Winterthorne - Chapter Three - The tour


She had arrived at the lounge with only 5 minutes to spare. The place was crowded with about twenty very nervous looking people. She was quite surprised to see there were only 6 men in their little group. It was then that she saw Mikel, the subbie she met the day before. He introduced himself and began the lecture with a bit of history about the Academy.

After a cold shower and sprinting to the meeting, Eden was in no mood to be lectured to about insignificant historical facts. She did her best not to daydream but it was nearly impossible. The fear that plagued her the night before had vanished. Now all she could think about, all she could focus on was a single word. Master. She had never imagined calling anyone that before, even when she thought of what would happen at the end of her time at the Academy. Calling Elliot Master in such an intimate way had left her with more questions than anything else.

After a couple hours of speaking, and a short tour of the building, they took a break for lunch. Eden was tempted to sneak off back to her room and ease her mind with a quick cum, but she feared what would happen if she did not return in time to leave with the rest of the group. Instead, she found herself sitting at the same table she and Autumn occupied the night before, with two others, a guy named George and a girl named Lisa. They did not say much at first, other than make little benign comments about the tour and campus.

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   Eden found herself watching the door, hoping to catch a glimpse of Elliot, though she knew it would only make matters much worse.

Lisa and George were soon offering up bits of information about themselves. Eden did not participate much in the conversation, but the two seemed quite interested in befriending her. Lisa seemed like the kind of girl who was always the one that friends turned to when they needed a shoulder to cry on. George, on the other hand, seemed a bit more of a gossip queen. He already had found out many little things about others in their little group and was all too willing to share it with Lisa and Eden. They seemed like rather nice people, but at the moment, Eden was too preoccupied to think much about it.

The tour resumed after lunch. The most intriguing part was still yet to come. As they entered a building set back from the rest, with a modified black golf cart parked near a side door. The small brass sign on the door was emblazoned with the words “Toy Room” on it. As they walked through the front door of the building, they could see it was a warehouse for all of the unused excess of toys, as well as larger items like bondage furniture and the bigger, bulkier fucking machines. Many of the items that they encountered there were unfamiliar to Eden.

“This is where all of our toys are kept when not in use, or waiting to be serviced. In the back is where all of the disinfecting and sterilizing equipment is kept.

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   We make sure everything is clean, in proper working order, and ready to go so that the Masters and Mistress's requests are filled as quickly as possible. ” He lead them past several large clear bins with words like “Vibrators Sm/med” printed on them. They went toward the far end of the building, where many of the larger items sat.

A couple of the girls oohed and aahed as they noticed the Sybian machines. It was not much bigger than a toaster, and clad with Naugahyde other than the spaces where it was obvious that toys could be attached. A long, thick cord came from it with a small control box. Admitted, Eden was not quite sure what it did, but she knew deep down she would find out soon.

“So who here hasn't tried one of these out. ” He asked.

Only four others raised their hands. With a smile, he asked if any of them would like to try it. Eden watched quietly as one rather rude redhead, pushed her way to the front and volunteered. Before they could even get the machine into position, she had stripped. It was easy to tell modesty was a concept she was not familiar with. It seemed all eyes were instantly drawn not to her curves but to a tattoo right above her shaven mound of two cherries, one perfect, one bitten and rotten with a little green worm peeking out.

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Mikel attached a slim pink penile attachment and stepped aside. Casey quickly straddled the machine, easing herself down on the little rubbery cock. She gave a small purr as it slipped inside. He held the control box, turning one of the small black knobs slowly. The machine hummed to life beneath her. She was in awe as the vibrations rippled through her. She let out a low moan as she began to grind against the Sybian. After letting her squirm for a minute or two, he turned the knob again. The vibrations became slightly stronger. She began squeal as she bounced, each bounce driving the pink protrusion into her juicy pussy.

For several moments, she continued to raise and lower her hips, working the toy in and out of her needy pussy. What turned her on even more than the machine's ministrations was the audience that watched her as she got herself off. She had always been an exhibitionist, and this seemed like a very logical way to get herself even more attention. Her rebellious streak however would later prove to make it difficult to get the right type of attention. Regardless, she didn't care as long as all eyes were on her, and at that moment they were.

