We have a quicky. 1


-------------- Mutual sexual cheating. --------------------

A regular meet up led to this,but first some background.
Most Saturdays,my wife and myself met up for drinks with friends,same friends,different venue's,but always in pubs. Of late,I knew my wife was having it off with a mate. But this was not on these occasions,no she was more cunning than that,the mate fucking her was not among the Saturday grouping,so it happened at other times in the week.

But not so this time. I suspect their coupling had not happened as was usual,so when a phone call came in about an hour before our intended rendezvous,my wife found an excuse and cried off. Of course,she had no idea I knew about her clandestine sexual activities.

"You go and make an excuse for me,you know say,time of month or something" What she didn't know,was this suited me fine,I had my own plan but hadn't had a chance to apply it. She'd just given me that chance,you see,I also fancied a certain wife amongst our group of friends and now I had my chance at seeing if it was mutual.

Marlene,this was her name,seemed to tolerate her husband taking her with him,then totally ignoring her all the while as he stood with male mates,pontificating to them his candid, - Usually rubbish opinions about his work. - As a group,they all seemed to have work problems that came to the surface more and more with the intake of alcohol.

Meanwhile,I prefered a more mundane gabble about anything and everything that came to mind. Marlene seemed similarly minded and no one took any notice as the night went on that we gradually became two chatting to the side of everyone else. Also,I knew invariably at the end of the evening her husband got leery and generally finished up verbally lashing her for no other reason than - He was a shit!

Now this was the scene as I sat talking to Marlene.

Chatting had slowed between us and I offered her a second drink before she had finished the one in hand.

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   - I realised incidentally,her bloke always, when buying his drinks ignored whether his wife had one or not,then invariably she'd buy her own,or another husband would buy her one when replenishing his own wife's drink. - Thanking me I placed my and her drinks down and as the other wives had gone into their usual conspirital grouping,she smiled and thanked me again.

I smiled back and shrugged my shoulders. She watched as I dipped my finger in my drink and with the wetness,etched this on the table. DOUW A N T 2 - I FUDO - GO2GARDEN
Putting her finger in her drink,she just wrote a tick.
Casually,she left and after a minute or so I left. I found her in the darkened garden secreted away from prying eyes. In a hushed but excited whisper, - "What are we going to do?" I moved close and kissed her while my hand gripped her crotch up under her dress. With fingers pressing deeply into her pussy and the heel of my hand rubbing where her clitoris would be,her mouth opened and she went for my tongue as I too opened my mouth.

"We might get caught" - Saying nothing,I just raised my hand up higher and put it down inside her knickers going back to squeezing her cunt,now with my fingers sunk deeply into the very wet slit and hole. Grip-release-Grip-release! Her hands came to her knicker's and pulled them down her legs enough for fucking,then she started to get my cock out. I helped with this as she obviously wanted to have it before we were missed.

I wasted no time in accommodating her requirement. Having slipped my hardon deep into her, we fucked each other stupid and in about 70 stokes she came as she felt my sperm ooze into her excited vagina.

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   Clinging close in she whispered, "God that was so exciting,lets get back before we're missed. I stood from her putting my dribbling cock away as she heaved her knickers back up. "You go on in while I- Giggle! Giggle! - go and wipe myself off"

On going back in the bar,no one noticed we'd gone. It occured to me we could have stayed longer! Then Marlene returned and we continued our conversation. "We could do this properly if you want too" - "Every Sunday lunchtime,he's gone by 11:30 and I don't see him again till after three" - I knew this and concluded,my own Jezabel would buy into my excuse to go off at that time to give her the chance of an extra fuck.

The stage was set for the next part of my tale.