The Move Pt 1


My first writing, so be kind, and enjoy! (may or may not be real)

It was one of those warm summer nights, no clouds, just a bright full moon out, lighting my way. I was out for a walk, wearing a t-shirt, and old shorts. I loved to walk around the block at night, warm summer air on me, just to get out of the house for a bit on a night like this was wonderful. I live alone. Well, except my dog, Bear. He's about 5 years old, big black lab. Had to leave my wife last winter after finding her in bed with my neighbor.

As I returned home, the phone rang. My brother was on his way over. Great. . . company. (eye roll inserted here) Oh well, it was only about PM. As the conversation kept going, he told me that he was helping his wifes brother move and needed an extra hand. This is what I want to do on a Saturday night! As he pulled up in my drive, I made sure Bear was ok, then left the house, locking the door behind me.

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Forgetting about my attire, I realized as I approached the truck that I was still wearing those old shorts. . . . . I made them from an old ripped up pair of sweats I used painting the bedroom a few weeks back, and kinda forgot any boxers. I walked out to the truck, the drivers window was down. My brother yelled out that I was to sit in the back. He had a 4 door Ford truck, which as I could tell in the dark, seemed packed to the brim. His wife gets out of the back seat she occupied behind my brother, telling me that the only way I was going to ride was in the back where she sat, explaining to me that she would have to sit on my lap.

I am no small guy, 6' 2, about 220. She was roughly 5' 3, and from what I guessed, 120 maybe. She had on a short, revealing summer dress, that barely covered her ass. Her large breasts pushing the thin fabric to its limits, and the way it was looking, I couldn't see a trace of a bra. I have seen her in a bikini, laying about in the back yard at her house.

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   From what I could tell, she was about a DD cup. . . very large breasts. long flowing red hair, obviously dyed but, hot looking!

I gathered my thoughts, got in the back seat, helping her in the truck, holding her waist as she climbed in, guiding her onto my lap. She sat down, each leg outside of mine, pushing her round ass back against my body.

Memories of seeing this hot girl, who was 22 BTW, laid out in a bikini, back string untied, face down on a towel in the grass, g string bottoms, all this making my cock twitch in my shorts. I'm not small guy in that department, but not a porn star either. . . . about 7 inches, slightly bigger than norm you might say.
My brother introduced me to his brother-in-law Mark. We shook hands, then my brother, Mike, who was 3 years my Junior at 24, started the truck. As I said earlier, it was packed tight.

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   On the back seat next to me was 3 boxes that was big enough to make room on just 1/3rd the back seat, so me and my sister-in-law, Amber, literally had no room for movement.

We back out of my drive, then head up the street, turned a corner, then headed out of town. Mark lives about 2 hours from me, so this is going to be an interesting ride! I have had a FEW imaginary thoughts of Amber, but too shy or scared to do anything about them. We have kissed, but not what you think. More of a light peck on the lips, not a full on, french style kiss. But enough to help fuel my fantasy. Anyway. . . enough flashbacks.

Its now about 8:15, we are out of town on some old country back road, bumpier than I remembered. Amber was bouncing up n down on my lap from the potholes my brother, Mike, seemed to hit on purpose. That summer dress she was wearing was riding up, slowly exposing her nice, round ass. I could barely see however as I was more focused on holding her sit still. My hands was on her hips now, trying to keep her from bouncing around in the back of the truck.

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   My cock. . . yea, had a mind of its own. Must have known a wet pussy was nearby as it started to come to life. The fabric of Amber's dress seemed to be riding higher as we drove on, exposing more of her bottom, but she didn't make any moves to fix it, instead did something I was not expecting. Gripping my hands, she moved them UNDER HER DRESS!! I wasn't sure if this was a sexual movement or. . . she leaned back, her head on my right shoulder, whispered in my ear, "Hold me here, this dress is going to ride up anyways. " Placing my hands on the bare skin of her hips, then sat back against my body more. As my fingers moved around, I couldn't feel a trace of panties. Ok. . .

