The Phone Call



“Hi Bud, this is Fran Hyde, Denise's mom,” the voice on the other end of the line said.

Denise was our daughter's best friend, but we don't socialize much with her parents. We've visited their house for an outdoor barbeque, and they've been over for dinner once. We didn't have a lot in common with them. My wife, Julie, is an elementary school nurse and I'm a junior high school coach and history teacher. Denise's mother is the public relations person for the arts council, and her father is a writer for a local magazine and freelance photographer.

I'm not comfortable around him, and I don't think that he feels comfortable around me. He's a Cowboys fan, but pro football is the only sport he's interested in. Me, I'm into all sports on all levels. I coach football, baseball, basketball, and track.

“May I speak to Julie?” Fran asked. She sounded troubled.

“Julie's won't be home until tomorrow morning. She's attending a school nurse seminar in Dallas. ”

“Well. .

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  . uh. . . the kids, Denise and Michelle, walked in on us while we were…uh…well…”

“Having sex!?!”

“Yes. ”

“How did they happen to walk in on you?” I asked.

“I thought that Roy had locked the door, and he thought that I had locked it, and we thought that the kids would be gone for at least a couple of hours at the library's after school program, but there was an electrical fire and the power went off, and the kids were sent home. ”

“They just opened the door and walked into your bedroom?”

“Well…er…we weren't in the bedroom. We were in the kitchen. ”

“On the kitchen floor?”

“The kitchen table. ”

“What exactly were you doing?”

She cleared her throat and said in a barely audible voice, “Reciprocal oral-genital stimulation. ”

“Sixty Nine!?!” I bellowed. “My nine year old daughter witnessed y'all…doing…that?” Suddenly, I visualized my little girl watching Fran sucking Roy's cock, while he ate her pussy. My cock hardened in a split second.

“Yes, she did,” Fran said remorsefully.

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   “But I don't think that she could have been watching for very long. It couldn't have been long at all. I don't think they could have been there but an instant, before I noticed them. ” She sounded like she was trying to convince herself as much as she was trying to convince me.

“But, it is possible that she could have watched for a bit longer than an instant?”

“Yes, I suppose that it could be possible. ” Her tone of voice made it sound probable that my little girl had witnesses the erotic action for more than an instant.

“How is she taking it?”

“It didn't seem to upset her that much. But the she's upset that we are notifying her parents. I'm trying to calm her down, and let them know that it wasn't her fault. And that she's done nothing wrong and won't get it trouble for something that happened beyond her control. ”

“Put her on the line. ”

“Daddy?” she whimpered.

“It's okay, Baby. You're not in trouble. It wasn't your fault.

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   We'll talk about it when you get home. ”

“Can we not tell Mommy?” she whined.

“Uh. . . we'll talk about it when you get home. ”

The thought of having this be our secret. Meant that we would be able to talk about naughty things when mommy wasn't home. We would have to talk about sucking cock and eating pussy. I hung up, went to the bathroom and jacked off into the toilet. It's not that I don't masturbate often; I do. But doing it with your daughter in mind. Jacking off, thinking about watching your daughter watching some guy getting his cock sucked. Thinking about your little girl sucking your cock while you're eating her pussy.

I heard the back door close, so I quickly wiped my cock with a washrag, and put it away.

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   I walked into the kitchen where Michelle stood,blushing beet red, and on the verge of tears.

“Come here, Baby. Give Daddy a hug. ” I said, kneeling down.

She ran to me and wrapped her arms around my neck, and I stood, lifting her, with my hand holding her butt, the way I had always lifted her. She wrapped her legs around my waist, as she always did. But this time, it felt sexual.

“We don't have to tell Mommy, do we?”

“I think we should,” I said. “You haven't done anything wrong. They were … doing what they were doing when y'all walked in. ”

“Please, Daddy. ”

“Let me talk to Mrs. Hyde. ” I said, picking up the phone and dialing the number.

“Hello?” she answered.

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“Fran, I was wondering if we could not tell Julie about … uh … The Incident. ”

“Not a good idea,” Fran said. “She is going to hear about it sooner or later, and it's best that she hear about it sooner. ”

“Well …”

Fran sighed, “Ralph, you don't expect two nine year old girls,to keep this secret, do you?”

“I guess not. ”

“I also don't expect you and Julie to keep it secret. I'll bet there's at least one person you're going to tell. ”

“No,” I said immediately, then realized that I would have to tell my brother, who would probably tell someone else.

“Really? No one?”

“Well, maybe one. ”

“Julie is going to hear about it from someone, an I imagine she'll be really pissed off if it wasn't you. ”

“Yeah, you're right. I'll tell her. Bye. ”

“Dad-dee,” Michelle whined.

“Honey, you know that you and Denise are going to tell one or two friends about it. Those friends will tell a few friends, who will tell some more friends.

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   By the end of next week everybody a will know about it. ,” I said, carrying Michelle to the living room and sitting on the couch.

Michelle buried her head in my shoulder and cried.

“It's not your fault, Baby,” I said, caressing her back with my right hand and squeezing her ass with my left. “How much did you see?”

“Not much, Daddy. Honest to God, it was like just an instant,” She lied.

Whenever she said, “Honest to God” or “Cross my heart” she was lying.

“You want to talk about it? You have any questions?”

She shook her head.

“I want you to know that you can talk to me about anything. Ask questions about anything. It's better to get answers from adults who know what they're talking about instead of kids who don't have their facts straight. ”

“Well … er …”

“Go ahead and ask. Anything. ”

“Do you and Mommy …uh… do what Mr. and Mrs.

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   Hyde were doing?”

I didn't expect that question, but decided to answer honestly. “Yes, Baby we do. ”

“Why? Isn't it nasty…down there?”

“It feels good, Honey, like when you rub yourself down there. ”

“Dad-dee! I don't …”

“Of course you do,” I laughed. “Everyone plays with themselves. ”


“Really. Even after they've grown up. ”

“Do you play with yourself?”

“Yes, Honey. Daddy sometimes plays with himself. It's called masturbation. ”

“I know…”

“Of course, you do. How much do you know about sex?”

“Not much. I hear stuff. ”

“I'm sure you do. When I was a kid, first and second graders were talking about how babies got into their mothers' bellies and how they come out.

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   By the time I got to junior high, boys were bragging about actually 'Doing It. '”

“Do you like licking Mommy down there?”

“Yes, I do,” I said, giving Michelle's butt an affectionate squeeze. “I enjoy making your mother feel really really good. ”

“Like when …uh… someone plays with themselves down there. ”

“Even better. Much better”

“You like it when mommy …uh… sucks your thingie?”

“Oh, yes. I love it when Mommy sucks my penis. Did you like seeing Mrs. Hyde suck Mr. Hyde's penis. ”

Michelle blushed and shrugged.

