A few years ago I lived in Japan, and I want to share a true story of how it is possible to live your fantasies.

This isn’t so well known over here, but in Japan it is fairly common for teenage girls to make themselves available for “compensated dating” with older guys. This means girls get paid, sometimes in cash and sometimes in designer clothes or accessories, to go on dates with older men. This can mean literally just a date, like dinner or karaoke or something, but often it means sex. It depends on the girl, and rates of pay vary accordingly. The two parties agree between them beforehand. But just to be clear, these girls are not forced into this – they don’t have pimps and their families aren’t starving – they are either unaware or turn a blind eye. The girls basically just want designer clothes and jewellery.

When I say “fairly common” – well, it is difficult to gauge just how common. But I heard an estimate that one in ten girls aged 15-20 had done it at least once. So that would mean probably at least one in every high school class. OK, that doesn’t make it common really, but it happens. And I managed to get a piece of the action. Read on and I’ll tell you all about it.

Anyway, although this is common knowledge in Japan, it is pretty difficult for a foreigner to get involved in it. The most common way for these dates to be arranged is through the medium of a “telephone club”.

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   Girls give their phone numbers to these clubs, and guys pay a fee to sit in a room with a phone and a list of codes which automatically connect from the clubs phone to that of a particular girl. The girl’s phones are set to go straight to answerphone, the guy leaves a message stating who he is and what he is interested in, and if the girl is interested she calls back and they can arrange to meet. But these clubs won’t let foreigners in.

Thankfully I found a way round this. A Japanese acquaintance of mine went in on my behalf, and arranged a meeting for me with a 17 year old high school girl (he arranged a separate date for himself with another girl too).

Now I’m gonna sound like a sad perv, but I can’t tell you how hard I’d been longing to have a chance to screw a Japanese schoolgirl. I’d had some decent looking girls in Japan, but the times I’d been left with a raging, unfulfilled hardon when out in town by the gorgeous high school cuties! Seriously, those uniforms! I don’t know how they can be allowed to wear skirts that short, I mean you can oh-so-nearly see their panties. And you know those loose white knee-length socks? Don’t know what it is that’s so sexy about them, but god I’d wanted to get on one of those girls for a long time.

My friend arranged for me to meet her outside a convenience store in a residential area of town. I already knew she wouldn’t be wearing her uniform when we met, as we planned to go to a love hotel and they wouldn’t allow that. She was still extremely hot though, in tight blue jeans and a pink tshirt, with a pink ribbon in her dyed light brown hair so I could recognise her. She was slim and petite, and no more than 5’1 or 2. She had relatively wide eyes for a Japanese girl, with lovely big lashes, a small little button nose and full yet narrow lips.

Very pretty. She also had what was fairly obviously a school bag with her.

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   My Japanese is pretty poor, but I managed basic introductions and tried some small talk. She looked pretty nervous, and answered very shyly, which actually turned me on more. My pal had told her to expect a foreign guy, but maybe she lost her nerve a little.

I wasn’t sure of the protocol, but my pal had told me that I needed to take the initiative, and so I took her hand and started leading her towards the love hotel area a few minutes’ walk from where we met. Again she seemed hesitant, but came along. I told her not to worry, and started talking cash. She was very non-committal, and I was beginning to worry whether this was gonna fall through. I couldn’t bear that. We were close to the hotels now. I stopped her by the side of the street, and upped my offer to 40,000 yen (about $400), making it clear this was all I was prepared to pay. I said it very firmly, and had hold of her wrist at the time. I told her in Japanese “That is a fair offer, isn’t it? We have a deal, don’t we?” She eventually nodded her consent. I led her in the door of the nearest love hotel.

I booked a room very quickly, and in less than 2 minutes we were in the elevator going up to the room. I couldn’t resist pushing her up against the wall of the elevator and kissing her, which made her blush and giggle.

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   When we got up to the room, she stood there waiting until I realised I should probably give her the money. After that she excused herself and went into the bathroom, and when she came out, oh my god she was my ultimate fantasy. The little skirt, white blouse with red and blue ribbon, and those loose white knee-length socks. All on that pretty little girl. Oh my god, thinking about it has got me rock hard now too, craving the chance to be there again.

