Uncle Joe Chap. 05


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I don’t know Angelina Jolie or Jessica Alba, or have anything to do with them. Comments are always welcome and appreciated and you should feel free to share.

Story Code: M/f, m/F, Teen, First

Uncle Joe
Chapter Five: Angelina Jolie (Jessica Alba)
By Muhabba

“But Uncle Joe, I’m gonna be late. ”Jessica Alba pouted over her shoulder at her uncle.

Jessica’s uncle was currently behind her, having bent her over his desk, hastily pulling her dress up to reveal her thick and golden ass to him.

“Jessica, you’re not going to be late. It’s called a ‘quickie’ for a reason. ”Joe had finally pulled Jessica’s dress up and bunched it around her slim waist revealing her pink, cotton panties with little blue bears on them. “What’s this?I thought I told you I wanted you to start wearing those thongs?”

Jessica looked over her shoulder to pout at her uncle some more. “They made my butt cold. And anyway, mommy says only sluts wear thongs.

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Joe gripped the sides of his young niece’s flimsy panties and ripped them completely off, causing the teenage girl to yell out in surprise. “Hey!”


Uncle Joe’s hand gave a firm swat to his jailbait niece’s firm ass causing Jessica’s golden ass to jiggle a moment at the contact.


Joe gripped his niece’s hips and thrust his crotch into her ass. “You will do as you’re told, little girl. Do you understand me?”


“Y… yes Uncle Joe. I’m sorry. It won’t happen again. I promise. ”

Joe smirked at how easily Jessica conceded. If it had been her parents the young girl would have argued and yelled over and over, but when it came to him she always quickly toed the line and did everything he said.

“That’s good, sweetie. ”Joe bent foreword and kissed the nape of Jessica’s neck before giving little kisses down her spine to the small of her back. Next he gave a small peck and then a long lick of his tongue to each silky ass-cheek. He then spread her ass-cheeks and gave a long, slow lick from the tip of her quickly moistening slit to her tiny, puckered asshole.

Jessica shivered at the lewd contact.

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  Her uncle hadn’t “gone down” on her yet but he promised he would get to it some time.

Joe had enough foreplay and dropped his pants, releasing his straining cock. It was currently Monday morning and he had spent most of the last weekend with another of his “families” in Florida, the Hogans. He had only spent a little of Sunday with his friend “Hulk” Hogan. Hulk was currently in the middle of divorcing his wife and so Joe had spent most of his time with his “niece” Brooke and “nephew” Nick. During most of the weekend he had enjoyed numerous three-ways with Nick and Brooke. The kids had taken each others virginities while Joe took Brooke’s anal cheery after he had drugged both kids. The two of them spent most of the weekend under his tutorage and he had enjoyed having his niece in nearly every way possible.

Joe had finished off Brooke one last time early Sunday afternoon before Hulk returned and spent the rest of his afternoon with his friend before heading home. He had sworn the kids to secrecy before he left since his friend was a simi-retired professional wrestler and would probably kill him if he ever found out what had happened.

Joe had left Florida on a late flight that would have gotten him home soon enough for some alone time with his other “niece” Jessica Alba before work Monday morning. Unfortunately a delay at the airport had caused him not to get home until just a few hours before he needed to head to work as a chemistry teacher at Jessica’s school. Now back at work, tired and cranky, a quick release inside his niece was just what the doctor ordered.

Joe lined the head of his cock up to his niece’s warm, moistening pussy and began pushing slowly forward and drawing a low moan from Jessica.

“Please be careful, Uncle Joe.

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  I’m not quite ready yet. ”

“Don’t worry princess, (ugh)… we’ll start out (grunt)…. nice (yeah)… and slow. ”With one last small push Joe buried the last of his throbbing cock into Jessica’s teenage pussy. Taking a small moment to relish the feel of her tight cunt and nearly blind obedience he began slowly withdrawing his prick, causing another low moan to escape out of her slender throat.

Leaving one hand on Jessica’s hip,Joe slid his other hand to below her chest, past her tummy and in-between the moist junction of her tan thighs. He quickly found her clit sheath and slowly began stroking it as he pulled his cock back from her pussy.

“Oh G, odUncle Joe. That feels sooooo goooooood. ”Jessica purred as her uncle pulled his throbbing dick nearly all the way out of her tightly stretched pussy. She felt a throbbing warmth spread over her body as her little clit began moving out of its sheath and her pussy juices begin to flow.

