The Lolita Chronicles


He stood at the ticket booth behind them. An eight year old with bobbed blonde hair and her younger brother, probably about six. She held his hand firmly, protectively, even though he protested.

The man smiled – he knew her well, knew that she would look after her brother carefully. She was a good girl, he thought as he hurriedly purchased his ticket and followed them into the cinema.

As his eyes adjusted to the gloom he saw that she had settled in the back row so that the little boy could perch on the back of his seat to see better. He edged sideways to the seat next to her and sat down, his heart pounding. She turned to look at him, shifting a little away from him as he settled in. He folded his coat on his lap and looked sideways at her.

She was sitting cross-legged, the skirt of her dress pulled taut by her knees. Her sandaled feet were tucked in under the cotton fabric. The trailers ended and the featured movie began – The Sound of Music. She was absorbed in the screen and not aware of his stealthy movements as his slid his fly zipper down under the cover of his folded coat.

He was fully erect already, almost painfully so, and he stroked the taut flesh with cool fingers. He let a hand casually brush her knee and she shifted a little but not to move away. He let his hand remain touching her flexed knee and she became aware of him.

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  Remembering that her mother had scolded her for sitting like that…”people can see your undies!”…. she tried to close her legs but her stopped her.

Now she really looked at him and he put a finger against her lips – gently – but a warning never the less. She looked at her brother, not for help but to see if he saw. He had slumped down from his perch and was absorbed in the film. The man grew bolder with her apparent acceptance and let his fingers trace up her leg to just below he panties-line. He grasped his throbbing cock with the other, longing for relief.

As he traced up and down her inner thigh she seemed to relax and lie back a little. He hooked a finger under the leg of her underwear and felt the soft, smooth flesh of her hairless mound. He swore she actually spread her legs a little wider as if inviting him in further.

He had been watching her for months, in the park, at school, shopping with her mother in the Mall. He knew it was just a matter of time before he could teach her. He spent night after night dreaming of her. She obsessed him totally. She wasn’t particularly pretty but that was just fine because he’d give her all the skills she’d need.

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   He noticed a favourite method of occupying her children was for the mother to send them off to watch a matinee. He sat next to her in the cinema more than half a dozen times longing to touch her but holding back, waiting for the perfect moment for The First Time.
He pushed one finger into the soft lips and felt the gathering moisture – she was responding!His other hand started moving faster, more violently and his coat fell to one side exposing his rampant cock. She looked down and saw it, looked up quickly at his face and tried to sit up. He held her back with his arm across her and one finger found her tight little hole slipping in a little. As she watched ejaculate burst out of the opening of his cock, flooding down over his stroking fist. He groaned with pleasure and relief, it was the most intense orgasms he’d had for years.
Then he was gone, his open fly and dwindling erection hidden by the coat draped casually over his arm. In the washroom he straightened his clothes, washed his hands and splashed some cold water on his burning face. He sat in a cubicle for a few minutes to let his heart slow down.
When his hand had first touched her knee he nearly ejaculated right there. He had kept it resting on her, not just to calm her, but also to allow his own heart to slow. He wanted so badly to help her reach a climax but restrained himself. It would be so wonderful to be able to watch her face as she came for him for the very first time. So, this time he let her see what happens when a man comes.

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   He was gratified, relieved really, to find she did produce lubrication when aroused and lots of it.
Back at his house, before his wife returned from work, he relived those moments in the dim theatre, stroking himself to climax once more. He wondered how she had felt when he left. Had she wanted more? Was she relieved he had stopped? He didn’t think so from her body language. Her little cunt had been so tight but it opened to his finger, welcoming him. As his cock erupted he imagined himself inside her. She could be sitting on his lap, impaled on him, or on her back, legs wide. Either way he’d watch her little cunt consume his thick cock. In his mind she isn’t hurting but enjoying it, kissing him and laughing with pleasure.

That night he fucked his wife hard, pulling out at the last minute and coming all over her flabby breasts and puckered belly. She disgusted him now. He only stayed with her from sheer habit and convenience. Their two children had long ago left for university and their own lives. He used images of that little wet cunt to help him reach a climax. Rolling away, sated, he was ignorant of his wife’s tears.