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   She milked it for everything it was worth.

The others stood around her in a semi circle, watching her every move. She cooed as her hands began to slowly move over her naked body, cupping her breasts. Gently, she groped her creamy white breasts. Her eyes fluttered shut as she enjoyed the gentle vibrations. She let out a startled yelp as he turned the second knob and the dildo began to move inside her. Her eyes widened. Breathless gasps were all she could manage as she lost control. She gasped and sigh, letting the machine work her slowly into frenzy. Her thick pinkish brown nipples stood erect. She pinched them lightly, rolling them between her thumbs and forefingers. Her hips began to buck as her red hair whipped around. He turned the knob again, sending the dildo into overdrive. The pleasure was too intense she thought she would pass out before it was over. She used the sensation to drive her performance over the top.

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Her hands again attacked her breasts, mauling them as she gasped and groaned. The incredible sensation against her clit was driving her crazy. She was caught between wanting the sweet torture to end and the craving for more. She was writhing wildly, her voice growing louder with each moan. The dildo assaulted her g spot, sending mind crippling waves of pleasure through her. Envy gleamed in the eyes of several of the submissives, including one of the males. Casey loved every second of it. The attention was much more intoxicating than the constant barrage of motion beneath her.

A devilish smile paused momentarily on Mikel's lips as he turned the dial again. The vibration was now at full tilt. It took mere seconds for her to completely surrender to the rapture. She let out a great scream, her body quaking. There was a flood of her juices rush over the sides of the Sybian, leaking onto the floor. Her body crumpled, supporting herself with her hands against her thighs. He slowly turned the vibrations off, leaving the dildo on for a few more seconds.

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   The attention it gave her sweet spot made her shudder again, sending another wave of juice spewing from her spasming pussy. The machine finally went back into its sleep state. He helped her to her feet, but she quickly had to find something to lean against as she caught her breath.

The other girls who had been too timid to try it started asking her about the experience. Those who had already felt the Sybian's deep penetrating kiss, were completely disinterested in the obvious show that the redhead was putting on. Eden showed little interest, still looking about at all of the other machines that were stored there. If something as innocent looking as the Sybian could do all that, she could not help but wonder how some of the more impressive looking pieces would perform. Most of the machines looked rather intimidating with their large metal support structures and equally enormous engines. One of the girls noticed Eden staring at one machine in particular.

“Ah I see you looking at the Black Magic XL. It is quite a beast but god does it fuck so well. ” She whispered to Eden. “Especially with the double attachment. ”

Casey, upset by the fact that not everyone was hanging on her every word, started talking much louder. Mikel noticed the display and quickly tried to move things along.

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   The rest of the tour seemed to drag on. All Eden wanted to do was get back to her room for a long hot shower, and perhaps even a quick nap. Mostly, she wanted to get away from the increasingly annoying Casey. Deep down she knew that as long as the two attended the Academy, there would always be those moments they were forced to be around each other, despite how she felt about it. Casey continued to go on and on about the experience, adding more to it as she tried to recapture everyone's attention. Most of the group simply ignored her, not wanting to watch her make a fool of herself any longer.

The tour had finally ended. People seemed to cluster into little groups as they were leaving, talking about different things that caught their eye on the tour. Lisa and George both seemed to follow Eden, talking excitedly about the toy room. Eden chimed in with her observations on some of the larger, more usual looking pieces of equipment. George beamed as he reminded the two that Mikel mentioned that before their training was over they would each find out firsthand how they worked. The two hurried along back toward the lounge after Eden promised to see them at dinner.

Finally back in the privacy of her own room, Eden enjoyed the quiet. She laid down on the bed, letting her thoughts wander back to the toy room and the many machines there. The thought of experiencing each of those powerful toys only helped fuel her frustrations.

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  It didn't take long for her to drift off into a dreamless sleep. It seemed, for now at least, that relief would have to wait.

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