Joe took his hand and placed it back on her hip as he slowly slid back into Jessica’s tight cunt. He groaned out loud as inch after inch after inch of his hard cock stretched and filled his niece’s pussy. Finally bottoming out balls deep inside of her he took a small moment to enjoy the feeling of his niece's hot, wet cunt pulsing around his cock.


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  k. my little princess. Here’s why it’s called a ‘quickie’. ”And with that Joe quickly pulled back, leaving just the head of his cock inside and began jack-hammering away inside of his niece’s pussy.

“JesusfuckingchristUncleJoe!” Jessica yelled as she was thrown forward against the desk. “Uhuhuhuhu…” she stammered as her uncle pummeled away inside of her.

Joe basked in the feeling of his niece opening herself up sexually to anything he said. After a long, drawn out flight, this quick release was just the thing to set him right and he couldn’t have done better than his obedient, little schoolgirl niece. He just needed to use her tight, golden body to cum and be set for the day and she was so quick to please him. Especially now, with her bent over his teaching desk taking his cock and just waiting for him to finish with her.

As Joe continued pounding quickly into Jessica’s tight pussy he felt his balls slapping against her sticky and swollen labia and felt his balls begin to tighten up. He knew he was about to cum and wanted to make sure she enjoyed their quickie to make sure future encounters were easy to come by.

Joe’s favorite feature on Jessica was her plump, tan ass and he had been training her to equate her orgasms with having her ass stimulated. He released one of her hips and placed his thumb in his mouth, making sure it was well coated in his spit before placing the digit on her puckered, little asshole. He rubbed the puckered flesh of her asshole as he continued pounding her.

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Jessica’s reaction to her uncle stimulating her asshole was nearly immediate. “Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck…” she began softly chanting as she felt him playing around with his thumb on her ass. Her uncle had spent a lot of time with her ass, he said it was her best feature. He said she should be proud of it and that was why he had told her to start wearing thongs. He had spent so much time with her ass, his fingers and tongue and prick, she now felt slightly ashamed of herself for not wearing the thong. Even now, in the middle of a “quickie”, he made sure to take the time to play with her ass. Bent over her uncle’s desk, naked from the waist down as he fucked her from behind, she swore to herself that she’d do better for him from now on.

As Joe continued fucking into Jessica’s body he felt the familiar tingle in his balls and knew he was about to cum. He slammed himself forward one last time, pinning her to his desk as he relieved himself and came deep inside of her pussy. As his thick ropy cum filled his niece’s pussy he plunged his thumb into her clutching, little asshole.

“Oh God Uncl…” Jessica began to scream out as she came but Uncle Joe quickly used his free hand to cover her mouth.

Jessica’s pussy convulsed and spasmed as her body shook with her own orgasm drawing even more of Joe’s cum from his prick. With his balls drained he pulled out of Jessica’s pussy, his cum and her juices slipping free and sliding down her tan thighs and pooling on the floor.

“Jessica sweetie. What have I told you about screaming when you cum while we’re out in public?”

Jessica stayed bent over the desk waiting for her strength to return to her limbs.

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  “I’m sorry, Uncle Joe. But you know how I get when you play with my ass. ”

“I know, honey. Maybe I’ll just have to stop playing with your ass from now on. ”

Jessica leapt to her feet to plead with her uncle. “No, no, Uncle Joe!I’ll do better. I promise!No more screaming in public. I swear!”

Joe took one of his hands and caressed one of Jessica’s firm ass-cheeks. Grinning, he took his middle finger and slid it up her asshole.

“Uumm. Aaahhh. ”Jessica murmured quickly as a mini orgasm slid through her.

Joe knew he had her then. Anytime he penetrated her ass, she came. “O.

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  k. princess. Good Job. ”He removed his finger from Jessica’s ass with a pop and began helping her smooth out her skirt. “So how was your first ‘quickie’?”

“I loved it Uncle Joe. Can we do it again on my lunch break?”


In another part of the building Principal Angelina Jolie gestured one of her youngest students into her office. She took her usual chair behind her desk as her student took the chair immediately in front. “Well, Mr. Tyler Billings. Do you know why I called you here this morning?”

Tyler barely shook his head “no” he was so afraid. He had no idea why Principal Jolie wanted to see him. He simply kept his head down and his sweaty palms clamped in his lap.

There was no “official” reason for Tyler to be here. Angelina had brought him here for a very special, very personal reason. She ran a pretty small school and ran it in three sections.

