Babysitter Sam


This story is fiction and was written for my friend Sam, I hope everyone enjoys it.

Sam had found a unique way to make money this summer, he had been watching the neighbors’ kids while they worked. I know what’s so unique about babysitting? The answer, Sam was a fifteen year old boy. He mainly only watched two kids, Cindy was eleven and her brother Robert was ten, but on occasions there was also Kory, another eleven year old girl and good friend of Cindy. On this day all three kids were there, Cindy and Kory were watching a Hannah Montana marathon and Robert was playing video games while Sam messed around on his computer. Like any teenage boy he was looking at porn and rubbing his hard cock through his pants. He closed his eyes and leaned back thinking how cute Cindy and Kory are, Cindy with her short light brown hair and hazel eyes and Kory with her pure blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Both girls had just entered puberty and their boobs had just started growing. He moaned as he imagined them standing in front of him topless, their small breasts capped by tiny pink nipples. Sam was a virgin and longed to see a nude female for real and not just pictures on the net. He was shocked back to reality by Robert standing over his shoulder and saying. “WOW, look at the tits on her. ”

He quickly clicked off the page and Robert moaned. “Why’d you do that? She was hot. ”

Sam looked at Robert and said. “I’m sorry, you weren’t supposed to see that.

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“Why not? I look at that stuff all the time. ” Robert said pulling up a chair next to Sam. “Put her back up I want to see more of her. ”

Sam didn’t know what to do, he had been caught and if Robert told anyone his ass would be grass. He looked at Robert bouncing around on the chair and clicked the back button bringing the redhead with huge tits back on the screen. “WOW, just look at those. ” Robert said looking at Sam. “Can you imagine getting to feel those?” Sam just shook his head as the younger boy stared at the screen.

They clicked from page to page revealing one naked woman after another. Finally Robert grabbed the keyboard and said. “Check this out. ” As he typed in the address of a webpage with all types of hardcore images. As they looked at the pictures Sam noticed Robert was rubbing himself through his jeans. When Robert saw him looking he laughed and said. “What? Don’t you play with yourself while you’re looking at this stuff?” He looked at Sam’s lap then added.

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   “Dude, you must be huge. Just look at the size of that bulge. How big is it?”

Sam’s face was bright red as he answered. “Of course I jerk off when I’m alone but I’ve never talked about it with anyone, especially a ten year old. I think maybe we should quit before Cindy or Kory find us. Besides it’s lunch time anyway. ” He said as he shut down the computer.

“Oh man, this sucks. ” Robert said as he stood up and adjusted the small bulge in his jeans. “I was just getting into it and it was starting to feel really good. Can we look more after lunch? Besides, you didn’t tell me how big you are. ”

Sam had to admit the idea of looking at porn with Robert was turning him on, he’d seen gay porn and had wondered what it would be like to mess around with another guy. But did he dare mess around with Robert? What if someone found out? He swallowed hard then said. “Maybe we can look more after lunch and I really don’t know how big it is, I’ve never measured it. But if we do look more you have to promise not to tell anyone, I could get in a lot of trouble.

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“No problem. Now what’s for lunch?” Robert said as he ran up the hall and into the room with the girls, stopping right in front of the TV so they couldn’t see their show.

“ROBERT!!! GET OUT OF THE WAY!! MOVE YOU MORON!” Cindy screamed before pushing him out of the way and down to the floor.

Kory giggled as she watched the brother and sister wrestling in front of her. Then she joined Cindy as they held Robert down and began tickling him. Robert was squealing and squirming when Sam walked into the room. “That’s not really fair you know, both of you picking on poor Robert. ” Sam laughed as he watched. He was enjoying the show, as they wrestled both girls’ shirts and shorts had ridden up and he could see their bra straps and panties.

Cindy looked up and said, “Well maybe I should attack you then,” as she grabbed Sam and started tickling him. Sam lost his balance and fell to the floor with Cindy landing on top of him. He could feel her small boobs rubbing against him. He rolled her over and began tickling her causing her to squeal and squirm exposing more of her smooth belly.

As he sat on top of her holding her down, and staring at her well tanned skin, he felt his cock hardening. He knew he had to get off of her but he couldn’t resist letting his hands wander closer to her boobs as he tickled her more.

