far as both of us were concerned our bodies belonged together, my cock inside her tight pussy.

In only a few moments Jennifer was riding me fiercely, her large tits swinging around wildly as I nuzzled into her jiggling cleavage and gripped her fleshy ass. She pounded me into the back of the couch as she thrust herself down on my cock, pistoning up and down hard, grinding her groin down to rub her exposed little clit against me, her cunt grabbing me like and angry fist as she rode me like a pony.

The wet, slapping sounds our bodies were making were muffled by Jennifer's tits as I licked, sucked, and nibbled at her spectacular cleavage. My hands never left her ass as I continued kneading her supple flesh like warm dough, holding her to my groin protectively. At the pace she was going, if she happened to accidentally missed a stroke, she’d break my dick in two.

Jennifer began squealing wildly like a trapped animal, grinding herself down against my lap as I continued licking the sweat from her chest. Her arms wrapped around my neck, holding me to her chest, smoothing me in her abundant chest as her body began trembling and she came again. Her already tight cunt gripped my cock, rippling around me, milking my pole as she ground her pussy against me in small circles, drawing out her orgasm. Her groans turned to a stutter as she basked in her orgasm, relishing the feel of us meshed together, our bodies throbbing as one.

She relaxed into me, pressing her head against my chest and licking the sweat rolling down my body, my hard prick still buried inside of her. She cooed in contentment as we nuzzled against each other, my hands pressed into her fleshy ass, her breasts smashed against my chest. She looked up at me and smiled sweetly, “I’ve missed you. ”

“I missed you too,” I said as I stroked her brown hair with one hand, removing the stray strands matted against her face.

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  I kissed her forehead before sliding my hands beneath the tops of her thighs and standing up, my hands and cock the only things holding her beautifully naked body up. As I carried her to her bedroom she began kissing my all over my face, my lower back screaming in pain as I held her up. I laid her down on the bed, my prick never leaving her tight, hot cunt.

I started slow, pushing and pulling my way in and out of her amazing body, her hips rolling up to meet me, letting me drive deeper inside of her. I quickly began thrusting harder and faster inside of her tightly clutching pussy, moaning in pleasure at the feel of her gripping my shaft, drawing me inside of her. Her soft pants and moans quickly turned into full throated groans as I went faster and faster between her thighs. That was one of the things I loved about being with Jennifer, we didn’t make love, we fucked.

Sweat flew from our bodies as I fucked her as deep and hard as I could and she wrapped her legs around me to keep me inside of her. I thrust faster and harder, her tits swaying and wobbling wildly on her chest, nearly hitting her chin as she yelled out in pleasure. Her juices splashed out between the seal of our bodies, mixed with our sweat, and soaked the bed. Our bodies made wet, slapping noises that echoed off the wall as our grunts and moans turned to gasps and groans of pleasure. I could feel her body tighten around my shaft, every muscle in her body tightening like a spring as our orgasms began to crest before spilling over. We came together, our bodies synced as I spilled my cum inside of her clutching cunt and her pussy gripped my like a vice, milking me dry.

I collapsed on top of Jennifer, her large tits smashed against my chest as we panted. Neither one of us tried to move, we just laid their enjoying the feel of our bodies meshed together.


  The sweat on our bodies began to cool and I rolled off of her and she automatically placed her head on my heaving chest as I wrapped my arm around her shoulders.

“Welcome back, Master,” she giggled as she nuzzled against me. She spent the weekend welcoming me back.

To be continued. . .