The Slutting of Sally James.


The Slutting of Sally James. Chapter1
Rick’s story…
I recently returned to Australia after 4 years of living in South-East Asia, mostly in Thailand where I had been completely corrupted by the exotic Thai bar girls of that country’s red-light districts. During that period, they taught me a variety of kinky games and sex tricks that I had never ever experienced before. Over a period of time I lived with several gorgeous young Thai babes who willingly introduced me to all the sexual tricks and games they played to satisfy the men they fucked.
Suzy was a special beauty. She had chosen her name from a movie called, ‘The world of Suzy Wong’ about a pretty young and very popular bar girl who lived and worked in the Red-light district of Hong Kong. She told me that it was just the same as her life was, in the girlie bars of Thailand.
Suzy was one of those beautiful and rare girls who really enjoyed sex so was very popular with all the men cruising the bars looking for a ‘short time’ fuck. She smilingly called it, ‘Working Man’. We spent several nights together and I soon learnt she really did love to fuck. As I was also attracted to kinky sex and games, I urged her to continue to work the men who visited her bar. She and I soon formed a great relationship.
If she wished she could have any man she wanted to take care of her needs but they all wanted to forbid her from fucking with other men so she was very happy to shack-up with me when I stayed at Patong Beach, as I fully encouraged her to fuck around with any man who took her fancy.
A couple of my Aussie mates owned the “Kangaroo Bar” and we spend most evenings sitting in the front beer garden, drinking, playing Back-gammon and chatting while we had a great view of watching the bars girls ‘Working Man’.
Suzy was Queen Bee and attracted the passing male trade to the Kangaroo bar like bees to honey. It was her amazing looks and the skimpy outfits she wore that always grabbed their attention.

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  I soon discovered that I was greatly turned on by watching her chatting up the male johns and after they had a few rounds of beer at the bar, leading them like tame lambs to the ‘Short Time Bungalows’ out the back of the bar. Within half an hour or less she was back. I must say they all looked very happy and contented as she settled them back at the bar for another round of drinks, while giving me a sneaky smile and wink of the eye. This never failed to give me a solid hard-on.
Many evenings the men were in pairs or small groups cruising up and down the bar’s main strip eyeing the many sexy young bars girls who were all beckoning for their attention. On many occasions several of them where fascinated by Suzy and bargained hard for her favours. She satisfied their desires by promising she would give them each her special attention. So, cards were drawn and the winner was led happily off while the others settled down at the bar with cold beers to await their turn with her.

Later that evening when we were back in our own Bungalow, she eagerly told me in great detail how hard they had fucked her and everything they had wanted her to do for them. This became a regular game we played every night after her work at the Kangaroo Bar, it gave me intense orgasms and Suzy great delight watching my reactions. Unfortunately, all good things eventually come to an end and when my savings ran short, I had to return home to Australia for work.

Sally’s Arrival.
On my return I found most of the Aussie girls I met quite boring and dull compared to the girls of Thailand, that was until I met up with Sally again.
I had known Sally before I left for S/E Asia. You could say many a young man had known Sally.

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   She was also very addicted to men and sex and she had it all. She was a 23yo, 5’5” tall honey with the firm, shapely body of a hot lingerie model. She had incredible perky breasts with pink erect nipples that hardened noticeably when she was turned on. With a gorgeous face, sky blue eyes and full head of curly blonde locks, she was everyman’s wet dream.
She also had something extra special that is very rare in women and was the cause of her high sex drive, so I believed. A very large clitoris that when aroused was like a tiny erect penis. When rubbed or sucked just right, she came in little squirts that made her moan and growl in extreme pleasure. As a young child she had a bout of tonsillitis so her tonsils were removed. She also had a extra wide mouth and in her early days of discovering sex she found to her delight and that of many a boy’s, she could successfully deep-throat many a large penis.
We knew each other for a short period before I left Australia for my trip abroad but became very good friends and stayed in touch regularly by mail while I was oversea. I often told her of my Asian sex adventures and she kept asking me for more vivid details and responded by telling me of her conquest back in Australia which always gave me a raging hard-on which I used on my Thai girlfriend Suzy.
On my return to Australia I settled on the Gold Coast in sunny south Queensland. Sally was living in cold, wintery Adelaide at the time and going through a bad relationship with a much older guy who love fucking younger girls on the side. He was also a heavy wine drinker who started to beat up on her to only fuck his older mates when he wanted her to.
She desperately wanted to get out of the relationship and away from the cold of Adelaide so I offered her a safe place to stay for as long as she wanted or until she decided on her next move.