“Did it frighten you or upset you. ”

She shook her head. “I didn't mind. ”

“Tell me what you saw.

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   Everything. ”

“Well, Mr. Hyde was laying on his back on the table, and Mrs. Hyde was on top …like on her knees and elbows. I couldn't really see what he doing. His face was in her …uh…”


“Yeah, vagina. His face was in Mrs. Hyde's vagina, and she was sucking his thin …er… his penis,” Michelle said. “She had the whole thing in her mouth!”

“How big was his thing…his dick. ”

“It's huge, Daddy!. His dick was this long!” she said, holding her hands about a foot apart.

“And she took it all down her throat?”

“Yeah. Denise had told me that she could do it, but …uh…”

“Denise had seen them doing it before?”

Michelle looked like she was about to cry.

“It's okay. Denise told you about it and you were supposed to keep it secret.

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Michelle nodded.

“Don't worry. I'll keep it secret too. What did Denise tell you. ”

“You won't tell Mommy?”

“It'll be our secret. You don't tell Denise that you told me, and I won't tell Mommy. ”

“And Denise can still be my best friend?”

“Of course. Everything will be like it was before you told me. ”

“And she can still sleep over tonight. ”

“Yes. ” I had forgotten about the planned sleepover.

“Can I call her and tell her that she can still come over. She was afraid that you wouldn't let us be friends any more. ”

“Yes. Go ahead.



She picked up the phone and dialed. “Denise,” she said excitedly. “Daddy says we can still be best friends and you can still spend the night tonight”. . . “Mrs. Hyde wants to talk to you. ” She said, handing me the phone.

“Bud, would seven o'clock be okay?”

“Seven's fine. ”

“Thank you. Denise was afraid that you would forbid Michelle from still being her best friend. ”

“Michelle would hate me forever if I did that. And, like you said, she hasn't done anything wrong, and doesn't deserve any kind of punishment. ”

“She'll be there around seven. Thank you.

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   Bye. ”
I hung up and told Michelle, “Your bestest friend in the whole wide world will be here around seven. Now, tell me about Denise watching her parents. ”

“She climbs up on her bookshelves and watches her parents through the transom – that window thing on top of the door. ”

“Have you watched?”

“Not yet …uh… I mean, no. ”

“But you want to watch them having sex. ”

Michelle blushed crimson.

“It's okay. Kids are curious about sex stuff. It's normal” I said. “I'll tell you a big secret. You have to swear that you'll never tell anybody. Not Mommy. Not your best friends. ”

“I swear,” she said eagerly.

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“I spied on my parents when I was a kid, from when I was about 10 until I went off to college. They caught me when I was 13. ”

“You actually watched Granddad and grandma fu …er… Do It!?!”

“Yes, I watched them fuck several times a week. I would hear them, and sneak out my bedroom window, and watch them through their window. Two of the slats on their blinds were bent. I had a pretty good view. ”

“Denise says that her parents…er…'Fuck' in all kinds of different positions,” Michelle tried unsuccessfully to say the word 'Fuck' casually. “Did granddad and grandma do that?”

“Yes, Babe, Mom and Dad fucked in all kinds of different positions. ”

“How did they catch you?”

“This is our secret. Right?” I whispered.

She nodded.

“Dad was trimming around the house, and saw semen stains on the wall below their window”


“Semen. It's also called sperm or cum. ”

“You mean that you jac …uh… played with yourself while you watched?”

“Yes Michelle, I jacked off while I watched my father and mother fuck, and I ejaculated on the wall. ”

“How did they know that it was you who watching them Fuck?”

“Dad rigged up a trip wire that switched a light on and alerted them.

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   I already had my hard cock in my hand and was stroking itwhen Dad suddenly opened the blinds and stood there, shining a flashlight in my face. ”

“I'll bet you got a spanking. ”

“No, I didn't. Mom and Dad scolded me and told me that it was very very rude to invade on people's privacy, and that I would get into big trouble if anyone ever saw me, and that I would get a reputation as a pervert and peeping Tom. ”

“They grounded you?”

“No I expected them to, but they didn't,” I said. “The funny thing is that Dad never got around to closing those blinds. With the lights on inside, they couldn't see outside, like the police line-ups you see on TV. The suspects can't see people on the dark side of the screen, but the people can see the suspects on the lighted side. ”

“Denise said that her parents can't see her because her room is dark. She makes sure that her door is closed and that all the curtains are closed. She can watch them fucking but they can't see her. ”

“And Denise has invited you to watch them fucking. ”

“UH huh,” Michelle said, blushing.

“I invited my best friend and two of my cousins to watch Mom and Dad fucking and sucking. ”

“Did grandma suck granddad's cock?”

“Oh yeah.

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   She seemed to enjoy sucking Dad's cock as much a Dad enjoyed having her suck it. ”

“Did he, you know, like squirt in her mouth. Cum in her mouth, or did he pull it out and shoot cum on her face and titties, like Denise's Daddy does. ”

“Is that what you want to see him do when you watch them through the transom. You want to watch Fran suck Roy's big hard cock, and take it all of the way down – we call that 'Deep Throating' – and then watch him pull his cock out of her throat and jack off all over her face and tits. ”

Michelle shook her head vigorously in adamant denial.

“Denise told you about it. Right?”

Michelle nodded cautiously.

“She described the action in detail – the fucking and the sucking and the jacking off and the cumming. ”

Michele nodded.

“You said something like, 'Wow, I'd love to see that!' Didn't you?”

Shock & Awe is the only way to describe the expression on my daughter's face. “How did you…?”

“Sometimes, parents just know things. I don't know what it is. I just knew that that's what you would say after Denise described what she saw her parents doing. That's what my best friend and cousins said when I told them about watching my parents.

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“And you're not mad at me for wanting to watch them … Fuck. ”

“How could I be mad at you? I'd want to watch too if Denise invited me. ”

Michelle giggled, “Do you want me to ask her to invite you?”

“I don't think that her parents would understand,” I laughed.

“We could sneak you in through the back door after they go to bed, and the three of us could watch together,” Michelle giggled. “And you could jack off, like you did when you watched your parents fucking and sucking?”

“I wouldn't want to shock Denise,” I laughed.

Michelle giggled naughtily, “I'm pretty sure you wouldn't shock her. Denise might even offer to help you out, like she did for her …Oops. ”

“Like she did for …Who?”

“Denise said that mister…that he would go to prison if anyone found out. She said that child molesters get beaten and raped and sometimes murdered in prison, and he's a really nice guy who wouldn't hurt a fly, and he doesn't make her do anything she doesn't want to do. ”

“Have you met him?”

“Not yet. No. ”

“Not yet?” I said. “That means that you want to and you're going to. ”

Tears welled up in my lovely daughter's eyes.

“Don't cry, Baby,” I soothed.