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  hot girl very fit, nice round ass, big breasts, nothing on under a summer dress, bouncing on my lap. My cock was rock hard at this point! I guess she felt it as we bounced down the road. Mike and Mark were busy in conversations so neither of them looked back at us. The rear view mirror missing after a few too many drunk rides around the old dusty rock roads we took lately. I felt her hand on my left thigh, the road seemed to be no where near getting better, keeping us bouncing around in the back seat. Her body pressing more into mine, and every bump, her ass sat down hard on my crotch, making my dick even harder than any porn could make it. There was no way I could hide it, in these shorts I had on, there was no tightness in them to keep it down. I felt the head poking at her, her hand riding up higher on my thigh. Then, as we rounded a curve, she stood up slightly, reached her hand back to the waistband of my shorts, and pulled them down!. . . . OMG! WHAT WAS SHE DOING! Not wanting to say anything, I lifted my ass up, and down they went. Then she sat back down, and to a slight gasp from her lips, I had entered her pussy! Luckily, the guys in front were oblivious to us in the back, so I kept this up, holding her hips as she started bouncing on my cock. With my thumbs stuck out, I was able to keep her dress from falling down.

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   She leaned back more against me, her left hand grabbing mine, she guided it up inside her dress, over her ample left breast. I could feel the wetness start to coat my cock as she bucked harder on me, her ass pushing harder against my body. I started to thrust upwards into her, driving my cock more and more into her. Then she leaned forwards, grabbed the seat in front of her, and sat down on my cock hard, her pussy gripping my cock as she came all over it. This was too much for me, and I thrust upwards hard and deep inside her, grabbing her left tit, my right hand still on her hip, I shot wave after wave of hot cum inside her pussy. Mike looked back slightly over his right shoulder, asking if we was ok. I knew she couldn't talk, still going through another orgasm at that moment, so I spoke up best I could, "Yea. . . we're ok. " She finally relaxed, leaned back onto me, we both looked forwards, and not seeing any eyes facing us, kissed. This was not that family style lip peck. . . oh no! This was full on, lips pressed together, tongues wrestling kiss! Her pussy still engulfing my now softening cock, but still spazming on it.

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   She whispered into my ear, "I knew you wanted it as bad as I did. I laid out in the yard in that bikini on purpose. I wanted to fuck you then, and I do later tonight. " She kissed me once more, then looked forwards, asking my brother for a drink from the water bottle he had. I kept her dress hiked up over her ass, she leaned forward, and my cock spit out from her pussy, coated in cum. She seemed disappointed in its sudden departure, but sat back onto my lap as before, ass pushing against me.

It was now around 9, and we still had an hour to get to Mark's house. I thought we took a big chance before, but now she took it to a whole new level. She crossed her arms, grabbing her dress, then lifted it off her body, exposed her naked form in the moonlight for all to see. My shorts were still on my thighs but she was able to fix that. Grabbing them then carefully as we turned another corner onto a black top road, slid them down my legs, then off my feet. I took my shirt off, and there we were. . . .

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  bare ass naked in the back of the truck! She leaned back into me, then whispered she had to pee, had me roll my window down. I thought she should have asked Mike to stop but, she didn't. She turned on my lap, stuck her ass out the window, and after a few seconds, let loose a long flood of piss into the wind. At this point, Mark turned his head around, saw Amber fully nude, ass out the window, looked at me, and just winked. He looked forwards, and kept my brother talking so he wouldn't see what we was doing. Amber sat back on my lap, but was still peeing slightly, not a flood, but a few short spurts non the less.

I glanced at my watch. . . . 9:32, about half an hour yet. We sat like that till we got into the town Mark lived in, bare naked, hands fondling each other. We pulled into a gas station, and Mike turned the truck off. "Bet you 2 need a leg stretching back there" He got out and went inside, followed by Mark. Amber leaned around, kissed me deeply, then grabbed her dress.

