The Lake - Part 1


Here's one I attempted to post a while ago but the formatting kept getting screwed up and it came out in one long paragraph.   I hope it works this time.


Chapter 1

Pam Walters turned her red Rodeo into the driveway at 48 Oak Drive and honked the horn. The back of the little SUV was packed with camping equipment. Allie McConnell, her best friend for the past ten years, opened the front door of the small bungalow, held up her index finger, and disappeared back inside. Pam shut of the engine and waited.

Pam and Allie were both twenty-three. Pam was a leggy blonde with long wavy hair that fell well past her shoulders. She stood about five foot nine and weighed about one-fifteen. Her body was toned and well proportioned, something she worked hard to maintain. Her breasts were a perfect C-cup, requiring little or no support, and she had the kind of face that attracted looks from most men, and a few women. She worked as a receptionist at a downtown law firm, but was taking night classes in hopes of someday earning her law degree.

After a few minutes, the front door of the house opened again and a sleeping bag along with a duffle bag were tossed out onto the front lawn. A moment later, Allie stepped out carrying a fully loaded backpack.

Allie was also blonde, and her shorter hair usually fell straight to her shoulders, but today was tied up into a ponytail. She was a little shorter at five foot seven, and was also very attractive, although she didn’t attract the attention that Pam did.

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   While Pam had the movie star good looks, Allie was pretty in more of a tom-boy style. Her outgoing personality was her winning attribute and she was constantly talking Pam into doing something crazy and impulsive.

She waved and collected her things, then ran across the lawn to where the little SUV was parked. She was wearing khaki hiking shorts, which were a little tighter than they were meant to be, and a white cotton button-front shirt over a darker t-shirt. Her full breasts bounced as she approached the truck. Pam sighed. Allie hated to wear a bra. Her breasts were a little smaller than hers and she could usually pull it off, but sometimes it was so obvious that she could only shake her head.

She literally bounced up to the truck, her lean, tanned body showing no signs of excess fat. A pair of hiking boots and wrap around Ray-Ban sunglasses completed her look.

“Hey there!” she called as she tossed her gear into the back seat. She jumped into the passenger seat and pulled the door closed, a huge grin on her tanned face. “All set! Let’s go!”

Pam smiled, put the truck into reverse, and backed out onto the quiet suburban street. As they pulled away, Allie leaned over, peering into the back of the little SUV.

“Hey!” she exclaimed, examining the box with the new tent inside that Pam had just picked up.

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   “You got the big one! Cool!” She turned around and grinned at her. “This is gonna be great! It’s just what you need!”

Pam had broken up with her boyfriend of over two years just three months earlier. Everything had been going great and they had even talked briefly of marriage. Then one day, he told her that he had met someone else and didn’t love her anymore. She was devastated; hadn’t seen it coming.

After the breakup, Allie was always there for her, trying to cheer her up and consoling her when she wasn’t able to. For two months, she had respected her feelings and hadn’t pushed too hard for her to get on with her life.

But by the third month, she changed her tactics. She started dragging Pam out to bars and clubs, trying to set her up with someone - anyone. Even a one night stand might be enough to bring her around. Pam had reluctantly agreed and even accepted a few dinner invitations, but there was never a second date.

Now, Allie had talked her into a weekend camping trip to a nearby lake where she had learned there would be a sort of weekend-long party a few friends of hers were going to. They wouldn’t know a lot of people there and they’d be able to cut loose and have some wild fun. “It’s been three months,” Allie had told her. “It’s time you got laid!”

Pam steered the compact four wheel drive SUV toward the mountains west of town, listening to Allie tell her about the fun they were going to have.

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   The radio blasted classic rocks tunes from the only rock station they cold pick up. Bob Seger’s ‘Turn the Page’ came on and Allie cranked it up.

“I love this song!” She started singing along. Pam smothered a smile. Allie was her best friend, but she couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket!

The song ended and Pam turned the radio back down. “So, you have directions to this place, right? Or maybe even a map?” she asked as they pulled onto the freeway.

“Got everything right up here!” Allie replied, tapping the side of her head and grinning.

Pam rolled her eyes. “Oh, great! Just don’t get us too lost, ok?”

Allie laughed and pulled a state map from the glove box. “Relax! We follow the map west to highway four-thirty and go north for seven miles. The turnoff is marked with an orange cone. We can’t miss it!”

Pam looked over at her. “Sounds easy enough. I wish you’d write things down, though. ”

The day was getting warmer and Allie had removed her white shirt.

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   Her breasts bounced and jiggled as they drove over the little bumps and ripples on the pavement, straining at the thin fabric of her navy blue t-shirt. The words ‘You wish!’ were printed across the front of it. Typical Allie, an incorrigible flirt. Pam had never known her to stay with any guy more than a few months, yet she always seemed happy. Currently, she was unattached.

Allie waved off her comments with a little laugh and stuck her arm out the window. It was a beautiful day, already in the mid seventies and it wasn’t even ten o’clock. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the weather forecast was for the same all weekend and well into next week.

They found the exit for highway four-thirty and followed it north, Pam checking the odometer carefully while Allie just leaned back and watched the scenery pass by. As they approached the seven mile mark, Allie sat upright and watched for the telltale orange pylon. About a half mile past where Pam had said they’d gone seven miles, Allie pointed to the left side of the road.

“There it is! Right by that big pine tree!”

Sure enough. Next to the pine tree was a narrow dirt road and an orange pylon. Pam slowed the truck and turned onto the road, then stopped. A couple of car lengths from the highway, the road turned even narrower and became more of a trail than a road.

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   It was wide enough for a vehicle, however, with two wheel tracks leading out of sight into the thick trees.

“Are you sure this is the right road?” Pam asked as she eased the truck forward.

Allie shrugged. “I’ve never been here before, but the cone was there and the mileage was right. ”

“Actually, it was almost seven and a half miles,” Pam corrected her as she leaned over the steering wheel and studied the narrow path ahead.

Allie sighed. “They said about seven miles! Geez, Pam, sometimes you can be a little anal!” Pam shot her a dirty look and stuck out her tongue. “C’mon, this thing’s four wheel drive. If it gets too bad, we’ll just turn around. Angela said they were bringing their car, so if it gets too rough, we’ll know it’s not the right road. ”

Pam seemed skeptical, but Allie was right. It didn’t look like anything they could get stuck on. There were no mud holes; it was just narrow. She began to move down the narrow path, swerving occasionally to avoid a low-hanging branch.

“How far is it from the road?” she asked, cringing as a twig scraped along the side of the truck with a screeching sound.

