The Interview


jdm068014 (8/29/2005 3:16:27 PM): I am an executive for a big company, interviewing for an administrative assistant. You come in my office for an interview, your wearing a short pink skirt with a black sleeveless blouse no panty hose and high heels. "So how bad do you need this job?" PM with answer cybersoul02 (8/29/2005 3:17:12 PM): i i just graduated college and cant find a job, i need it bad jdm068014 (8/29/2005 3:17:58 PM): really? why should I hire you with no experience? what do you have to offer to me that no other lady has cybersoul02 (8/29/2005 3:19:51 PM): i have ambition jdm068014 (8/29/2005 3:20:38 PM): ok. . your ambitious. . . and thats is going to help me how cybersoul02 (8/29/2005 3:21:54 PM): i get things done, i do whatever im told and i do not complain jdm068014 (8/29/2005 3:22:23 PM): whatever you are told huh? jdm068014 (8/29/2005 3:22:39 PM): that could be very helpful cybersoul02 (8/29/2005 3:22:53 PM): ::i smile:: jdm068014 (8/29/2005 3:23:24 PM): what was your major in college miss? what was your name again cybersoul02 (8/29/2005 3:23:46 PM): my major was accounting my name is staci jdm068014 (8/29/2005 3:24:28 PM): ok staci, lets test you are a beautiful young lady, why do you want to work here cybersoul02 (8/29/2005 3:25:12 PM): (what kind of business is it? jdm068014 (8/29/2005 3:26:00 PM): an attorneys office cybersoul02 (8/29/2005 3:27:08 PM): well, i am great with people, they trust me. I can keep information private. I will not share anything you dont tell me to jdm068014 (8/29/2005 3:27:55 PM): so you can be trusted? we have alot of cofidential business that goes on here jdm068014 (8/29/2005 3:28:35 PM): I walk over to the door and close it cybersoul02 (8/29/2005 3:29:39 PM): ::my head follows you:: yes, i am very trustworthy jdm068014 (8/29/2005 3:30:22 PM): so you have told be that you can be trusted and that you do what you are told. Right? cybersoul02 (8/29/2005 3:30:33 PM): yes sir jdm068014 (8/29/2005 3:30:55 PM): I walk in fron of the desk and lean on it jdm068014 (8/29/2005 3:31:32 PM): ok then lets test your obedience and trustworthyness. Stand up cybersoul02 (8/29/2005 3:31:56 PM): ::i stand, pulling my skirt down since it rode up a little as i sat jdm068014 (8/29/2005 3:32:26 PM): take off your blouse cybersoul02 (8/29/2005 3:33:15 PM): ::i smile and immediatly begin to unbotton my blouse:: (am i wearing a bra, if so, what does it look like) jdm068014 (8/29/2005 3:33:41 PM): yes. . . black and lacy jdm068014 (8/29/2005 3:34:15 PM): ok very nice cybersoul02 (8/29/2005 3:35:22 PM): ::i stand in front of your desk, blouse unbuttoned, my 34c breasts trying to be contained in a bra:: jdm068014 (8/29/2005 3:36:49 PM): those are some nice breast you have. THey look confined, realease them for me cybersoul02 (8/29/2005 3:37:59 PM): ::i reach down and undo the front latch of my bra, which falls open, exposing my perfectly round breasts and soft nipples:: jdm068014 (8/29/2005 3:38:37 PM): mmm very nice.