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   She cried silently until he snored and then she left his side, going downstairs to make some tea.
In the morning the routine hadn’t changed even though he felt it should. He knew that something had been set on a track and was finally starting to move.
You have to be patient. He told himself as he gazed unseeing at the newspaper. You’ve managed to pace yourself this far. Don’t blow it now.
He knew the girl was going to a track and field event away from home. She’d be going by bus with the rest of her schoolmates. Maybe, just maybe he could get to her there. He folded the paper carefully and turned his cheek for the obligatory wifely kiss, her lips kissed air. She no more wanted to touch his face with her lips than he wanted to feel them on his skin.
After his wife left for her job he wandered out to his studio and unlocked the securely padlocked door. His paintings were stacked along one wall, bright colours and vivid shapes filled each canvas but he was not here to paint today. He pulled a sketchpad out from a drawer and flipped it open.

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  Each page had a finely detailed pencil sketch of the girl. In some she played or stood as she might in the schoolyard but in others she was lewdly displayed, her expression wanton and suggestive. It was this look he wanted to see in her eyes, would see after he had taught her how.


The morning of the field trip he had looked on from his parked car as the students filed onto the yellow bus. He followed at a discrete distance until they reached the host school. She looked so pretty in her shorts and singlet he felt his cock stirring in his pants as he watched. He could mingle easily with the parents as they lined up to watch the races always keeping her in his sight. She was laughing and excited which made her eyes shine.
During a break in the track activities he saw her leave for the concession stand and hurried to catch up with her. Would she recognise him? How would she react? He touched her lightly on the shoulder as she stood at the counter waiting for a pop. She looked up at him with no sign of recognition,
“I’ll pay for that. ” He smiled.
“It’s ok, thanks. It’s free for us. ”
“Oh, well.

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   I’ll get myself one then. Do you have another race soon?” He asked casually as she turned to leave.
“No, I have finished now. I’ll stay and help pack the gear away. ”
“Let’s go and sit over there. ” He indicated some picnic tables a little distance away.
She hesitated knowing talking to strangers was wrong but not wanting to appear rude to this man who had kindly offered to get her drink. He was probably one of the other kids Dad just wasting time between watching his kid race she figured so she walked with him to the table a sat down. Instead of sitting opposite like she expected, he sat next to her, close.
“Did you enjoy “The Sound of Music?” He asked as casually as he could. She looked up smartly as if suddenly placing him but she didn’t make a move to leave. He was relieved.
“Yes, thank you. ”
“I did too. ” He said.

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   “I really did. ”
“Why did you go before the end. ” She asked, surprising him.
“I had an appointment to keep. ” He lied, then “Did you like what we did?” She didn’t reply and he looked down. “Hmm?”
With out looking at him she almost whispered. “Yes. ”
“We could do it again if you’d like. ” His heart started to race, was he rushing things? He felt rather than saw her look at him for a long moment.
“When?” She asked.
“Well – now, if you like. ” He smiled stiffly.
“Well, maybe we could go over there. ” He pointed to a small copse of trees and shrubs.

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  â€ She shrugged and he was shaken by an electric thrill as he realised he had started the inexorable train of events.
Once in the shade of the maples and hidden from the rest of the world he tried to relax and calm his pounding heart. The ground was dry and soft with fallen leaves and moss. He found a small bank and sat, patting the ground beside him. She sat looking straight ahead.
“Are you afraid?”He asked.
“No, I could just yell if you tried to hurt me. ” She said simply and he knew she was right. A shout for help would bring others running.
“Can I kiss you?” He asked.
“Yes. ” She didn’t turn to him so he took her chin and turned her face to him. He gently kissed her lips and she kissed – childishly – back.
“Have you see grown ups kissing?” He asked, stroking the hair off her forehead.
“In movies, you mean?”
“Yes, or your parents.

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   Any grown ups. ”
“Yes. ”
“They kiss differently, did you notice?”
“You mean. Like - they have their mouths open?”
“Yes, that’s it. Wanna try that?”
“Eeew, no. Gross!” She was smiling now.
He put a hand on each side of her, under her arms, and lifted her up onto his lap.
“Let’s try, please. ” He pressed.
“Well, ok. ” She sighed, humouring him now.
Very tenderly he held her face and put his lips on hers. They were so soft, like a flower. He let his own lips part and touched hers with his tongue. She giggled and pulled away but he held her and she relaxed again.