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  The starter section consisted of the youngest students and was ran separately form the other two sections by another principal who worked under her. Angelina had a very good relationship with the Starter School’s principal and they were always kind enough to borrow each other’s teachers.

Angelina ran the Mid-School and the Upper Classmen schools and liked to keep an eye on her up-coming students. Tyler was referred to her by one of the gym teachers, Christina Hendricks. Coach Hendricks ran both the boys and girls gym classes in the mid and upper schools but was always looking for up-coming sports talent coming out of the starter classes. While visiting the boy’s locker room in the Starter School she had noticed Tyler and then notified Angelina.

“Well, Tyler. Coach Hendricks visited your gym class. Do you remember that?”

Tyler blushed and quickly nodded yes. He remembered Coach Hendricks coming to visit while his class had been playing basketball. He was the first in his class to start noticing girls and remembered her very well. Even though she had been wearing a baggy sweat-suit it was hard not to notice her body. The sweat-suit couldn’t hide the coach’s full, round ass or her giant breasts. He had been so distracted by her during the class he constantly fumbled the basketball and tripped over his own feet. But his embarrassment had grown even worse when she had come down to the locker room when the boys were showering and changing.

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Tyler had asked one of the other boys why they had let a girl into the boy’s locker room. The boy replied that Coach Hendricks was something called a “lesbian” and that made it o. k. Tyler had shrugged his shoulders and tried to pretend not to notice the statuesque red-headed coach.

Tyler had tried his usual routine when it came to the locker room. He pulled his clothes off as slowly as he could, giving the showers plenty of time to empty. But as the last boy exited the shower and began dressing for the day, Tyler couldn’t bring himself to head into the empty shower. He instead had hoped no one would notice as he began dressing for the day himself.

Just as Tyler had dressed and was about to tie his shoes his regular coach noticed him. “Tyler!My office. Now!”

Tyler had slumped into his coach’s office and closed the door behind him.

“Tyler. I noticed you didn’t shower,” Coach Pitt had barked.

“No, coach. ”

“Why is that?”

Tyler couldn’t bring himself to tell the coach his real reason so he had stammered out a lie.

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  “I was afraid I’d be late to class, Coach Pitt. ”

“Well, now you really will be late to your next class. Get in the shower and get cleaned up. ”

And with that Tyler had slouched out of his coach’s office to the showers. He had noticed Coach Hendricks heading into Coach Pitt’s office and quickly stripped and ran for the shower wearing only his towel.

“Tyler," Coach Pitt had yelled. “I gotta ‘nother class to teach. Coach Hendricks is gonna make sure you finish. ”

Tyler had heard Coach Pitt close the outer door as he left the locker room and looked up to see Coach Hendricks staring at him from the entry way to the shower.

Coach Hendricks had looked at Tyler with a warm smile on her face. “It’s o. k. Tyler. There’s no reason to be embarrassed. Go ahead and take your shower so you’re not too late for your next class.



Tyler then took a deep breath and released his towel and Coach Hendricks saw something she knew that Principal Jolie would be very interested in.

And so the next day Tyler was told by Coach Pitt to meet Principal Jolie and now here he was. “Yes ma’am. I remember. ”

“Now Tyler. You don’t have anything to be nervous about. ”Angelina smiled sweetly at Tyler. “You’re not in trouble or anything like that. ”

A wave of relief washed over Tyler. “I’m not, ma’am?”

“No, no. Nothing like that. In fact quite the opposite. ”

“Really, ma’am?”Tyler looked up for the first time to really see Principal Jolie.

Principal Jolie had her long, dark brown hair pulled back into a loose bun with a few locks loose in front to frame her face. She wore half moon glasses and her plump, generous lips were painted a deep red.

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  She wore a smart jacket that buttoned at the bottom leaving her top completely exposed. Her top was a crisp, white blouse one size too small allowing her braless breasts to strain against the material. The first few buttons were left undone to give a glimpse of her pale cleavage. She also wore a short business skirt that was, of course, a bit too short and gave the occasional glimpse of the tops of her stockings.

Tyler felt a strange stirring in his crotch. The same strange stirring he had felt when he first saw Coach Hendricks.

Angelina got up from her chair and walked around to the front of her desk. She leaned against the front of her desk, making sure to thrust her chest out as the young boy stared at her. “Coach Pitt told Coach Hendricks that you were a very good basketball player. That’s why she came to visit your class the other day. ”

Tyler continued his wide-eyed gaze at Principal Jolie’s bulging breasts as he spoke, “Really, ma’am?”