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“They said it wasn’t far,” Allie replied nonchalantly.

After ten or fifteen minutes, they came upon two pickups parked in a clearing on the left side. “Is this it?” Pam asked as she pulled the Rodeo to a stop next to the two trucks.

Allie looked around, then studied the two trucks. “Angela and Rick don’t have a truck and she specifically said they were coming in their car. Maybe they haven’t gotten here yet. ” She opened her door and stepped out. Pam also got out and looked around.

They were standing in a small grassy clearing that could have parked maybe five vehicles and was surrounded by tall pine trees. “From the way Angela was talking, there should be more people here than this,” Allie added thoughtfully. She started over toward the trucks and Pam followed her.

As they walked around to the front of the two four wheel drive pickups, they noticed a walking trail leading down a gentle slope into the forest. Allie started down the trail without a second thought, but Pam hesitated.

“Hold on a minute. If we’re going down there, I’m locking the truck!” she said.

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Allie stopped and waited until she returned, then they set off down the trail together. It was a well-worn footpath that twisted around trees and the occasional chunk of granite. Birds chirped and chipmunks scolded them as they hiked along the trail, being careful not to trip over the many exposed roots. Occasional patches of sunlight filtered through the thick foliage and Pam found the shade they provided a nice respite from the hot sun. Unlike Allie, who was wearing her shorts, she had worn jeans and was now starting to wish she hadn’t. She decided she’d change into her shorts at the first opportunity.

After about five minutes, they began to see the silver reflection of water through breaks in the brush and a few moments later they emerged into a clearing by a small lake. Two tents were set up around a fire pit and a red-headed woman wearing shorts and a bikini top was washing dishes at the water’s edge. She glanced up and saw the two girls approaching, then stood up, shading her eyes against the bright sunlight. Allie waved and the woman waved back, although a little uncertainly.

“I don’t think this is the right place,” Pam said, leaning closer to Allie as the woman began walking toward them.

“Well maybe she can tell us where they are,” Allie responded. She smiled broadly as the redhead approached. They met at the fire pit between the two tents.

“Hi!” the woman said, flashing a smile.

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   “Can I help you? Are you lost?” She was a little taller than Allie, with a slender, well toned figure and looked to be in her mid to late twenties. Her long hair was tied up into a ponytail and she wore flip-flop sandals. Her ample breasts strained at the tight bikini top.

Allie introduced themselves and explained about the party. The redhead shook her head and said that she hadn’t heard of any parties nearby. She said her name was Kim and that she was here camping with her boyfriend Jack and his friend, Andy. The guys had gone fishing in Jack’s canoe a couple of hours ago, she explained.

Pam sighed and looked at Allie. “Now what?”

Allie shrugged dejectedly. “I dunno. We could keep looking. Maybe we missed the turnoff, or didn’t go far enough. We came all the way out here to go camping and I plan on going camping, even if it’s just the two of us!”

Pam chuckled. “I can’t believe you just said that! You, the incorrigible party girl, suggesting a quiet weekend in the woods!”

Allie sighed and scrunched up her face. “Geez, you’re right! I must be getting old or something!”

Kim watched their exchange with interest.

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   “Why don’t you have a seat and stay for a bit?” she suggested. “It would be nice to have someone to talk to while the guys are off fishing. ”

They weren’t in a big hurry so they sat down on some thick logs that surrounded the rock-ringed fire pit. The bark was long worn off and it was obvious they had been there for several years.

While Allie and Kim made small talk, Pam looked around. Across the lake a low mountain rose up a couple of thousand feet, its slopes green with pine, spruce, and the odd oak or maple tree. The clearing in which they sat was quite large and sloped gently down to the water. The area the fire pit was in was fairly flat, however, with room for four or five tents. The lake touched the shore in a gently curved pebble beach with two large boulders sticking a foot or two out of the water a few yards from shore. An ancient oak tree grew next to the water and its large canopy provided ample shade from the sun, while at the same time allowed enough sunlight to filter through so it wasn’t completely shaded.

“This is a beautiful campsite,” Pam said. “Do you come here a lot?”

Kim nodded. “Yes. My family used to own a lot of land up here, but it was mostly all sold off over the years. I convinced my father to sign over this part to me.

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   I love it here and couldn’t stand to lose it. ” She stood up and went over to a cooler. “Can I offer you a rum cooler or a beer? I’m afraid that’s all we have, unless you’d prefer a Pepsi. ” Pam opted for a cooler while Allie accepted a beer. Kim got herself a cooler and sat back down.

They talked for a while, asking the usual - where are you from and what do you do. Pam found Kim easy to talk to and liked her company. Allie did, too. She wouldn’t have spent all this time here if she didn’t. That was the thing with Allie - you always knew where you stood with her. If she didn’t agree with you, she’d tell you. And if she thought you were an ignorant asshole, she’d tell you that, too. She seemed to know almost right away if she liked someone, and Allie was laughing and joking with Kim in a way that Pam recognized as positive.

They finished their drinks and were preparing to go back out to the truck when Kim said, “Look, you guys want to do some camping. Why don’t you stay here with us? There’s plenty of room and it would sure be nice to have some more females here to balance out the testosterone!” They laughed and Allie looked over at Pam.



“What do think, Pam? Shall we stay?” Pam thought about it for a moment. It was beautiful here and Kim was nice.

“We don’t want to impose . . ,” Pam began, but Kim interrupted her with a laugh and a wave of her hand.

“Impose, hell! It gets boring sitting around here all day with no one but the squirrels to talk to while the menfolk are off fishing!” Then she added with a wink and a grin, “I don’t know if either of you are single, but Andy is, and he’s kinda cute, if that’s any incentive!”

Allie grinned broadly. “All right! We’ll stay!” She glanced over at Pam, who shot her a smug look. She was about to suggest that they take Kim up on her offer before she mentioned Andy, but could see the wheels turning in Allie’s head as she worked on a plan to set her up with Kim’s as yet unseen friend.

“What about your friends?” Pam asked. “Will they mind two strangers in camp?”

Kim laughed and shook her head. “What they would mind is if they came back and found out two beautiful girls stopped by looking for a place to camp and I didn’t offer to let them stay here!” Allie laughed and Pam blushed, then giggled herself.

Allie stood up, her breasts bouncing seductively in her t-shirt. “C’mon, Pammy, let’s start bringing our gear down!”

Pam noticed Kim’s gaze lingering on Allie’s quivering tits, her tongue wetting her thick, pouty lips. Then she seemed to realize she was staring and snapped out of her reverie. “I’ll give you a hand,” she said, and followed them up the path to the trucks.