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  This time, when he touched her lips with his tongue hers parted too. She let him in to her sweet, wet mouth and he became instantly hard. It wasn’t a long kiss; he knew it was strange for her so he kept it brief.
“Look what you made happen. ”He said shifting her aside and smiling down at the tent in his trousers.
“I-I’m sorry…. ” She stammered and moved off his lap, he put a finger on her lips.
“No, no!It’s good. A good thing to happen!”He put a hand over the bulge. “Want to feel?” He asked.
She nodded, eyes big.
“Ok, here. ”
She moved closer and crouched beside him. He took her small hand and drew it towards the bulge. She resisted just a little but he was firm and placed her open palm over it.


”It’s hot in there!” She exclaimed, looking up at him but leaving her hand resting lightly there.
“That’s because of all the warm blood that’s there making it hard. ” He told her. “I can take it out if you like. ”
“It’s OK. ”She said taking her hand away.
“Oh, that felt so nice. ” He said catching her hand. “Don’t stop. ” Tentatively she let him put her hand back.
“Could you pull the zip down, please?” He asked. “I’m really uncomfortable. ”
She wondered why he couldn’t do it himself but maybe having it so big and hard and stuffed in there was painful. She pulled the zip down over the pressing bulge and it sprung out wrapped in his underwear.
“It’d be really nice if you could open that little slit there.

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  â€ He said and she worked the underpants open so that the rigid flesh rose out unimpeded. She had seen her little brother’s penis and knew what they looked like but this one was so much bigger and harder. She looked up at the man.
“Does it hurt?” She asked softly.
“Not really, it’s throbbing. See?”He shifted so that she could see it bounce with his pulse. “If you want me to feel better I’ll have to do what I did in the cinema that time. Remember?” She nodded.
He started to stroke up and down with a closed fist. Pulling the skin almost over the tip. She didn’t take her eyes off the swollen tip and he smiled at her open curiosity.
“See that little bead on the tip?”He said as a drop of precum formed.
“Yes. Is it pee? “
“No. ”He laughed.

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   “It’s to let me know my love juice is almost ready. Taste it. ” She wrinkled her nose but still stared, fascinated, as he continued to produce precum. He lifted the bead off and put his finger in his mouth.
“Mmmmm!” he sighed closing his eyes. While his eyes were closed she leant forward and touched the next drop, taking it to her lips. He felt her finger touch the tip and almost came in that instant.
“See?” He said. “It tastes ok, doesn’t it?”
“Yes, ok. ” She said simply. She was remembering that mysterious gush of white she had seen that afternoon in the cinema. Would it happen again? She watched the orifice open and close like a fish’s mouth gasping as the man increased his rhythmic stroking.
“Would you help me, please?” The man rasped. “Kiss the tip, it needs kissing. ” She leant in closer.

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   “Do it like I showed you. Like a grown-up. ”She opened her lips around the tip and his cock erupted into her mouth. Most of the cum spilled onto her shirt and chin. She pulled back startled.
“Oh Honey. It’s alright. ” The man reassured her. She was wiping her face and licking her lips. The taste was strange, slightly salty and nutty. She watched as the swollen cock started to shrink back into its underwear cover.
“Let’s get you cleaned up and back to your team mates. ” He said tucking it away and zipping up. He cleaned his jism off her face, hair and shirt and was L ittle surprised how much he had produced.
Once she was clean and tidy he took her hand and led her back to the picnic table where he had approached her.

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“Are you going now?”She asked climbing onto the table, her feet on the seat.
“Yes, darlin’. I have to – and your bus will be ready to take you home. ”
“Will we meet somewhere again?”She asked studiously examining her shoelaces so as to appear nonchalant.
“Would you like that?” He asked, his heart starting to race. Was she his now?So soon?
“Yes. ”She almost whispered. “I would. ”
“We could go to a movie, if you like. You could bring your little brother. ”
“Okay. ”She said lightly, jumping down and running off.
“Wait!”He called after and she stopped to turn back to him. “When would you like to do that?”
“Saturday? My mum has a new boyfriend and she’s staying a whole day and night with him. She says, if we’re good, Paulie ‘n me, we can go to see My Fair Lady”
“Oh I haven’t seen that yet.

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  I’ll meet you there for the afternoon matinee. ”
“I have to baby-sit my brother all that night” She said importantly. “Mum says I’m big enough to do that now – all night. ”
The man’s heart skipped a beat. All night!

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