“Yes, really, Tyler. Although she seemed to think you were distracted the other day when she visited. ”Angelina knelt down in front of Tyler. “Can I tell you a secret?”

Tyler’s embarrassment had returned and he began keeping his head down again after tearing his eye’s away from Principal Jolie’s impressive chest. “I… I guess, ma’am.

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Angelina placed her hands on Tyler’s knees and leaned closer, exposing more of her cleavage to him. “Coach Hendricks distracts me sometimes too. ”

“Really ma’am?”Tyler’s eyes flicked up to meet Principal Jolie’s face before flashing down to all her exposed, creamy cleavage.

“Yes really. Coach Hendricks has a very exceptional body. I’ve often enjoyed daydreaming about her body. Her beautiful red hair. Her blue eyes staring deeply at me. How it would feel to hold those beautiful tits in my hand and suck on her hard nipples… mmm… It would feel so good to run my tongue over those giant breasts of hers. ”

Tyler could barely breath as Principal Jolie continued.

“I would love to cup her full, round ass-cheeks in my hands as I ran my tongue between… Well I digress. She’s an exceptional looking woman is what I’m trying to get at. ”

Tyler could barely nod in agreement. It felt as if all the blood had left his brain.

“But that’s not what I wanted to talk to you about.

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  It’s about what happened after class, in the locker room. ”

At the mention of the locker room Tyler snapped out of his near sexual catatonia. “Ma’am?”

Angelina kept her hands on Tyler’s knees but sat up straighter, pushing her chest closer to his face. “Coach Pitt says you have trouble showering after gym class. ”

Tyler only nodded numbly, unable to tear his eyes away from Principal Jolie’s creamy cleavage.

“And Coach Hendricks says she knows why. ”

Tyler sat back in shock but Principal Jolie’s hand kept him from moving away as he gasp, “What?!”

“I want you to take off your pants and underwear, Tyler. ”

Tyler could barely stammer a response, “Wha… no… I couldn’t do that, ma’am. ”

Angelina removed her hands from Tyler’s knees and began unbuttoning her jacket. “It’s o. k. Tyler. I understand," she said lovingly while shrugging off her jacket. With the jacket off it was easier to see her braless breasts straining against the material of her blouse. “Coach Hendricks explained it all to me.

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Tyler couldn’t respond and only stared as the principal placed her jacket on the ground and continued speaking.

Angelina untucked her blouse and began slowly unbuttoning it from the bottom up. “Coach Hendricks told me how you’re a bit more developed than the other boys your age. Quite a bit more developed as a matter of fact. ”She finished with the bottom two buttons and continued with the third as she slid her knees underneath Tyler’s chair and pinned his legs open.

“Coach Hendricks explained to me that you have a very large penis for a boy your age. Almost the size of a grown man’s. ”Angelina finished with the third button leaving one button left before she could unleash her tits to the young boy’s eyes.

Tyler’s mouth had went dry and he couldn’t speak. He could clearly see the undersides of Principal Jolie’s breasts.

Angelina sat up even straighter and unbuttoned her last button. She shrugged the small blouse off her shoulders, causing a small jiggle to her large, firm tits. Her large breasts were a pale white capped with pale, pink nipples that stood hard and erect. Tyler started to drool a little.

Taking off her blouse completely Angelina knelt topless in front of her young student.

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  “As you can see Tyler, I have large breasts for a woman. ”She used her hands to lift both of her tits up to Tyler’s eye level. “And when my nipples are erect they are easily visible through my blouse. ”She then pinched her nipples for emphasis.

Tyler wiped the drool from his mouth.

“I remember when I was your age and my breasts began growing before any of the other girls, how embarrassed I was in the gym shower. ”Angelina smirked in amusement as the young boy stared at her naked tits.

As Tyler continued staring Angelina lifted his hands up and placed them on her tits. He palmed each large globe and began squeezing and massaging her tits, causing little jolts of electricity to pulse from her nipples to her throbbing, wet cunt.

Angelina loved young boys. Their happy little pricks always eager to please. Always ready to go again and again. She and Coach Hendricks had a nice working relationship for just this reason. Coach Hendricks would keep an eye out for up and coming young boys and Angelina would let her use the cheerleaders and girl's gym class as her own private harem.

“Now, Tyler.