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   Kim hadn’t appeared to notice that Pam had seen her staring. Still, all the way up the path to the truck, she was sure she could feel Kim’s eyes on her ass and wondered what they had gotten themselves into. It may have just been paranoia, but she didn’t think so.

Chapter 2

It took the three of them two trips, but they finally got everything down to the campsite. They set up the girl’s tent, unrolled their sleeping bags inside it and were sitting at the fire pit sipping drinks when a canoe with two men in it appeared from around a bend in the lake and turned toward the campsite.

As they came closer, Pam could make out a sandy-haired man in the front and a guy with wavy, shoulder-length brown hair in the back. Kim told them that her boyfriend, Jack, was the one in front and Andy was the dark haired man in the back of the boat.

The guys were observing them as well. They nosed the canoe onto the rocky beach and Kim ran down to help them pull it further on shore. Allie and Pam remained seated at the fire pit, watching as she explained about their new guests. They started up the slope to the camp, with Jack carrying a good sized string of lake trout in one hand, his other arm around Kim’s waist. Andy followed behind them, his eyes on Pam and Allie.

They arrived at the campsite and Kim made introductions, then took the string of fish from Jack. The guys graciously welcomed them, as Kim had said they would, and shook their hands warmly. Jack was ruggedly handsome and easy going.

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   He always seemed to have a broad smile on his face. He was tall and lanky, and had taken off his shirt at some point. Both girls noted his well-defined chest, although he wasn’t overly muscular.

Andy was the kind of guy that made Pam a little weak in the knees. He was quiet, dark featured, and very handsome. His hair fell in waves to his shoulders and he sported a two or three day growth of beard. He must have been close to six feet tall and weighed nearly one-eighty, but wasn’t the least bit overweight. His arms were big, but not grossly oversized. His warm brown eyes sparkled as he shook Pam’s hand and when he smiled at her, her heart skipped a beat.

Allie knew he was Pam’s type as soon as she saw him and smiled to herself when she saw how shy and awkward she acted around him. ‘Perfect,’ she thought. ‘If I can’t get her laid this weekend, I give up!’

A little later, Pam and Allie were collecting firewood. Allie looked around to make sure no one was within earshot, then said, “So, are you glad we found this place?”

Pam picked up a piece of wood and tucked it under her arm with the other pieces. “Sure. It’s nice.

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   I like Kim and the guys. We should have a nice weekend. ” She continued collecting small pieces while Allie stood watching her. She stood up and looked at Allie.


Allie grinned. “I saw the way you acted around Andy. Are you going to be fucking him later, or what?”

Pam stared at her, her eyes wide. “Allie! What the hell are you talking about!?” She could feel her face getting hot.

Allie rolled her eyes and chuckled. “C’mon, Pam, I saw you. And I know he’s just the type you find irresistible - tall, dark, quiet. Not to mention gorgeous!”

Pam sighed. “All right, I admit that I find him attractive. But I don’t even know the guy! I’m not going to jump into bed with him!”

“Well, no. Of course not,” she replied with a grin.

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   “Get to know him for an hour or two, then jump into bed with him!”

Pam tossed a twig at her, which Allie easily ducked. “Mind your own damn business!” she said, giving her a dirty look.

Allie raised her hand in a gesture of surrender. “All right, all right! But you really need to get laid! Soon!”

“Shut up!” Pam exclaimed, grinning at her friend. Then she remembered Kim’s leering look at Allie’s tight t-shirt. “Speaking of hooking up, I think you have an admirer in camp, too!”

Allie stood up and looked at her, a puzzled look on her face. “Me? Who? Not Jack!” Pam shook her head, still grinning.

“Nope, and not Andy, either!”

Allie stared at her, then her eyes grew wide as she put it all together. “No! Are you serious?!”

Pam nodded. “I caught her getting an eyeful of your t-shirt when we were going up to get our stuff from the truck. She wasn’t just reading it, either!”

Allie studied her face, looking for any hints of deception. She could see none, but didn’t want to seem too gullible. “Are you sure? Because that’s a little . . .

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   creepy. ”

Pam shrugged and collected another small branch from the forest floor. “I just know what I saw, and trust me, I know that look!”

Allie thought it over. She was right about that. Pam had been on the receiving end of that look since she was thirteen years old, having developed quite early in life. Allie got her fair share of whistles and stares from the opposite sex, but Pam got more than her share.

“Wow. That’s . . . I don’t know. But she’s with Jack! She can’t be a lesbian!” Allie protested.

“Maybe she’s bi-sexual,” Pam said as they started back toward the camp. “I wouldn’t let it bug you. It’s not like she’s going to attack you and have her way with you.

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  ” Allie laughed nervously. “And besides,” Pam added with a grin, “she is kinda cute!” Allie shot her an annoyed look, then laughed.

“Can’t argue with that!” she said.

They finished filling their arms with dead branches and returned to the camp, dropping them onto the growing pile next to the fire pit. Jack and Andy were down by the lake cleaning the fish while Kim was leveling a metal grill over the stones of the fire pit so she could fry up the fish in a cast iron skillet. She looked up as the girls sat down and pushed on one corner of the grill. It rocked slightly on the uneven stones.

“Close enough,” she said, and removed it to light the fire. As she collected up a small pile of twigs and arranged them in a little teepee, she glanced over at Pam. “Andy likes you,” she said as she struck a match to the small piece of paper under the twigs. Pam was breaking up small branches into shorter pieces. She looked over at Kim, who was blowing gently on the small flame.

“What makes you say that?” she asked, trying not to sound too interested. Kim didn’t answer immediately, much to Pam’s annoyance. She continued blowing on the fire until the twigs caught, then tossed a few more onto the growing flames.

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She sat back and shrugged, still watching the fire. “I know him pretty well. And I can tell he’s definitely interested. ” She looked over at the pretty blonde. “Just thought you’d like to know. ”

Pam waited a few seconds, then said, “But how can you tell? He didn’t give me any indication. ”

Kim smiled, her eyes looking over Pam’s figure. “Well, for one thing, there’s nothing wrong with his eyes!” She nodded toward the two men, who were well out of earshot. “I’ve had to cuff Jack a couple of times already!”

Allie laughed but Pam wanted to know more about this quiet, unassuming man who was apparently attracted to her as much as she was to him. Guys stared at her all the time, and she supposed she’d grown so accustomed to it that she hardly noticed it anymore. It didn’t necessarily mean that they were interested in any more than getting into her pants.