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   “Daddy's not mad at you. I'm just a little surprised. ”

“You said that nothing changes. That Denise could still be my best friend, and everything. She can still sleepover tonight. ”

“Right,” I sighed. “Nothing changes. Except that now, you can talk to Daddy about anything, and I'll be honest with you. ”

“You said that Granddad didn't close the blinds after they caught you. ” Michelle said. “Did you watch after that?”

“Yes, I did. I think that they wanted me to to watch them fuck. I think that they were exhibitionists. ”

“Exhi … what?”

“Exhibitionists. People who like showing off.

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“Do you think that Mr. and Mrs. Hyde are extra. . . bitch-un-nits?”

“Exhibitionists?” I pondered. “That would be interesting. It would mean that maybe it wasn't accidental that you kids caught them in the act. ”

“But we were supposed to be at the arcade. ”

“Maybe they heard about the fire on the radio of something. ”

“It wasn't much of a fire. Just electric stuff. There was just a little bit of smoke and the smell of burned up wires. ”

Alright! It was wishful thinking. Why did I want to think that Fran and Roy manipulated events to make it look like an accident.

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   It had to be accidental.

I envisioned Mr. & Mrs. Hyde, donning black burglar clothes and masks, bypassing the security system, and rigging a timer in the electrical system, which caused a short and an electrical fire when the power was turned on. No major damage, no chance for serious damage or injury. Then, they set up a camera on their porch so they can monitor the kids' return, and an inside camerato capture the kids' reactions to the blatant display of cocksucking and pussy eating on the kitchen table.

I chuckled, “I would have loved to see the looks on you kids' faces when you walked in and saw them. ”

“It was really weird. ”


“It was like I couldn't look away. ”

“Exactly what did you see?”

Mrs. Hyde had Mr. Hyde's thing…Cock in her mouth. Then I could see how big it was when she raised her head. Denise told me that it was really big. Any way, Mrs.

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   Hyde took it all in two or three more times before she saw us. Mr. Hyde said, 'Don't stop. ' before he saw us. They both rolled off of the table and grabbed their robes. We ran out. Mrs. Hyde called us back. Denise went back, then came out, and told me that her parents had to call you, and tell them what happened, and we went back and begged her not to tell, and she said that we weren't in trouble, but that they would be if you and Mommy found out and thought that they exposed themselves on purpose. Then she called you, and I came home. ”

“You know that you're going to have to tell your mother what you saw. She's going to want talk to you about it. ”

As if on cue, the phone rang. It was Julie, telling me that her plane would arrive at Hobby Airport at 10 AM.

I took a deep breath and said as calmly as I could, “Fran Hyde called, and said that Michelle and Denise walked in on her and Roy having sex.

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“What, exactly, did she witness. ”

“Fran and Roy, doing sixty nine on the kitchen table. Fran said that the kids couldn't have caught more than a glimpse before she realized that they were there,” I said, giving Michelle a wink.

“How's Michelle taking it? Does she seem traumatized or in shock or anything?”

“Mostly, she's just terribly embarrassed that we now know what she saw. ”

“Let me talk to her. ”

I handed Michelle the phone, and she took it with a look of fear and trepidation. “Mommy?. . . Uh huh. . . No, Ma'am. .


  . No, Ma'am. . . Yes, Ma'am” Then she giggled, “I guess so. . . I love you too Mommy. ” She handed the phone back to me.

Julie said, “I told her that her sex ed started a little early, and that we would talk about it tomorrow when I get home. It was time for 'The Talk' anyway. Now I don't have to figure out a way to start the conversation. ”

“You're not upset?”

“No. Actually, I'm relieved. It was going to be awkward bringing up the subject.

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   This was a real ice-breaker. I was a year younger than Michelle when I walked in on my parents making love. ”

I laughed, “Really? I was a couple of years older when I started spying on my Mom and Dad. ”

Michelle giggled.

“Did Michelle hear you?”

“Oops! I forgot that she was standing behind me.

“I guess we'll have a lot to talk about tomorrow. ”

“Yes, we will. See ya in the morning,” I said, hanging up. I turned to Michelle and asked, “Now where were we?”

“We were talking…you know…about stuff. ”

“Michelle, what 'Stuff' did you want to talk about?”

“You know, about you watching Grandpa and Grandma Doing It. ”

“Doing what?” I teased.

“Sucking cock and eating pussy and fucking,” she giggled.

“Oh right. Now I remember. I was telling you about watching my parents sucking and fucking.

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“Does Grandpa have a big cock. ”

“I thought it was enormous when I was a kid. But it's kind of average. About the same size as my cock now. ”

“Really? Can I see?”

“Our secret. Right?”

She nodded eagerly.

I pushed my gym shorts down to my knees and let them fall to the floor. My six and a half inch stuck straight out at a slightly upward angle. Pre-cum hung off the tip.

“What's that stuff, Daddy?”

“I don't remember the technical name. Some kind of fluid. But it's called pre-cum. It lubricates the cock, so it'll slide easier into a cunt when I'm fucking. ”




“You can ask anything you want to ask.

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   I don't want you to feel embarrassed around me. ”

“Could you show me how you jacked off when you watched Grandpa fucking Grandma? Could you make it cum for me? I wanna see it squirt cum. ”

My daughter watched with wide-eyed fascination as I smeared pre-cum over the length of my shaft, and stroked slowly.

“Do you like watching Daddy jack off?”

She nodded enthusiastically.

“I like having my little girl watch watch me stroke my hard cock. ”

“I'm not a little girl! I'm nine years old. ”

“I like having my sexy big girl watching me jack off. ”

“Do you think I'm sexy, Daddy?” She asked. “I don't even have boobs yet. Just little bumps. ”

“They're sexy little bumps,” I sighed, stroking faster. “I like looking at them when you're wearing tight tee shirts. ”

She giggled. “I thought that I've seen you staring at them. I think that Mr.

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   Hyde likes looking at them too. ”

I was stroking hard and fast. “He does?”

“Uh huh. ”

“Do you like it when Mr. Hyde looks at your sexy little titties. ”

She nodded.

“I wanna cum on your titties,” I panted.

Michelle paused for only an instant before lifting her tee shirt and standing in front of me. “Cum on me, Daddy! Cum on my titties!”

I had an explosive ejaculation, with the first rope landing on her chest neck and chin. The second hit her forehead, cheeks and nose. The third hit her chest and belly. ”

“That was so Fucking COOL!” She squealed. “But now, your dick's tiny and all shriveled up. ”

“It always does that after I cum,” I explained. “May I ask you a very personal question, Michelle? You don't have to answer if you don't want to.

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Michelle hesitantly nodded.

“Is your pussy wet?”

Her face turned crimson. She giggled nervously and nodded.

“That's your cunt juice. It's like pre-cum. It lubricates your pussy to make it ready for a cock. ”

“My pussy's ready to fuck!?!”