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   He smiled at her and asked. “Have you had enough?”

Her breathing was rapid and she felt her pussy tingling as his hands brushed agonizingly close to her small boobs. Oh how she wanted him to touch them. She had been dreaming all summer about making out with Sam, he was just sooooo cute. He had a slim muscular build and she had noticed the bulge in his pants, just like now. She wondered what it would be like to touch it and even suck it like she had seen online and to have him touch her. Now she was so close but what should she do now? She squirmed more under his hands then squealed. “Enough, I’ve had enough. ” As Sam got off her she scrambled to her feet and kicked him in the butt before grabbing Kory and running down the hall screaming. “Enough for now but I’ll get you. ”

“Yeah, we’ll get you. ” Kory added before slamming the bathroom door.

“Wow that was fun!” Robert said as he and Sam went into the kitchen. “I swear I could feel their tits rubbing against me, I thought I was gonna explode. ”

“Yeah me too, Cindy was rubbing all over me.

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In the bathroom Cindy was saying. “Did you see the lump in Sam’s pants? It was huge, I wanted to just reach out and grab it. ”

“Robert was hard too, I could see it twitching as I rubbed against him. ”

“Eeeewwwww!! How can you be interested in my little brother? He’s so gross. ”

“Well I think he’s cute and you would too if he wasn’t your brother. Besides I remember you telling me how you watched him jerk off that time. ”

“I guess you’re right he is kinda cute and I only watched him for a couple of minutes. ” Cindy giggled as she slapped Kory’s cute ass. “Hey let’s screw with them some more. ”

“What do you have in mind?” Kory answered slapping Cindy’s ass in return.

“Let’s take our bras off so maybe they can get a little peek. ”

They both giggled as they watched the other lift their top over their head then remove their bra revealing their small budding boobs. Cindy reached up and squeezed hers, moaning as she rolled the hard tiny nipples between her fingers. Kory felt her pussy twitch as she did the same.

While they ate their lunch Sam could swear he could see their tiny nipples poking against their shirts but he assumed he was just imagining it since he was so horny from the earlier playing.

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   After lunch the girls made a point of bending over in front of the guys and Robert almost choked when he saw Kory’s small pale boobs for the first time. Sam was getting the same view down Cindy’s top and his cock was so hard it was painful as it throbbed and jerked trying to break free. Cindy noticed it twitching and licked her lips. Their eyes locked and she leaned forward and kissed him. They both moaned as their tongues wrestled back and forth, this was so much better than when Shelby had showed her and Kory how to kiss at that sleepover a few months before, not that they hadn’t had fun that night and many times since. Sam suddenly pushed her away and said. “We shouldn’t do this Cindy. ”

She whispered. “Why not, don’t you like it?”

“Oh yeah it’s great but I’m supposed to be watching you not making out with you. What if anyone finds out?” He moaned, his cock jerking violently as her hand rubbed his chest.

“Nobody’s gonna find out. We’re not hurting anyone, we’re just having some fun. Besides, I don’t think we can stop them. ” She laughed as she pointed to Robert and Kory. Robert had Kory pressed against the couch kissing her passionately while his hand was under her top squeezing her small boob.

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Sam pulled Cindy back to him kissing her hard as his hand slid under her shirt, sending a shiver through her as it slid over her firm stomach and up to her waiting breast. She moaned into his mouth when his hand cupped her boob and the hard nipple rubbed against his palm. Her hand had slid down his chest and onto the hard lump in his crotch. She could feel his pulse through her hand as she squeezed and rubbed his hard cock through his jeans.

She broke the kiss when she sat back and lifted her top over her head, revealing small mounds that were her just developing boobs to him. She cupped them in her hands, pushing them together smiling as she said. “Oh Sam I hope you like my boobs, I’ve wanted you to see them and touch them all summer. ”

“They’re beautiful Cindy. ” He said as he leaned forward taking most of her left breast in his mouth. She arched her back and pulled his face tight against her chest while his tongue circled the tiny pebble of her nipple. He slid his hand down her stomach and she spread her legs giving him free access to her crotch. He rubbed the crotch of her shorts causing her to gasp and her hips to lift off the couch.