“So, he didn’t say anything, then,” she said, trying to make it sound casual.

Kim smiled. “I’ve known Andy a long time. We went to elementary school together.

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   He’s quiet, but not shy. Not unless he’s near a woman he’s really attracted to. I’ve never seen him this shy around someone. And he’s usually not this quiet!” She eyed Pam, one eyebrow raised. “Am I to assume that you’re interested as well, judging by your questions?”

Pam shrugged, but before she could say anything, Allie spoke up. “You assume correctly, Kim!” Pam shot her a dirty look and stuck her tongue out at her. Allie grinned and laughed.

Kim tossed some more wood on the growing flames. “I won’t say anything if you don’t want me to, Pam. You don’t have to worry. But if you are interested, here’s a little advice: you start the conversation. He’ll open up eventually and you’ll see that he’s a really great guy. ” She grinned and lowered her voice, leaning in conspiratorially. “And he’s hung like a fucking horse!” Pam giggled and Allie nearly fell off her seat laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Jack asked.

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   He and Andy had finished cleaning the fish and had just set the cooler containing them at the other side of the fire pit. Allie started to say something, but Pam cut her off, afraid that she would actually tell them.

“We were telling Kim how Allie and I went out clubbing one night last year and I woke up on a plane bound for Las Vegas. I couldn’t remember even leaving the bar, let alone getting on a plane!” It wasn’t a total lie. It actually had happened and they had told Kim about it earlier, before the guys had returned.

“Sounds like quite a party,” Andy said quietly, smiling at Pam.

Allie began laughing again. “Sh . . . she wanted them to turn the plane around and bring her back!”

Everyone started laughing and Pam could feel her face getting hot. It was an embarrassing story, but not as bad as if Allie had spilled the beans in front of Andy. It was Kim who saved her from further ridicule.

“Shit! I forgot the flour in my truck! Andy, would you mind?” She tossed him the keys.

“Sure, I’ll be right back.

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  ” He began walking toward the trucks. Kim shot Pam a look of consternation and jerked her head toward him. Allie also gave her a stern look.

“Uh, hang on, Andy,” she called, eyeing Kim, who smiled and nodded. He stopped and turned around. “Mind if I tag along? I need to get something from my truck. ”

Andy gave her his heart-stopping smile and said, “Sure, it would be nice to have some company. ” With a quick thumbs up from Allie, she stood and went over to him and together they went up the path into the woods.

As soon as they were out of sight, Kim promptly pulled a five pound bag of flour from the food chest. Allie grinned and Jack rolled his eyes. “Oh, fer . . . ,” he said, shaking his head.

“You’re good!” Allie said, grinning at Kim as she began dipping the trout in flour and dropping them into the skillet.


   Kim just smiled.

“Sometimes they just need a little nudge,” she said.

Chapter 3

Pam followed Andy along the footpath and they began the uphill trek back to the trucks. Neither spoke and she found the silence a little uncomfortable. She wracked her brain for something to say that didn’t sound too stupid. But she couldn’t yank her eyes from his denim-clad butt as they made their way up the hill long enough to think of something.

They finally arrived at the red Chevy pickup. Andy opened the door and dug around inside for the flour, which of course, wasn’t there.

“Find it?” Pam asked, leaning on the hood at the front of the truck. He shook his head and closed the door, making sure it was locked. He gave her a quick shrug.

“Nope. No flour in there. If she forgot to bring it, someone will have to run to the store. We can’t cook the trout without it.

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  ” He came over, leaned against the fender next to her and fished around in his shirt pocket. He pulled out a fat joint and held it up. “Do you smoke?”

Pam nodded. “Sure. Sometimes. ” She moved over next to him as he lit it. He puffed on it, then took a long toke and passed it to her. As she sucked on it, he blew out the smoke and looked around at the tall pines that surrounded them.

“I just love it out here,” he said. She passed the joint back to him and exhaled.

“It’s really beautiful,” she agreed, also looking around. .

“So you guys were looking for some kind of party?” he asked before taking another toke. Pam nodded and accepted the joint from him.


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   Allie heard about it. Some friends of hers were supposed to be there. ” She took another pull and passed the dwindling joint back to Andy. She blew out the smoke and explained about the directions and the orange pylon. He puffed on the roach and offered it to her, but it was getting pretty small and she shook her head. “It was Allie’s idea,” she said as she watched him take one more puff, then grind it into the soft earth with his boot. “Personally, I’m glad we ended up here. This is much more my style. ”

He nodded as he blew out the last of the smoke. “I know what you mean. I prefer a nice quiet camp with a few good friends. ” He smiled at her. “Did you catch a buzz? I’ve got another one here . . .

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He started fishing into his shirt pocket but Pam reached out and put her hand on his arm. He stopped and looked over at her and she quickly pulled her hand back.

“I . . . I’m . . . ” She managed a nervous smile. “I’m ok. That was enough,” she finally managed to say. Andy nodded and pulled his hand from his pocket.

They both stared at the ground, neither speaking for a second or two until Pam said, “I’m sorry we intruded on your quiet weekend. ”

Andy looked puzzled, then smiled. “Intruding? You’re not intruding! Besides, I don’t think I could stand another night listening to Jack and Kim going at in their tent half the night.

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   Fuck, they’re noisy!”

Pam stared at him for a second, then burst out laughing. Andy did, too and soon they were both laughing hysterically, the effects of the marijuana no doubt increasing the humor level of Andy’s comment.

“Half the night!?” Pam managed to blurt out between fits of uncontrolled giggling.

Andy held up a hand, his face lit up in a wide grin. “I swear!” They broke out into gales of laughter again. Pam loved the way he laughed. It was almost child-like and seemed an odd laugh for such a big man.

They finally quieted down after a few minutes, only snickering every now and then. It was pretty good pot and Pam was as stoned as she had been in quite some time. Andy looked over at her Rodeo.

“Is that yours or Allie’s?” he asked, walking slowly toward it. Pam followed him.

“It’s mine,” she said. “I wanted something with four wheel drive for camping and winter driving. ”

“Nice,” he said, peering inside.

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   “I needed something to haul my toys around - my four wheeler and sled. ” He gestured at the blue four wheel drive GMC pickup.

“I love snowmobiling,” Pam said as they walked over and stood leaning over the bed of his truck. “We used to do it all the time when I was a kid. But I haven’t been on one in years. ”

“Maybe I could take you out on mine sometime,” he said as they began the walk back to the campsite. They continued talking about snowmobiling, and Andy filled her in on how he had met Jack and introduced Kim to him. As they approached the campsite, he was saying, “. . . and there she was, buck naked on the deck!”