“I doubt it. Have you been sticking things in it?”

“Just my fingers. ”

“Then you're probably not ready for a dick that's much larger than your finger. A boy cock. ”

“I could let a boy fuck me?”

“That wouldn't be a good idea. ” I shocked myself by not being shocked at the suggestion of a boy fucking my daughter. Shocked by the fact that the thought made my erection resurrect.

“Why not?”

“Boys are stupid. They brag.

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   A boy would probably tell everyone he knows that he fucked you. Everyone in school would know. Boys who never touched you would lie and claim that they fucked you too. And you'd be called a slut, whore, tramp. ”

“Boys really are stupid. Were you stupid when you were a boy?”

“I wish that I could say no. But I would be lying. Yes, Honey, your father was stupid when he was a kid, and the stupidity lasted all of the way through college. ”

“When did you quit being stupid?”

“After your mother told me how stupid I was, and showed me how not to be stupid. ”

“How'd she do that?”

“She taught me that there was more to fucking than just getting my rocks off. ”

“Getting your rocks off?”

“Having an orgasm, cumming, ejaculating, shooting cum. She showed me how to pleasure my partner, not just myself. ”

“Mommy taught you how to fuck!?!”

“She taught me the importance of foreplay; kissing, caressing, feeling, fondling. She taught me how to eat pussy. ”

“Denise said that having her pussy eaten was Fucking Awesome!”

“Would you like Daddy to show you how Fucking Awesome?”

“Would you do that, Daddy? Would you eat my pussy?”

“Oh God, Yes.

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She quickly stripped.

I picked her up, sat her on my lap, facing me, and kissed her passionately. I was shocked to discover that she knew how to French kiss. “Where did you learn how to kiss?” I asked.

“Me and Denise have been practicing,” she giggled, wrapping her little hand around my cock. The feel of her hand holding my shaft, and the vision of Michelle and Denise making out, sent me over the edge. Cum shot up onto her face and chest and on my chest and belly.

The door bell chimed.

I grabbed Michelle's shirt and wiped cum off, and quickly put my gym shorts on. Michelle grabbed her shorts and ran to her bedroom.

The doorbell chimes became more insistent. I opened the door. Denise stood there, wearing very snug, very short blue jean cutoffs, and a tight tee shirt, cutoff half way between her little breast buds and her navel.

“I'm a little early. Is that okay?”

“Uh…er…I guess so.

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   Sure,” I stammered. “Michelle's in her room. ”

“Denise!” Michelle squealed, rushing to her friend and hugging her. They rushed to Michelle's bedroom and closed the door.

I crept up the hall and put my ear to the door.

Denise said, “I'm so glad that your Dad didn't get upset at my parents. I was afraid that he wouldn't let you see me any more. ”

“He's cool about it. He knows it was an accident. ”

There was a moment of absolute silence. Then Michelle said, “What?”

“Michelle, you smell like cum. ”

I nearly fainted. I've never fainted in my life. My knees turned to rubber. I felt weak.

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   I trembled uncontrollably.

Michelle stuttered and stammered.

“You and your Dad are messing around!?!”

“Please, Denise. Don't tell anybody. Don't say anything. ”

“Don't worry,” Denise giggled. “It's okay. Me and my Dad have been fooling around since I was seven. ”


My cock was suddenly rock hard.

“How long have you and your Dad been fooling around?” Denise asked.

“We just started. He came on me just before the doorbell rang. ”

“What were y'all doing?”

“He jacked off on me, then he was gonna eat my pussy. We were French kissing. He asked me where I learned how to kiss, and I told him that you and I were practicing.

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“He knows about us?”

“Just about the kissing. ”

“He came while y'all were kissing?”

“Kissing, and I held his cock. He came when I touched it. ”

“That's funny,” Denise laughed. “Dad did the same thing the first time I touched his cock. He came all over my face and in my mouth. He called it premature ejaculation. ”

“He came in your mouth? How did it taste?”

“Kinda yucky and slimy. But not too yucky, really. I've gotten to where I kinda like it. ”

“You suck your daddy's cock!?! How do you get it in your mouth? It's so fucking huge!”

“I don't get a lot of it in my mouth – maybe three inches. I can't deep-throat like Mom. ”

“I can't believe that she can swallow the whole thing,” Michelle giggled.

“Oh shit,” Denise exclaimed. “I interrupted you and your Dad.



“That's okay. ”

“Tonight, you can go to his room and tell him that I'm sound asleep, and get him to eat your pussy. I can listen. ”

The girls giggled and whispered. I couldn't hear the words.

“Let's go to the living room and watch TV or something,” Michelle said.

I rushed back to the living room and sat on my La-Z-Boy recliner, and pushed it back to reclining position. I was looking over my right shoulder to see when the girls entered the room. I saw their shadows approach and quickly turned my attention to the TV. That's when I noticed the obvious tent in the thin fabric of my shorts. The top of the tent was soaked in precum. The soaked fabric clung to my cockhead, leaving nothing but the color to the imagination.

The phone rang. I picked it up. “Hello?”

“Bud, this is Roy Hyde.

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   I wanted to thank you for not freaking out over the…uh…incident. Denise was in a panic that you would forbid Michelle from visiting or from even associating with her. ”

“It was an accident, Roy. Forbidding her from seeing Denise would have been punishing her when she had done nothing wrong. ”

When the girls realized that I was talking to Denise's father, they sat on the chair armrests, Michelle on my left and Denise on my right. Denise stared intently at the obscene tent.

“Have you informed Julie?”

“Julie actually sounded relieved that it happened. She was worrying about how she was going to begin 'The Talk' with Michelle. 'The Accident' gives her a starting point. ”

“That makes me feel a lot better,” Roy said. “Something good is coming out of this. ”

“Let me talk to Mr. Hyde,” Michelle giggled.

I handed her the phone, and she dropped onto my lap. “Mr.

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   Hyde, Mommy said that my sex ed just got off a good start. . . No. She's not upset at all. She knows it was an accident. ”

Michelle wiggled against my cock which was trapped between her ass and my lower belly.

“No,” Michelle said. “I'm not trau…matated. . . Yeah, traumatized. I didn't really mind seeing, uh, what I saw. ”

Denise leaned over to get her mouth close to the phone. “I think she liked what she saw, Dad.

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   I think she liked it a lot. ”

“Denise!?!” Michelle squealed. Then into the phone she said,
“Yes, she does. Your daughter has a dirty mind. ”

She handed the phone back to me.

I was so fucking horny. I decided to join in on the sexy conversation. “Like mother like daughter. When I told Julie about 'The Accident,' she told me that she started spying on her parents when she was younger than Michelle. ”

“Fran was 6 years old when she started peeking in on her parents. I didn't start spying until I was 13. ”

“I was ten. ”

Roy laughed, “I don't know why the fuck parents expect their children to be more innocent than they were. ”

when I heard Roy say 'Fuck,' my cock twitched hard against my daughters ass. She wiggled vigorously against it.