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   I reach up and take both breast in my hands jdm068014 (8/29/2005 3:39:17 PM): now the skirt Miss Staci, loose it jdm068014 (8/29/2005 3:39:33 PM): still playing with your breast jdm068014 (8/29/2005 3:39:46 PM): thumbs rubbing your nipples cybersoul02 (8/29/2005 3:40:21 PM): ::i smile as i unzip the side zipper, i wiggle out it. It slowly falls off my smooth, tan, toned legs:: jdm068014 (8/29/2005 3:40:46 PM): I release your tits, turn around for me cybersoul02 (8/29/2005 3:41:34 PM): (am i wearing panties) jdm068014 (8/29/2005 3:41:47 PM): yeah. . . black thongs cybersoul02 (8/29/2005 3:42:15 PM): ::i turn and, bending over slightly, my thong accents my tight round ass:: jdm068014 (8/29/2005 3:42:38 PM): I run my hands over your tight ass jdm068014 (8/29/2005 3:43:03 PM): I run my hands over your tight ass jdm068014 (8/29/2005 3:43:38 PM): now Miss Staci. . . . . let me see what that thong is hiding cybersoul02 (8/29/2005 3:44:45 PM): ::i stay facing away from you as i slide my thumbs under the sides of the thong, i bend over further as i pull if off. :: jdm068014 (8/29/2005 3:45:08 PM): very nice view cybersoul02 (8/29/2005 3:45:40 PM): ::i turn my head and smile at you over my shoulder:: jdm068014 (8/29/2005 3:45:46 PM): Well Miss Staci, I have a big problem cybersoul02 (8/29/2005 3:46:31 PM): whats that ::i say concerned as i turn and face you, my blouse and bra still open:: jdm068014 (8/29/2005 3:47:08 PM): I unzip my pants and my fully erect 7" cock springs out "This cybersoul02 (8/29/2005 3:47:12 PM): sorry, hit that by mistake jdm068014 (8/29/2005 3:47:17 PM): no prob jdm068014 (8/29/2005 3:48:17 PM): What are you going to do about this problem you have caused cybersoul02 (8/29/2005 3:49:49 PM): oh dear ::i say as i make my way around to your side of the desk, i sit you down in the chair as i begin to kiss your neck, i work down to your chest and then i get on my knees. I kiss the head of the cok gently:: jdm068014 (8/29/2005 3:50:18 PM): very good cybersoul02 (8/29/2005 3:50:22 PM): did that help? jdm068014 (8/29/2005 3:50:57 PM): yes. . . please continue cybersoul02 (8/29/2005 3:51:45 PM): ::i slowly take the ead past my moist lips to my waiting tounge, i slide the shaft in and out of my mouth tounge swirling slowly as i do:: jdm068014 (8/29/2005 3:52:06 PM): maons with pleasure jdm068014 (8/29/2005 3:52:58 PM): you take very good dicktation Staci cybersoul02 (8/29/2005 3:54:21 PM): ::i begin to move it faster as i fondle your balls::: jdm068014 (8/29/2005 3:54:35 PM): ooh yeah jdm068014 (8/29/2005 3:55:38 PM): pulls you from my cock and help you ontop of the desk jdm068014 (8/29/2005 3:56:31 PM): I spread those toned tanned legs apart and place my head between them cybersoul02 (8/29/2005 3:57:34 PM): ::i lean back onto my hands:: jdm068014 (8/29/2005 3:57:56 PM): in my chair I begin to kiss your pussy jdm068014 (8/29/2005 3:58:19 PM): then I run my tounge up and down your slit jdm068014 (8/29/2005 3:59:18 PM): I suck softly on your clit cybersoul02 (8/29/2005 4:00:00 PM): ::i moan softly as i wrap my legs around your head:: (am i still in shoes?_ jdm068014 (8/29/2005 4:00:08 PM): yes jdm068014 (8/29/2005 4:00:28 PM): I slip a finger into youe wet pussy as I suck on your clit jdm068014 (8/29/2005 4:01:28 PM): I sip the second finger in as I flick my tounge over your clit cybersoul02 (8/29/2005 4:01:49 PM): ::i moan a little loouder:: jdm068014 (8/29/2005 4:02:18 PM): with my free hand I reach and masage your tit cybersoul02 (8/29/2005 4:03:11 PM): ::i put one hand over yours as my nipple hardens under your touch:: jdm068014 (8/29/2005 4:04:03 PM): I continue to lick on ur clit and finger your pussy with quick stokes cybersoul02 (8/29/2005 4:06:04 PM): ::i moan louding as i feel like im about to come:: jdm068014 (8/29/2005 4:07:59 PM): I take one finger and slip it into your tight ass cybersoul02 (8/29/2005 4:08:04 PM): ::i grab your head and pull u up to me, you kissing my tummy and breasts as you pass them.