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   She arrived three days later and was so pleased to finally get away from all her troubles in Adelaide.
She spent the next week frolicking on the sun-drenched beach of Surfers Paradise in her new skimpy bikini while I was at work but every night she insisted on paying me back by jumping into my bed naked and sucking my hard-on until I flipped her over and fucked her long and hard.
Over the next few weeks we fuck consistently and I used every trick I had learnt from my Thailand experiences. I knew how to control my orgasms and keep my cock as hard as a rock for up to an hour or more. I also loved to fuck a woman hard and play dominant games, just like Suzy loved to. Sally also seem to love being a passive victim. But my favourite game of all, was verbal sex.
I loved to tell them how fucking hot girls looked when they are being fucked really hard and how I would love to suck the sweet juice out of their wet pussy’s while watching them suck another man’s big cock. The first time I gave Sally a Full-on Thai-girl fucking was a few days after she had settled in. It was the weekend and we had just returned to our unit after a hot afternoon of tanning on the beach. We smoked a couple of cones from my bong, then shared a nice warm shower together.
The cones kicked in while we were soaping and feeling each other up while sliding against each other’s body in the shower cubicle. For the next hour or so we fucked like rabbits. It had been over a month since I had my last long and hard verbal fuck since leaving Thailand so I couldn’t help myself and started to tell her how much I would love to sit back and stroke my hard cock while watching her firm hot body being strongly ravished by several men with big hard cocks.
As I whispered these fantasies into her ear, I could feel her pussy getting so much wetter than normal.

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   I almost believed she was peeing all over my cock but then she started to buck and groan, crying and begging me to ‘YES, YES, please do her like that’.
When I told her if she wasn’t careful, I would also train her to be my little white slut for any man that wanted her gorgeous, hot body to fuck, just like my Thai girlfriend Suzy did.
This was all I needed for her to cum and she began to have the most intense orgasm I have ever seen a woman have. As I pounded my rock-hard cock into her sopping wet pussy with all my strength her pussy just seemed to open up even more and her legs spread wider as she began crying out loud and started cumming like a noisy approaching steam train. My orgasm was just as intense as I pulled out and grasping my cock, sprayed globules warm of cum all over her jerking tits and face.
It took us both some time to recover from that fucking and as we laid there exhausted, she said she really wanted to stay with me and see how our relationship would turn out. She knew all about my good times in Thailand and promised she could fuck me better than any Thai girl ever could.
I said l would love for her to stay but I had a very sexually corrupted mind since living in Thailand and I was afraid I would end up turning her into a hot little slut like I had just told her about. At the time she was playing with my cock again and fingering her own pussy and erect clit with her other hand and for a brief moment or two, she began shiver lightly and to have another mild orgasm. She then smiled cutely at me and while softly licking cum off her finger tips said something I would never forget. She said.
“Rick, I think I would love to be trained as a hot little slut for you”.
So, began our sexual exploits.
Over the next couple of weeks, I took Sally shopping for her slut wardrobe. Skin tight mini-skirts, skimpy tank tops that barely covered her perky boobs, beautiful French lace teddies and crotchless panties with an assortment of small G-strings and ‘fuck-me’ high-heals shoes all went into her shopping bag.

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The sex shop was next on our list. There we chose three different size vibrators, two flexible rubber didoes’ (one very large and jet black) an anal douse, a butt plug and a large jar of banana flavoured lubricant. I also grabbed a copy of the latest Swingers Magazine on the way out.
For the next couple of weeks, we fucked constantly. A quickie before I left for work each morning and a long heavy session every night while trying out our new toys and eagerly discussing what fantasies turned us on the most. We made up a sexual bucket list of erotic exploits we both wanted to experience.
Black Fantasy one.
It didn’t surprise me that number one on Sally’s list was being fucked by a big black stud. She told me she had never had that experience but had fantasied about it often especially after watching big black men fucking white girls in porn movies. She was really super keen to taste a large black cock and be fucked by one. They were her favourite porn movies.
I had met lots of black guys in Thailand who took R & R there from the American naval fleets that serviced the region. Suzy always loved to fuck with them because after being at sea for several months they were busting to hard-fuck some pretty young Thai girl and discharge their heavy load of hot cum. Short time fucks were over very quickly especially with the younger guys. Suzy was very popular so she had many customers those nights and would return home very late, her body completely ravished but insist I fuck her to feel how open she was.

