Vampire In the Night


I sighed, grabbing a white tank top and ass-hugging shorts, my standard sleep attire. I brushed out my long pitch-black hair and I clipped up my side-swept bangs from my eyes, I took off my clothes preparing to change into my pajamas, but as I was doing so, I took a sidelong glance in the mirror. I'm 15 years old, about 5'5, and very curvy, large, DD chest, well defined waist and round ass, and I'll admit, I can be pretty sexy.

I finish changing and I lie down in my queen-sized bed and I snuggle down into my pillows, listing to the silence of the night surround me, and soon I had fallen asleep.

Not too long after that did I feel my bed shift, drowsily, I turned over and I was stunned by what I saw.

There laying next to me with a slightly cocky smile on his face, was the sexiest man I have ever seen in my entire life.
He had pitch-black hair, darker then the night it's self, his eyes where an amazing shade of blue, when I looked into them, my heart beat quickened. He was shirtless and his abs where to fucking die for, he was perfectly muscled , but it wasn't extreme, he wore tight pants that proudly showed off his hardness, and from the looks of it, he was rather large.

I blinked, and it suddenly registered that there was a strange man in my bed and I tried to jump out but in a flash he was ontop of me, his hands gripped tightly on my wrists, and his chest pressed lightly against mine. He smiled and it made my heart pick up it's pace again, but I was trying to struggle against him, but he chuckled lightly and caressed my face.

"Hush, my dear," He cooed in a deep, rich voice.

"Get the fuck off me!" What I meant to come out in a harsh, commanding voice came out in a little less then a whisper.

He laughed again, "You really don't want that, do you?"

I blinked trying to form words, but I just ended up mumbling out a "no. "

Looking pleased with himself, he again chuckled, and then he smiled at me tenderly, "Mmm, You're going to be a fun plaything. "

When the words registered, I struggled even more trying to break free from his grasp, but it was useless, so I tried reasoning, "Look, you're a really sexy guy and all that but I don't want to "play" with you. "

He mocked a hurt expression, but it slowly turned back into that same sexy smile, he'd been wearing since her got here,"You don't? Well your body sure does, I can smell it.

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He was right, I did want him, but I'd just met him, why would I want to do things with him?

"Ah," he laughed "I was right. " I tried to open my mouth to protest but he kissed me and all the sudden my desire for him went through the roof. My pussy had gotten damp but when he started kissing me, I was soaking and I couldn't get out of my clothes fast enough. He just smiled at me and slowly shook his head. He slowly took off my shirt and started kissing down my neck and he soon stopped and gently nipped at my neck making me moan and arch up into him. He chuckled lightly and he slid off my bra, devouring my tits with his eyes. He then resumed his kissing, from my neck and down to my tits, he slowly sucked on each one of my nipples, making me shiver and gasp, and arch up into him. I could feel him smile a little and he continued his way down, removing my shorts and he smiled up at me when he saw that I wasn't wearing any sort of panties. He slowly slid his tongue up and down my slit making me arch my back and whimper, my juices rapidly flowing and he slowly inserted a finger into me and he smiled up at me lovingly.

"You're a virgin I see. " He commented.

"Mhmm. " I nodded, unable to form words.

With a slight smirk, he went back to teasing my pussy. His tongue soon found my clit and he latched onto it, sucking it roughly, making me again arch my back, once he was satisfied with how wet I was he crawled up to me and kissed me, I could taste myself on his tongue and I moaned wrapping my arms tightly around his neck and he grinned as he slowly teased my pussy with his long hard cock.

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Oh god, I wanted him in me. With a pitiful whimper I moved my pelvis up slightly trying to get him inside of me, and he just chuckled and kissed down my neck again, freeing my mouth, but making me moan as he kissed and bit my neck.

"Oh good god! Please, just please fuck me!" I whimpered.

I felt him moan into my neck and he then stopped looking down at me, "Mhm. How could I say no when you asked so nicely?"
He smiled and he slowly slid himself into me, making me moan from the pain and pleasure it caused. He moaned in my ear and that made me all the hornier, he kept quietly telling me that soon it'd feel really, really good, and I belived him. A few moments later, I felt him bite into my neck, and I moaned very loudly and all the sudden, everything felt amazing.

I started moaning louder and louder, begging him to fuck me harder and faster, and I arched my back and tightened my pussy around him. He responded by doing exactly what I said. He started moving faster and faster in and out of me, getting himself all the way inside, and almost all the way back out. He pounded my tight virgin pussy almost mercilessly, making me cry out in utter and complete pleasure, making me tighten around him even more. That caused him to let out a low, sexy, moan, and I threw my head back onto my pillows, wanting more. He drilled my hot, tight, wet pussy faster and harder, getting deeper and deeper inside of me, moaning every once in awhile, but it was almost drowned out by my cries of pleasure that he constantly made me make. He then slowed down, breathing heavily in my ear, kissing up and down my neck, my pussy still clenched tightly around him. He kissed me and looked into my eyes, and then he whispered in a sexy and seductive tone.

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   "Mhmm, you feel so amazing. . . I'm only going to continue if you tell me that you're willing to be with me for an eternity. "

I looked up at him and he smiled a little, showing me his fangs, and that turned me on all the more as I felt my pussy clench even tighter around him and I looked up at him and I smiled. "Mhmm. Yes, I'm willing to be with you for an eternity. " I then leaned up and I kissed him fiercely, wrapping my legs around him and pulling him closer into me and he smiled and he resumed his pace from before as he pounded into me, making me scream and moan in complete pleasure. As he kept pounding into me, he pulled me closer, and I was happy to oblige, and he held me tightly against him as he bit down into my neck again, and he encouraged me to do the same, and I did, moaning all the while. He grinned and murmured that I was now his and I just smiled and kissed him as he continually pounded my soaking pussy.

He grinned and kissed me back and I then flipped us over and I smiled. I then slowly started to move up and down taking his cock inch by inch into my soaking pussy, he moaned and encouraged me to go faster. I just smiled down at him and kept at my pace, making him moan slightly in frustration. I giggled and I soon started moving faster up and down his hard length, throwing my head back and moaning as he completely filled me, soon I wanted to fuck him faster and cause him just as much pleasure as he caused me, so I started to move even faster up and down his long cock and I tightened around him as I did so making him moan very loudly. I grinned and I started to move as fast as I could up and down his shaft.

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   My pussy clenching onto him as I did so, he moaned my name and one of his hands rested on my hip, helping move faster and harder up and down him while his other hand went up to my chest and started playing with my tits and pinching my nipples. I couldn't take much more, and my pussy was starting to leak it's juices from around him and I could tell I was getting ready to cum, and so could he. He then flipped us over again and jack-hammered my pussy until he screamed, "I'm cumming!" and he bit down into my neck one last time and I screamed as I came all over his cock and I felt his hot cum shoot up into my pussy. I screamed and held even tighter onto him.

Once we where both done cumming he smiled at me and kissed me gently, and I kissed him back and he told me to go back to sleep, and I did, not once loosening my grip on him, and I could feel him smile as he kissed my hair as I nodded off.
I hope you all liked it, I'll be checking back every so often to read your comments, enjoy.
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