Kim rolled her eyes as she lifted the fried trout out of the pan with a spatula and dropped them onto a platter Allie was holding. “Oh, shit, Andy! Do you have to tell that story to everyone!?”

Allie looked from Andy back to Kim. “Well now, you can’t just let me hear that much without telling me the rest!”

Kim sighed. “It was, what . .

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   . three years ago? I was so drunk, I don’t remember any of it!”

Jack laughed. “Well, no one else who was there will ever forget it!” Kim smacked him with the greasy spatula.

“Ow! Hey! Be nice!” he cried, rubbing his arm. Kim shot him a stern look and stuck her tongue out at him. Andy retold the story.

“She tried to talk everyone into going skinny-dipping in the pool at a party at Jack’s brother’s house, but no one else wanted to. The next thing we knew, she was out on the deck, completely nude, yelling through the patio doors for everyone to come out and join her!”

Kim shook her head, chuckling. “It seems to me that I was invited to a lot of parties after that!” They all had a good laugh while Kim finished frying the fish.

Andy went over and knelt next to Kim “I, uh . . . see that you found the flour,” he said, giving Kim a smug look and handing her keys back to her.

“Huh? Oh, yeah. It was in the chest.

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   Guess I just didn’t see it. Sorry,” she replied, not meeting his gaze.

“Uh-huh,” he said, looking across the fire at Pam as she laughed at something Jack had said. “Thanks,” he added in a low voice.

An hour later, after everyone had their fill of the delicious trout, Allie and Pam were down by the lake washing the dishes. Allie persisted in asking Pam if she was going to make a move on Andy sometime tonight and she was getting a little annoyed at her constant badgering.

“Look, Allie,” she finally said, dropping the frying pan she had been drying into the bucket. “I like him. I like him a lot. He seems like a very nice guy, but I don’t know, all right!? I’m not like you! I can’t just jump into bed with some guy after only knowing him a few hours! I’m going to take it slow, ok? If anything happens, I don’t want him to be the guy I use to get over Pete. He seems special, and that’s how I’m going to treat him. Got it?”

Allie sighed and nodded. “Ok, ok. I’m sorry. I’m just getting tired of you always being depressed and upset over Pete, that two-timing asshole.

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  ” She dried her hands on the towel and took Pam by the shoulders, looking into her bright green eyes. “I just want you to be happy. I’m sorry if it seems like I’m pushing you, but sometimes you can be so damn . . . frustrating!” She released her shoulders and smiled. “I love you like a sister and I hate to see you moping around all the time. ” She motioned toward the others, who were sitting around the fire in the gathering dusk. “If Kim hadn’t set you guys up on that bogus flour run, you may not have said more than two words to Andy all weekend!”

Pam stared at her. “So that was a set up! I had my suspicions!”

Allie grinned. “Sorry. I didn’t know until after you left, I swear. But Kim told me that Andy thanked her for doing it when you got back. ”

Pam blushed. “He did?” Allie nodded, still grinning.

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   Pam started to grin, too. “We did have fun!”

“See? Now don’t let him get away! You and Pete have been apart for three months! You’re over him! Andy doesn’t have to be the ‘in between’ guy! Go for it!”

Pam looked worried, but she managed to smile. “I’ll see how it goes,” she said. “But if it doesn’t feel right, I’m not going to force it. ”

Allie sighed again. “You’ll never change, honey. But I still love you. ”

She picked up the bucket of clean dishes and they made their way back up to the fire. Kim and Jack were sitting on one log, laughing and pushing each other playfully while Andy looked on, grinning at them. Allie dropped the clean dishes next to the ‘kitchen’, as Kim referred to her two boards lying across a couple of cinder blocks where they prepared their meals.

There were three logs placed at three sides of the fire pit, each about five feet long. Kim and Jack sat together on one, while Andy sat across the fire pit from them on another. Allie sat down on one end of the unoccupied log while Pam went to get them a couple of drinks from the cooler. When she brought the drinks over and prepared to sit next to Allie, Allie pretended to fumble her beer, spilling it on the log beside her.

“Oh, shit!” she exclaimed, a disgusted look on her face.

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   Almost half her beer was gone, soaking the other end of the log. “God damn it!” Allie exclaimed, putting her lips over the neck of the bottle to keep it from foaming over. Pam gave her a suspicious look, then sat down next to Andy on the other log.

“Clumsy,” Kim said, a slight smile on her lips. Allie turned to her and winked, out of Pam’s line of sight. Pam wasn’t stupid. She’d fully expected Allie to pull some kind of stunt before the night was over, she just hadn’t expected her to move so fast. But she said nothing. It was nice to have had an excuse to sit next to Andy.

“Did you get wet?” Andy asked, looking down at her jeans.

“No, just the log,” Pam said, doing a double check herself. She looked up at him and smiled. “Not a drop!”

They all began chatting about stupid things they’d done at parties. Of course, Kim’s skinny-dipping fiasco came up again. Jack produce a battery powered cd player and turned on some music and they sat around the fire, drinking and laughing like old friends.


   Pam was getting a little braver as the night went on, touching Andy from time to time while they talked.

After she’d had about three or four coolers, he was telling a story about a snowmobile trip he and Jack had been on where Jack broke through the ice on a river somewhere, and he casually put his arm around her shoulders. She was a little startled at first, then relaxed and leaned closer to him. His gentle embrace was warm and comforting and it felt good to have a man holding her again. She glanced over at Allie, who grinned and gave her a subtle thumbs up sign.

A little while later, things were still pretty lively. Allie, Kim, and Jack were deep in a discussion about how many stars there were, and how many other universes, etc, etc. Andy leaned over and whispered into Pam’s ear.

“Wanna go for a walk? This is boring the shit outta me!”

Pam smiled and nodded. They stood up. “We’ll be right back,” Andy said.

He pointed toward the dwindling pile of firewood. Jack waved and nodded while he listened to Allie go on about the possibility of an endless number of worlds not that much different than earth. Andy stopped by his tent and got a flashlight, then he and Pam went up the path to where the trucks were parked.

“Fuck, that shit really gets to me after a while,” he said.

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   He dropped his hand down so it touched hers, then slipped it into her soft, warm palm. Pam squeezed it slightly as they made their way up the hill. When they arrived at the trucks, he turned off the flashlight. There was a full moon in the clear sky and their eyes soon adjusted so that they could see quite well in the pale moonlight once they were out of the cover of the woods. He led her over to his truck, dropped the tailgate, and sat down on it. Pam sat next to him without waiting to be invited to.

