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"," Michael said enthusiastically, "I believe the time has come to begin our little show, so if you would, everyone follow me into the library!!! Almost like a herd of buffalo all twenty guests arose from their chairs and followed Reanne an Michael into the adjoining library, where Priscilla stood waiting calmly in the middle of the room in only her bra and panties!!! Reanne quickly came to her servant's side and announced, "Cilla has agreed to this performance out of her great love for Michael and myself, and of course we feel the same way about her!!!" It was then that Michael offered, "As it is plainly obvious, Priscilla is the possessor of an incredibly beautiful body, and I'm pretty sure that most of the men are already erect and the women are for sure dampening their panties!!!" As Reanne casually unhooked Cilla's bra, exposing her 34c cup sized breasts to everyone's hungry gaze, Michael went on, "And as beautiful as our sweet little Priscilla is, the most erotic thing about her is her incredibly hirsute vaginal area that is crowned by a wide lush vee of pubic fur that stretches all the way to her cute little ass hole!!! By now Reanne had slid Priscilla's satin panties down to her ankles, revealing one of the hairest pussies anyone in the room had every seen!!! There was an incredible undercurrent of sexual tension in the air as Reanne casually fingered Priscilla's now dripping pussy in front of all twenty of her dinner guests!!!"Now we didn't ask you in here just to see Reanne masturbate Cilla to an orgasm," Micheal said with a chuckle, "although that wouldn't be a bad way to spend the evening, no, we have something much more interesting in mind for you!!!" With a nod of his head to his wife, Michael had Reanne help the young girl climb up on top of a large wooden desk and lay down with her legs spread wide apart!!! It seemed that everyone in the room was staring at the furry pussy while Reanne had again begun to finger the exposed pussy with a little bit more fervor!!! Michael turned to face his audience and asked softly, "Barbara, if you could have her for only five minutes what would you do to her!?!" Barbara was right in the front row with a perfect view of Priscilla's cunt and after licking her lips replied, "I'd suck her off!!!" "Good answer," Michael said, "how about you Phil!?!" "I'd eat her for a minute or two and then fuck her hard!!!" "Well," Michael intoned, "both of those are good answers, but not quite what I was hoping for!!!" Everyone had ;a slightly puzzled look on their face, wondering where Michael was taking this, but soon they were to get and answer as Michael went behind the desk and came up with a small basin filled with hot soapy water!!! "You see," Michael said quietly, "while is would be wonderful to suck and fuck her, what we are going to do tonight is shave her, make her plump hairy pussy smooth and silky, just like the day she was born!!!" A low murmur of expectation swept through the group and a woman named Jeanne asked in an obviously husky voice, "M-may I help wash her pussy!?!" "Of course you may," Michael replied, while handing her the soft wash cloth, "be my guest!!!" Jeanne dipped the rag into the hot water and without wringing it out, doused Priscilla's hairy mound and began massaging the soapy cloth all over her hirsute crotch!!! Almost immediately she began moaning as Jeanne worked feverishly on her hairy pussy, involuntarily thrusting her hips forward in an overt display of her incredible sexuality!!! "How does it feel, dear," Reanne asked softly while massaging the young girl's chest?!? "Ohhhhhhhh," she sighed, "very nice, my pussy is so warm and wet, oooooooooh it feels so goooooood!!!" "I guess they're doing a good job on her," Michael said with a laugh, now it's my turn!!!"After towel drying Cilla's pussy, Michael squirted a generous dollop of warm oil into her tangle of freshly washed fur and gently began massaging it in until her entire crotch area glistened with an oily sheen!!! Cilla continued moaning as Michael's fingers partially penetrated her aroused vagina, spasming slightly when ever he would contact her now very erect clitoris!!! After several minutes of working in the warm oil, Michael said softly, "That's good, I think she's ready now!!!" With everyone in the room straining to get a better view, Michael produced an old style straight razor that brought ooo's and ahhhhs from the excited crowd as he brandished it menacingly over the prostrate girl's hairy muffy!!!" Looking down at the trembling girl he asked gently, "Are you ready, dear?!?" "With a glazed look in her eyes, she stared back at him and replied in a barely audible voice, "Y-yes, I'm ready, but please be careful!!!" He smiled at her while giving her thigh a squeeze and replied, "Don't worry, dear, everything will be just fine!!!"Slowly and painstakingly, Michael carefully began removing the hair from the wide vee that capped her incredibly bushy muff, taking great care not to nick the nervous young girl!!! A few minutes later, only her puffy lips were left to be shaved, and Michael, now being even more careful, slowly began to slice away the remaining hair on her