Candace Part 3


If you haven't already please read part 1 & 2
As Candace lay there her hand stroking my now flaccid cock I felt a pang of guilt. That however was abated as she whispered in my ear “I liked doing that, Daddy, I’m just sorry I didn’t swallow your cum. ”
“Honey, the first time is always the hardest when you don’t know what to expect. It’s really OK. ” I tried my best to comfort her.
As I lay there content from the orgasm Candace produced with her sweet hot mouth I reached down and rubbed her bare skin. This produced a contented purr from Candace.
I considered if it was appropriate to lay here rubbing her back and her lightly stroking my cock. I decided neither was in a hurry to move and as I continued to stroke her I noticed her breathing become shallow. She’s fallen asleep, I thought.
I had to pee so I untangled myself and went in to the bathroom. Standing there urinating I pondered again the earlier blow job and was surprised that I was again getting hard. I never was quick to recover but then I never had the opportunity to receive oral sex from someone so young; and my daughter to boot!
When I was finished peeing I returned to the bedroom and watched Candace lying there sleeping. Mesmerized by her beauty I couldn’t help but to feel I had somehow taken advantage of her. But she had been a willing participant so I shook the feeling and sat on the edge of the bed.
Laying my hand on Candace’s hip as she laid facing away from me I reveled in the soft skin that was my daughter.

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   I gently stroked her smooth skin and felt goose bumps pop up. She shifted slightly probably because I was tickling her. She sighed softly and stretched her legs. I caught a brief glimpse of her coral colored pussy lips as they were peeking out from her thin thighs.
I slipped my hand down from her hip to her ass crack and using my middle finger I gently lay a trail from the top of her butt to the moist warmth of her vagina. She moaned in her sleep like she was having an erotic dream. Her hips undulated slightly like she was looking for something.
I was not ready to give her what she was looking for; I was going to tease her more as she slept. I never knew if she was a light sleeper but that was not going to stop me from teasing her.
I then wiggled the tip of my finger into her cavern and rotated it around two or three times. She unconsciously pushed back against my finger trying without really knowing what she was doing to bury it deep inside her. I did not want to go any deeper so I removed my finger and flicked her swollen button. Her hips jerked a little more and her moan was much louder now.
As I tweaked her clit again her legs spread further giving me easier access to her moist slit.
I figured that would wake her up but she just moaned again and spread her legs slightly giving me permission in her subconscious to play with her more.

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   I noticed the petals of her pussy were moistening and her breathing getting heavier.
I decided to throw caution to the wind and with my thumb first finger I spread her dewy lips and buried my last three fingers in. I felt her cervix and I was not surprised at the missing hymen as she was athletic and was sure it had been ruptured from one her sports moments.
I was not disappointed because I was sure she was still technically a virgin. From hearing her earlier talking to her friend Karen about boys she had confessed to not having been intimate before. That was an advantage for me because I would not cause her any pain when I buried my cock in that unused territory.  
The whole time I had these thoughts I had been fingering my daughter. I noticed her hips were keeping time with my fingers and her pussy was again dripping. I could smell her excitement and I realized I was again hard as a rock!
I reached down with my other hand and spread the cheeks of her ass and peered at the little brown hole. I stuck my middle finger in my mouth for lubrication and forced in her chute to the first knuckle.
She certainly was awake now as I heard. “Ohh Daddy that hurts, please take your finger out. ”
As she said this though she backed her ass up more and my finger was then buried all the way in! She then pushed forward and down to where my fingers were also deep in her pussy. She got a rhythm going and I soon did nothing but let her fuck my fingers. Her pussy was overflowing and lubricating the finger in her ass so I decided another finger was in order.