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  I want you to take your pants down. ”

Tyler began numbly unfastening his belt and pants.

“When a young boy becomes aroused his penis becomes very hard. And also hard to hide. Am I right?”

Tyler barely nodded as he began trying to pull his pants down.

“Has anyone explained what ‘masturbation’ is to you yet?”

Tyler shook his head quickly as he continued to struggle to pull his pants down.

“Masturbation is when you sexually satisfy yourself. For example, I’ve often masturbated while thinking about Coach Hendricks. ”In truth Angelina and Coach Hendricks have spent countless hours fucking each other and the girls in the gym and cheerleading classes.

Tyler continued to struggle with his pants, almost gasping in frustration.

“And now I’m going to teach you how to masturbate so your erections won’t embarrass you anymore. ”And with that Angelina reached up and grabbed Tyler’s pants and yanked them down to his ankles, revealing his overly endowed cock.

Coach Hendricks had tried to describe Tyler’s dick to Angelina, but as a lesbian she wasn’t the best at talking about cocks. And it was a beautiful cock. Angelina guessed that if it could lay down right now it would come just short of reaching the boy’s knees.

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  She had always been a fan of fucking young boys but she had never seen a cock like this on anyone other than a grown man. If Tyler had in fact been a grown man it would be just a little over average, but on a such a young boy it was huge and would only grow larger with age.

Angelina herself was dumbstruck. She couldn’t speak. She just knelt on the floor staring at this boy’s beautiful prick.

Licking her full, scarlet lips Angelina found the strength to speak. “Yes… right. Now. Masturbation. I’m going to show you how the first time and then… and then you masturbate for me and show me what you learned. ”

Tyler couldn’t speak. He just sat there with his giant boy-cock pointing straight up.

Angelina softly graspd the base of Tyler’s dick and another throb pulsed through her drooling pussy. ‘Thank God I don’t wear underwear’ she thought to herself. She began tugging on the pulsing tool with one hand while she used her other hand to gently cup his equally over-developed balls.

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“Uggh!”With a grunt Tyler came, shooting stream after stream of creamy cum all over the principal’s heaving tits. He had never felt anything like this. It felt like heaven as he drained his balls for the first time. It was unlike anything he had experienced before. And he owed it all to Principal Jolie. He didn’t even know what to call it but it felt like he had shot out a gallon of it.

Angelina was amazed. She had never see one person cum so much. Not outside of a hentai movie anyway. And her tits felt electrified and drenched with the young boy’s seed. Continuing to pump the large shaft she knew she was now in love with this young boy’s cock.

As the last strand of juicy cum shot out of his dick Tyler stared in terror at what he had done. “I’m… I’m so sorry, Principal Jolie. I’ve never… I don’t know what happened,” he said with tears in his eyes.

“It’s o.

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  k. Tyler,” Angelina said as she scooted a little bit away from Tyler so he could clearly see what she was going to do next. “It’s called cum and it’s what happens when a boy ejaculates. ”She then gathered up some of the cum with her first two fingers and stuck them into her mouth to suck off the boy’s sweet juices. “And I love the taste of cum. ”

Angelina took her time cleaning off her tits. She used only two fingers on one hand to wipe up the boy’s cum before sucking it off her fingers. One long stroke for the bottom of her tit, up over the swell of her breast, across the hard nipple and up to her collar bone before sucking the cum drenched finger past her full lips and slowly drawing it back out of her mouth. She repeated this time and time again, not wanting to miss a single drop.

Tyler’s cock had gone soft after his first ever orgasm, but watching his principal slowly clean her breasts and suck his cum off her fingers quickly had him hard as a rock again.

“Now I want you to show me what you learned. First I want you to stand up, Tyler. ”

Tyler stood up straight and tall with his dick bobbing only a couple of inches from the principal’s face.

“And now I want you to masturbate for me, Tyler. Make yourself cum.

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  And try for my mouth this time so there won’t be such a mess. O. k. ?”

Tyler quickly nodded yes and gripped his hard shaft the same as Principal Jolie had. He used the same long, slow strokes that his principal had used and groaned deep in the back of his throat as he masturbated for the first time in his life.

Angelina continued to kneel in front of her young student. As she was kneeling she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, waiting for the boy’s cum to shoot into her. With one hand she kneaded and massaged her large, gleaming tits while her other hand slid up her skirt. As her hand reached the hot, wet junction of her thighs she slid her first two fingers into her wet pussy and moaned, “Oh yes, Tyler. Show me how well you learned. Cum for me. ”

Tyler grunted and began to jack himself off hard and fast. The young boy’s hand became a blur as he used his other hand to cup his swollen balls.

