Winterthorne - Chapter One - Departures and Arrivals


She loved the city at night. It lay stretched out for miles before her, a beautiful, twinkling mural, almost devoid of all the sounds of life as she observed it from above. The faint noise of traffic and the pedestrians that strode slowly along the sidewalks hardly reached her. It would be the last night she would see its pulsing beauty from her balcony. She had taken a break from the hours of labeling and packing away each material piece of her life in the condo. The movers would be there in the morning to gather it all up and transport it to the storage facility closer to Winterthorne. She sipped her drink and just soaked up the moment. She knew she would miss it.

Everything had been finalized. She had already faced the psychological evaluation, and was found acceptable. The hours of paperwork, the questionnaires, the medical records, and financial reports had all been neatly stored in the red folder that was tucked away in her bag. The thoroughness of the process had amazed her. She knew, from the conversations with Autumn, that the process deterred many of the applicants that made it that far. The interviews alone weeded out many of the undesirable candidates. Eden was convinced that this was her destiny from the very first moment that she had found out about the place. She had always had certain tendencies, but did not realize what they meant.

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   It was not until that faithful night that she would discover what she truly was.

It all began nearly a year before, at Autumn's going away party. She had surprised everyone with the seemingly sudden decision to permanently move. It was there that she met Elliot Krieger, a man, unbeknownst to her, was the driving force behind her invitation and acceptance into the academy. It was after a rather lengthy conversation with her, that he realized what lied beneath her shy exterior. His demeanor gave no hint at his feelings toward her, but she could tell that there was something more to him than the cold, well polished surface, that behind it lied a passion so dark and pure. It radiated from him like a darkness splitting beam from a lighthouse on a distant shore. From that moment on, he would never be far from her thoughts.

Eden sighed heavily as she finished her drink. It was already getting late and she knew she had less than 2 hours before she would have to leave for the hotel. She had decided it would be much simpler to stay there and leave than have to deal with packing bedding at the last moment. Not to mention a night of pampering herself was just what she thought she needed to calm her nerves for the morning flight. The thought of finishing up the last moment things just made her cringe.

She headed back inside, surveying the sea of boxes in various stages of completion that dotted the room. It was so hard to concentrate.

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   Every inch of the place had held so many memories that she could not help but get lost in them, even if she did not want to reminisce. The burnt meals, even after the expensive cooking classes, the heart crushing break ups, the intense make ups, the laughter, and the tears, every bit of it flooded her brain. She knew that now it would become the center of someone else's memories, both good and bad.

When she had finally finished packing, she took one last look at the place. She knew this was just the beginning of a new life. “Farewell. ” She whispered as she shut the door. She had done her best to pack only the essentials, but it seemed that even that left her with too much luggage to easily manage. She had gotten it on the elevator and finally out in front of her building. It took forever for her to hail a cab that night. The slightly cold nip of the night air sent a shiver through her. Once she had finally succeeded in the task and climbed in, it hit her. The faint hint of cologne that seemed to permeate every inch of the back seat. It was the same scent that she remembered inhaling deeply as she stood near Elliot, hanging on his every word. It immediately filled her with an urge that she knew she must satisfy as soon as possible.

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   The man quickly loaded the bags into the trunk for her. The cab quickly carved its path through the traffic laden streets. Instead of going out for a quick bite to eat, she had the driver hurry to the hotel. Room service would be a better choice, she thought.

She was preoccupied as she checked in. Once she was finally inside her room, she tried to settle in. As hard as she tried to focus on anything else, she found her thoughts turning back to the same thing. Him. She stared blankly at the menu for several minutes before concluding that if she did not do something about the nagging need that was growing stronger within her. Giving up on food for the moment, she tossed the menu on the bed, grabbing her bag and taking it to the bathroom. She laid the bag on the counter, stopping momentarily in front of the full length mirror to take a look at herself.

Eden had never been the vain type. In fact, she had proven to be quite the opposite. Truthfully, she had a nice body, well proportioned curves, smooth pale skin. Instead of seeing the beauty that so many around her saw when they looked at her, she saw every single flaw and imperfection.

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   Whether it was because of some wicked ex's mental cruelty, or just some left over high school locker room anxiety that caused it, but that did not matter. Nothing seemed to override the insecurity.

As she stood there recounting every flaw, her thoughts drifted back to him. Did he see the same things that she did? She couldn't help but wonder just what it was he saw when he looked at her. With a heavy sigh, she stepped away from the mirror. The little kernel of doubt was gnawing at her insides. Eden walked over to the shower and adjusted the water, getting it just right before she began to peel her clothing off and toss it on the floor. She grabbed a few necessities from her bag and stepped into the steamy stream of water. She closed her eyes, pushing her rapidly dampening hair back from her face. The gentle downpour of water felt good on her upturned face.

Eden stood there, letting the hot water dance upon her naked flesh, losing herself in thought. She picked up the delicately scented body wash and applied some to the puff. It left a thick layer of suds that slid down her slippery skin as she slowly dragged the puff over her skin. Before she was conscious of her actions, she was making small circles over her breast, zeroing in on her already overly sensitive nipple.

She bit down hard on her lower lip, stifling a soft moan as her hand moved across her nipple once again.

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   Shivers trailed down her spine. She continued to wash, this time focusing on the other breast. Her chest heaved as she began to breathe heavier. There was no hiding her arousal now. She dropped the puff, letting it land on the shower floor near her feet as she began to use both hands to knead the soft, ample mounds of flesh. Her mind quickly spun to a thought of him. She began to fantasize about his hands groping her roughly. The thought threw fuel on the already raging fire inside her belly. One hand trailed down her soapy stomach toward her shaven mound, while the other continued to lavish attention on her nipples.

