The Water Boy pt 1


I had just turned thirteen and was entering my freshman year when I decided I wanted to try out for the basketball team. I wasn’t the best but I like to play recreationally with my friends outside of school, but trying for the team was just kind of the thing to do, so I went with the crowd and tried out. I didn’t make it, but was offered the position of waterboy.

I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I accepted the position as water boy. The coach said I had the most spirit, which is why he gave me the position of waterboy for the varsity team. Why? I think it was because all the guys on the team wanted me to be waterboy. Why you ask? What is so great about giving drinks to the players during timeouts and halftime? Turns out, it was something much greater, something that happened behind the scenes, before the game, during half time and of course after hard, long practices.

It was two weeks into the conditioning period when it all began to happen. I was told to be on hand for these sessions even though I didn’t participate. All the players and I were in the locker room, me just hanging out while everyone else stripped and made their way into the showers. I didn’t know anyone on the varsity team, they were mostly all 17 and above, with 2 of them being 16. It was awkward but it was what I was told to do.

The oldest member on the team, 19, was a senior graduating this year. He was about 6’6 with long shaggy hair. He had abs and he was a quite muscular and ripped dude. His skin color was a deep dark black.

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He came walking out of the showers towards me. I really wasn’t paying attention, in my own little world. I noticed however when he got very near me, his waist directly in line with my face. I looked up surprised and slightly disgusted with him. He grabbed my head and forced me down towards his crotch.

I was forced to stare directly at his crotch as it came towards my face. His cock was limp, and I could help but gasp. It had to be at least 8 and a half inches long limp. When I gasped at the size of his dick was when he forced into my open mouth, forcing me to take all of it. I could feel his member hardening in my mouth. The sheer size alone made it go deeper in my mouth, down into my throat. Interestingly enough I had no gag reflex. I could effectively deepthroat his cock deeper and deeper without gagging.

I honestly don’t know what happened, but something overcame and I closed my eyes, leaning into it and moaning, creating vibrations that went down to the base of his cock. My hands, which had previously been pushing against his thighs to aide in my escape moved to his large sac that hung down between his legs.

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   His testicles were large as well.

One of my hands closed around his sac and begin to massage it, as my other hand wrapped around the rest of his cock, what couldn’t enter my mouth, and began to stroke it. I believe this guys name was Mark. Wasn’t that a strange thing to come to me then? The name of this guy, whose 11 ½ inch erect cock was now starting to thrust in and out of my mouth. This continued for some time before I felt his sac tighten in my hand, and seconds later my mouth flooded with the man's salty semen, the better portion shooting directly down my throat.

I slid off of Mark’s cock and begin to cough and sputter, the excess semen from his cock splashing onto my face. The cum I coughed out ran down the sides of my lips. I opened my eyes to see the whole baskestball team surrounding me, their cocks erect, their faces looking at me expectantly.

What had I gotten myself into?.

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