She just stood there, like she didn’t know what to do. I led her to the bed and sat her on the edge of it, and crouched down in front of her, my hands on her knees, or maybe just above…

I looked up at her and she looked away. My hands crept up her thighs, and her hands came down to hold her skirt down. I pushed her back on the bed and climbed on top of her, kissing her passive mouth, my hands now roaming over her smallish boobs over her blouse. She let that happen. Then my hand reached down to her thigh again and pushed its way up under her skirt, despite some token resistance from her hand. I loved the way she squirmed as my fingers started stroking her pussey through her panties. Her thighs closed around my hand, but I pushed them apart and they stayed that way. I could feel she was definitely moist down there. I couldn’t believe I was there, feeling up one of those stunning schoolgirls I’d lusted after for so long.

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I rubbed her pussey and kissed her mouth and neck, before undoing her blouse. Her boobs were decent for a girl her size - about a C cup, which is fine for me. I flipped her over and undid her bra quickly, pulling it off along with one sleeve of her blouse. Then I pulled her up so she was kneeling, backed up against the head of the bed, and I took my time feeling her boobs there. She was breathing a little heavily, but remained passive the whole time.

I reached round and grabbed her butt, in those tight little cotton panties she was wearing. Fuck, she was the hottest girl I’ve ever been with.

I threw her back on the bed and tugged her knickers off. I reached forward, my left hand grabbing her breasts, and my right sliding first one and then two fingers into her slit. God yeah, she was wet. She started whimpering a bit now, but that’s normal for Japanese girls during sex. I couldn’t wait any longer. I pulled my shirt, trousers and boxers off double quick, and hurriedly pulled a condom on. I plunged between her thighs, lining my cock up to her pussey. In went the head, slowly, slowly, pushing deeper.

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   Like a lot of Japanese girls, her pussey was tight compared to western girls. I had to go slow, working my way deeper bit by bit. I looked at her face a couple times, but she seemed to be trying to stay neutral. Before long I was pretty much right in her, and from there it was game on. I started thrusting hard, pounding her down into the bed. She started squeaking with each thrust, and it got me even harder. What a sight that must have been, this little girl still in her loose socks, her skirt pushed up and blouse hanging off one arm, with me, a fairly tall and skinny white guy on top of her, pumping down hard as she lay with her spreadeagled feet towards the headboard. I grabbed one of her legs and pushed it back, allowing myself more room to drive up her. After a minute or so of that I thought I’d better change up or I’d bust right there and then.

I got up on my knees, and turned her on her side. I stuck my dick back in her sideways, pushing it slow and deep. I grabbed her boob with one hand and her ass with the other. God that felt good. I lifted her left leg up until it was on my shoulder, and carried on pushing deep into her. That was seriously the finest little ass I’ve ever had the pleasure of feeling.

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   I looked at her face; it was red but pretty serious looking. I decided to turn her right over and do her from behind. That was hot, but before long I’d humped her all the way down the bed, and her arms came off the far end! She was hanging over the edge of the bed with me humping up hard against her butt so she edged ever further, until she was balancing on her hands! I was losing my balance too though, so I pulled out and got up. I pulled her to her feet too, and led her up face first against the wall. I started groping her ass through her skirt, which was still on, and reaching round to grab her tits. God she was fit. I crouched low to try and fuck her from behind as she stood up against the wall, but I couldn’t really get low enough to do it properly, which was a shame. Instead I pulled her down onto the floor, lay her flat on her front with her skirt pushed up to show her gorgeous pert butt. I straddled her from behind, pushing my throbbing cock back in her little pussey, and started hammering into her like anything. Fuck! That felt so incredible, pounding away at this little Jap schoolgirl’s sexy ass. Before long I busted so fucking hard in her, better than ever before or since.

I’d lived out a longstanding fantasy. I might have paid for it, but money superbly spent in my book. I pulled out, stroked her hair and sat on the bed. After a good few minutes, she got up, actually bowed to me, and went looking for her underwear.

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   She went and took a shower while I got dressed. After she came out, I thanked her and said I’d walk her to the station, which she agreed to. I paid her lots of compliments on the way there, perhaps trying to attone a little bit for how roughly I’d fucked her, but I did mean them. She was, genuinely, totally hot.

My only regret is that I didn’t ask her for her number. So often after that I’ve longed for another chance to get on her (or perhaps one of her friends). But that could have turned into a very expensive habit, so perhaps it’s better I didn’t. Who am I kidding? It would have been worth bankrupting myself for.


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