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   I could never resist such an offer?
‘Okay Sally’ I said. I was going to slut her to a black guy and I already had someone in mind. She didn’t believe me but I showed her an ad in the swinger’s magazine I had seen during the week that read.
‘28yo, well hung, clean, Black Jamaican guy seeks any open minded female or couple who are interested in a good time. call Jeffery Ph ------
It didn’t take a moment for Sally to agree we should contact this guy and check him out. We phoned up and chatted with Jeffery for some time. I was honest and told him how Sally wanted to be trained to be a hot slut for me and I was looking for the right men to help me fulfil her wish. He told us he was really into wild white girls and would really love to help teach Sally how to take his big black cock in her three available holes.
Jeffery worked most nights at the ‘The Bacardi Bar,’ in the red-light district of Brisbane but said he had every Wednesday afternoon off and would drive down to the Gold Coast to meet us in person for a coffee. I worked a full-time job as a sales manager for a Ford Dealership and couldn’t get time off so I suggested Sally meet him alone and we could meet at another time and date if all went well. He was every happy with that plan and he sounded honest and genuine enough over the phone so I gave him a few tips on what really turned Sally on and wished him luck and hoped Sally like him okay to fulfil one of her fantasies.
As Wednesday grew closer Sally was getting both nervous and excited. Our sex each night was wet and wild with me telling her how I was looking forward to fucking her wet and open pussy after she had been fucked by a well-hung black guy. We used the vibrators and the black dido every time as I told her we had to spread her pussy wide to take the big cock of a black man. She even started to cum over the dido’s as I worked them deep into her pussy with the butt plug inserted.

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   We also shave her pussy hair so her cunt was super smooth and soft. We left just a little triangle of blonde pubic hair above her pretty bare cunt.
During the week she kept trying on her new slut gear to find the right combination to wear on her first date. I told her she looked so fucking super-hot with everything she wore so she was happy. Wednesday finally arrived and she left early for the chosen coffee bar to get a private table in a back corner. She was calm and relaxed after smoking a quick joint before leaving home but was still a little concerned Jeffery may be an ugly, over-weight, sex pervert.
But as things turned out, she was delighted to meet a tall, good-looking Jamaican guy who’s accent she instantly loved and who was very polite and told her how sexy and adorable she looked. Sweet words had always opened Sally’s legs I had discovered, so it was one of the tips I had given Jeffery. And it worked like a charm.
Sally told me word for word about their rendezvous.
She said, He loved her short mini skirt and skimpy top, it made him lick his lips. He asked her if she could take a big cock all the way and give deep head. She smiled and said, she was keen to try and that she had lots of experience swallowed big white cocks and really loved giving head but had never had a black cock before. Sally was always very open when a little stoned. Sexy talk always turned her on.

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She asked him did he really have a big cock and Jeffery suggested that he pay the bill and they go to his car in the nearby underground carpark and he would show her. Sally was already wet, so they soon ended up in the large back seat of Jeffery’s big Ford. Within seconds his hand went down and under her mini to explore her pussy and he was thrilled to discover she was wearing her crotchless knickers. He asks her to unzip his jeans and see for myself if his cock was big enough.
Rick! she said, looking at me with a cheeky smile, he had three fingers sliding in and out of my pussy and rubbing my clit so good. I was getting so wet and turned on by him and I could see and feel this huge bulge behind his jeans and as I unzipped him it suddenly popped up and out. It was so big, black and solid. She said with a huge smile.
He then grabbed a handful of my blonde hair firmly from behind with his other hand and said, now it was time to be a hot little slut and suck him off. I felt so weak in the knees as he suddenly dominated me like that and with his three fingers opening my pussy up so good, I just had to lick and suck his cock all over, she told me. He had my head under his complete control and forced me to go down deep on his smooth black cock. Soon he was fucking my mouth like it was a pussy. He worked my head up and down having full control with his grasped handful of my blonde locks from behind. Sometimes he slowed right down and slowly forced his big cock deeper into my throat, at times I thought I was going to chock but I remember how you taught me to fully relax my jaw, breathe through my nose and then hold my breath as I fully deep throated you. I did that with Jeffery and soon he had his cock fucking my throat all the way down his balls.