“Beautiful night,” he said, pulling another joint from his pocket.

“Yeah,” Pam agreed. “I love it when the moon’s so bright you don’t even need a light. ” She looked over as he pulled out his lighter to spark it up. “Wait,” she said, putting her hand on his arm. “That’ll make me sleepy after all the coolers I drank. ” She looked up into his dark eyes. “And I don’t want to go to sleep yet,” she added softly.

He put the lighter down and took the joint from his lips, looking back into her eyes.

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   He slowly dropped them both back into his pocket, his eyes never leaving hers.

“Pam, I . . . ”

She leaned forward and kissed him, cutting off his words. For a second, he didn’t respond and she thought she’d made a mistake. But then he got over his surprise at her aggressiveness and returned her kiss, his lips moving against hers. They kept this up for quite a while, their tongues moving together and hands exploring and caressing. Finally, they pulled apart, but continued to hold each other in a loose embrace. Andy brushed her silky hair from her face and smiled at her.

“Wow,” he said softly, then kissed her forehead. Pam closed her eyes as his lips touched her skin, then opened them and smiled up at him. “I’ve been wanting to do that since we paddled up in the canoe and I first saw you standing there. ”

“Really?” He nodded. She smiled and licked her lips.

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   “I guess I did, too,” she admitted. “I just didn’t realize how much I wanted to until now. ”

They moved together and began to kiss again, this time hungrier, with even more passion. They pulled their lips apart after a few minutes and Andy moved his lips along her cheek and down to her neck. Pam sighed and raised her head to give him better access. His soft kisses on the sensitive skin of her neck and throat sent shivers down her spine and, to her surprise, she felt her pussy getting damp.

This was something new to her. She had never become wet during the first few minutes of making out with a guy before. What did this mean? Obviously, her body was trying to tell her something her brain couldn’t comprehend. She decided just to enjoy it and go with it. What harm could come from a little innocent necking, anyway?

Andy stopped kissing her neck and looked into her eyes once more. He kissed her on the lips, then smiled. “This is great, Pam, but we better be getting back before . . .

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  ” He left his sentence unfinished, looking at her.

“Before . . . what? They wonder where we went? I’m a big girl, Andy. I can take care of myself,” she said, leaning in to kiss him again. He let her kiss him, then pulled away again.

“That’s not what I meant,” he said. He took her hands and looked deep into her eyes. “You’ve had a bit to drink tonight, and I don’t want . . . ” He paused, searching for the right words. “I don’t want you to do something you might regret tomorrow,” he said.

Pam thought about his words and looked into his dark eyes.

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   “I appreciate that, Andy. But, I had these feelings for you before I started drinking. I guess I just needed the alcohol to lower my inhibitions a little. My feelings haven’t changed. ”

She reached over and pressed her hand against his hard chest, feeling the ripples of his hard muscles under his thin t-shirt. It was a warm night and both of them wore the same clothes they had worn during the day. He took her hand from his chest, raised it to his lips, and kissed it softly.

“Are you saying what I think you’re saying?” he asked, a hint of caution in his voice. She smiled.

“If you’re asking me to come to your tent tonight, I don’t think so. ” His face fell and she quickly squeezed his hand and added, “Not because I don’t want to, but because we wouldn’t have much privacy. ”

His face brightened and he looked up at her, nodding. “You’re right. We wouldn’t,” he said, remembering the sounds coming from Kim and Jack’s tent the night before.

She was becoming very aroused by their intimacy and decided on the spur of the moment to take it to the next level.

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   “However,” she said, looking around, then meeting his eyes with a devilish grin on her face. “I don’t see anyone else around here!” She dropped a hand to his thigh and slowly moved it up until she felt the bulge of his cock under his jeans. He grinned and kissed her again as she continued to rub her hand back and forth along it’s growing length.

She soon discovered that Kim hadn’t been lying about his size. His cock was growing more and more, already almost seven inches down his leg, by her estimate. His hand crept along her side, gradually moving over to her left breast. She sighed into his mouth as he brushed his fingers over her nipple. Even through her t-shirt and bra, it sent a tingle through her body and her pussy got even wetter. She couldn’t wait any longer. His cock was still getting bigger. She had to see this thing; touch it. Right now.

She stood up, took his hand, and without a word, led him over to the back of her Rodeo. She unlocked the back hatch, reached inside and pulled out a heavy wool blanket she kept there for the times her and Pete had slipped off to some secluded area for a little outdoor sex. She spread out the blanket on the dewy grass and stood before him on it.

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   She leaned up to kiss him, feeling his arms go around her back and pull her body tight to his. She grabbed his shirt and raised it up. He let her go long enough to pull it over his head, then dropped it onto the blanket beside them. Pam kissed his chest while his hands went to her shirt and raised it over her head. She pulled it free from her long hair and tossed it aside. Without hardly a pause, Andy’s hands went to the clasp of her bra and he deftly unhooked it, then pulled it away, freeing her firm breasts from their restraint. Pam was startled at the feeling of the night air on her bare skin. Although it wasn’t cold, her body tingled and she felt goose bumps all over.

Andy didn’t give her much time to think about her goose bumps. His hands went to her bare breasts, squeezing and caressing each one gently. Her nipples were fully erect and extremely sensitive. His fingers sought them out and she moaned softly as he rubbed each one between his thumb and forefinger. It was like he knew exactly what she liked!

While he continued teasing her nipples, she kissed him long and hard, pushing her tongue deep into his throat. Her hands went to the button of his jeans. She unfastened it and slowly pulled the zipper down.

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   She could feel the hardness of his cock pushing against her hands as she did.

She pulled away, breaking off the kiss, then reluctantly removed his hands from her tits. With a lick of her lips and a mischievous grin, she got to her knees on the blanket and gestured for him to stand. She started to work his jeans down. She pulled them down to his ankles, then untied his hiking boots so he could step out of them and she could take his jeans all the way off. She didn’t want him encumbered by a pair of pants around his ankles.

As he pulled them off, she looked up at the bulge in his boxer shorts. Her eyes grew wide as she took in the full size of his penis. It had to be nearly eight or nine inches long! The tip was poking out of the leg of his boxers! She looked up at him, a look of pleasant surprise on her face. He merely grinned and shrugged. She had to see this thing in the flesh! Her hands went to the waistband of his shorts and she pulled them down. As they passed the tip of his cock, it slowly rose up so that it was pointing straight out. She stared at it as she pulled his shorts to his ankles and he kicked them off.

