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To refresh the memories of those who previously read the first edition - or to introduce you to the story for the first time, my gorgeous asian girlfriend has two hot asian roommates in their NYC apartment. When I'm not fucking her, I like to indulge in my panty and voyeur fetishes a bit by either sneaking into their rooms to play with their dirty panties or spying on one of them through the door separating my gf's room from that of her roommate M. Having finally caught a glimpse of M's large B- or C cup tits - if you recall from the first edition, she's the hotter of her two roommates whose tits had been elusive to my peeking sessions - I took a moderate break from actively pursuing more spying sessions. The only remaining goal of mine to this end was to get a nice clear shot of her bush. On previous attempts, I had only gotten the chance to catch a few fleeting glances of her pussy hair - either from behind when she bent over to slip on her panties or while she was turning away. Recently, though, I found myself spending the night following a tough study session a few blocks away, on campus. When I made it to bed, I noticed that M had her light on and decided to take a quick peek to see if I could observe her getting undressed. No luck, she had already changed into her PJ's and was sitting in bed, reading a book. Early the next morning, I was awakened by the sound of her cracking open her door to step out to the bathroom for a shower. I waited until I heard her walk through the living room and into the bathroom hallway to adjust myself so that I had a clear shot through the opening in the curtain and into her room. The crack had seemingly grown smaller over the past couple of months. Whereas as I previously had a nice 45-degree angle shot of her room, I was now limited to 30- or so degrees. "It doesn't really matter," I thought to myself, "I've already seen most of her goods. " I patiently waited for her to return to her and slowed my breathing as to prevent the glass from fogging up in front of my face. When she stepped into view, she was wearing a knee-length robe that hung stiff when she bent over to toss her dirty panties into the hamper - offering me a nice view almost up to her bare ass. "Not bad," I thought.

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   She then stepped out of view to her left - presumably to gran a fresh pair of panties from her top drawer - a drawer I was relatively familiar with. She then stepped back into view completely naked. She arched her back as she brushed her still-moist hair - thrusting her perky tits outward. I slowly took it all in - her perky tits accentuated by her petite nipples - too petite for my tastes, her full ass which was now sticking out in the opposite direction, and her barely visible patch of freshly trimmed pussy hair. I would have been content at this point, but continued to watch as she again stepped out of view. She returned to her previous spot, but this time turned around 90 degress so that she was facing me through the door. I kinked my head slightly to include her face in my view. Her tits - now hanging freely from her chest - were squarely facing me. I got a great shot of her small nipples head-on, not to mention an unimpaired view of her bush. This was the first time I had seen her bush full-on. She had apparently begun trimming her pubic hair, as it had been downright unruly the previous time I had caught a glimpse of it from between her legs. M was now in full force lathering herself up from head to toe with lotion. She started on her arms and worked inward toward her chest. She refreshed the supply of lotion in her hands and gently rubbed her tits. She paused as she approached her nipples and slowly ran her fingers around her nubs and briefly cocked her head back, presumably enjoying the moment.

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   This sent my dick straight into the stratosphere. Moving on, she ran her slick hands down her sides and across her ass - thrusting her torso out ever slightly in the process. Additional applications were made to her legs. She bent over, dipping her head forward, causing her tits to hang down and slightly outward. I could just make out her nipples as they extended beyond her body in visual exposure. Although small, they nicely capped her pointed tits. She applied a couple more coats of lotion here and there and reached out toward her bed. She grabbed a small pair of what appeared to be nylon panties from her bed and struggled in unfolding them, poised to lift her right leg in anticipation of slipping them on. I was surprised to see that she was putting on a nylon pair of panties as most of her collection consisted of cotton bikinis. She eventually untangled the petite briefs and proceeded in slipping them up her right leg - flashing me a nice glimpse of her shower-fresh snatch. She then lifted her left leg and slipped her panties up to her knees where she paused to drop a panty liner across her panties' cotton panel. This was presumably to avoid staining her panties as excessively as I had noticed in the past. In some cases, I didn't dare take them to my nose. She paused with her legs spread as she unwrapped the liner, extending my opportunity to gaze at her slightly exposed snatch. Having firmly adhered the liner, she jacked her panties up to her waist and adjusted the back to alleviate the wedgie she had inadvertently given herself.

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   She then pulled forward the front of her bikini to examine something down her front. She held this position for several seconds. What was she staring at? Her trim job? The fit of her liner? For whatever reason, it was kind of hot to watch her check herself out under her panties. With a small, but visible bulge in the crotch of her panties, she walked forward, directly towards me. I heard her rummage through her drawers and return to her bed with a pair of knee-length stockings in hand. She reclined in the bed, with her legs suspended over the floor. She slowly slipped the stockings up her smooth legs, releasing them at her knees. Pausing briefly to check the time, I was shocked to discover that I was late again for class. Content with the peep show I had been unwittingly given that morning, I turned around and started getting dressed myself. I wonder if she was watching. I might be surprised someday to peek through that hole and see her staring back at me. .
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