Cindy heard a loud groan and she looked over to see what Kory and Robert were doing. She was shocked to see Robert sitting back his eyes closed and his mouth open, obviously enjoying every moment, while Kory ran her hand up and down his hard cock. He was moaning loudly and his hips were lifting off the couch as he fucked his smooth, hairless, three inch cock into her fist.

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   She was even more stunned when she saw Kory slide off the couch onto her knees between Robert’s legs and slide her mouth over his hard cock, not stopping till her nose was pressed into his crotch.

“OH WOW KORY THAT FEELS GREAT!!! OH YEAH SUCK IT!!!” Robert groaned, holding her head while he fucked her face.

Cindy felt a bit of jealousy as she watched her best friend sucking her little brother’s cock, she hated to admit it but she had wanted to do that since she watched him jerking off a month ago. She was wondering what it tasted like and how it felt till she was brought back to reality by Sam sliding her shorts and panties down her legs and his hand touching her bare pussy. He ran his hand just above her slit, feeling the few wispy hairs that had just recently sprouted, then over the wet puffy lips. Her hips jerked when his hand brushed her swollen clit, only she had touched that spot before. Sam wasn’t really sure what he was doing but he had seen enough porn online that he moved between her legs and ran his tongue over her smooth virgin slit. Wow, he thought, this tastes pretty good as he buried his tongue in her slit, sliding it between her lips.

“OH GOD SAM I”VE NEVER FELT ANYTHING LIKE THAT. ” Cindy moaned as she was grinding her pussy against his face. She was running her fingers through his short blonde hair pulling his face to her crotch.

Robert heard his sister and looked over to see Sam kneeling on the floor with Cindy’s legs over his shoulders, her ass humping as she obviously enjoyed Sam eating her pussy. The combination of watching his sister and Kory’s hot mouth on his young dick was more than he could stand and his legs stiffened and he squealed. “OH MAN I’M CUMMING!!!!!” His hips lifted off the couch a final time and his tiny balls contracted as a small stream of clear fluid squirted from his cock and into Kory’s mouth. Kory wasn’t sure what to do, everything she had seen online the guy had always pulled out and cum on the girls face or body, but she kind of liked the taste and she definitely liked the way it felt when his cock jerked against her tongue so she just held her mouth on his cock till he quit shaking.

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   When she lifted her mouth from his cock a shiver went through her body as she swallowed and felt his cum sliding down her throat. She smiled at him then licked her lips and said “MMMMMMMM. ”

Cindy watched Robert cumming in Kory’s mouth and she could feel her own orgasm getting closer as Sam’s tongue circled her tiny clit. He used his fingers to open her lips so his tongue could slide deeper into her tiny hole, scooping up more of the sweet nectar he craved. He felt her legs gripping his head tighter as he licked up her slit and back down again. She was moaning loud and was getting louder with every flick of his tongue. Robert slid his finger along Kory’s slit while they watched Sam bringing Cindy closer to orgasm. “Eat her Sam, make her cum. ” Robert said rubbing Kory’s pussy faster. “Does it feel good sis? You like Sam eating you?”

“Oh Robert, SHUT UP!” Cindy groaned bringing her left hand to her chest and rolling a nipple between her fingers. “OH YES THAT’S IT!!! OH YES SAM DON’T STOP!! OH IT’S HAPPENING!!!! YYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!” Her body stiffened and she couldn’t breathe as the most wonderful and most intense feeling she had ever experienced raced through her body. Kory leaned over her friend and kissed her, their tongues intertwined as Cindy’s orgasm subsided.

Cindy lay there exhausted while Sam stood up and removed his jeans, everyone watched as he slid his underwear down revealing a beautiful thick uncut seven and a half inch cock standing proudly from a dark thick bush. “WOW DUDE!!” Robert gasped. “That’s huge!” Of course it really wasn’t huge but to ten and eleven year olds it was.

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   All three of the kids sat in front of Sam and watched as he slid the foreskin back revealing the red head that glistened with a drop of precum.

“It’s even better than I had imagined. ” Cindy said as she reached out for it, her small hand wouldn’t reach around it. She wondered how something this big would ever fit in her. The same thing was running through Kory’s mind as her hand joined Cindy’s. Even with both of the girl’s hands wrapped around his cock, a couple of inches were visible.

