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That was unquestionable, up until Matt entered the picture. It was the beginning of senior year, as I said before. On the first day of math class, he came into the room and I fell in love. He was, I believe, the third black guy to have ever gone to our school. But he was so fucking hot. He had very toned muscles. He was around six feet tall, from my best estimates. He came and sat down next to me that first day. I felt so special. I know I’m pretty hot, but that he picked me made me feel so good. I’ve got brown, shoulder-length hair and blue-green eyes. I’m around 5’4”, I’m skinny, and I’ve got 36B boobs. I’ve always been told that my best two features are my legs and my smile. I’ve got nice, toned legs and nearly perfect teeth. Matt and I got to talking through out the year. I would get so distracted in class just listening to the sound of his voice, not even the words he was saying.

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   I would occasionally imagine how great it’d be to fuck him. But I had John, and knew that I shouldn’t be thinking such thoughts. I remember one day, Matt came to class and he just looked so fucking hot. I don’t know what it was about him that day, just something drove me crazy. So I asked to be excused and go to the bathroom. I sat down on a toilet and just fingered myself. A half hour later, I came out of the bathroom and returned to class, looking flushed. When the teacher asked me what was wrong, I simply replied that it was a “girl thing. ” I started thinking about Matt more and more frequently, even when we were apart. He and I began talking on the phone semi-frequently, and even hung out a couple of times. He was clearly attracted to me and I’d only encourage him. Whenever I saw him, I’d wear a short skirt that covered little more than must be covered and a tight shirt that accentuated my boobs. And I’d always catch him staring at my legs and boobs. I’d just smile at him whenever he did this. I’d be a hypocrite not to, given how much I stared at him.

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  Matt and I talked online. He would send me pictures, though always of him clothed, and I would reciprocate the favor. He looked like a fucking model. Eventually, our talks online followed a specific pattern. He and I would talk about meaningless bullshit, and we’d end up cybering. He asked once why I did this, even though I had a boyfriend. I simply told him that cybering wasn’t cheating, and that we’d never do anything in person while John and I were still together. One day, after Matt and I had finished cybering, he asked me to come over the next day. He told me that his mom, who was his only parent, was going out of town for the weekend. I was so wet and horny that I agreed, although I reminded him that I wouldn’t do anything with him. I wanted to so fucking badly though. I knew I might when I agreed. But the horny part of me managed to convince the sensible part of me that going there was the best idea, and tricked it into thinking I’d make the best decision. Matt and I watched T. V.

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   for a while, and then we went upstairs to his room, just to talk. We both sat down on the edge of his bed. I could tell he was really horny, and that was making me really horny. But I loved John, and I could never do anything to hurt him. Matt and I talked for a while. He was really funny. We talked about a lot of things. We talked about school, we talked about love. I complained a little about how awful John was at all things sexual. I saw a glint in his eyes when I said this. The longer we talked and didn’t do anything, the hornier I got. And I think he could tell. My face starts turning red whenever I get horny. I think I was deep red by then. All I could think was how hot he was, how big his dick was, and how great a black dick must look.

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   I would laugh, and flirtatiously rub my hand down his arm. One time I did that, he grabbed my hand. He started rubbing it. I cummed right away, which I’m sure made me only redder. He asked me if he did something wrong, and I told him not. I think when I cum I look unhappy, but god, it feels so good. He kept rubbing my hand, we stopped talking, and I kept cumming. It’s ok, I thought, hand rubbing isn’t cheating. Just then he said, “Come here, I need to show you something. ” I was confused because we were sitting so closely already. He grabbed my left leg, the one farther from him, then rolled me so that I straddled him. “Shit!” I exclaimed. “That thing is huge!” My skirt allowed the huge bulge in his pants to go straight to my thong. I couldn’t hurt John. But all I could think about was sucking his dick.

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   He smiled at me. God, he was so sexy. I put my hands on his chest. He’s so muscular. I wanted to see him without a shirt on, so I put my hands on the t-shirt he was wearing and tried to pull up. But he grabbed my hands and stopped me. “Only if you take your shirt off too. ”I thought for only a moment. Straddling a guy and having your shirt off doesn’t constitute cheating by any standards. It’s not like we were humping. And god, his dick felt so good. Just to think, we weren’t even humping yet. I really wanted to see his muscles, so I smiled. I was wearing a tight pink Abercrombie shirt. It really made my boobs look good.

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   I pulled it off, and tossed it to the floor. I was wearing one of my black Victoria’s Secret bras. He was very nonchalant about the whole thing. He didn’t even seem to care when he saw me exposed. I put my hands down and took off his t-shirt, and threw it down with my own the ground. He was wearing a tight, white undershirt underneath it. I could see the contour of every one of his gorgeous muscles under that. He started humping me, as he put his hands on my bare shoulders. “No, I can’t. ” I whispered. Then I said a little more loudly, “Oh, god, I can’t,” just as I cummed. If I don’t hump him back, it’s ok, I told myself. Just then, he grabbed my back, lifted me up, and put me on my back on the bed. He dick was right by my pussy the whole time, and I was cumming. Fuck that, I thought.

