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 My online lover and I agree to meet up while he is away with friends. My husband agrees to my suggestion of touring the deep south and I am able to book us into the same hotel as my Southern Boy. Here is my fantasy, written to my lover.
You are on your trip and I finagle it so that we do the same one. After all this talking I convince my husband that rafting down some river we dont know would be so much fun and he agrees with me, he knows there's great golf where we are headed. We leave the kids with Grandma and we fly down south.
We check into the hotel and I'm scanning for you, butterflies in my stomach. We start down a hallway towards the elevator and right then, you and your friends step out of it. I suck in my breath and our eyes lock as we pass one another. No one else knows, but you look right into my eyes and the sounds of everything else, people's voices, the sounds of a busy afternoon in a hotel just fade away and all I can hear is the pounding of my heart. You are so close to me and you move so that your hand grazes my fingertips as you walk by.
I step into the elevator and close my eyes. We go through our day, settling into the vacation mindset. I text you that I will meet you at 9, husband has a late twilight golf session. We decide to meet on the rooftop patio, no one is supposed to be up there after 8pm. I dress after he leaves in a white lace strapless bra and panties, a white cotton sundress that hugs my breasts and flows gently from my hips.

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   My skin is slightly sunburned from being at the pool all day, turning a golden brown. I hardly put on any make up, just some liner and some gloss. I cant wait to get to you. My phone goes off and you text that you've got the roof to yourself, you are waiting.  I dont use the elevator, slip up the stairs and step out onto the roof, shadows play across the patio. I dont see you at first but you see me the minute I come out. Your dick grows hard in anticipation and you watch me, as I pull my hair out of the chignon that kept me cool all day. I am facing away from you, about to start walking the deck to find you. You slip up behind me and in that soft sexy accent you say "Hey babe, you look beautiful". You slip your hand around my waist and bend down to kiss my burning shoulder. I smell of suntan lotion, my perfume and fresh soap.   You softly brush my hair from the nape of my neck as I sigh and relax into you, you kiss my neck. Your other hand sneaks up and cups my breast and my nipple springs to life in btw your fingers. Your cock grows harder, i can feel you through your pants and my dress. I turn to you and we look into each other's eyes.

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   I circle my hands up around your neck and we taste each other's lips.   We hear the coming rain before it begins hitting the roof and we stay in one spot, kissing, rubbing our hungry hands over each other's bodies, the rain softly falling on us in the hot summer night. You pull away and slip my sundress strap off my shoulder, your hot kisses trail across my collarbone, down to the swell of my bra. You pull me tight to you, your hand on my waist, your other hand fondles my breast and you pull my bra down with your teeth. Your hot mouth slips around my nipple and you tease me. I cant take it, I slide my hand to your crotch and gently grab your hardness. It makes me wet to feel your hard bulging cock in my hand. I stroke you through your clothes, then find your zipper and pull your dick free. Your silky hot skin in my hand, so hard and erect. I have to have you mind, body, and soul.  I lead you to a lounge chair and sit down. I pull you towards me and place my hands on your ass. I lean over towards your hard rod, lick my lips and squeeze your ass to me. I flick your cockhead with my tongue, look back up at you and smile a naughty smile. You sigh "Oh, girl, the things you do to me.

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  " I gently slide my wet lips over your head and begin to use my tongue on you, sucking you, making you rock to my rhythm. With my hands on your ass and my mouth so open and hot it's all you can do not to push deeper btw my lips but you dont. I take you deep, your hardness pulsating under my tongue. I slip back up to the end of your shaft and then back down to the base, pulling you towards me. Over and over, slippery sounds of my mouth on you, me sucking you openly and then with some pressure. You groan that you dont want to cum yet and so you take my hands from your ass, you pull back and pull me up to my feet.  You lead me to a big wooden table, smooth with years of wear that is under a small patio tent.
    You sit me on the table and kiss me deeply. We make out, getting hotter and more wild for one another with just touching, kissing. My pussy aches to be filled, for you to be inside me. Finally you reach under my skirt and pull my panties to one side. You gently play with my clit, massaging me, hearing me sigh and you part my lips to feel my hot wetness. You swirl your middle finger until it is coated in my juice and then you slip your finger deep inside me. I just about cum at that, my muscles dancing around your finger. You pull your finger out of me and rub my clit.

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       I beg you to fuck me and you oblige, placing your cock against my pussy and you begin to slide your hardness inside me. I lay back onto my elbows and moan. Your hot cock ploughs deep into me, right to the end and I quiver on you as you pause, filling me. It makes me crazy and I whisper, "I want you to fuck me". You grunt and begin to drill me with long hard strokes, your head hitting my cervix and it makes me pant. I buck my hips up to you and take you as deeply as I can, my muscles clench and unclench, I want you so deep into me your balls slap against me. I gyrate against you and you feel every single inch of me. Your pace quickens and you place your hands on the table, bracing my hips in one place. You pounding into me, your arms pinning me into place, I cant help myself, I wrap my legs around you and cum hard, shuddering against you. You grin and say "oh yes, baby, cum"  and I feel your dick wanting to explode. You close your eyes as your orgasm takes over your body. You thrust yourself into me and your body shakes as you unload hot jets of cum into my cumming pussy. The two of us are still for a second, our hearts pounding, sweat glistening on us, breath slowing from the panting it had been.  You feel so good inside me.  We pull apart after a moment.

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       you pull me towards you, your hands on either side of my face and you kiss me in a way that reaches the bottom of my toes. We will be missed and it's time to go. We hold hands to the stairwell and stop to kiss all the way down the stairs.   You open the door on my floor and watch me walk away, I look back over my shoulder at you, feeling your cum inside my panties and I smile, blow you a kiss. "Later baby, I want you tomorrow and the next day" and then I'm gone.
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