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He was so rock hard and kept saying what a great cock sucker I was and how fucking deep he was down my throat. This made me feel so super horny but also vulnerable that he could use my mouth anyway he wanted. I realized then that I really was an easy slut for any strong man who wanted to use my body.
Suddenly I started to super cum and as I bucked and pumped my pussy hard onto his long-inserted fingers, I also went right down on his jerking cock until I felt him begin to come as well. He suddenly pulled his wet fingers out from my open pussy and with both hands grasped my head of hair and began to buck and jerk as he pounded his cock hard and began to cum deep down into my throat.
I had no choice but to swallow down all his thick cum and I loved the way he made me lick every loose dribble and drops of cum off his now still big but loose cock. I was still so wet and horny so I started deep throating him again as I tickled his large balls. It took him only a minute or so to get big and hard again.
This time it was my turn. I straddled his cock like a young female jockey on a big black stallion. I slid down so easily onto his huge dick as it entered into my pussy so completely. He undid my skimpy tank-top and cast it aside exposing my firm tits and very hard and fully erect nipples. His mouth went to work on my breasts licking, sucking and firmly nibbling and biting my nipples which drove me mad with desire as I pounded my pussy up and down as hard as I could to take more of his black beauty. I was so wet and open and turned on by now I said he could do anything he wanted to me.
Both his hands had been grasping my hips helping to guide his big cock deeper into me.

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   He now moved them lower under my ass cheeks and spread them both wider apart, with his long fingertips he began to finger and insert them into my asshole. My pussy was so wet it had run down my ass crack and lubricated my tail so his fingers soon slipped so easily into me. I had douses deep and well that morning so I was relaxed and really loving the feel of his long finger sliding in and out of me. Then with the other hand he reached down and gripped his cock and placed it at the entrance to my asshole, with a little pressure and a firm pump his fat circumcised cocks head slip inside my ass. A sharp pain but an even nicer pleasure shook my lower body.
I wrapped my arms around his neck and nibbled on his ear as he slowly worked his cock deeper in and out of my ass. Soon my pussy starting to tingle and leak cum with each powerful thrust and deep ramming he was giving to my ass.
I felt so open, wet and available for him to do me as hard as he wanted too. I whispered this into his ear and how fucking good he was doing me and I was about to cum again so please fuck my ass as hard as he could. This set him right off and he started to pound my ass with all his strength and within seconds he shot his second load of cum deep into my bowels. I felt my whole tail and pussy jerk rapidly as I had another super orgasm until we both collapsed on each other from exhaustion.
We laid there for quite a while to catch our breath and he told me I was the best little white slut he had ever fucked and he would be so happy to help turn me into the super slut like Rick and I had planned. He said he wanted to come down each Wednesday and spend a couple of hours fucking my gorgeous body over until I was begging him for mercy.
I told him I couldn’t wait to have him on my big bed for a whole afternoon to fully experience and to lick and taste all of his body as he done whatever he wanted to me.
Eventually clean ourselves up and he dropped me off at my unit before heading back to Brisbane with a big smile on his face, telling me he would be jerking off each night from thinking about what he was going to do to me next time we met.


Sally said, she would too.
I arrived home from work excited and hard on that particular evening. All day long I had been walking around the sales floor trying to hide the hard-on I had in my pants from other sales staff. I had been imagining in vivid details what Jeffery might be doing to Sally’s hot body all that afternoon with his big cock. Was she being the little slut for him she told me she wanted to be? I knew she had been excited all week about her date with Jeffery and she told me she had been masturbating a lot during the days with her big black dildo, while I was at work.
As I entered our unit I called to Sally “Hi doll I’m home”.
A soft, sleepy reply came back. “Hi honey, I’m in the bedroom”.
I walked into our bedroom to find Sally laid out on the bed completely naked with her legs wide apart and the large black dido buried deep into her glistering pussy while she worked the small pink vibrator over her very red and very erect clit.
“Honey please come over here and fuck me good while I tell you all about Jeffery and what he done to me in the back seat of his car”.
That invite and her sexy sleepy-eyed looks along with her messed up blonde hair from wild sex was all I needed to feel my cock instantly harden like a rock.
Over the next hour or so I fucked her so hard in all the same holes Jeffery had used until I had three intense orgasm’s while she relayed in great details and delight her first fucking with a big black guy.
That evening I phoned Jeffery and thanked him for fulfilling one of Sally’s top fantasies. He replied he was so amazed that someone as adorable as Sally could be such a slut for sex and wanted to meet her again. I said I was fine with him coming down on his days off and teaching Sally how to service a big black cock.

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   I would be working most days but would get off early when I could so I could meet him and watch him finish Sally off before he left for home. I told him I wanted Sally’s body fucked wide open and wet so I could take her after he had finished with her. He was really happy with this arrangement he said, Because It gave him several hours alone with Sally to fulfil some of his own fantasies before I arrived.

Coming soon: Slut lesson two.