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   I pul you closer to me, wanting you to fuck me jdm068014 (8/29/2005 4:09:13 PM): I take my cock and bury it deep inside your hot wet pussy cybersoul02 (8/29/2005 4:09:34 PM): ::i moan sharply as it stretches my pussy jdm068014 (8/29/2005 4:10:08 PM): I begin to fuck you with long hard strokes jdm068014 (8/29/2005 4:11:25 PM): I grab you hips and pull you closer jdm068014 (8/29/2005 4:11:35 PM): your pussy is so tight jdm068014 (8/29/2005 4:12:30 PM): I place a hand on your tit and pull hard at your nipple cybersoul02 (8/29/2005 4:12:34 PM): ::i wrap my legs around your waist and push my now hard niopples to your mouth jdm068014 (8/29/2005 4:13:12 PM): I suck your nipple in my mouth, biting it gently jdm068014 (8/29/2005 4:13:22 PM): as my cock pistons in and out of your pussy jdm068014 (8/29/2005 4:15:07 PM): I run my tounge over your nipple, it is so hard cybersoul02 (8/29/2005 4:15:49 PM): ::i squeeze you tighter with my legs as i am about to come:: jdm068014 (8/29/2005 4:16:21 PM): your pussy tightens around my cock. It is milking the milk from my cock jdm068014 (8/29/2005 4:16:49 PM): I pick up the pace, my balls rubbing against your moist pussy jdm068014 (8/29/2005 4:18:05 PM): I release the tit and start sucking on the other cybersoul02 (8/29/2005 4:18:23 PM): ::i moan louder as i am so close jdm068014 (8/29/2005 4:18:59 PM): I suck hard on your tit as I continue to fuck your hot pussy jdm068014 (8/29/2005 4:20:06 PM): I pull all but the head out and the push it back in jdm068014 (8/29/2005 4:20:25 PM): I repeat this over and over getting harder with each stroke jdm068014 (8/29/2005 4:21:18 PM): I continue to suck your tit, concentrating solely on your nipple cybersoul02 (8/29/2005 4:21:35 PM): ::i pull you close and let out a final moan as i cum jdm068014 (8/29/2005 4:22:07 PM): I feel your release and stop to feel the flow jdm068014 (8/29/2005 4:22:45 PM): OK Miss Staci your final test, I pull my cock from your pussy jdm068014 (8/29/2005 4:23:35 PM): I crawl up on the deck and stradle you pointing my cock at your mouth cybersoul02 (8/29/2005 4:24:06 PM): ::i take it all at once and go as fast as possible, rubbing your balls and shafts:: jdm068014 (8/29/2005 4:24:42 PM): I start fucking your mouth. It doesnt take much and I release a load of cum down your throat jdm068014 (8/29/2005 4:25:41 PM): ahhhhh mmmmm cybersoul02 (8/29/2005 4:26:21 PM): ::i suck lightly as i take alll the cum jdm068014 (8/29/2005 4:27:11 PM): I pull my softening cock from your soft lips. cybersoul02 (8/29/2005 4:27:24 PM): ::i sit, exausted jdm068014 (8/29/2005 4:27:58 PM): Ok Miss Staci. . . . your have showed your ambition and it shall be rewarded. You are hired, you can start tomorrow cybersoul02 (8/29/2005 4:28:44 PM): great jdm068014 (8/29/2005 4:28:55 PM): I slide doen to the floor and pull my pants back up jdm068014 (8/29/2005 4:29:31 PM): you will be my personal assistant cybersoul02 (8/29/2005 4:30:11 PM): please add me, i gottta go jdm068014 (8/29/2005 4:30:16 PM): ok jdm068014 (8/29/2005 4:30:22 PM): thanks it was GREAT.

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