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   I grabbed his head, and shoved my tongue into the back of his mouth. We started humping each other. I grabbed his ass and held it tightly. I was in paradise. God, I wanted to fuck him so bad. He moved his hands from behind my neck to my boobs, which were still covered in a bra. He started rubbing them with his big hands, and I had to stop humping him. It just felt too good. Then, I threw his hands off my boobs, and rolled him onto his back. We kept humping as he reached behind to my back and undid my bra. He didn’t take it off, he just left it hanging, still covering my boobs. I leaned over to kiss him, and, just as our eyes were closing, my bra fell off and onto his stomach. I felt his hand reach to grab it, and throw it on the floor. We stopped humping and just kissed. Even that kissing made me cum.

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   We were kissing so passionately, but I broke to kiss to kiss his neck. My hands were on his sides, rubbing him. I licked his neck as my hands started to go under his undershirt. I lifted it off, and stopped licking his neck for only a second. Then I went back to kiss him, and he held me tight to him. My boobs were held tightly against his firm chest. He still hadn’t actually seen my exposed tits. Still holding me close he rolled us over. Our bodies locked together we started humping harder and faster. It was driving me crazy. My hands were grasped around the rippling muscles of his back, and his big strong hands were holding the tops of my arms. He stopped humping me, and my hands loosened a bit. He nibbled on my neck as I felt his hands slide down my body. I couldn’t stop cumming. His hands reached the sides of my thighs, and started rubbing them.

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   And he started licking me lower. He went down my neck, lower, lower, to my left tit. Still rubbing my thighs, he sucked on it. It felt so good. My entire body was pulsating with waves of pleasure, and I unconsciously humped his rock hard stomach, which was right above my pussy. He was barely doing anything to me, but still, it felt amazing. When he switched tits, he went crazy on my right tit. He was licking all of it, with quick but powerful flicks of his tongue. He would suck on it hard. His hands moved from the outside of my thighs to my inner thighs. I could only imagine what his big hands would do to me. I moved my hands down to my skirt and started pushing it off. He eagerly helped me. My skirt fell and added to the mess on the floor. He went back to my left tit, and sucked it lightly like before.

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   But this time, he rested his right hand on my thong-covered pussy. His left hand started playing with my right tit. He rubbed my nipple in circles. By this point, and it lasted for the rest of our time together, I was cumming more than I was not. Most of my time was spent in an orgasm. I put both my hands on top of his and tried to get him to massage my pussy. He was just holding it there. He was being so fucking mean to me. He stopped playing with my tits. “Please finger me. ” I whispered to him. “What?” He said, though he knew. “Say that a little louder. ”“Please, just fucking finger me. ”“Oh, but Jenny.


   You have a boyfriend. Remember?” He sounded sarcastic. I just moaned in response. I didn’t care about that right now. “Do you not care about him right now?” I didn’t respond. “Well, do you care about him? Do you?” Still, I couldn’t respond. I was getting so fucking wet as he held his hand there. Then he pushed on my pussy. I moaned deeply as I cummed. “Do you fucking care about him right now?” Matt said, sounding a little angry. I shook my head. “Fuck no. ”“Do you want me now? Do you want my dick?” I nodded earnestly. He started to massage my pussy, just through my thong. “There, a little reward because you were good.

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   Was that so hard?” I could only moan. He kept rubbing my pussy. And I kept cumming. He finally slid his hand up towards my navel, then back down. As his hand went down he came up to kiss me. I started to kiss him back, but just as he slid his hand under my thong and onto my pussy, I had to stop. I couldn’t kiss him back. I couldn’t do anything. His hand was so powerful. Matt quickly found my clit. He sat up a little and rubbed it quickly. I had never felt so good before. He kept rubbing it. Over and over again. From the moment he had started, I started cumming.

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   And I couldn’t fucking stop. It was one long orgasm. He kept rubbing. Tears started to form in my eyes. It hurt, but it felt so fucking good. I love pain. He stopped when he saw my tears. My orgasm subsided for a moment. “Who the fuck said you could stop?” I asked him. And with that, he pulled down my thong, and just left it somewhere on the bed. I was completely exposed to him. And he slid his fingers into my pussy. I don’t know how many he put it. But he tore it apart. It was fucking amazing.

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   I screamed with pleasure. As he continued to absolutely destroy my pussy with his wonderful hands, he said to me, “Am I better than John?” Of course he was. What a silly question to ask. But I didn’t answer. “Remember, you get a reward if you’re good. ”Fuck. That fucking asshole. God, I wanted that reward. I wondered for a moment if he would eat my pussy. Then the thought faded, I couldn’t hope for something so great. I didn’t want to tell him yes. He stopped fingering my pussy. Tears covered my face. “Am I fucking better than John?”“Of course you fucking are!” I yelled, angrily. And with that, he licked my pussy.