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   Denise looked down at Michelle's butt, then looked at me and smiled.

“Fucking hypocrites,” I said. “Oops. Sorry ladies. ”

The girls giggled. “That's okay,” Denise said. “I don't mind. ”

Michelle placed her hands on the chair arms, and raised up to change position. Denise stared unabashedly at my cockhead. The wet material clung to it, exposing every detail. Michelle settled back down, grinding her ass against my cock. A little pleasure moan escaped my lips.

“Are you okay?” Roy asked.

“Yeah. My daughter's getting heavy.

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   I guess we'll have to put her on a diet. ”


Denise leaned in close to me to speak into the phone. In doing so, her stiff nipple brushed against my shoulder.

“She's sitting on her daddy's lap, just like I do with you. ”

Roy chuckled. “Denise can make me moan like that too. You know that these little minxes know what they're doing to their daddies when they wiggle and squirm their cute little asses in our laps. ”

I looked at Denise, who was resting her head against my shoulder, watching my daughter's ass rub against my cock. “Denise, do you know what you're doing when you wiggle your cute little ass in daddy's lap?”

She giggled and nodded, “Uh huh. ”

“Yes, Roy,” I said. “She says she knows what she's doing to youwhen she rubs her ass against you. ” I placed my hand on her thigh, halfway between her knee and crotch. She looked up at me, smiled, then rested her head on my shoulder again and snuggled a little closer.

Roy sighed deeply. “She also does it to both of her grandfathers and at least one uncle.

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My handslowly slid up to the hem of her shorts. “Your dad says you like doing it to both your grandfathers and an uncle. ”

“They don't know that Dad knows what I'm doing. They don't know that Dad loves watching me do it. ”

“Is that true, Roy? You love watching your daughter rub her sexy little ass against them. ”

“Oh God, yesss,” Roy sighed. “I really love watching them get up and go to the bathroom, trying to hide their boners. ”

My hand slid up to her crotch, with my little finger wedged in the crease between her upper thigh and her pubic mound.

“What did Dad say?”

“He said that he loves watching them try to hide the bulge in their pants when they get up. ”

“Let me talk to him. ”

I tried to hand her the phone, but she didn't take it. Instead, she straddled the arm of the chair, put her right arm around my shoulders and leaned in until her ear was to the phone. I couldn't help it I cupped her crotch in my hand.

“I bet you'd love to be here right now, Dad. You could watch Mr.

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   Brown rubbing my pussy. ”. . . “No, I still have my clothes on. ”. . . “Mr. Brown, Can my Dad come over and play?”

I put the phone to my ear. “Roy? Hello. Roy?”

Denise giggled. “He must be on his way over. ” She unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts. “Dad loves to watch me being molested, Mr.

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   Brown. ”

“No shit?”

“No shit, Mr. Brown. ”

I slid my hand down her panties and felt her hairless labia. Her slit was slick with her arousal juices. A finger slipped into her pussy.

“Is your finger in her pussy, Daddy?”

“Oh yeah, baby. Daddy's finger is in Denise's wet, hot, tight little pussy. ”

The doorbell chimed. In a reflex action, I started to pull my hand out of Denise's panties, but she grasped my wrist tightly

“Go let Dad in, Michelle. ”

My daughter got up and went to the door. Denise took her place in my lap.

“Hi, Mr. Hyde,” Denise said, taking his hand and guiding him into the living room.

Denise was rubbing her ass against my erection and humping my hand.

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   “Hi Dad. Denise smells like cum. Doesn't she?”

Roy bent down and sniffed. “Yes, she definitely does smell like seminal fluid. ”

“Mr. Brown did the same thing you did the first time I touched your cock. He had a premature ejaculation. But he didn't shoot cum in her mouth, like you did to me. ”

My little girl was staring at the huge bulge in Roy's cutoff jeans as they approached the chair, hand-in-hand. Roy bent down and kissed his daughter on the mouth. It was a deep lingering kiss. Denise grasped my wrist tightly and slowly humped my hand.

“Are you having fun, Baby?” Roy asked.

“Uh huh,” she replied, nodding her head enthusiastically.

“Hi, Roy,” I said.

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“Hi, Bud,” he replied. If anyone had been listening in, it sounded like a normal casual greeting. My nervousness dissipated like smoke in the wind. I felt comfortable in his presence, like we were old friends instead of merely casual acquaintances.

Denise said, “Mr. Brown and Michelle were just starting to fool around when I interrupted by ringing the doorbell. ”

Roy tore his eyes away from his daughter's crotch and looked at me. “Y'all haven't played before?” he asked, surprised.

“No,” I replied. “It started when she told me what she saw you and Fran doing on the Table. Eating each other for dinner. ”

“That was an unexpected thrill,” he laughed. “The funny thing is that we had been trying to figure out a way to have the kids 'Accidentally' catch us in the act for months. Then, it actually happens by accident. ”

“Mom and Dad love being watched,” Denise giggled, reaching out and grasping her father's bulge.


   “And they love watching too. ”

Michelle chimed in, “I was gonna watch the next time we had a sleepover. ”

“Yes,” Roy chuckled. “I know. Denise told us that you wanted to see Fran deep-throat my cock, and watch me pull out, jack off and shoot cum all over her face and tits. ”

“And in her mouth,” Michelle added. “Denise also said that you like to eat Mrs. Hyde's pussy and make her cum with your tongue, then fuck her and make her cum with your big cock, then eat her again, licking all of your cum out of her cunt, and making her cum with your tongue again and again until she couldn't stand it any more. ”

Denise pulled my hand out of her panties, stood up, and stripped, smiling at me and staring at my soaked tent. “Let's all get nekked,” she giggled.

Roy looked at me. “That decision is up to Mr. Brown and Michelle. It's their home. ”

“Can we, Daddy? Please.

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I nodded approval, and she was naked before I got out of the recliner and stripped.

“What were y'all doing before Denise interrupted,” Roy asked, dropping his cutoffs. His cock was enormous. I guessed nine inches. Michelle stared at it, fascinated. ”

“Daddy was going to eat my pussy. ”

“I was going to start with French kissing, and then kissing her body all over before I started licking her cunt, but I prematurely ejaculated when she grabbed my cock. ”

“Wow!” Roy exclaimed. “I would dearly love to watch that – a Daddy/Daughter first time. ”

“Me too!” Denise said.

“Damn,” I said. “I never considered myself an exhibitionist or a pedophile before. This is so fucking hot. ”

Roy laughed, “I'm omnisexual. I love it all! Except for weird shit that involves bondage, pain, urine or feces.

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“Julie likes being tied to the bed sometimes,” I confessed.

“Mommy likes being tied up when you fuck her!?!”