Angelina slid her slick fingers out of her dripping cunt and used them to begin circling her throbbing clit. Her wet fingers strummed her sizzling clit faster and faster, desperately keeping pace with the boy’s hand as he fisted his cock, the desperation to cum easily visible on his face.



Angelina stared transfixed at the large, young prick in front of her, waiting for a tell tale sign that he was about to erupt. Suddenly the boy started moaning low and she knew what was about to happen. Tyler was about to cum for her.

Angelina quickly wrapped her full, pouting lips around the head of Tyler’s dick as she shoved the two fingers circling her clit as deep into her cunt as she could, triggering her orgasm. Tyler shot load after load of thick cum into her eager mouth as her own orgasm tore through her body and her drooling cunt clamped down on her thrusting fingers. She swallowed every load of sweet boy-cum as fast as he could shoot them out. She loved the feel of the boys silky cum as it slid down her throat and filled her belly. She couldn’t remember the last time she had swallowed so much cum.

As Tyler finished filling his principal’s mouth he collapsed back onto the chair. Angelina collapsed back onto the floor as her pale thighs twitched while she came down from her own orgasm and her naked tits jiggled around on her chest. The floor was completely soaked in her juices.

“That was… that was very good, Tyler. You are a very fast learner," Angelina said as she gasped for breath.

“Thank… thank you, ma’am. ”

Angelina stood up and began straightening her skirt.

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  “Now make sure you practice. O. k. ?If you practice in the boy’s bathroom before classes it will help keep your penis from becoming erect at embarrassing times. Do you notice how much smaller your penis is now?”

“It really is. ”Tyler beamed as he looked at his deflated cock. “Thank you, ma’am. But I have a question, ma’am. ”

“Yes Tyler?”

“Why did…. Why did you put your mouth around my penis?”

“Didn’t it feel good, Tyler?”Angelina smirked as she began putting her blouse back on.

“Yes ma’am!Even better than when you were showing me how to masturbate. ”

“I did that so I could swallow all your cum, Tyler. I love the taste of cum and it helped not to make a mess. ”Angelina finished buttoning up her blouse and began pulling on her jacket.


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  O. k. ”Tyler shrugged as he started pulling his pants back up and tucking his spent cock into his underwear.

“Plus, Tyler. I really, really love the taste of cum. And do you want to know a secret?”

What’s that ma’am?”Tyler asked as he finished straightening his clothes.

Angelina was so impressed with her new, young lover, straightening himself up without even having to be told. “I like the taste of your cum most of all. ”

Tyler beamed up at Principal Jolie. “Really?!”

“Yes, really,” Angelina answered as she sat back down behind her desk. “Now, I want you to listen closely, Tyler. O. k. ?”

Tyler face became suddenly serious. “Yes, ma’am.

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“Now first, we need to keep this between ourselves. Understand?”

“Yes, ma’am. ”

“If you tell anyone. Anyone at all. I’ll never be able to touch you or put your penis in my mouth again. All the students would be wanting me to show them how to masturbate and I don’t have that kind of time. You’re a special case, understand?”

“Yes, ma’am. ”Tyler set his face sternly, like a soldier being given his orders.

“Next, I want you to know something. You’re a very good basketball player. And from now on, the better you do at basketball the more stuff you and I can do together. ”

“Really?!” Tyler shouted in excitement.

“Yes, Tyler. And there’s still so much I can show you. You do want me to show you more, don’t you, Tyler?”

Tyler stood straight at attention.

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  “Yes, ma’am!”

Angelina ruffled Tyler’s hair as she walked past him and opened her office door. “Very good, Tyler. I’ll send word to Coach Pit for our next appointment. Now you get along to class. And make sure you practice those basket ball skills. I only want to hear good things. ”

Tyler smiled wide at Principal Jolie as he walked past her and out of her office. “Yes, ma’am. ”

After closing the door to her office Angelina walked back behind her desk and sat down before pressing the intercom button on her phone.

“Yes, Angelina?” The voice of Coach Hendricks buzzed out of the intercom.

“I’ll be needing to see you during your free period, Christina. ”

“No problem, Angelina. ”

“And Christina. Bring the red vibrator. ”

“Yes Angelina.

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End Chap. 005.