nearly bare crotch!!! "All done," he announced proudly as he stood back to give everyone a better view of the now bald cunt, "how does she look!?!" There was a smattering of applause, but mostly it was the sound of labored breathing that filled the room as they stared lustfully at Priscilla's bulging lips!!! Reanne picked up the bottle of oil, and after squirting a few drops into her hand, gently massaged the freshly shaven area, to make sure Priscilla didn't suffer from razor burn!!! When she was done, it was an incredible sight to say the least, as the light bounced off of the glistening snatch, accentuating the fullness of her already puffy labia!!! "Now," Reanna asked softly, "who would like to be the first one to suck her freshly shaved pussy!?!"Almost instantaneously every hand in the place went up with calls of "Me, me, I'll do it," rang out through the air!!! ""Okay, okay," Michael said with a laugh, "we want the cunt lapper to be a woman, because after she's finished "eating", Cilla's definitely going to need a good fucking, so in that case, let's tryyyyyyyy, you, Bobbi, come on over and do it, girl!!!" Bobbi Fuller fairly raced over between Priscilla's legs, and without any fanfare, she dropped her mouth onto the freshly shaven cunt and immediately began tongue fucking the poor girl until her whole body wrenched by a brutal orgasm nearly made her pass out as Bobbi's expert tongue bored in hard on her needy erected clitoris!!! Around the room penises were being pulled out and overtly masturbated while the owners watched in fascination as Bobbi continued sucking on the puffy lipped little bitch, while the woman were reaching up under their dresses and searching out their own clits to diddle as that lucky cunt Bobbi nursed on the most beautiful pussy any of them had ever seen!!!After her third or fourth orgasm, Priscilla lay gurgling with her legs still splayed wide apart and her cunt drooling a mixture of pussy juice and the saliva from Bobbi's hungry mouth!!! As several men ejaculated into the air, Michael gently pulled a still hungry Bobbi from the well sucked cunt and said to the man with the biggest dick in the room, "Your turn Fred, she's all yours, have at her!!!" With his erection bobbing up and down as he walked, Freddy took his place between Priscilla's thighs and slowly ran the head of his cock up and down the already shell shocked pussy, while taking great pains to make sure that the tip of his cock rubbed roughly over the still excited clitoris that was now clearly visible through the folds of hot pussy flesh!!! Each time he hit it, her body would flinch as the tenseness in her pussy would ratchet up another notch or two, winding her tighter and tighter as another orgasm inched its way forward!!! After five minutes of merciless teasing, Freddy asked her softly, "Are you ready for it, you seem to be in a great deal of distress!?!" Now almost a blithering idiot, Pricilla managed to stammer, "P-please, fuck me now, I-I can't stand it anymore, just jam me hard, ohhhhhhh, I need it so badly!!!" All around the room there were sighs and groans as the women had now dropped to their knees and were sucking their husband's hard peckers with almost gleeful abandon as they continued frigging their clits under their dresses!!! The entire room was saturated with an air of sexual tension that was unbelievably palpable, and so without warning, Freddy rammed his hips forward in a vicious frontal assault that buried his nine inch member hilt deep into Priscilla's out of control pussy!!! "Oh my fucking god," she screamed as he bottomed out against her pelvic bone, "I-I'm fucking cummmmming!!!" And she was too, cumming that is, over and over as Freddy pounded his thickness in and out of her helpless pussy with a ferocity that even scared Michael, after all, Priacilla was his employee and he would hate to see her hurt in any way!!! He needn't have worried, however, because as hard as Freddy was fucking her, Priscilla began thrusting back to meet each stroke as she relished the vicious pounding her hot cunt was receiving!!! Freddy was now the one out of control, when it became apparent that she was the one fucking him to death and not visa versa!!! All around the room women's mouths were being filled with hot spunk while they listened to the Freddy roaring as his penis stiffened and filled the screaming young girl's pussy chock full of hot burning sperm, while Priscilla stiffened as the last of a series of incredible orgasms tore through her cunt like lightning hitting a tree!!!Freddy collapsed on top of her, as around the room the last climaxes reverberated off the wall!!! "Wow," Michael offered, "now that's what I call a good fucking!!!" When he got no response from Freddy he asked jokingly, "Are you all right, boy, she seems to have fucked you into the ground!!!" With a sheepish grin he struggled to his feet and replied, "Well, next time, if there is a next time, I'll do better!!!" Reanne took Priscilla's head into her arms and after giving her a soft kiss asked, "How do you feel, dear!?!" As a small smile crept over her face she replied softly, "Can we shave it again next week!?!"THE END
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