“Don't tell her I told you,” I said. “I prolong it. I feel and fondle and tease until she's begging for cock, begging me to fuck her. ”

“I wanna see that! I wanna see Mommy begging you to fuck her. I wanna hear her begging for cock. ”

I had the most erotic vision; Julie tied, spread eagle on the bed. Michelle hiding and watching until her mother starts begging me to fuck her. Then have Michelle come out of hiding and watching me fuck her mother. I mean, Julie confessed to watching her parents when she was a kid, younger than Michelle. Then I remembered comments she had made over the past year. She once teased, “Are you staring at our little girl's ass?” Another time she said, “I think Michelle's taking after her mother, and checking out men's packages. ” Last summer when we were visiting her uncle's ranch in west Texas, she nudged me, grinned and pointed at Michelle, who was staring wide-eyed and open-mouthed at a stallion whose cock hung nearly to the ground.

“Daddy?” Michelle said, bringing me out of my reverie. “Are you okay? You had a funny look on your face.

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“Daydreaming,” I sighed. “Envisioning you walking into the bedroom when your mother was tied up and hot and bothered and begging for cock. ”

“Would Julie go for that?” Roy asked.

“Probably not if I asked first. ”

Roy laughed. “Sometimes, getting forgiveness is easier than getting permission. ”

Denise giggled, “Then you could have Dad come in and fuck her with his cock. ”

“Denise,” Roy said. “Most men don't want other men fucking their wives. ”

“Dad loves it,” Denise laughed. “He loves eating her pussy after another man's fucked her and filled her cunt with cum. He says his favorite desert is cream pie. ”

“Damn, Denise!” Roy said. “You don't have to announce my perversions to the whole wide world. ”

I could tell that he got off to hearing his daughter tell us all about it.

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I got jealous if another man flirted with Julie. I certainly would not allow another man to fuck her. Then, I imagined her tied to the bed, begging for cock. Then Michelle comes into the bedroom. After the initial shock of seeing her daughter, she gets even hotter, and pleads with me to fuck her. Then Denise comes in. Denise stands on one side of the bed, and Michelle on the other. I tease her stiff clit with my cockhead for a while, until she's screaming, “Fuck me. Damnit. Fuck me for God's sake. ” Then Roy walks in, stroking his enormous rod.

“Daydreaming again, Daddy?”

Roy looked at me, concerned. “Are you okay with this, Bud? We can postpone this or call it off if you're not comfortable with it. ”

“No. I'm fine.

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   I just keep having these visions with Julie involved. ”

Denise squeezed my throbbing cock, and giggled, “I think that you really like those visions. ”

“Are you gonna eat my pussy, Daddy, like you were gonna do before Denise came over?”

I picked her up and hugged her to me. Our lips met and hersparted, accepting my tongue. Her bare ass felt wonderful in my hand. I lightly pinched and twisted her right nipple, and she whimpered.

Roy started stroking his cock, and Denise slapped his hand. “Save it for me,” she said.

I kissed Michelle's neck, and kissed my way down to her left nipple. I nibbled and sucked. Her little body writhed against me.

“Suck my titties, Daddy. It feels so good when you suck my nipples. ”

“I'm going to kiss you and lick you all over, Baby, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes, then I'm going to eat your sweet little pussy. ”

I looked at Roy and Denise, who were watching us intently.

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   A string of pre-cum stretched almost to his knees. Denise was playing with her left nipple. “Let's go to my bedroom and get comfortable,” I said.

“Where's Mom?” Denise asked.

“Fran's home. She said this is obviously a Daddy/Daughter event, and she'd feel out of place. She said to let y'all know that she's ready to play whenever y'all are. ”

I sighed, “I'm afraid that she wouldn't be too impressed with my little dick after being stuffed with your monster cock. ”

“You'll be amazed. My wife has the most incredible cunt. Fantastic muscle control. Believe me, when you fuck my wife, you'll feel like your fucking a virgin. It's tight. ”

“Yeah,” Denise interjected, holding up her middle finger “Mom's pussy feels really tight around my finger. ”

“You finger-fuck your own mother!?!” Michelle gasped.

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Denise laughed, “Why not? She taught me how to do it. Mom also taught me how to kiss and suck cocks and eat pussies and fuck. Mom taught me how to use my cunt muscles like she does. Dad says that she could milk a cow with her cunt. ”

“I also say she could suck-start a Harley,” Roy laughed. “Maybe I sometimes exaggerate a little. But not much. ”

“What's a Harley?” Michelle asked.

“A Harley Davidson motorcycle,” Denise explained.


“He's saying that Mom could suck the tailpipe and start the motor running. ”

I was impatient to get on with the sex. “I'll explain it later, Honey,” I said, and continued kissing her body all over, ending up at her tight hot wet hairless little pussy. I teased her clit with the tip if my tongue, before slipping it as deep as I could into her cunt. There was no hymen, which was initially a disappointment. But when I thought about it, it was a relief.

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   I didn't have to hurt her. I tongue-fucked her for a while before starting to nibble and suck her clit.

“Oh My God, Daddy! Omygod!” she grasped two handfuls of hair at the back of my head and pulled my face into her quivering cunt.

“Eat her pussy, Mr. Brown. Eat your daughter's pussy,” Denise whispered in my ear.

Denise sucked one of her nipples while her father sucked the other. Michelle was moaning and groaning and babbling incoherently. Julie called it, 'Speaking in tongues. ' Michelle arched her back until only her head and heels touched the bed. I grasped her butt cheeks and slid my little finger into her ass, eating her pussy and finger-fucking her anus at the same time. She went spastic, vibrating like she was hook up to a 220 volt outlet. Then she collapsed, briefly losing consciousness.

I must have looked worried, because Roy said, “She's good. She's okay.

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   She'll recover in a few seconds. ”

Michelle took a couple of deep breaths, blinked several times then opened her eyes. She looked dazed and confused. She licked her lips. “What happened?”

“You had a really great cum,” Denise said.

“That was an organism?”

“Orgasm, Honey,” I whispered.

“I wanna do it again!”

I went at it again, but not for long. She pushed my head away and clamped her legs together. “It's too tingly. ”

Suddenly, Denise's lips were on mine. Her tongue explored my mouth. Her left hand was on the back of my neck, her right grasped my hard leaking cock. She broke the kiss long enough to say, “Fuck me, Mr. Brown. Fuck me!”

I looked at Roy.

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“Fuck her, Bud,” he said, stroking his cock. “Fuck my little girl's hot little cunt. ”

My dick slid in a lot more easily than I expected Her cunt was tight but well lubricated. As I pulled back, her cunt clamped down on my cock. It went in easily, then her cunt squeezed as I pulled back.

“I see what you mean about milking a cow, Roy. ”

“Fuck her, Daddy. Fuck Denise. Cum in her pussy. ”

I didn't last long before my cock exploded, filling her pussy to overflowing. Roy ejaculated all over his daughter's face and chest.