Her fingertips brushed against her clit, sending a jolt of pleasure through her. As her fingers strummed over it, the hidden pearl began to peek out of its hood. She gulped down shallow swallows of air as she continued on. Her body quaked as an orgasm crept up on her. Her legs started to feel very weak, as if they were no longer willing to support her. Her voice rose to a squeak as she hit full on climax.

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   One hand kept tweaking her pert nipple, as the other worked her clit. Gasping and moaning, she quickly lost control. His name slipped from her lips in the throes of passion. She leaned against the shower wall, continuing to manipulate her flesh until she had ridden out the crushing wave of pleasure.

She sucked in deep, slow breaths as she began to come down. She still leaned against the wall for several moments while she regained her composure. Once she had finished washing and rinsing herself, she turned off the water and wrapped a thick cotton towel around her wet body. She passed the mirror again, this time not even giving it a glance. She dug her over sized blue Hard Rock T shirt out of her bag, along with a pair of panties and pajama shorts. Once she was dried and dressed, she looked at the menu once again. She made a quick call to room service, then turned on the television and tried to find something to watch.

After a light meal and vacantly staring at the TV screen, her mind began to drift back to him. The thought was driving her mad. She tried to push the thought from her mind, and climbed in bed, hoping sleep would soon find her. Tossing and turning, she tried desperately to drift off, but it was useless.

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   She knew she would never get a wink of sleep unless she took matters in her own hands and exhausted the need.

She crawled out of bed, and grabbed her bag. Rummaging through it, she quickly found what she had been searching for, an 8 inch long very realistically designed purple dildo. She pulled it out and stared at it for a moment. She could not help but wonder about him again, and how his equipment would compare in size and shape to hers. The more that she thought about it, the more she wished it really was his cock she was preparing to play with. Her finger traced the large suction cup at the bottom of it as she decided just where she wanted to place it. A spot on the wall quickly caught her eye.

Biting her lower lip, she firmly pressed the dildo's suction cup against the wall as she knelt in front of it. She closed her eyes as she brought her face closer to the toy. It brushed across her lips as she moved. The tip of her tongue was soon working over the smooth rubber head as she imagined it was his. Her head tilted as she leaned in closer, this time dragging her tongue along the shaft before reaching the head and once again working down. She continued to lick it for several minutes as her imagination ran wild. She parted her lips slightly, and let the tip of the fake cock push past them as she began to work her tongue over it.

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She started slowly, sucking lightly on just the head. The simple, yet vivid fantasy of pleasuring Elliot was quickly having an effect on Eden. She moaned around the thick rubber cock as she began to take more of it into her mouth. Her hand moved down between her legs. She was quite surprised to feel how incredibly wet she already was. Her lips slipped faster up and down the veiny surface as her moans grew louder. In her head, she was kneeling at his feet, devouring his cock as she looked adoringly up at him. Her heart was racing, her breathing was rapid and shallow. She needed to succumb to her desire and feel that cock inside of her.

She scrambled to her feet just long enough to hastily pull off the shorts and panties. She kicked them aside and readjusted the height of the toy, lining it up so she could easily push back upon it. Her hips wiggled slightly as she felt the wet head rub against her pussy lips. Without further hesitation, she pushed back with all her might. She let out a loud moan as the dildo pierced her drenched pussy. She began rocking back into it, working it in and out of her needy hole as quickly as she could.

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   The wet squishy sound as she took it deep only served to fuel her arousal. She could imagine his hands gripping her hips, pulling her back into him. Her thrusts became more erratic. She simply could not get enough of his swollen cock. Her teeth dug into her lower lip as she tried to quiet herself down a bit, for fear the neighbors would complain of the noise.

Her cheeks were becoming sore from bouncing off the wall as she pushed the thick rubber cock as far into her as she could. She was quickly losing control of herself. She knew that it would not be long before she would cum. She banged harder and harder into the wall, driving the dildo deep into her crevice. She wanted tried to steady herself using only one hand, the other sneaking down between her legs to toy with her clit as she worked herself into a wild frenzy.
Pinching and tugging the tiny pink bud had sent her over the edge. Her body trembled as she gave a final push back against the dildo, leaving it buried inside her as the monstrous orgasm she needed so desperately finally took control. Her hot, sweet juices sprayed out of her spasming cavern. It was all she could do to hold herself up as it flowed out of her. Her muscles gripped the dildo so tightly that when she could no longer manage to stay on her hands and knees, she pulled it right off the wall.

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She laid there for several minutes on the wet carpet, panting and shaken by the strength of the climax. There was quite a bit of her juices soaking into the rug. She thought of getting one of the towels and cleaning it up but she was so exhausted and satisfied all she could thing of now was bed. She withdrew the dildo ever so slowly from her overly sensitive pussy and looked at it glistening in her hand. The urge to lick it had never entered her before, but in that moment, her curiosity had gotten the best of her. Her tongue timidly touched the sheer coating of her sweetness. The taste was not entirely unpleasant, but she wasn't too fond of it. Maybe it was the dildo itself that had made her taste that way, she thought.

Still unable to bring herself to stand, she crawled over to the bed and pulled herself up into it. It seemed like the moment her head hit the pillow she was out. That night she slept sounder than she had in years, and in the morning, her new life would soon begin. But for now, she was wrapped in the sweet embrace of slumber.


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