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“Nooo, Daddy please no more, my butt is hurting so bad. ”
I tried to remove my fingers but she grabbed my wrist and would not let me. I knew then she was a little afraid and ashamed that her ass could be an erogenous zone but she wanted to be fingered there so I capitulated.
She was rapidly approaching her climax and I wanted her to explode with the hardest orgasm in her life. I finger fucked her faster and leaned over and captured her nipple in my lips and sucked hard. She was now all over the bed her hips flailing and her ass moving up and down in a fucking motion.
“Please Daddy, you have to fuck me. ” Her voice barely audible I was not sure I heard her right.
But she moaned it out again and it was then I decided I was not going to pass up her invitation. I pulled my fingers from her orifices and grabbed her hips. In a matter of moments she was on her hands and knees before me. Her wet lips and the tiny star of her anus were begging for attention.
I scooted closer until the tip of my cock bumped the inside of her leg. She reached between her legs grabbed my hard-on and lined it up with her pussy. She stroked it a couple of times up and down her dripping slit for lubrication.

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   She also rubbed her love button several times before pausing at the entrance to her canal.
She was wet enough from our earlier foreplay that the mushroom shaped head slipped easily in her moist cavern. I felt the heat radiating from inside. I had to concentrate from blowing my load in her before I go to feel her tight depth.
Her voice hoarse and barely a whisper as I pushed a little harder, “God Daddy, you feel so big. I don’t know if I can take your entire dick. ”
I was pushing into her slowly not because I have an enormous cock; it was because she was so incredibly tight. And hot. And wet. I grabbed Candace by the hips and shoved her back against me until I was buried fully in her. I felt like I bumped her cervix deep inside.
“Oh, oh,” she repeated, “your so deep, Daddy. It hurts but it feels good too. Are you going to fuck me now?”
My throat was dry, my lips parched but I managed to squeak, “Yes, honey Daddy is going to fuck you good now. ”
I withdrew until the head was barely inside before I plunged head long back into her.

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   I heard the whoosh sound as her breath was almost taken away as my strokes were now faster. I latched harder to her hips. I pushed her away until I was almost falling out and pushed her back into me on the in stroke. My balls were beating against her button and she was babbling incoherently
I fucked faster as my climax was building when I felt her reach back between her legs and diddle her clit. She would rapidly rub herself when I pulled back and she would reach back farther and caress my hanging testicles when I stroked back in.
I leaned over her back until my weight caused her to be pinned face down on the bed. I pulled both her legs together and lay down on top of her. My legs were pinned close to her legs on both sides and I squeezed together until I had her immobilized. Her head was to the side so she could breath but my weight was making it difficult.
She didn’t complain she just lay there with her arms pinned against her sides and took what I gave her. This was a hard fast pistoning of my hips. I was fucking her for all I was worth and she took it. Although she was crying I knew it wasn’t from pain but for the sheer pleasure of being fucked for the first time.
“I’m going to cum, baby. You are so fucking hot.

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She cried louder, “Yes Daddy cum in me. Shoot you sperm in me. It feels so good. I’m close too, Daddy. ”
I knew I shouldn’t cum in her. I didn’t think she was protected but God I wasn’t thinking with the right head. I fucked her more aggressively not knowing if she would cum with me. All I could think of was shooting wads of cum deep in her as I slammed deeper and deeper.
“Daddy, please put your finger in my ass,” she screamed. “I am going to cum all over your hard cock!”
I rose up enough and licked my finger searching for the tight pucker of her asshole. Finding it I plunged it deep within her bowels. I fingered her ass as she exploded.
I felt her inner depths tightening and she cried, “Oh yes…yes I’m cumming and it’s so good. ”
I was there also. My balls drew up in the sack and belched out a long string of semen deep inside her pussy.

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   I felt her juices bathe my cock as I shot volley upon volley of man butter. I pulled my finger from her tight ass and collapsed onto Candace’s back.
It was a minute or two before I realized I was crushing my daughter and I rose up on my hands and kissed the back of her neck. She whimpered lightly. I withdrew from her causing a sucking sound as my penis dropped out.
She turned on her side away from me and I spooned up to her backside. I lovingly stroked her hair and planted little kisses on her neck.
She sighed and spoke first. “Thank you Daddy. That was the greatest thing to happen to me. ”
“No, baby it is I that should thank you. ”
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