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   Just once. A fraction of a second, nothing more. But even still, my entire body writhed with pleasure. It was as though, if only for a moment, I had been in heaven. He just waited as I calmed down for a moment. My heart was beginning to stop audibly pounding; it began to go at only ten times its regular speed, much slower than it had been a minute ago. I just continued to cum, over and over again, with out him even touching me. Tears were rolling down my face. “Ready?” He asked me. I couldn’t answer. If I said yes, I would die with pleasure. If I said no, I wouldn’t. But my opinion didn’t matter. I was his toy, for now. He wanted to, and I couldn’t, and wouldn’t, stop him.

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   So he brought his face down. Cum. Breathed on my pussy. Cum. Brought it closer. Cum. I thought about was how great his dick probably looks. Cum. He parted my pussy’s lips with his own lips. Cum, cum, cum. And that’s when he did it. He slid his tongue into my pussy. I screamed, “Fuck!” I’m sure I could’ve been heard in at least the next house over. I said, a little more quietly, “Holy fucking shit, Matt. ” He started moving his tongue around in my pussy.

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   He was exploring it. “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god,” I repeated over and over again. I could feel his tongue vibrating in my pussy. It was moving so quickly in there. It was going harder and faster than any vibrator. Then he pulled it out, for a second, and licked my clit. He played with it in his mouth. He continued doing this, eating out my pussy and licking my clit, for around ten minutes. It was the most amazing ten minutes I have ever had. It was basically all just one long orgasm. Matt laid next to me afterwards. I just laid there with my eyes closed, my mouth gaping open, as I tried to calm down. I kept cumming, even though nothing was happening to me. I heard Matt unzip his pants. Oh shit, I thought, this is going to be fucking amazing.

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   I heard something fall to the ground. Just then, I cummed. He had shoved his dick into my mouth. He was above me, humping my mouth as his dick went further in. Each time he pushed his dick into my mouth, I cummed. He was so huge. It felt like it must have been around nine inches. I had only felt it through clothing, and though I knew it was huge, I couldn’t have fully grasped its magnitude until it was in my mouth. He laid on his back next to me, and said, “Suck me, bitch. ” That killed me. I couldn’t stop myself from doing anything. I rolled on top of him with my head just above his dick. Now that I was at a better angle, I could do so much more to him. I instantly deep throated him. And for the first time, he moaned so deeply with pleasure.

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   I wondered if any girl had been able to do that to him. I’d been practicing on bananas for about a year now, just in case a situation like this one arose. I held my mouth at the base of his dick. He held onto the back of my head and pushed his dick further into my mouth, as if that was possible. It was slightly making me gag. The longer he held it there, the harder it was. I tried to break away, but his strong hands held me there. Fuck, that felt good. Finally, my head got off of his dick. It was the first time I really got to gaze at his dick. It was so black, so good looking. I realized that my nine-inch estimate was a bit conservative, and that he must’ve been around 11. It was wet with a mixture of my spit and his precum. I rubbed it up and down his dick, spreading it all over, quickly. “Am I doing all right?” I asked him.

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   His reply made me even hornier. “You’re doing horribly. ”I knew that he didn’t mean it, that was obvious from his face. But just his saying that made me crazy. I stopped rubbing him. “How’s that?” He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me down. My mouth opened to his dick, which returned to the back of my throat. He did the same thing he did before, where he held my head on his dick as he forced it back further than it could go. Every second was harder to hold him there. This time, I broke free, but didn’t stop. I licked his dick down the shaft, and then quickly back up. I took him in my mouth, and started going all the way down and back up again. Faster and faster I went. He moaned some more. “Ok, you’re doing a little better,” he whispered.

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   He sounded almost weak. I kept going up and down his dick. I felt so powerful with this big, strong black man wrapped around my finger. I was in control. I continued sucking on his dick, wrapping my lips around it, sliding them up and down, and occasionally rubbing his shaft up and down as quickly as I could for what felt like a glorious eternity. He had amazing stamina. But I was able to break his stamina. I found a little trick then that destroyed him. There was some skin where the head of his dick met his shaft. It was facing me. I just sucked on that little piece, licked it up and down. He clearly loved it. Some precum formed at the tip of his dick, more than had formed before. I licked it all up. It tasted so wonderful.


  “I want your cum. ” I said, as I started rubbing his dick quickly. “Oh shit,” He said. Then after a pause, “Deep throat me you stupid slut. ” I did as I was told. He slammed his dick into the very back of my mouth, and cum shot out. It shot out with such force. I gagged on it, but tried to hold as much in my mouth as possible. But it kept shooting out. I had to pull my head away, and some of the cum inevitably dripped out of my mouth onto his dick, and around his dick. “Oh fuck,” Matt said, holding out the “uh” in fuck. “That was great. ” I moaned in response, to happy to do anything else. I curled up next to him, and he held me in his arms. I finally knew what happiness was.

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   We both laid there, holding each other, covered in his cum. “We’ve got to do that again,” I told him, and he agreed. Well, needless to say, John and I broke up, and I always remembered Matt for being able to let me be the person I had always wanted to be; free and happy. .

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