Denise pushed me away. “Eat me, Daddy. Suck Mr. Brown's cum out of my cunt.



“Eat her pussy, Mr. Hyde. Lick Daddy's cum out of her cunt. ”

“Suck my pussy juice off of your Daddy's dick, Michelle. ”

I'm one of those guys whose dick goes completely limp after ejaculation. It went from a raging six inch steel rod erection to a shriveled up three inches. Maybe two and a half. Normally, it takes a while for my erection to resurrect, but blood instantaneously surged into my cock when Denise told my daughter to suck her pussy juice off of her daddy's cock.

Without a moments hesitation, My nine year old daughter sucked my penis into her mouth.

“Be careful with your teeth,” Denise instructed. “Don't scrape the skin. ”

“Suck it, Baby. Suck Daddy's cock,” I moaned, fucking her mouth while hearing and watching Roy slurp my cum out of his daughter's freshly fucked cunt.

I wondered what it would be like to watch another man fuck my daughter. It was so hot fucking a nine year old girl while her father watched and stroked his cock.

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   An hour earlier, I would have been appalled at the thought of another man having any sort of sexual contact with my little girl. Now, I was appalled and enthralled. It was like the old cartoons where there was a little devil standing on one shoulder and a little devil on the other; one preaching and chastising, the other encouraging and goading.

Then I had a vision of Michelle holding Ray's enormous appendage and sliding both hands up and down the pulsating shaft. Then taking the bulbous head into her sweet little mouth. Cum erupted from my cockhead into my daughter's mouth. It spurted out of her nose and mouth, around my cock. She gasped and gagged and choked and coughed.

Ray rushed to her aid, kneeling beside her, slapping her between the shoulder blades. He handed her Denise's tee shirt.

“Blow your nose. Try to relax. Try to breathe slowly through your nose. You're alright. You're going to be fine.

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She gasped and wheezed and coughed. Then her breathing started to become more regular. She cleared her throat, and looked at me accusingly. “Mommy would be really pissed if she came home and found that you'd drowned me with your cum, Daddy. ”

Ray chuckled, “I was hoping to give you mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. ”

Michelle threw her arms around Roy's neck, and kissed him passionately. My dick stiffened again, but not to a full erection. It was done for the day. Roy's right hand cupped my daughter's ass. He looked straight at me for approval.

“She says that your daughter taught her how to kiss,” I said.

He broke the kiss long enough to say, “She learned well. ” Both his hands were on her butt. He looked intently at me, as he parted her cheeks and the little finger of his right hand. Touched her little brown rosebud.

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Michelle wiggled her ass, and Roy's fingertip slipped into her anus. She let out a little whimper. The finger was in past the first knuckle. She moaned and wiggled some more as the second knuckle disappeared.

I stared, mesmerized.

“Are you okay with this, Bud?” he asked.

My mouth was dry. “Yes. ”

His finger began slowly moving in and out.

Denise asked, “Do you like watching Dad finger-fuck Michelle's butt?”

“Yes. ” I sighed.

“God! Michelle exclaimed. “This feels so weird. But so fucking good. ”

“Wait until you feel Dad tongue-fucking your butt hole.

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Roy laid my daughter across my knees, belly down. He spread her cheeks with his thumbs, and buried his face in the flesh valley he created.

“Oh my God!” Michelle squealed, humping her butt against his face.

I stroked her back. “Do you like that, Baby?”

“Yesss. God! It feels. . . Wow!”

“Does it feel as good as when Daddy ate your pussy?”

“Different. Nasty. Really nasty. ”

Denise whispered in my ear, “Finger-fuck her pussy. ”

I reached under my daughter and slipped my finger into her slick cunt.

Michelle writhed and bucked and moaned and whimpered. Denise kissed her passionately.

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   Now, she has a tongue in her mouth and in her ass, and her daddy's finger, fucking her cunt.

“Oh God!” she screamed. She went rigid, then limp as a dishrag.

Roy and Denise sat on the floor, panting.

I felt exhausted, sitting in my recliner. Surprisingly, Michelle was the first to stir. She sat on the floor between Denise and Ray.

“That was wild!” she sighed. “Fucking wild. ” She then took Roy's cock in both hands and slid her hands up and down the shaft from balls to head. “I still can't believe that Mrs. Hyde can swallow the whole thing, like a sword swallower. ”

“Practice, practice, practice,” Roy laughed. “She's been sucking cock since she was five years old. ”

“Five years old!?!” Michelle and I gasped in unison.

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Denise said. “She caught her baby sitter and the baby sitter's little brother fucking when they thought that she was asleep. They told her that they would let her play with them if she didn't tell anybody. ”

Roy said, “The 11-year-old boy's first ejaculation was in Fran's mouth. She became a pedo magnet. Her first lesbian experience was with her kindergarten teacher. In the first grade, the school principal caught her and a fourth grader fucking behind a dumpster. He scared the boy shitless, telling him that he would be sent to juvenile hall, where the bad boys would beat him up and butt fuck him, if anyone found out. When the boy was gone, Fran said that she would do anything for the principal if he didn't tell her parents. By the time she was in junior high, she didn't associate with boys. She was into teachers and public park perverts. She can still spot a pedophile a mile away. ”

“And,” Denise added, “She can tell you if he's a good one or a bad one. ”

Michelle licked the precum off of Roy's cock then took the head in her mouth. If I wasn't already drained, I would have had a spontaneous ejaculation at that point.

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She looked up at Roy and said, “Warn me before you cum. ” She got the head and maybe two more inches in her mouth.

“Suck it, Baby. Suck Roy's monster cock. ” I couldn't believe that those words came out of my mouth.

“That feels so good, Michelle,” Roy said. “You're doing real good. You're going to be a great little cocksucker. My daughter taught you well. ”

Denise giggled, “She practiced on bananas. ”

I imagined Denise teaching Michelle how to suck cock, using a banana. A banana would show any teeth scrapes.

“Suck it, Michelle,” Ray whispered. “Suck my cock you sexy little cocksucker. ”

Ray started humping my daughter's face for a moment, then stopped.

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   “I'm gonna cum,” he said, pulling out. He laid Michelle on her back, spread her legs wide, and pressed his cockhead against her pussy.

“No!” I yelled, jumping up from the chair and grabbing Roy's shoulder.

“Dad's not going to hurt her,” Denise said, grabbing my arm. “He's not going to fuck her. He's just gonna cum in her cunt. ”

Roy looked up at me, smiling. There was no fear. No alarm in his eyes. I'm 6'2” and weigh 210 pounds, with very little body fat. Ray is maybe 5'9” and 150 pounds or less. But I knew at that moment that he was not a man to be messed with.