He now stood completely naked before her, his huge cock inches from her face. With some trepidation, she reached up and grasped the long, hard shaft.

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   Andy sighed and she started to stroke it, feeling every bump on the rough surface. She ran her hand up and lightly rubbed it across the soft head, wet with his precum. She looked up at him. His eyes were closed, enjoying her gentle caress. She kept stroking the monster penis, watching his face as he sighed and moaned. Then she moved her face closer, parted her lips, and took almost four inches of it into her warm, wet mouth.

Andy gasped in surprised pleasure. He looked down at the gorgeous blonde sucking on his cock, then moaned as she touched on an especially sensitive spot. She rolled her eyes up, looking into his as she continued sucking on his big tool. He smiled down at her and rested his hand on her head. He began to move his hips slightly, moving with her but being careful not to push it in too far. Pam continued her sucking. She had always been a little shy getting started, but once the clothes came off she turned into sexual animal. She had never seen a cock this big before, let alone had one in her mouth, and she was enjoying every minute of it!

So was Andy. His moans were getting louder and his breathing was becoming shallow.

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   A copious amount of precum was oozing into her mouth. Not that she minded the taste, but she knew it meant that he wasn’t far from cumming. She pulled her lips from the huge rod and stroked it, looking up at him.

“Does it feel good, baby?” she asked in a sultry voice.

Andy looked down at her and nodded. “Uh-huh! It f . . . feels real good! I’m almost ready to cum!” he said in a shaky voice.

She stroked his thick meat faster. “I know. Do you want to cum in my mouth? I don’t mind!” she said, still using the sexiest bedroom voice he’d ever heard.

“Oh, yes! I would!” he said. Pam took his cock back into her mouth and began to move her lips over the big head, quickly bobbing her head back and forth on it. At the same time, she jerked the part of the long shaft that wasn’t in her mouth with her hand.


   Andy began to moan again and his hand pushed her head forward.

“Oh, shit! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna . . . arrrggghhh!”

She felt his cock swell and her mouth was filled with a thick warm, and salty fluid. She swallowed some and let more dribble from the corners of her mouth. She pulled the spurting beast from her mouth, but continued to stroke it with her hand, shooting his spunk all over her face and hair. Some girls hated getting cum on their face, or in their mouths. For her, it was exciting and she sometimes had an orgasm just from letting some guy blow his load all over her face. It seemed that it wasn’t going to happen tonight, which she thought odd, considering how turned on and wet she was.

She kept jerking him off until he finally finished, then she slipped her soft, spermy lips over the head of his trembling dick and sucked it clean, sending shivers throughout his body and causing him to gasp and shudder. After a minute or two of that, she looked up at him and grinned. Her face was streaked with cum, and streams of it ran down her cheeks and dripped from her chin to her tits and finally to the blanket.

“Holy shit!” he gasped. “Pam! That was .

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   . . incredible!” She smiled and wiped a gob of white jism from her face, then popped the finger into her mouth, sucking it clean.

“I wanted to do it,” she said, smiling up at him. “It really turns me on when a guy cums in my face!”

He shook his head and took her hands to help her to her feet. “I never would have suspected you to like that!” he said as he wiped a gob from her eyelid. “Kim, definitely. Allie,” he shrugged. “. . . maybe. But you!” He shook his head. “Nope, never would have thought it. ”

She reached into the back of her truck and pulled out a roll of paper towel.

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   She cleaned her face as best she could, then Andy helped her get the worst of it out of her hair. When they finished, he looked at the topless beauty before him and licked his lips, grinning. “Now it’s your turn, my dear!” he said.

Chapter 4

Allie was so engrossed in their existential conversation that she didn’t notice Pam and Andy get up to leave. She noticed they were gone just as they started up the trail to the trucks.

“Where are they going?” she asked, watching the bobbing flashlight as it disappeared into the woods. She looked back at Kim and Jack. Kim grinned while Jack just shrugged and looked at the dwindling pile of firewood.

“I think Andy said they were going for firewood,” he said, although without much conviction. Kim laughed.

“Yeah, sure they were!” She nudged Jack, who was setting his beer down to stir the fire. “We are getting a little low. Maybe you should go see if you can find some. ”

He sighed. “All right.

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   Just let me finish my beer first. ” He had just opened it. He dropped the stick he was stirring the fire with and took another big pull off the brown bottle. Standing up, he tossed some of the few remaining sticks into the fire, then finished off his beer. “Ok, I’ll be back in a bit. ” He picked up a flashlight and trudged off toward the trail.

“Hey!” Kim called out to him. He turned to her.


She rolled her eyes. “Go somewhere else, shithead! Give them a little privacy!” He sighed and turned into the woods to the right of the path. Kim looked back at Allie and shook her head. “Sometimes he just doesn’t think. ”

Allie grinned at her. “Men!” she said, kicking at the fire.

Neither spoke for a moment, both staring into the dancing flames.

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   The silence got Allie thinking about what Pam had told her earlier about Kim looking lustily at her tits. She glanced quickly over at the busty redhead, then averted her eyes back to the fire. It wasn’t like sex with a woman had never crossed her mind. She’d seen plenty of pornos involving only women, or two women with a man, and didn’t find it that strange, or even disgusting. Women had beautiful bodies and she often caught herself admiring some woman now and then. Whether or not she could actually do it herself remained to be seen. And the idea of a threesome really intrigued her. Despite all of her sexual escapades, it was something she had never tried.

She continued staring into the crackling flames and thought more about it. Kim was very attractive, and she liked her a lot. She hoped they could remain in touch after the weekend was over and maybe become good friends. She stole another glance at her and met Kim’s warm blue eyes looking back at her. Kim smiled and took another sip of her beer.

“You seem deep in thought,” she said after she swallowed a mouthful.


Allie smiled.

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   “Not really. Just zoned out there for a minute, I guess. ” She decided to test Pam’s theory and leaned back, stretching her arms over her head in a yawn so that her t-shirt pulled tight across her chest. Kim looked down at her breasts briefly, then took another drink of her beer. It could have been a sneak peek. But she wasn’t sure.

“Getting tired?” she asked, her eyes on Allie’s across the fire. Allie looked back at her, the firelight dancing in Kim’s eyes.

“No, just a little stiff,” she said, rubbing her shoulders. “Must have all that bending over when we were collecting wood earlier. I’m not used to doing that. ”

Kim stood up and walked over behind her. “Let me see if I can help. I massage Jack’s shoulders all the time. ” She put her gentle hands on Allie’s shoulders and began to knead the tired, aching muscles.