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   "We are staying at Marks till morning. Hope that isn't a problem. " then got out, slipped the dress on, grabbed my shorts and handed them to me. I slipped them on, said everything was ok, Bear was a big boy, he would be fine tonight without me there. We walked around behind the gas station, and took another chance. Slapping her ass, making her spin around, then pushing her against the brick wall. I leaned in, kissed her lips hard, my hand grabbing her ass. "Next time you lay out in that bikini, I will slip my cock up your tight ass so deep, you will piss yourself into orgasms" Then walked away, headed back to the truck, Amber following.

With all 4 of us back in, we headed to Mark's house. (shortening the actual unloading as we all just grabbed shit n took it in the house). . . Once unloaded, Mark went into the kitchen, and came back with 4 beers and an envelope, handing it to me. "No one really asked you if you wanted to help, sounded more of a demand to me. Here.

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  . . for your time. " Puzzled, I looked around the room, eyes all on me. Curiosity got to me, and I opened the envelope. Reaching in, I felt paper. . . pulled it out, and saw $1000! I said, "MARK! $50 was enough. . . WTF?" I didn't know what he did for a living, all I knew, he was moving. "Relax John, look. . .


  $100 an hour, you are riding 4 hours total in that old POS truck your brother thinks is the shit. Fuckin Fords. . . So thats $400. The rest. . . your time means more to me than I guess it does to you. My company is setting me up here, Plant manager. I get a $95,000 salary, so one grand is pocket change. You ok with that? I can take it back!". "Fuck that, it's mine!" I said. "Good," he replied "one more thing. .

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  . you want a job, ask me. I got $75,000 free for an assistant plant manager. " "Wait. . . wha??" I blurted out. Mike took over the conversation at this point. "John, Mark is offering ALL of us jobs there. This house is a 8 bedroom, 9 1/2 bath old Victorian house he bought a month ago, big enough for all of us. If you really want to switch jobs, and move in, you can, but think it over tonight. " With that, I swallowed, no. . . chugged a full can of beer.

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   Then excused myself to go relieve my bladder.

I found a bathroom and without thinking, left the door open. I live alone remember? Who was I shutting it from, Bear? Not paying attention, I pulled my shorts down, whipped it out, and right before I started to go, I felt a body behind me, then a hand on my dick. "Not there. . . . on me. " I turned around in shock as Amber was standing there, naked again! Before I could react, I was going. Full pee stream shooting up in the air as she held my dick in her hand. It hit her stomach, running down her body, down her legs, landing on the floor in a puddle. Then she joined, standing there, and let loose her own flow, not squatting, not on me, just where ever it wanted to go. Her free hand went down between us, and her fingers started to play with her pussy as we both stood there peeing. I never did this before, peeing on someone. New sensations filled me, and as soon as I was done, BOING! My cock came back to life! She grabbed a towel off the shelf, laid it on the puddle, then still having cock-in-hand, led me to a near by room.

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I must have forgotten Mike and Mark was in the house, or didn't care. Following her in the room, we fell on the bed, bodies wrapping around each other, legs intertwining, kissing each others lips like 2 horny teens trying not to get caught. She told me the boys had left to go get food, and we had time alone. Here we were, both naked, horny, and the house to ourselves. Didn't take a genius to figure out my next move. She was on her back, tits up in the air, nipples hard as diamonds. I kissed her neck, tracing kisses down her chest over those large melons, then licked at the nipples, taking one, then the other into my mouth. She moaned, squirming on the bed under me. After a brief time, I continued my trail of kisses down her body, then stopped as I was head facing her pussy. Licking around her swollen lips, then darting my tongue inside, tasting her warm wet nectar. My hands on her legs, holding them open as I lick deep inside her pussy. She bucked, squirming on the bed, as I lick down to her asshole. When I shot my tongue inside, she shouted out "God yes! He refuses to do anything to my ass. " Not wanting to waist time as I didn't know when the guys would be back, I pulled my tongue out, then licked over her clit. She grabbed my head, shoving me hard into her pussy, and humped my face hard.

