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Lets get to it my cock is small and wife is not caring oh screw that, she is nice and in love, I would if I was a women desire larger fatter and be grateful if my husband cared so much about my needs to offer extended or better some big large fat cock for my needs. However, my wife is a little shy about this and would rather fuck suck lick her way into another’s arms the old fashion way. Through divorce lies cheating and all the old stopped ways of the tight ass husband selfish self-centered she is my property thoughts. I am not up set ashamed or gay just see things a better way help wife with needs. It’s helping her to understand my liberal thinking that was the challenge.

However, if I was a woman I would chose a little thicker a little bigger then I had to offer. I can even say with clarity that I was the instigator for the whole event. My wife who is twenty two years younger has never complained about my size, so she believes. Her words would slip out like this can yaw still feel me?Or want to do something else now. And of course we have a great oral relationonship. I learned from her young hot wet pussy how to make that pussy shootsweet fluid all over the bed.

After years of this I could feel the sexual need of newness spark or better a big fat cock in need. I am not gay nor am I ashamed of my cock, just practical and lusting for my young wife’s needs. After bringing it up in bed during sex, I found the way it worked best was when she had a hand deep in her and I whisper things like wouldn’t yaw love a big fat hard cock in you instead of my figures?She always sighs with a yes a big yes and never mentions it afterwards. However, if I bring it up at the wrong time disaster game over jerking off on the cold couch.

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We met had a few drinks she reclined after he asked what she liked sexually. I was sweating angry dizzy, after a few more we were in his room he was taking her cloth off and eating my sweat young wife’s pussy. I just sucked on her nipples and was watching her face she was smiling like I never ever saw in bed. He did not even have his pants off and she was frantic. I watched this strange man fuck my wife like I could never ever do she came I swear seven times in two hours sucked him off swallowing some of the fist load even. I will say I loved it she loved it she sucked that fat cock so many times I was thinking hay its for your pussy a few times. However, she really enjoyed sucking him off and riding his massive cock.

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