“I'm not going to try to stick it in. I would never ever harm a child. ”

“It's okay, Daddy,” Denise said.

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I sat back down.

“Open your pussy,” Denise said. “spread your legs as wide as you can. ”

Michelle did as instructed. Roy pushed his cockhead against her labia. His shaft spasmed. Semen oozed out around the head.

“Oh Oh Oh,” Michelle gasped. “That feels so…so…so…” She never found the words to describe the feeling. “Daddy? Are you going to eat Mr. Hyde's cum out of my cunt, like he did after you fucked Denise?”

“Most men don't eat other men's cum,” Roy said. “Not many men are as perverted as I am. ”

I couldn't bear the look of disappointment on my daughter's face. I pushed Roy out of the way, and went down on her.

“Eat my pussy, Daddy.

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   Lick Mr. Hyde's cum out of my cunt. ”

“Suck Dad's hot cum out of your daughter's cunt,” Denise said.

Roy gently massaged my shoulders while I performed cunnilingus on my daughter.

Michelle experienced another body-quaking orgasm.

The overall experience was good. I didn't really like the taste of Roy's semen. But Michelle's reaction was ecstatic, and more than made up for the taste.

“I'm done,” Roy said. “I'm drained. I jacked off earlier today while Fran was 'entertaining' the grants coordinator for the county arts foundation. Then I ate her and fucked her after he left the hotel room. Then Denise and Michelle walked in on us when I was edging toward orgasm. Then we fucked again after Michelle left. I'm going home to get some sleep.



“I am worn completely out,” I confessed. “I have to rest for a while. ” I went to bed and dreamed about tying Julie to the bed and teasing her to the point where she was screaming for cock, then having Michelle, Denise, Roy and Fran enter the bedroom.

Chapter two

I don't usually need an alarm clock, since I usually awake a little before. Fortunate, I had the good sense to set the alarm for 6 o'clock this morning. Julie's plane was scheduled to arrive at Hobby at 8. I would leave the house at 6:30 to give myself plenty of time to get there. If there were no traffic problems, I would be there in 45 minutes, but I always expected traffic problems.

“What an incredible dream!” I thought. It was the most erotic dream I had ever experienced. My 9-year-old daughter, Michelle, her friend, Denise, and Denise's father, Roy, in a hot pedophilic foursome. The dream had been so realistic. I could still smell the cum and pussy juice.

Then, I realized that it wasn't my imagination. I actually smelled like cum and vaginal fluid.

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   Cum was caked on my cock, belly and chest. “Jesus Fucking Christ! It happened. It really happened. ”

I got up and went to Michelle's room and eased the door open. Michelle and Denise lay cuddled together, sound asleep and naked, dried cum on their faces and bodies. My daughter's lips were slightly parted, and I was tempted to touch the with the tip of my cock. I wanted to fuck Denise again. It wouldn't be as hot as it was with her father watching and masturbating. But I needed to save my energy if I was going to carry out my plan to tie Julie down on the bed, tease her to the point where she is begging for cock, and have our 9-year-old daughter walk into the bedroom, followed by Denise and Roy and Fran. I would love to see the look on her face when she sees Roy's hard 9-inch cock.

I still wasn't sure if I had the guts to go through with my kinky plan. I wanted to do it. Julie had her safe word, to put an end to any games I might play while she was tied spread eagle to the bedposts. “Stop it. ” But she had to say it three consecutive times.

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   “Stop it. Stop it. Stop it. ” One night, she changed her mind after saying “Stop it” once. The three times was her idea.

If she didn't use the safe word after Michelle entered the room, I was certain that she wouldn't use it at all. If she used it as soon as she saw our daughter, I would probably be in deep shit.

I would tell the girls to go over to the Hyde's house when I departed for the airport, and to await my phone call. If I tell Michelle, “Mommy's home. ” That would mean that I chickened out. If I didn't chicken out, I would say, “Party Time!”

One thing in my favor is that Julie had not been fucked in nearly a week. She would be coming home horny. We had sex at least three or four times a week. We frequently did it every day, and sometimes more.

I woke the girls up and told them to clean up, get dressed and go over to Denise's house.

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   And told them the code I would use when Julie and I got home. I would make the “chicken” call as soon as we got home. I would make the “Party” call after Julie was naked and in bed. When I left for the airport, the girls were in a passionate embrace.

There were no traffic problems, and I was standing in the terminal at 9:20. I checked the monitors to ensure that Julie's plane was on time. I paced nervously, still uncertain if I would go through with my plan and fulfill my fantasy, or if I would chicken out. I didn't have to make that decision until we got home, and tried to stop worrying about it. Have you ever tried to force yourself to stop worrying about something?

Then a pair of scantily clad 9 or 10-year-old girls arrived at the terminal, one of whom actually wore Lolita heart shaped sunglasses. She looked directly at me and smiled. She whispered to the other girl, who also looked at me and giggled. As they walked away, their hips swayed provocatively. Is it possible that some girls can actually spot pedophiles?

I bought a Newsweek magazine to have something boring to read, hoping that it would take my mind off of sex, and deplete my raging hard-on. I sat down, opened the magazine and was distracted by a flash of flesh in my peripheral vision. A girl, 6 or 7 years old, was sitting across and a little to my right.

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   She had both feet on the seat, and her knees slightly parted, displaying a pink panty crotch. Her mother patted her knees, making the child put her feet down. I tried to return my attention to the magazine, but was again distracted by the flesh flash. The little girl had a comic book and had moved one chair away from her mother. This time, Only her left foot (the one farthest away from her mother) was on the seat. She smiled at me, and her knees parted slightly. She was smiling at me.

“Darla!” her mother snapped. “I don't know what I'm going to do with you. ” But Mommy made no move to push the girl's knee back down.

I quickly put my head down and tried to concentrate on the magazine again, but my eyes drifted upward. The left foot was on the seat, but her right foot was still on the floor, and the pink panties were still on display. The mother was ostensibly reading a newspaper. But she glanced up at me and quickly back down at the paper. I couldn't tell for certain, but I had the impression that she was smiling.

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   Darla grinned at me naughtily.

I feared for my sanity. Was I hallucinating? I was going crazy. I set the magazine down and made no pretense of not staring at Darla's crotch. I grinned at her. She grinned back, and herlegs parted farther. The mother's eyes darted from the newspaper to her daughter, to me then back to the newspaper. I stared openly at the pink panty crotch. Was that a wet spot? I glanced over at the mother. She was looking at me and smiling. As soon as she realized that I was looking at her, she returned her attention to the paper.

I reached down and adjusted my bulge. Darla giggled. I winked at her. She winked back.

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   The comic rested on her raised leg, but she made no pretense of looking at it. My hand again drifted to my crotch and squeezed the bulge. Darla giggled louder. Mommy glanced at her daughter, then at me, and again quickly averted her glance to the paper.
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