Robert shocked everyone when he cupped Sam’s balls and said. “Man these are huge too, you must have a gallon of cum in them. ”

“ROBERT, what the hell are you doing?” Cindy gasped watching her little brother play with Sam’s balls.

“”It’s all right Cindy. ” Sam moaned. “We’re all friends here and anybody can do anything they want. ” Sam loved having three people playing with him the fact they were so young and one was a boy just added to the pleasure.

He moaned as Cindy leaned forward and licked a drop of precum from the head. She looked up at him licking her lips and said “mmmmmmmmmm.


  ” She opened her mouth and slid her lips over the head then farther down the shaft till it hit the back of her throat causing her to gag. As she sat there coughing Kory, not wanting to miss an opportunity, slid her lips over Sam’s hard cock. She moaned as her head moved back and forth on and her tongue licked the underside of his cock. Cindy saw Kory sucking Sam’s hard cock and punched her side and said. “Hey that’s mine, you already sucked Robert off. ”

Sam laughed. “It’s ok girls, you can share. ”

He thought he had died and gone to heaven as he sat on the couch between two gorgeous, naked, eleven year old girls, each wanting to suck his cock. Each girl was on her knees on the couch, Cindy on his left and Kory on his right, their cute asses sticking up and the perfect place to rest his hands. The girls leaned forward and each ran her tongue around and over the head before Cindy took him back in her mouth again. He groaned as she sucked him and Kory licked his shaft. His hands were busy rubbing and squeezing their cute asses then he slid his fingers over their smooth pussy lips. Both girls moaned and Cindy pulled her mouth from his cock to catch her breath and Kory quickly took her place, her wet mouth sliding down the shaft and then her tongue dancing over the head. Sam had forgotten about Robert till he felt a warm mouth cover one of his balls, he looked down to see Robert sucking his balls. The pleasure was so intense as the three kids pleasured him and he knew he would be cumming soon.

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   He slipped a finger into each of the girls’ tiny pussies, amazed at how wet, tight and hot they were, it was almost like they were sucking his fingers deeper.

Both girls moaned as Sam’s fingers slid in and out of their preteen slits, the vibration from their moans sending even more pleasure through his young cock. He could feel his balls tightening and his cum start its journey up his cock. He groaned and lifted his hips trying to drive more of his raging hard on into Cindy’s mouth just as the first huge shot of hot cum filled her mouth, catching her off guard. She coughed and gagged as she pulled her mouth from his jerking cock, trying to catch her breath, only to be quickly replaced by Kory’s. The small load of boy cum she had sucked from Robert’s cock had only wet her appetite and she wanted more, but even she was surprised by the huge amount of cum Sam was pumping into her mouth. She swallowed all she could but cum was leaking out of her lips and running down Sam’s throbbing shaft. Robert licked along Sam’s shaft slurping the cum up, his own cock was hard and throbbing as he savored the flavor of Sam’s cum. Cindy had caught her breath and was ready for another taste so Kory grudgingly let her slide her lips back over Sam’s cockhead so she could get the last few drops of sweet cum. Cindy pulled Kory to her and kissed her passionately, each tasting Sam’s cum on the other’s tongue. Robert stroked Sam’s cock, bringing one last drop of cum out which he quickly licked up. “Wow your cum tastes great. ” He moaned licking his lips and looking up at Sam.

“Jeeze Robert, are you gay?” Cindy asked. “Why are you licking his balls and eating his cum? That’s weird.

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“I’m not gay I just like guys and girls. ” Robert answered. “And it’s no weirder than you and Kory kissing each other and fucking each other with toothbrushes like you did last week. ” After he said it he put his hand over his mouth as he realized he had just admitted spying on them.

“How do you know, I mean what are you talking about? Kory and I didn’t do anything. You little perv you were spying on us, I should beat the snot out of you. ” Cindy grumbled.

“Now everybody calm down. We just had a great time and we can have more, if everybody wants to. ” Sam said trying to get everybody’s attention back to sex, his cock was still hard and he wanted to fuck one if not both of the girls before his mom got home.

“Yea, what difference does it make if he watched us?” Kory added as she rubbed her pussy. “I’m horny and I want to feel a dick in me. ”

“You’re right. ” Cindy laughed as she lay back on the couch spreading her legs wide. “Come on Sam, put that big cock where it belongs and do it to me.

