Together Again (chapter one)


As Ali was looking out the window on that cold rain day in June she started thinking about the man that left her the same time last year, and even though she tried to not think about Eric she still dreamt of his warm arms wrapped around her and hugging her and gently placing a kiss upon her lips and then just sitting there with her while they snuggled in the warmth of their apartment on park avenue. She never has forgotten that feeling that he left her with, the heartache and desperation of longing for him to return and yet even though she knows that she will never see him again she still waits and hopes for that day to come, and so as she removes herself from the window she walks slowly back to her bed and sits down on it and reaches down into the top drawer and picks up a framed picture of her and Eric in happier times that she had turned down the same time last year, as she couldn’t bear to part with it just yet.

As a tear fell silently from her eye she started to think back to that day at the beach where the photo was first taken, they were times of happiness and love, and thinking that they would always be together and yet now it seemed so wrong to stay hoping on a dream that would never come true for Eric was out of Ali's life and he would never be coming back…Or so she thought.

As she was sitting on the bed about to put the photo in the trash she heard the phone ringing and she got up and walked out of her bedroom into the den where she picked it up “hello” she said into the receiver and as she held the photo of her and Eric she nearly dropped it for on the other end was a voice from her past that she never thought she would hear again and that voice was Eric’s.

“Hey Ali, I had to call you for I needed somewhere to stay while I’m in town on business and I so I have to ask if you knew anywhere” he asked, “Oh my god Eric I cant believe its you, I have missed you terribly when you said that you would keep in contact I only heard from you about half a dozen times and then you just left out of the blue and never again contacted me” and that’s when Ali began to really cry, and she didn’t care If Eric knew about it.

Eric asked “what’s wrong” but all Ali could do is just tell him that she was just thinking of him about half an hour before he called and that she missed him so much, “Ali what happened between you and I can not happen again you know that, I love you and I know that its been a year since I left you and that I am terribly sorry for that but I had to and I never wanted to but my mother wanted me to marry Angel and no matter how much I didn’t want her to she did.

In the end she forced me to and I tried to tell mother otherwise but she just cant stand me being happy and she wanted us to never see each other and so she started this whole rumour about you being nothing but some slut and that you shouldn’t be with her thing and I have always hated her for it but as I am now divorced after 10 months with Angel, and even though I promised that I won’t go out with you again because I wouldn’t be able to stand myself hurting you again I just cant Ali I love you to much to do so” and as Ali sat on the sofa thinking about what Eric said and she was started to cry a tiny bit more.

“But Eric” Ali went on between tears, “ I haven’t thought anything but us being together this past year and it has been totally hard on me and even though I know that you would
NEVER hurt me intentionally I will go by what you say and I wont try and get u to understand that even though you do, trying to reason with you is just not going to cut it this time” Eric didn’t know what to say as he was abrupt when he told her his side of things and even though he did promise himself he was hurting inside trying to deny the feelings that he has always had since they first broke up and he cant hide that feeling that he still loved Ali with all his heart and yet he didn’t want her to know that.

“Ali I love you and I always will but please understand that we can only be friends and that is it…. forgive me. . . ?” Ali didn’t know what to say but she said “of course and I promise that we will as well always be friends no matter what, but that’s not the reason for this call its about you needing a place to stay while your in town and I think I have the perfect place for you” Where?” Eric asked Ali replied “with me of course, I don’t mind and I have a second room and no ones using it so I would be happy if you stayed with me” and as Eric was about to respond someone knocked on the door “hang on Eric I will be right back” putting the phone down she ran to answer the door, and it was a delivery man dropping of a package and flowers and as she signed for them she put the package on the floor and carried the flowers back into the den and picked up the phone and was about to tell Eric that she was back when all she heard on the other end was the dial tone.

He must have had to go she thought and so she looked at the card and it was flowers from Eric apologizing because he hadn’t kept in contact and that he would call, which must have been that call then, but when she got to that package she looked at it and opened it and inside was a china ornament of a horse that she was wanting, except that they were all sold out when they were around a few years back and they were not going to bring out more because the company stopped making them and so she had given up on ever trying to get one but when she looked at the box there was no card in it and nothing to say who it was from so she thought that it must have been Eric also, and so several minutes later she heard a knock at the door and she got up and opened it and to her surprise it was Eric waiting on her porch with Chinese takeaways for them both.

As she started to eat she started asking Eric all these questions at once and him just replying with short answers so Ali thought that he mustn’t want to talk that’s ok so after dinner Ali went into the spare room and started to make up the bed and Eric walked in soon after and told Ali that he had to be alone for a few minutes and so Ali said sure and left.

As Eric was sitting in the room a tear started to fall down his cheek while he was looking at the photo that he and Ali had taken when they went away to the beach that weekend together and that was the time when he was thinking about proposing to Ali until his mother thought differently and screwed it up for him and Ali to ever find the true happiness that they deserved.