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   I heard her moaning getting louder, her body tense up, then she gripped my head with her thighs and came hard, coating my face in girl squirt. I did the best I could to lick it up before she grabbed me, pulled me on top of her and kissed me deep. My hard cock poking her pussy, then as we wiggled hips, it slid in full. She gasped then lifted her legs up. I got on my hands, then started to pound into her pussy hard. The more I thrusted, the more she screamed. I covered her mouth with my hand briefly, then she squirmed under me, pulled my hand off her mouth, "I want it in my ass. " With that, I got up and she rolled over, sticking her round ass up in the air. I stuck my cum coated cock at the tight opening and pushed inside her. She buried her face in the pillow and screamed out as I slid in balls deep. Holding her hips, I began to fuck her ass as hard as I could, thrusting into her ass over and over, her ass banging off me, the bed moving on the floor, hitting the wall. I was concerned the guys would be back and hear this, but didn't slow down. She came over and over, covering the sheets in a large puddle. I thrusted a few more times, not able to last and filled her ass with hot cum till it ran out down her legs onto the bed. After a short time, we both collapsed onto the bed, I laid next to her.

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   No words. We just laid there panting for what seemed like hours. As I recovered, I looked over at her, wondering what we just did, what was to come between us. She was my brothers wife after all. Without asking, she answered the confused look on my face. Kissing me, she told me "We will be living together, the 4 of us, in this house. My brother is gay, ane Mike has been too occupied at work to pay attention to me lately. I need it John. Though I won't leave him, I still have needs. As long as we don't get caught, you can fuck me anytime. " With that, she kissed me once more on my lips, then got up, picked her dress up off the floor, and left the room.

I must have passed out because the next thing I know, its daylight out. I got up, realizing all I had to wear was the t shirt n shorts I had on yesterday. Got dressed, then wandered into the bathroom. Thinking that I was dreaming the whole thing, I shook it off, did my business, then went down to the kitchen.

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   Mike, Mark and Amber were all up, drinking coffee and chit chatting. "Hey, there's sleepy head!" Amber said. "I got worn out last night. " I said reaching for a cup and the pot. Mark offered to take me to the store to get a pair of jeans, but Amber said she would run me in since she had an errand to run anyway. The day was warm still, and she had on a pair of jean shorts and a tight t-shirt that neither did anything to cover her body from my glancing eyes. We teased each other in the truck as we headed to one store after another, grabbing asses, kissing, once getting a hand job in a changing room, only to cum on her hand. We arrived back at the house, must have been noon I think. Knowing I had to get back home, I asked for a ride home. Mike said he would run me home so he could talk to me.

Now I was nervous! Did he know? Fuck. 30 minutes into the ride, he asked me "What you think of Mark's offer?" Relief. . . I don't think he knows about me and Amber.

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   "Sounds interesting, I mean, its a lot more than I make now" I replied. "He is serious John. I took on a job there as a supervisor, and Amber would be your office manager. " Now I was highly interested. Amber, working directly with me! As we got to my house, I told Mike to let Mark know I would take the job, I need a month however to quit my job and move. He said ok, and left. Next month, I had a U-haul packed up, Bear in the seat next to me, my car in tow as I headed down the road for the 2 hour drive to Mark's.

What followed for the next several months was pure bliss! I settled down in the house, picking a room down the hall from Mike and Amber, learned about my job, and enjoying the paychecks I never imagined I would get. Working with Amber gave a lot of opportunities for office games. We fucked on my desk, in the bathroom, in my car in the parking lot, and when I needed to run errands for the company, I took her with, only to fuck her more. Its been 2 years after the move. We still fuck when we can. Mark has since left the plant, taking over as district manager, I got promoted as plant manager. Mike got my job, and Amber? Well. .

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  . . She's out on maternity leave!

~~~~~~~~ To Be Continued ~~~~~~~~.

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