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Sam moved between her legs and rubbed his cock head up and down her slit trying to find the opening. When he felt it start to enter her he looked down at her and asked. “Are you sure about this?”

Cindy felt her pussy opening around his cock and she was dying to feel it inside her, it was much thicker than the toothbrush handle she and Kory had used to break their cherries and those had felt great so this would have to be wonderful. Her hands were on his hips and she pulled him toward her as she said. “Yes I’m sure I want you to FUCK ME!!”

Sam was shocked at her language and he was shaking as he pushed and his cock was wrapped in the tight glove of her pussy. The blowjob he had just received had been great but it didn’t compare to this. Kory and Robert watched as Cindy’s pussy was stretched tight around Sam’s cock and they could see her juices glistening on it as he pulled back before sliding it in again. “OH SAM, IT’S SO BIG AND IT FEELS SO GOOD!!!”

Kory couldn’t stand it any more and she pushed Robert onto the floor and straddled him reaching down and lining his small cock up with her pussy as she settled onto it. Robert moaned as he felt a pussy on his cock for the first time. His cock was a little thicker than the toothbrush handle and Kory moaned as she bounced up and down on it, she really wanted Sam’s cock stretching her like he was Cindy but this was still good. She was the only one who hadn’t cum yet and she needed to very badly. Her pussy juice was running down his balls and over his asshole as he thrust up to meet her, his hands were on her small boobs and he rolled her nipples between his fingers. That was all it took and her body went stiff and she squealed as her orgasm rocked her body. “OH MY GOD!!!! YYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!”

Sam looked over and saw Kory cumming and he started fucking Cindy harder. His balls were slapping against her ass as his cock slid in and out of her wet pussy.

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   He could feel another orgasm building in his balls as he listened to Kory scream and Cindy moaning with every thrust. Her pussy was gripping him like a vacuum, sucking the cum from his balls.

Kory collapsed rolling off of Robert lying on her back catching her breath. Robert’s cock jerked and moved closer to Sam and Cindy so he could watch Sam’s cock stretching his sister’s pussy. He was close to cumming again and his hand slid up and down his slick shaft. Cindy noticed her little brother stroking himself and she pulled him onto the couch and slid her mouth over his cock. “Oh yea sis, suck me. ” Robert moaned getting everyone’s attention. Sam fucked Cindy faster as he watched her sucking her brother and Kory moved closer so she could watch.

“That’s the hottest thing I’ve seen. ” Kory said. “Suck his cock Cindy, suck your brother’s cock. Make him cum in your mouth. You know you want it. ”

Kory was right Cindy did want to taste Robert’s cum and she moved her mouth up and down his shaft quickly trying to get him to cum.

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   Sam’s cock was filling her pussy with every stroke and she was so close to having the most mind shattering orgasm of her life. She felt Robert fucking her face faster and she could feel his cock swelling then he groaned. “OH CINDY I’M CUMMING!!!” His cock jerked as four spurts of his young cum shot across her tongue filling her mouth. She didn’t swallow, she wanted to savor the flavor. Robert pulled his cock from her mouth and kissed her, he loved the taste of his own cum and the fact that it was in his big sister’s mouth made it that much better.

Sam watched Cindy and Robert sharing cum and that sent him over the edge. He grabbed Cindy’s hips and slammed into her, holding his cock deep inside her as he pumped his load in her young cunt. “OH FUCK, I’M CUMMING TOO!!” Cindy squealed into Robert’s mouth as she felt the first hot cum ever to fill her pussy and her pussy spasmed and squeezed his cock, milking all the cum from him, as her powerful orgasm raced through her body.

Sam slowly pulled his softening cock from Cindy’s well fucked pussy and saw his cum begin to ooze from her slit. After having Robert lick the cum from his cock and balls earlier and then seeing Robert and Cindy sharing Robert’s cum he had a strong desire to taste some cum too. He leaned between Cindy’s legs and ran his tongue along her slit. He loved the salty taste and he buried his face in her crotch sucking all his cum from her causing her to writhe and moan as another small orgasm washed over her. As he lifted his head and wiped his chin he noticed the time, they had to get dressed his mom would be home soon. Luckily tomorrow was another work day for their parents and they could start early in the morning. That is if Cindy and Robert didn’t wear each other out tonight.

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