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The next night he and Ali barely talked even though they had a LOT of catching up to do Eric walked over to Ali as she was sitting on the sofa and kissed her on the cheek and then practically whispered “good night” and went to bed and silently cried himself to sleep as Ali did the same also.

A few days later while they were settled in and had talked over coffee and had a great catch up session that night Eric was taking Ali out to dinner for the second night this week just so they didn’t sit around the house all the time, and so as she and Eric were getting ready and Ali was standing at the closet in nothing but a bra and panties there came a knock at the door and Eric walked in before she could finish getting her robe on, and as she finished finally getting it on Eric was eying Ali up and down but never said anything, umm…. I thought you would like some wine before we went out, just to get us in the mood, Ali said sure and after 4 glasses later she and Eric were starting to make out passionately on the bed and as they were doing that Eric started undoing the sash on Ali's robe and Ali ignored it and as Eric took the robe off fully he started to French kiss Ali.

He then started to caress Ali's right breast through the material of her bra as she was starting to unbutton Eric's jeans he undid Ali's bra and started kissing her neck and then slowly working his was down to her right breast where he kisses it and nibbled it and slowly started sucking on the nipple, and as he started to do that she started to put her hand down Eric jeans and started to play with Eric's firm cock and as she finally took it out Eric had decided that it was about time to move down and so as she started to kiss down her chest and stomach as Ali moved back on the bed a bit more she laid down and waited till Eric had finally reached her clit and started to tease it before she grabbed his hard cock and started to jerk it a bit. Eric stuck three fingers into Ali’s pussy and started to finger fuck her in a way that she had never been fingered before.

She gripped Eric’s cock tighter and started to jerk him a bit faster while he teased her pussy before making Ali let go of his cock and making her cum he entered it into her nice wet pussy and started to caress Ali’s breasts again while shoving his cock deeper into Ali’s cunt and making her scream with passion. As he was pumping his cock deep into Ali’s pussy he was teasing her clit which just sent a spasm up Ali and she came all over Eric’s hard cock that was still pumping away in her.

After she had cum all over his cock it was only fair she repaid the favour. She took Eric’s cock in her hand and started to move one hand up and down the shaft, slowly and carefully caressing his dick. As she placed her mouth around the head of it and started to tease it. Soon after he moaned a bit she found a bit of pre-cum on the head and licked it off savouring every bit of the taste. She then went back to his hard shaft and jerked it a bit more.

She played with his balls a bit, caressing them and massaging them whilst she sucked his cock. The faster she sucked the more she massaged and the more she massaged the more he moaned . He came far to much to even give Ali time to prepare.

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   He never said he was coming or anything so it was a bit of a surprise for her but she took every single drop of his precious cum.

As she sucked and jerked his cock a few more times she realised that she was needing to be eaten out herself. So she got the last bit of cum out of his cock and licked it off and kissed him before letting him go down and clean up the mess he made. He started to eat her out while teasing her clit which only made Ali scream in ecstasy more and in the end she came one last time into his eagerly awaiting mouth.

He swallowed every last drop of Ali’s juices before kissing her and snuggling up to her and just laying in each others arms, looking into each others eye’s before slowly drifting off to sleep.

The next morning Ali woke to the sun streaming in through her window and the smell of warm coffee next to her with a couple of bagels next to and the morning paper with a note leaning next to a single rose in a vase. Ali smiled and opened the note as she heard the soft click of the door which meant that Eric must have gone to work already. She looked down at the note and it read:

Dearest Ali,

I cant tell you how much last night meant to me. It felt great to be in your arms once again and to fell your lips upon mine. I have missed you and your kiss so much that words cant even describe. So many nights I lay awake in bed silently crying while wishing that you were beside me and holding me as we once were. It was because of those thoughts that I had to devoice Angel because it wasn’t fair being with her when my heart belonged to you. I know I said that we could never go back to what we had and that friendship was the only thing that I would be able to handle with you but after last night I know that it’s time to perhaps think about going back to what we once had.

Yes, that means that I will be happy to try another relationship with you if you still want to. I cant promise you much but what I can promise is that you and I wont have to part for anyone ever again.

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   I want to be the one that makes you happy, I want to be the one who comforts you when your upset, I want to be the one who you hold after a night of love making. I don’t want to miss out on anything else that comes your way. I want to be the one who’s there for you no matter what. I cant take back what I said or did a year ago but I can at least try and make up for it. I love you Ali, and I want to give “us” another chance. I never want to let you go Ali, I never want to be the one who makes you upset anymore as that hurts me so much to do so. I’m sorry for what happened back then and I hope you can forgive me.

I will be gone until tomorrow night. We will talk when I come home.

Love Always


As Ali folded the letter up and placed it back into the envelope she couldn’t help but smile. She quickly had her breakfast and then went to get ready for work herself. Knowing that nothing could get her down today as she knew that her life was slowly but surely starting to get back on track. .
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