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“Ahh . . . oh, yeah. That feels great, Kim!” She continued her massage while Allie closed her eyes and relaxed under her gentle touch. After a moment of this, she felt Kim’s breath on her ear.

“You have a very beautiful body, Allie,” she whispered, then kissed her neck. Allie froze, then slowly turned to look at her. Kim smiled and shrugged. “I’m sorry, but I had to tell you. Just say the word and I’ll drop it, but I have to tell you that I find you very attractive. ”

For once, Allie didn’t know what to say. She just stared at Kim and fidgeted nervously. “I . .

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   . uh . . . ,” she stammered, her mouth dry.

Kim smiled and sat down on the log beside her, which had since dried in the heat of the fire. “I’m sorry, Allie. I saw you looking at me and I thought maybe you felt the same way. I didn’t mean to freak you out. Just forget I said anything, ok?”

Allie looked into the fire and twisted her hands together between her knees. “No, it’s . . . ok, Kim. I’m not offended.

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   Just a little . . . surprised, is all. ” She glanced over at the pretty redhead and grinned sheepishly. “To be honest, Pam said she saw you checking me out and I was looking at you to see if she was right or was just yanking my chain. ”

Kim laughed softly and took a deep breath. “She’s right. Guilty as charged. Sorry. ”

Allie narrowed her eyes. “But you’re here with Jack . . . how can you be a .

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   . . a . . . ”

“Lesbian?” Kim finished with a chuckle. “It’s ok. You can say it. But no, I’m not a lesbian. I like women, true, but I also like a good fuck, too!”

“So you’re bi-sexual?” Allie asked, becoming more curious about Kim’s lifestyle.

“Exactly,” Kim said, smiling broadly. Then her smile softened. “Have you ever thought about being with another woman?”

Allie didn’t reply right away. Kim apparently took her silence as an affirmative. “Would you like to?” she asked, touching Allie’s arm softly.

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   Allie continued staring into the fire, still not speaking. Kim put a hand on her cheek and turned her face to hers. Allie stared into her pale blue eyes, unable to pull her gaze away. Kim smiled, leaned in, and kissed her softly on the lips, then pulled back.

Allie licked her lips. She hadn’t responded to Kim’s kiss, but she hadn’t resisted either. Kim smiled at her and she found herself smiling back.

“Was that ok?” Allie nodded dumbly, still studying the redhead’s pretty face. “Would you like me to do it again?” Again, Allie nodded, enthralled by this new experience. She didn’t know if she would take it any further, but she did like kissing her. This time, when her full, soft lips touched hers, she moved hers, parting them slightly. Kim took this as a signal and pushed her tongue against Allie’s lips. Allie hesitated only a second before parting her lips wider and inviting her warm tongue into her mouth. They held their kiss for several seconds, their tongues darting together in an erotic dance.

When they finally pulled apart, Allie licked her lips again and her eyes met Kim’s.


   Kim smiled at her. “That was nice!” she said in a breathless whisper. Allie nodded, returning her smile.

“Yes,” she whispered, finally speaking. “Nice. ” Kim stood up and tossed a few more sticks into the fire. The pile was nearly gone.

“I wonder where Jack is?” she asked casually, looking off in the direction he had gone.

“Does Jack know that you . . . date women?” Allie asked, still reliving the hungry, passionate kiss.

Kim sat back down beside her and nodded. “Oh, yes. Most times, he comes with me on my ‘date’, as you call it.

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  ” She gave her a sultry smile and nibbled on her lower lip. “A threesome is so hot!” Allie grinned and nodded. She could imagine how it could be very hot!

Kim moved closer and leaned toward her. “If you’re interested, we could do it tonight. I know Jack thinks you’re sexy!” Allie turned to her, her eyes wide.

“T . . . tonight?” she asked unsurely. “I . . . I don’t know. ” She averted her eyes back to the fire. Just then, Jack walked out of the woods with an armload of wood.

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“Think about it, ok? I really hope you do,” Kim said, gently squeezing her shoulder, then went over to Jack and took some of the branches that were falling from his load. They came back to the fire and dropped them onto the pile.

“That should be enough for tonight,” he said, brushing the wood and bark chips from his clothes. “It’s really getting picked clean around here. We’re going to have to start bringing it in with us. ” He looked over at Allie, who was staring into the flames, appearing deep in thought. “Hey, Allie, wake up!” he said, grinning at her as he piled more wood on the fire.

She startled from her thoughts and looked up at him. He was quite handsome, the kind of guy she’d seriously consider sleeping with if he was single. But apparently, that wasn’t an issue with Kim, as long as she was there, too! She took a sip from her nearly empty beer and shook her head.

“Sorry, I sometimes get a little hypnotized by the fire and phase out,” she said with a chuckle.

Kim laughed. “It’s true. I caught her doing it earlier. ” She hugged Jack as he sat next to her on the log and twisted the top off a fresh beer.

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   “We’ll have to keep her talking so she doesn’t fall into the fire!” Jack grinned at her and took a long drink, then put an arm around behind Kim and reached around to rub her tit. Kim smiled and turned to kiss him.

Allie watched in silence at this unabashed groping. Then Kim’s hand dropped to Jack’s crotch and she rubbed her hand slowly back and forth while they kissed. After a moment, they pulled apart and looked over at Allie.

“Sorry, honey,” Kim said. “Sometimes we just can’t keep our hands off each other!” Allie grinned and took another drink, not knowing how to respond. Jack leaned over and whispered in Kim’s ear. Kim slapped his arm. “Jack! It’s rude to whisper in front of friends! We don’t keep secrets!” Jack looked at her in surprise for a second, then feigned injury.

“Geez, babe! That hurt!” He turned to Allie. “Sorry, Allie. ” Allie waved a hand as she tipped back her bottle, emptying it.

“Not a problem,” she said, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand in a very unladylike gesture. She’d had enough beers that proper female etiquette didn’t matter to her anymore.

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   She stood up a little unsteadily, went over to the boxes where they deposited their empties, dropped it in, and dug through the cooler for another one. How many was this? Five? Maybe six? She had a pretty good buzz going, that was certain. She knew that ten was her absolute limit, something she was quite proud of. Most of her girlfriends, Pam included, did good to get a six pack in before going to bed. When she turned around, Jack and Kim were huddled together, talking in hushed tones. She wandered back over and sat on the end of the log closest to Kim, twisted the cap off her beer and tossed it into the fire.

They straightened up and the conversation stopped when she returned so she know they were talking about her, and she had a pretty good idea what the subject was. She had already decided to just let the evening p.

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