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Your shallow breath blows by my ear, causing goose bumps to cover my body, and a bit of moisture to flow between my legs. I let out a small squeak of surprise, which in turn wakes you from your sleep. I turn toward you with a sheepish smile on my face as I’m greeted by your sexy lopsided grin and a good morning kiss. Though normally I would have settled for that, this morning I’m feeling especially aroused and I choose to keep our lips locked together. My senses go wild as your smooth tongue glides across my teeth, while my own is exploring your beautiful mouth. I let my hands slide down your supple chest until they meet the bottom of your shirt, and I start to lift it up, uncovering your developed muscle. Your skin is soft and warm, inviting me to run my hand along it once more, while moving my tender kisses down from your mouth, along your jawbone, and on to the tender flesh of your neck.
I smile against the fiery pale flesh, as I bite softly and gently into your neck, causing a new feeling of pleasure to resonate in you. The quiet moan that escapes your lips brings me to giggle lightly as I move down your neck, kissing and nibbling your chest until I reach your nipples. I had never tried anything like this before, so I was cautious when I carefully traced my tongue in a circle around one, then nibbled tenderly on it, trying to gauge your reaction. Apparently it felt quite nice, because you pull me up and fasten your lips to mine, taking the time to gently bite my neck, ear, and lower lip, becoming the greatest tease of all time. You may be a tease but the one power I had over you was resting in your pants.
While one hand rests on your neck and massages the special spot I discovered behind your ear, the other sneaks down your body and comes to rest on the growing bulge that I can only identify as the thing I desire the most. I swiftly undo your belt without much notice, and lower the shorts to your knees, only to find that you wear no boxers and the devil is being the proper soldier standing at attention. A gasp rises in my throat, but I soon push it down at the same time I push the warm head of your hard cock into my mouth and down my throat. I manage to take you by surprise and I’m astounded by the loud moan that bubbles out of your mouth.

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  The moan makes you that much more desirable, and I feverishly suck your member, occasionally licking from the base, up the shaft, and flicking my tongue across your tip. For the length of your cock that won’t fit into my mouth, my hand is the substitute. It grips just tightly enough on to your shaft, moving in sync with my mouth, bringing you closer and closer to the point of release. Just as I’m about to make you blow the biggest load you ever have, the tides are turned.
You push my body back against the bed as you remove every article of clothing except the sexy black thong that covers the only innocence that I have left. Your lips trail from my collarbone, down my chest, only to stop in the middle to imitate what I did to your nipples. A wave of ecstasy floods through me, down to my now soaking wet pussy. I arch my back against you, pushing more of me into your mouth, begging for more and more. You comply with my wishes, moving those soft lips to where I need them the most. A gasp escapes my throat as your tongue runs the length of my tight, wet slit. I’m pushed closer and closer to the edge as your tongue flicks faster and faster over my sensitive clit. My need for you and your monster cock grows stronger as your finger enters me and presses on my g-spot, making me cry out in pleasure. You add another long finger as you increase the speed you drive those amazing fingers into my soaking pussy. I scream louder and louder, coming closer and closer to the point of no return. I grab your head and hold it there as wave after wave of pure ecstasy and bliss crashes through my body.

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  You stay there lapping up the juices that flow freely from me, enjoying the sweet taste.
Our lips meet once more, tender and inviting, letting each other realize the passion that courses through our veins. How much we secretly need to be together, and how much we mean to each other. You end up with your back against the bed, my electric blue eyes staring down into your daring brown. I bite into your neck one last time as I straddle you and gradually lower down on to that rock hard throbbing cock of yours. I ride you slowly and gently at first, getting harder and harder, faster and faster. You flip me around so I’m being ridden doggie style, hard and fast. I whimper and moan at every thrust of your throbbing member into my tight wet pussy. Your cock can’t seem to handle the pleasure and constriction of being inside of me; it swells and throbs harder, begging for release. You seem ready to give in; breath labored and shallow, your moans and groans getting louder, but seem harder to get out.
I pull myself off of you, lowering my mouth on to your massive, rock hard cock again. I lick your head, causing you to gasp and twitch unintentionally. The flesh in my mouth is soft and warm, inviting me to lick it up and down before sucking it back into my mouth making you cry out in pleasure. The edge is speeding closer and closer for you as that big devil slides in and out of my throat. My hand fills in for my mouth when I need to breath, pumping up and down your long shaft.

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  Obvious signs point out that you’re close to the breaking point; your head is thrown back, eyes closed, mouth open wide to let a chorus of moans escape your luscious mouth. Nothing in the world can stop me now; I have a job to finish. I let more and more of you go deeper into my mouth, until surprisingly, I’m deep throating your huge member. Your hips rise, pushing deeper into me and giving me the sign that you’re so close. I work that massive, rock hard, throbbing cock for all it’s worth. I feel your muscles contract and I push as much of you into my mouth as I can, still stroking what I can’t. You groan as your balls and body contract, sending streams of hot cum running down my throat. I swallow almost every last drop, only saving a bit for a surprise I have in mind for you. Our eyes meet and your mouth breaks into a grin, pulling me up to lock our lips in a kiss so filled with fiery passion that it would melt the sun. As our tongues dance together I slip that last bit of salty cum into your mouth. At first you’re shocked, but as it registers with your head, you realize that you love it as much as I do. You pull me into a hug and we curl up against the headboard, content to cuddle and spend the rest of our time holding each other.
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